Upcoming DLCs for Gundam Versus Announced- Here Comes The Build Strike!

On a Bandai Namco livestream today covering various Gundam titles, the producer of Gundam Versus revealed upcoming DLCs to be released, including the much-anticipated Build Strike (Full Package) from the Build Fighters series!


DLC Plans

23rd Jan: God Gundam, Master Gundam

30th Jan: Farsia, Pixie Gundam

6th Feb: Efreet (Schneid’s Unit), Build Strike Gundam (Full Package)


Here Comes The Build Strike Gundam!

The Build Strike Gundam is finally making its debut in Gundam Versus (and MBON). It seems like an all-rounder type, that has the ability to send its backpack out to attack as a separate unit. Its pilot (controller?) is Aria von Reiji Asuna.

The Producer of Gundam Versus apologized for taking so long to release this unit, citing IP issues that they finally managed to overcome!


God & Master Gundam

PVs of Master and God were also shown. Both suits seem extremely similar to their MBON counterparts.

God Gundam comes with the two BGMs, one of which is FLYING IN THE SKY. Same goes for Master, who comes with his own two unique BGMs, one of which being TRUST YOU FOREVER.

God Gundam PV



Master Gundam PV



Other DLC Units

Farsia is a new entry to the series, coming from Gundam AGE. It is piloted by Yurin L’Ciel. Farsia is an import from Maxi Boost ON, so we have a rough idea of its playstyle. Assuming it does not change drastically, Farsia is a support suit that excels at constantly pressuring the enemy with machine guns, bits, and focused beams. It is also supported by the Zedas, piloted by Desil Galette.




No PVs were shown for Pixie, Efreet, or Farsia. Farsia comes with the BGM, ‘GUNDAM AGE~ THE 100 YEAR STORY’. Build Strike comes with the BGM “wimp ft. Lil’Fang (from FAKY)’.


Ver.1.10 Update

But wait, there’s more! A free update (ver. 1.10) coming on the 22nd of January brings the following:

  • A new BGM for the Pale Rider (those who have bought the DLC will get the song)
  • The option to change your BGM in the main menu
  • Option to show all available rooms when searching for Player Matches
  • Heavier penalty for leavers/plug pullers
  • Other quality of life updates



We saved the least interesting for last. Coming on the 23rd of January is also the option to purchase all 16 tracks in the G Sound Set for the low cost of 1,806 yen (16USD) + tax.

And that’s it for now! We’ll be adding the PVs for the new suits as soon as their up!





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