About Us

GGEZ was started when an unemployed man found it impossible to find an English walkthrough for the Japanese release of Persona 5.

With the help of his design-deft bestie, they built the site in under a week, and were super happy when the site became popular. The End.

Actually, not the end. Given how well GGEZ is doing, the passionate gamers in us want to bring our favorite games to the masses, and help players git gud. We get our jollies watching the site do well, but eventually, we hope that this site can somehow turn profitable, and we can get paid doing what we love!

Our team has just expanded to include 5 new volunteers, who should help us with content for the new games we plan on providing guides for! Hooray!


The Co-Founders

Kuanyi Twang

“I thought all I did was waste my time playing video games like a useless piece of shit.”

One warm September day (we live in Singapore), Kuanyi had an idea that was not completely retarded, and through some sheer miracle, he beat procrastination, giving birth to GGEZ.

Kuanyi has fond memories of translating hundreds of lines of Japanese content, while his friends played Overwatch without him.

He enjoys writing, denying that he is an Otaku, and drawing shitty animu stuff that directly contradicts his anti-otaku mantra.

For general site enquiries, drop Kuanyi an email at kuanyikun@gmail.com


Sheryl Yeo

Sheryl is Kuanyi’s bestie even though she vehemently denies it. A designer by day and a box-maker by night, Sheryl also enjoys a good game of Dota 2. She has never bought herself an Arcana but I think she has like, five.

It should be noted that she hasn’t, nor will she ever, play Persona 5.

If you want a website as cool as this one, or if you want an exploding box of your own, hit Sheryl up at sh3r.yl@gmail.com


Content Contributors


We’ve currently got a few content contributors on the non-existent payroll!

Jason Li– The most successful Otaku you’ll ever meet.

Kean Poh– Pronounced Kee-an, like the first two-thirds of Keanu. Some say he could be The One. Or two-thirds of The One. Which would be, Two-Thirds.

Muhd Shazly– Probably better than you at Overwatch. He was a Soldier-main before it was cool.

Darren Boh– Not ashamed to own a dakimakura.

Yujin Watanabe– Future EXILE member.

Desmond Song– Infinite/10 handsome.

Adam Sek– #ithappens