Cherudim Gundam


Model Number: GN-006GNHW/R

Pilot: Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy)

Cost: 2500 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Cherudim Gundam continues Gundam Dynames’ legacy of sniping with extreme precision from long ranges. The upgrades GN Sniper Rifle II boasts an increase in performance, and the all-new Shield Bits and Rifle Bits offer a powerful mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. 

Ability Summary







GN Sniper Rifle II



Fast traveling speed, causes knockback 

Charged Main

GN Missile

25 ~ 100

Changes according to input

Charged Melee

GN Beam Pistol II (Rapid Fire)

20 ~ 156

Changes according to input

Charged Melee (Multi Lock On)

20 ~ 156

Fires towards both targets simultaneously 

Charged Melee (During Burst)

GN Shield Bit Assault Mode

226(S)/214(F & E)

Fires two gerobis while firing the pistol


Seravee Gundam Assist


13 ~ 110

5AB: Gerobi

50 ~ 120

*AB: Multi-fire 

Special Shooting

GN Rifle Bit


26 ~ 119

5AC: Fires simultaneously after deployment

26 ~ 119

*AC: Does an all-range attack after deployment

Special Melee

GN Shield Bit


Able to deploy to either your partner or yourself and could block against all attacks


GN Beam Pistol II


Does not cause vernier 

Burst Attack

Seravee Gundam Assist

286(S)/272(F & E)

Hyper Burst & Snipe Shot









Melee counter


Cancel Routes:

CSA, CSB, AB, Melee(on the 3rd shot), Melee(Turnaround Vernier): AC



The Cherudim Gundam is a unit that excels best at mid to long range with the sniper shot having high damage and precision, with instant traveling speed from one end to the other end of the map. The sniper rifle is very powerful with the ability to aim at the opponent’s rigidity from any distance. Another defining feature is the Shield Bit that can be deployed to yourself or your partner. In addition to this, it has missiles, an assist, beam pistols, rifle bits, and a melee counter.

The mobility except for its boost gauge can be compared to the average 2000 cost unit and it does not have decent tools to perform good interception. At the minimum, you need to have the skill to be able to move around without allowing your opponent to approach you or to outplay your opponent even when approached. In many situations, it is difficult to handle a single opponent so cooperation between you and your partner is very important. Therefore, it can be said that this unit is more for fixed team matches instead of shuffle. The potential of this unit is very high if you can cooperate firmly. You can aim for victory if you master its sniper shot, self-defense, and supporting your partner.

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Sniper Rifle II

Reloads on empty, takes 8 seconds to reload 3 ammo. Vernier and fire projectiles that are able to travel from one end of the stage to the other end instantly. Acts like a gerobi which lasts extremely short, does not track, and has quite a startup time before firing. In addition, the aiming performance is weak especially in the lateral direction so it is necessary to align the axis to hit. 

It inherits inertia just before firing which is about one boost dash worth of width. It is also possible to forcefully align the axis by using the sliding shot. Due to the nature of the weapon as described above, the theory will be to aim at the moment when the opponent’s movement stops. If the opponent’s movement and the axis + timing overlap, you can get a hit at any distance.

These are the few timings where you can take the chance to fire:

1) When the opponent lands

Fire at the moment when your opponent lands. You have to observe your opponent’s remaining boost and landing timing carefully.

2) When the opponent is attacking

Aim at the rigidity of the opponent’s attack. If you do not match the axis, you will not be able to hit. So do not panic and calmly deal with it when you see the opportunity.

3) When you are following up after a hit

Fire when you notice that the opponent is knocked back by a BR shot.

4) When the opponent is boosting straight at you

Aim at the opponent’s first boost dash when he/she is boosting towards you. 

5) When the opponent is boosting up

Aim at the moment when the opponent stops boosting after flying up for a while. 

Because you have low ammo count with a long reload timing, it is recommended to not panic and aim firmly. To prepare for a potential brawl, it will be also good to engage in psychological warfare with a feint (Like canceling out the shot before firing). 

If you do the sliding shot while having zero ammo, you will drop down on the spot. Unlike the usual free fall, it does not continue to fall until it lands, but it does not hurt to remember it as something that lowers the altitude. However, landing rigidity cannot be overwritten so it’s not recommended to do this.

Charged Main: GN Missile

Fire missiles with excellent travelling speed and tracking. Fires in a set of 4 missiles and you can change the shooting method by lever input. Can be cancelled to AC (After Rifle Bits are deployed by your side) to do a free fall. It causes an untechable down which spins the opponent after hit, so you are able to follow up with your main shot. 

There are 2 types of input for this weapon:

5CSA: Horizontal Fire

Fires the missiles horizontally in two sets. The width of the missile is about one unit worth and it flies straight towards the opponent. It is easy to hit due to its strong vertical tracking and large number of missiles.

*CSA: V-Shaped Firing

The missiles are fired in a V-shaped and each set is scattered to the left and right. After drawing a V-shaped trajectory and flying, it spreads and tracks the opponent. Therefore, it is effective against opponents moving to the left or right. 

Charged Melee: GN Beam Pistol II (Rapid Fire)

Fire two GN Beam Pistol II continuously. The movement changes depending on the state of the unit but the number of attacks is fixed at 2 sets having 8 shots each. It supports multi-lock and can be cancelled out by A or AC input while charging. Able to cancel to AC at the end of animation. 

Take note that there is only muzzle correction on the 1st shot for the 1st set of shooting and all shots for the 2nd set of shooting and there is no tracking for the shots fired.  Due to this property, it cannot be used as an option for restraining the opponent, and it is difficult to use it as an interception as your highest chance of landing a hit is on the 2nd set of shooting which is far too late. If you change target during the animation, the next set of shooting will be fired towards the new target. However, if you were late changing the target, you may not be able to fire at the new target. 

The difference in the occurrence speed is shown below: 

On the ground > In the air> When back is facing the opponent or multi-targeting.

There are 6 type of input for this weapon:

5CSB while on the ground

Fire with both pistols. Able to tap melee and shoot longer.

*CSB while on the ground

Fires one pistol at a time while turning sideways.

5CSB while in the air

Fire both pistols while in the air.

*CSB while in the air

Fire while rotating in the lever direction. Movement is quick and lateral movement is large. Avoids with the 1st set of shooting and intercepts with the 2nd set of shooting. The best input for this weapon. 

CSB while back is facing the opponent

The unit turns upside down and fires with both pistols while turning like a clock hand.

CSB while multi-targeting

Fires both pistols with crossing hands. There is a change of viewpoint which can’t be cancelled and the muzzle correction only happens for the 1st shot for the 2nd set of shooting.

Charged Melee (During Burst): GN Shield Bit Assault Mode

In addition to the usual CSB, two gerobi beams will be fired alongside from the shield bit. This weapon cannot be used if your shield bits are deployed out. The hitbox is wide but the startup is slow and the muzzle correction is weak. It does not work at the distance where this unit is best at and it cannot be aimed at the proper distance. However, since the damage is reasonable, it may be possible to use for shadow strike purposes.

Sub: Seravee Gundam Assist

Summons out Seravee Gundam for support fire. Can be cancelled to AC for free fall while rifle bits are deployed by your side.

There are 2 types of input for this assist:

5AB: Burst Mode

Fires a gerobi. It can be used as a trap by utilizing the gerobi thickness and duration. Seravee Gundam will remain on field for a while after the gerobi so it will take some time before summoning out again.

*AB: GN Bazooka II (3-shot)

Fires 3 times with the GN Bazooka II. The interval between the rapid fire is slower, and the opponent can be restrained for a longer period of time when compared to other 3-shot assists. 

Special Shooting: GN RIfle Bit 

Simultaneously deploy 6 Rifle Bits. Performance changes according to different input. It consumes ammo only when the shots are fired out and can be deployed even if there are not enough ammo. 

There are two types of input for this weapon while they are deployed by your side:

5AC: GN Rifle Bit Deployment

Deploys 6 Rifle Bits by your side and fires on AC input. The deployment speed is fast and you can deploy while sliding due to inertial movement. The bit stagnation time is 5 seconds. Since the stagnant bit can be shot without rigidity, it is a very important weapon as a means of self-defense. However, it is dangerous to trust it too much because the beam is thin and you can stagger the opponent by just hitting 1 shot.

Since it can be deployed even while at zero ammo, you can deploy the Rifle bits by your side to make the opponent be cautious about closing in. Able to do a free fall by cancelling from CSA or AB while the Rifle Bits are deployed by your side. In particular, it is recommended to use AB>AC more often as it is slippery.

*AC: All-Range Attack

An all-range attack that surrounds and fires at the opponent. Unlike 5AC, no additional input is required. It takes 6 shots to score a down on the opponent so use this as a means to chase the opponent.

Special Melee: GN Shield Bit

Deploys the shield bit to yourself with 5BC or to your partner with *BC. Able to retrieve the shield bits by inputting BC again. If you retrieve back the shield bits, the reload will start from the remaining ammo. If your shield bits return to you due to ammo count going to zero, the reload will not start immediately.

The Shield Bits last for about 7 seconds, before entering a 10-second cooldown. It then takes another 20 seconds to reload (total reload time is 30 seconds).

Although the deployment is fast, it is not fast enough to immediately respond to the attack at hand, so recommended to deploy early when you foresee an incoming attack or planning to close in. The shield bit can prevent up to 100 damage worth in both ranged and melee attack. You can deploy the shield bit on your partner but it is recommended to keep it to yourself as a last resort for self-defense. If you are fighting at a range where you have the chance to take a hit, the opportunity to use the bit on yourself will definitely come.

It is an extremely powerful weapon when deployed on a unit that requires it to be at close range to prevent incoming damage, so let’s use it at certain timing such as when you notice your partner is about to get interupted in a combo or during burst mode. Take note that this weapon is not compatible with multi-stage hits like machine guns, gerobi and explosions as they decrease the Shield bit duration very quickly. 

Melee: GN Beam Pistol II

Fires beam shots from both pistols. The motion changes depending on when you are shooting while facing the front or back facing the opponent. There is a range limit so the shots will disappear after traveling about red lock range. Has unlimited ammo.

Firing while facing the front

Fire one shot on each side. You are able to move while you fire. 3 sets can be fired continuously. If you are out of angle during the continuous firing, the shots will travel in an extraneous angle but will be corrected at the 3rd set. Both muzzle correction and tracking are good, and it has sufficient performance to surpass critical situations when the main ammo runs out, especially at a short distance. However, there is a corresponding risk as the startup is rather late and unable to sidestep. When you are defending yourself, do not aim for an interception but to use this to keep your distance.

Firing while back is facing the opponent

Fires backwards acrobatically and fire 1 shot while falling. Able to cancel to AC after hitting the last shot. This is more risky as it causes verniers and the startup is slow + continuous firing is not possible. Treat this as a last resort for interception and try not to use this move as much as possible. 

Melee Set

2B: Melee Counter

A melee counter that holds both pistols crossed with both hands. Rainbow step is possible. There is no shooting guard and the hitbox is narrow but the startup is fast. Therefore, depending on the type of melee you are countering, it is possible to intercept after seeing the beginning of this motion. 

Very effective as an option for intercepting an opponent who relentlessly aims for melee. You are able to make your unit face the opponent even if you use this at green lock so it helps to adjust your firing angle and align the axis after you do a rainbow step out of this move. 

When the counter is established, it activates the Trans-Arm for a moment and goes around behind the opponent to stick a pistol into the unit to fire. From there, you can have additional input to fire continuously. The damage is very low so it is recommended to cancel out right after the counter is confirmed and follow up with a main shot.

Burst Attack

Seravee Gundam Assist

Summons Seravee Gundam in front and launches a hyperburst together with a sniper attack.

There is a change of viewpoint during the animation and it comes with super armor. Since Seravee Gundam and Cherudim Gundam’s animation is independent, the muzzle correction is applied twice during the whole animation. Therefore, even if you miss with the attack of Seravee Gundam, you may still score a hit with Cherudim Gundam’s attack.

This burst attack is made up of two parts:

Hyper Burst

A huge spherical shot and stuns on hit. The hitbox is very large but it is difficult to hit because of the slow occurrence and traveling speed + the muzzle correction is not applied at the time of summon. When the shot hits the ground, it seems to stagnate for a while. If you plan to hit with the hyper burst at melee range, you can follow up after you hit with your pistol shots.

Sniper Attack

Fires a shot that is different from the main shot together with a barrage of GN Missile. Force down the opponent on hit. The shot is thick with fast traveling speed, tracking and muzzle correction before the firing. The occurrence is very slow but even so it is a very powerful weapon. If you want to use the burst attack, you will want to use only when you can get a guaranteed hit. Since the GN Missiles are fired out one tempo later than the sniper shot, the GN Missiles will not hit if the sniper shot hits. 


  • The flow of the match depends on how consistently you dish out damage while maintaining your HP. So be calm and aim for good sniping timing while not wasting your shots.
  • Always keep the shield bit to yourself for last resort self-defense.
  • Deploy the Rifle Bit by your side as much as possible so that you will always be ready to do a free fall when you need it.
  • E burst is the most recommended one for this unit as it does not benefit much from the other 2 bursts.
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