Unicorn Gundam

Model Number: RX-0 Pilot: Banagher Links
Cost: 500 Hp: 720 Transform: X Form Change: O

Produced as part of the Federation’s reorganization plan, the “UC Project”. This suit reacts to the presence of Newtypes with the NT-D (Newtype Destroyer) system, which changes the suit’s outward appearance and its performance.

Move Summary

Unicorn Mode

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Magnum 5 95 Fast traveling speed
Charged Main Beam Gatling Gun  – 38-143 Good tracking
Sub Hyper Bazooka 3 104 Standard BZ
Special Shooting NT-D (New Type Destroyer) System 100  – Changes  to Destroy mode
Burst Attack Gundam! Please lend me your strength!  – 312(B)/306(L) Changes to Destroy mode after the animation


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 161 The only not-shitty melee
5B~8B 116 Slashthrough
5BB~8B 160 Slashthrough
8B 8B 145 Kick, decent start up
4/6B 4/6BB 124 Short reach
4/6B~8B 124 Slashthrough
2B 2BBB 173 Short reach and slow start up
CC8B  CC8B 75 Hits the opponent high in air upon hit
BC BC 17-177 Ends in untechable down


Cancel Routes:



Destroy Mode

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Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Magnum 5 95 Ammo shared with Unicorn Mode
Main CSA Beam Magnum (High Output)
 – 130
Sub Beam Gatling Gun 20 38-143
Special Shooting Beam Tonfa (Range attack)
1 70 Stuns opponent on hit


Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBB 252 High damage combo
5BB~8BBB 249
5BB~4BBB 250
5BB~2B 200
8B 8BBB 196
4/6B 4/6BB 199 Fast, with decent damage
2B 2B 92
CC8B CC8B 86 Closes in quickly. Hits the opponent high into air upon hit.

A good combo starter. 

BC BC 90 4/6BC-Does a sweeping motion from left / right
Melee input with AC Example: 5BBBB~AC, 4/6BB~AC
Varies Very flashy melee combo


Cancel Routes:




The Unicorn Gundam is an all rounder unit which relies on two forms (Unicorn & Destroy Mode) to fight. This unit has both firepower and good melee. but is unable to have both at the same time.
While in the Unicorn mode, you possess great ranged capabilities in the form of spamming the Beam Magnum together with the Hyper Bazooka for follow ups. Activating Destroy Mode will grant you greater mobility and better melee options. Most of the time you will be in Unicorn mode as you can only maintain Destroy mode for about 24 seconds whenever you activate the NTD. 

With strong fundamentals of the game and knowing when to go into Destroy mode , you will be able to use the Unicorn Gundam without difficulties in any situation. 


During Unicorn Mode

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Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Magnum
A high-damage BR with fast traveling speed as compared to a normal BR shot. Manual reload when ammo is empty.
The beam magnum has a very unique timing as compared to normal BRs. Make sure you actually see the beam magnum fire out before tapping the boost button as boosting before the animation completes will cancel the shot. (For comparison, Normal BR Zunda: A>A>A and for UC BR Zunda: A…>A…>A)

You may also want to do a boost dive for every 2 to 3 magnum shots in order to reload/recover boost.

Charged Main: Beam Gatling Gun
Fires the two beam gatling gun below the shield at the opponent.
This weapon has a good muzzle correction and tracking so it can be used as a counter against incoming melee attacks.
Take note that the shots will disappear after traveling a certain distance. (Travel distance is around 1.5 times of Unicorn’s red lock range)

Sub: Hyper Bazooka
A standard bazooka.
Decent damage & causes a small area of explosion.
Best used as a follow up to your magnum shots or as a counter against incoming melee attacks.

Special Shooting: NT-D (New-Type Destroyer) System
Changes Unicorn to Destroy mode & changes armaments.
While you are in Destroy mode, your mobility & red lock range will be increased.
This mode will be active for around 24 seconds upon activation.

Input 2AC instead to cancel the close up transform animation so that you can still see any incoming attacks during the transformation.

Melee Set

5BBB: Slash>Slash>Slash
Standard 3 hit. Best to use this melee to follow up after hitting with a beam magnum.

This melee combo is one of the better ones in Unicorn mode.

5B(B)~8B: Slash>Slash>Slash Through
Slashes once and slash through, hitting the opponent high into the air.
The slash through is similar to the CC8B melee and this follow up is best used when you want to end the combo quickly to do other things like chasing the other target or run away from incoming fire.

8B: 2 spin kicks>kicks up
Does 2 kicks and kicks the opponent high to the air.
The startup and priority for this melee is excellent. When you are about to enter a brawl, using this melee combo might be a better option.

4/6BB: Shield Stabbing~Spinning kick
Drills the shield into the opponent and does a spinning kick. As this melee kicks the opponent to the side, it is very hard to do a follow up.
This combo is not recommend as it has terrible priority, takes a long time to complete, and does poor damage. 

4/6B~8B: Shield Stabbing~Slash Through
Similar to the 5B~8B melee combo with change of slash to shield stabbing before the slash through.

2BBB: Head Butt>Head Butt> Kick down
Does a head butt with its noble pointy horn twice and kicks the opponent down to the ground.
High damage with quick finish time.

CC8B: Slash Through
A normal slash through and hits the opponent high up to the air. Good to use this as a follow up after hitting with 2 beam magnum shots

BC: Shield Tackle
Grabs the opponent & rushes forward while dealing damage.
Able to link from Main so it is best used as a last resort if no ammo is left in main, sub or striker to follow up. 

Burst Attack

Gundam! Please lend me your strength!
Form change into Destroy mode -> consecutive range attack with beam gatling gun and hyper bazooka -> shield flies to the opponent, causing guard break-> fires one beam magnum shot and triggers an explosion. During the animation before the one beam magnum shot, all incoming range attacks will have their tracking cut while Unicorn is moving. If the opponent were to block this attack, their guard will be broken by the shield attack, causing them to still take the one shot beam magnum at the end.

You will form change into Destroy mode upon activation and will continue in to be in Destroy mode even after the burst attack animation. Your gauge will start from 100 and you will be left with around 80 after the whole animation.


During Destroy Mode

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Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Magnum
Same as normal mode. Ammo shared with Unicorn mode.

Charged Main: Beam Magnum (High Output)
Fires a BR shot similar to the main.
Fast traveling speed and causes an instant knockdown. It is not recommended to use frequently since you have a reloadable Beam Magnum.

Sub: Beam Gatling Gun
Uses the two beam gatling gun below the shield and fires at the opponent. (The description is the same as the CSA for Unicorn mode but works differently.)
Able to fire from 1 – 10 shot per input and staggers the opponent after 5 shots.
Recommended to use this weapon to harass the opponent while you chase them, or use it as a follow up from your BR shot if you have zero main ammo.
Able to link to AC(Beam Tonfa) to stun the opponent after staggering for you to follow up afterwards.

Special Shooting: Beam Tonfa (Range attack)
Launches a spinning beam saber and stuns the opponent upon hit.
The tracking is weak & does not travel a long distance but the speed is fast.
Take note that this weapon is able to stun the Crossbone Gundams even with their ABC Mantle on.
You are also able to use this weapon after hitting with 2B,CC8B, 2nd hit of the 4B combo or 3rd/4th hit of the 5B combo to perform a flashy combo.

Melee Set

5BBBBB: Slash>Slash>Slash>Slashes Up>X Slash
Multiple slashes with the beam Tonfa. While it is a combo with long duration, it comes with very high damage.
While you are doing this melee combo, it would be best to change your camera to the other target so as to be able to see incoming fire.

During the 1st to 2nd slash, you are able to link to 2B,8BBB,4BB. 
From 3rd to 4th slash onward, you can link to AC to stun the opponent and hang him/her on air. Recommended to do this move if your aim is to buy more time and help your partner.

8BBB: Triple Stab
Stabs the opponent 3 times with the Beam Tonfa. Low priority but the damage is quite high.

4/6BB: Inverse X Slash>X Slash>Slash Up
Does an inverse X slash and another X slash with Beam Tonfa before slashing the opponent high in the air.
You will be using this melee the most as it has decent priority and a good hitbox.

You are able to link to AC after hitting with the X slash.

2B: Slash Up
Just a normal upper slash with the right hand Beam Tonfa.

CC8B: Slash Through
A very fast slash through and hits the opponent high in the air spinning, also untechable.
This melee can be said to be the Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode’s best melee as it has a very fast close in speed, and travels a decent distance. This makes it a good tool to start up your melee combo or if you just want to juggle the opponent high in the air to buy some time. 

BC: Beam Tonfa (Sweep)
Does a sweeping motion from left / right with 4/6 BC input. Able to link from Main.
The BC during destroy mode works almost alike to Crossbone Gundam X1’s whip. If you think that you can’t win against an incoming opponent, just sweep them away while dealing 90 damage.
Doing a zunda with it also packs a good damage.(A>A>BC = 184 damage)

Stuns the opponent with the Beam Tonfa, stabs & extend the Beam Tonfa sending the opponent up to the air and explode.
To be honest, this melee combo isn’t worth performing as the duration is too long, while only doing mediocre damage. However, this combo’s coolness is 10/10 and sends the opponent a strong message, so if you find the opportunity to do it, just do it without regrets.

Burst Attack

Gundam! Please lend me your strength!
Consecutive range attack with beam gatling gun and hyper bazooka -> shield flies to the opponent, causing guard break-> fires one beam magnum shot and triggers an explosion. Same as the Unicorn mode burst attack.
Upon activation, your gauge will recover to 100 no matter what amount you were left with before the burst attack.


  • While in Unicorn Mode, your melee is average and mobility is low as compared to other 500 or even 400 cost units. Your main makes up for this however, as it has the highest damage per shot in game and it is reloadable. So it is best to play at mid/long range to keep spamming your main and bazooka while staying close to your partner. Look at the mini map at times to see the positions of both you and your partner for better coordination. Keep spamming all range weapons at mid/far range until Destroy Mode is ready.
  • During Destroy Mode, the mobility & melee performance of Unicorn will be greatly increased. While you are in this form, you can start to play at mid/close range by spamming BR and melee whenever you see openings. But don’t rush in mindlessly and take damage just because you have better unit performance in this form. Instead, you should spam your BR at close range boosting here and there
    making both your opponents focus their attention on you. While both opponents are looking at you, you will create an opportunity for your partner to deal damage while they are distracted by you. Always take note of how much time you have left in your Destroy Mode.
  • Once the timer hit 0, you will revert back to Unicorn Mode with a short animation, making you vulnerable to incoming attacks. Best advice would be if the timer goes below 20, you should start to retreat to the back line and prepare to revert back to Unicorn Mode. Doing so will reduce the risk of getting hit while reverting back to Unicorn Mode.


Recommended Combos


Ranged Weapons
During Unicorn mode
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 186  
A>>A~AB 176  
A>>A~BC 163 Use only at close range
A~AB>>A 165
AB>>AB 164
During Destroy Mode
A>>A~AB 172
A>>A~BC 184 Use only at close range
During Unicorn mode
5BB>5BB~2B 204
During Destroy mode
5BBBB~AC>>CC8B 250
4/6BB>4/6BBB 248
4/6BB>4/6BB~AC>>CC8B 236
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