Dragon Gundam

Model Number:GF13-011NC

Pilot: Sai Saici

Cost: 2000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X


Neo China’s representative Gundam in the 13th Gundam Fight. Despite having few thrusters this Gundam is extremely agile, piloted flawlessly by the Shaolin Temple disciple Sai Saici. The Dragon Gundam exhibited acrobatic maneuvers paired with its unique weapons including its disrupting Feilong Flags, long-reaching Dragon Claws, and deadly Pigtail Blade.

Ability Summary







Dragon Claw



One-hit knockdown.

Charged Main

Bolt Gundam Summon



Mermaid Gundam Summon




Feilong Flags



Sets Feilong Flags on the field that stun enemies that touch them. 

Poisition Changes on lever input.

Special Shooting

Dragon Fire



Short range gerobi that flame stuns on hit.

Burst Attack

Shin Ryuusei Kochouken 

(True: Meteor Butterfly Sword)


5ABC. Melee combo.


2ABC. Single kick. 











Dragon Fire. Stuns.



Can cancel into 8B from the 3rd hit onwards. Launches the enemy upwards.



Lightning legs.




No shadow kick. Short travel distance.












Spins the Feilong Flag while advancing on the enemy. 




Houka Kouten Shuusetsujin (Precious Blossoming Scripture: Tenfold Suppressing Formation)



Dragon Claw (Grab)

 Cancel Routes:

5B(1st to 4th hits), 8B (1st to 2nd hit), 4/6B(1st to 2nd hit): 5BC


Many make the mistake of thinking that Dragon is a 2000 cost melee unit that can duke it out in the close range and make it out on top. In truth, Dragon is a strange existence— it’s a close range suit that does not do well in direct close range confrontations. Its melee priority is subpar, its ranged attacks have below average muzzle correction, and above all it has no reliable self defense moves outside of its one-hit down Main, which has no available cancel routes and forces vernier. 

Instead, Dragon shines as a tricky unit that disrupts the enemy in the close range, scoring one-hit downs to create 2 on 1 situations, and planting Feilong Flags on the field to limit enemy movement. Speaking of movement, Dragon has one of the best boost dash speeds among the 2000 cost units, and has access to a very good pyonkaku that allows it to freely traverse the battlefield, at least as much as its 2000 cost boost gauge permits.

While Dragon may have difficulties getting in and getting damage, it has one of the best comeback factors in the 2000 cost bracket in its Meikyo Shisui Burst power-up. This boosts Dragon’s already high damage up the wahoo, and gives you the speed you need to land your melee attacks. 

In summary, because Dragon does not have the means to force an offense outside of Burst, this Mobile Fighter requires calm and patient play to pull off wins. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Dragon Claw

Dragon stands in place and lashes out with its dragon claw, striking enemies at a distance. Enemies that are hit are downed instantly, meaning you can easily stop enemies with super armor in a single hit. If the enemy has a HP-based shield, such as Qan[T]’s, you can pierce through the shield and hit the target in a single strike if the shield has less than 95HP. 

This move does not require any ammo. The move starts up slow, and the speed of the claw and the muzzle correction is average. The range is also pretty short. On the bright side, the claw itself can actually “eat” projectiles that it comes into contact with, meaning you can occasionally mitigate damage. Projectiles that Dragon cannot destroy include gerobis, boomerangs, Sekiha Tenkyokens, Assists with more than 96HP, and Barbatos Lupus’ CSA. Also, for some reason, Efreet Kai’s EXAM system dash attack cannot be stopped by this move. 

The Dragon Claw is used to quickly down enemies to setup okizeme or 2 on 1 situations, or as your only self defensive move outside of straight up running away. It’s also a pretty good combo ender, as you can guarantee a knockdown from any touch. However, relying too much on this move may come at a price, as you’re only doing 95 damage per knockdown. This can often lead to you losing the damage race, and part of playing Dragon is knowing when it’s better to go for bigger damage options (such as the similar *BC Dragon Claw grab that leads to way better damage).

Neutral Charged Main: Bolt Gundam Summon

Bolt Gundam drops like a rock performing a ground slam and causing an explosion, hitting enemies directly below the point it was summoned. Enemies hit by Bolt take 75 damage, and anyone in the explosion radius takes 30*2 damage. 

There is zero tracking and muzzle correction on this move. The best value you’ll get out of Bolt Gundam is as an Okizeme, although you can also use it in conjunction with your pyonkaku to first gain altitude before dropping a Bolt-sized bomb from up high. In truth the hitbox on this and lack of tracking makes it extremely hard to hit without proper setup.

Directional Charged Main: Mermaid Gundam Summon

A much more orthodox assist. Sai Saici calls upon his girlfriend in the Mermaid Gundam to rush at enemies while obnoxious shouting,「誰か、助けてー!」(somebody save me!).  The Mermaid Gundam collides with enemies and launches them into the air slightly on hit, leading to follow-up opportunities in the right range.

The tracking on this move is nothing to write home about, but this is your only far reaching “projectile” that can go the full distance of your red lock, so you will be using this and your Feilong Flags most during the neutral. You can also use this move as a vanguard to start off your offense.

Sub: Feilong Flags

Dragon spins on the spot before throwing a set of three Feilong flags which become active traps on the ground. Any enemies that come into contact with the flags take minor damage and are stunned.

5AB throws the flags in front of the enemy target, while other directional inputs position the flags to the side of or behind the enemy, depending on the input. You can also continue to hold down the A button to throw more flags out. If you continue to hold A with the lever in the neutral position, Dragon will automatically toss the flags out at positions that you have not thrown the flags out yet during that sequence.

Aside from throwing the flags out to act as “mines” on the field, you can also use this move to “catch landings”, throwing the flags out as the enemy is landing. This move is especially potent against ground-running enemies like LaGOWE or Hildolfr, but against typical MSes that can fly it can also be a useful tool for forcing them to stay airborne longer than they would like, leading to punish opportunities.

Special Shooting: Dragon Fire

Dragon fires a flamethrower from its hand, flame stunning the target. Very similar to God Gundam’s Main. Takes 5 seconds to reload.

Put simply, it functions like a short range gerobi with multiple hits, so even if the enemy does not get hit by the tip of the attack, if they dash into any part of the flame they will get stunned.

This has a faster projectile speed than your Main but a slower startup. The muzzle correction on this is also not great, so it’s not easy to use this to catch landings. Unlike God, this is not a reliable self defense tool as the active hitbox is rather small.

This is still a rather useful tool, and although it is functionally similar to your Main, this leads to much bigger damage. Again, it’s important that Dragon players know the situation where 1) this will hit and Main won’t, and 2) both this and Main could hit, but you are in the position to do a big combo so this is the optimal choice. 

Melee Set

5B: Feilong Flag

Long and very damaging combo with the Feilong Flag. There is a forced camera angle change on the last hit.

This move is very hard to hit raw due to its low or average performance all across the board, but can be a useful combo part for racking up big damage, especially during Burst.

5B~A: Dragon Fire

Stuns the enemy. This is unfortunately not as useful as it sounds. The stun duration is not long enough to make it useful for setups, and the damage you get off any follow-ups is not optimal. There are better options out there.

5B~8B: Full Swing

Dragon swings the Feilong Flag in a wide, punishing arc and slashes through the enemy. This is a good combo finisher that gives you a bit more movement at the end, but watch out for the long period of rigidity after the slash. Try not to use this when in overheat as it can leave you vulnerable.

5B~2B: Lightning Legs

Dragon kicks rapidly. Forced camera angle change. Does good damage but leaves you completely vulnerable. You may use this if you’re certain you won’t get punished by your target’s teammate.

8B: No-Shadow Kick

Dragon leaps forward and starts kicking at the enemy with intense fury. The leap animation may look potentially evasive, but it doesn’t move you far enough to even dodge the likes of a beam rifle shot.

This is not a great combo starter due to its low priority and slow startup, but it’s still useful as a combo part.

4/6B: Horizontal Combo

Dragon slashes with the Feilong Flag horizontally before delivering an acrobatic finisher kick. This is your main combo starter thanks to its good reach and wraparound, but it’s still not at the level where you can go up against melee MSes. 

2B: Pyonkaku

Dragon leaps upwards while spinning the Feilong Flag before descending while slamming it into the ground. This is a great move for escaping from enemies or staying out of sight with forced camera angle changes, but due to its poor hitbox and slow descend speed it’s not so great on the offense. However, often times it’s all you have for closing the distance quickly, so try to find the right opportunities to pull off this tricky acrobatic maneuver.

CC8B: Spinning Slash-through

This has a big hitbox but slow startup, and low damage overall with no means of follow-up. You’re better off sealing off this move.

5BC: Houka Kouten Shuusetsujin

Dragon slashes the enemy with a Feilong Flag before surrounding the enemy with a formation of Feilong Flags. Finally, Dragon shoots its Dragon Fire attack into the flags, causing a large flame pillar. 

The fire itself is considered a projectile that can be blocked by shooting guards, but the fire isn’t a beam attribute so beam-blocking weaponry like ABC mantles have no effect.

Between the first slash and the final explosion is a very long animation where zero damage is dealt, so be certain that you will not be cut before using this move.

The startup on this move is very fast, making it suitable for a combo starter, however you can only cancel into your Main and you’ll have to do it quickly in order to link the two moves.

*BC: Dragon Claw (Grab)

Dragon lashes out with both Dragon Claws at once. If the claws grab an enemy, Dragon pulls itself towards it and executes three kicks. While the projectile speed of the arms is slower than with your Main, the hitbox is larger since you’re attacking with two arms instead of just one. 

Because the move actually stuns on hit, you cannot follow up with this move on an enemy that has been stunned with your Feilong Flags (EXVSMBON system does not allow you to hit stunned enemies with another stun). Flame Stun from the Dragon Fire is fine, though. 

Again, this can be a difficult move to hit, thanks to its limited range and the fact that you stand completely still and are completely vulnerable when sending out the Dragon Claws. However, it’s important that you make the right reads that allow you to land this move as it leads to good damage, damage you so desperately need to win the damage race.  

Burst Attack

Shin Ryuusei Kochouken

5ABC: Dragon performs a long combo attack ending with its legendary kick. This has super armor on startup, and is your go-to option as a melee combo ender for big damage. The combo itself is very long and has very little cut resistance, so be sure you can perform this uninterrupted.

2ABC: Dragon leaps upwards and poses upon a Feilong Flag before performing a devastating kick to the enemy. You have super armor during the entire animation, and while kicking you have an active shooting guard on your foot that can block most projectiles and even penetrate gerobis. 

This move tracks extremely well, catching enemies who boost dash or even boost dash jump away. The safest way to avoid getting hit by this move is to sidestep it, or down Dragon before he begins the kick animation. Note that you do not cut tracking on this move unless you sidestep it after Dragon kicks- if you sidestep while he is posing you will not cut tracking on this move.

It’s possible to combo into this move, but all the setups are extremely difficult and it’s recommended you just use the 5ABC version instead. This move can serve as a last resort, or a way to assert dominance and send a very strong message.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons









Best damage off Feilong Flag stun



Dragon Claw off Mermaid Gundam.









Long combo with no cut resistance, but highest damage.




Long combo but big damage. 



5B starter BnB.



4B starter BnB









Takes a lot of boost but has passable cut resistance. BnB



Great damage for low boost spend. Long combo with no cut resistance, though.






BnB if you only want to sidestep once.

Burst Only


356 (F)



334 (F)



  • Dragon has a poorer risk to reward ratio than most suits in the game. This means you need to be extremely patient and pick your battles carefully.
  • In the neutral, make use of your 2B for movement, while setting up Feilong Flags and sending out the Mermaid Gundam to create space. Look for ways to get closer to the enemy where you can use your Dragon Claws and Dragon Fire.
  • Dragon has many opportunities to use okizeme setups thanks to its ability to score many downs with its Dragon Claw. Good tools for okizeme include the Bolt Gundam assist, 2B, Feilong Flags, Dragon Fire, and both the *BC and A variants of the Dragon Claw. 
  • F Burst is your best option, granting you extra powerup bonuses thanks to Meikyo Shisui. You gain a 20% damage boost and 20% damage reduction, and of course all your melee attacks are greatly powered up. It’s during your Burst that you need to really turn things around— you can be near useless the entire match, and still make a game-winning comeback during your Burst. Pick your Burst timing carefully, and try to make two half bursts per match instead of one Full Burst.
  • Dragon pairs best with 3000 cost units that can draw attention away from Dragon, giving it the opportunity to strike when the enemy least expects it. 


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