Gundam MK-II (Elle)

Model Number:RX-178 Pilot: Elle Vianno
Cost: 1500 Hp: 420 Transform: X Form Change: X

A prototype mobile suit made to exhibit better combat performance when fighting inside Colonies. It is the first of its kind to have a movable frame, resulting in great agility. However, out of the 4 completed units, 3 were stolen by AEUG.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 5 70 Manual reload upon empty
Sub Hyper Bazooka 3 AB:89 

*AB:75 (Bazooka hit) / 75/20~236 (Scattershot)

AB: Standard explosive round

*AB: Scattershot rounds

Fires three rounds consecutively if the input is held

Special Shooting Hyaku Shiki Assist 3 65~147 Launches target upwards upon hit
Special Melee Zaku Head Zeta  Assist 3 65~128
Burst Attack Gundam Team Full Salvo 292 3 Units firing beam rifles simultaneously 
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 158
5BB~A 149 Launches the target and inflicts Forced Down
8B 8BB 125
4/6B 4/6B 65
4/6BB 121
4/6B~A 109 Launches the target and inflicts Forced Down
2B 2B 70 Launches opponent upwards
CC8B CC8B 129 2-stage melee. Best chase speed out of other melee attacks MK-II Titans has

Cancel Routes:




2B: AB


Gundam MK-II Elle is the variant among the other MK-IIs that has the best shooting capabilities, as it’s able to cancel from Main to its Assist. This unit has a short red lock range so you will need to go near to the frontline to be able to provide support. However, do not let that discourage you from using this Mobile Suit. This suit has a Hyaku Shiki assist and technically, a Zeta Gundam assisting it, making its firepower actually quite good.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Average BR. Manual reload once all ammo has been expended. In general, if you have 1 or 2 shots remaining, try to expend the ammo so you can reload back to full before going into a fight. 

Sub: Hyper Bazooka

Fires a bazooka round which can split into multiple pellets in a cone-shaped arc. Reloads on empty, and has a 5-second reload time. You can fire up to 3 consecutive rounds by holding AB. The pellets disappear after travelling a short distance. Pick the appropriate one to use against incoming enemies. 

Unlike Emma’s Gundam Mk-II, there are only two variations of the scatter shot.

  1. 5AB: Bazooka round splits after traveling a short distance.
  2. AB with directional input: Bazooka round splits immediately.

Special Shooting: Hyaku Shiki Assist

Summons the Hyaku Shiki in front of the Mk II, which then fires 3 Beam Rifle shots at the target while moving forward. Reloads on empty, has a 15-second reload time. The projectiles fired by Hyaku Shiki have decent muzzle correction and can be used to catch landings. However, the Hyaku Shiki itself moves rather slowly and will not be able to catch up to enemies who move out of its firing arc. In emergencies, you can use this assist to interrupt melee attacks against you if you summon it when the enemy is directly in front of you. However, the BC assist is generally better at self-cutting so use that instead. Do note that even if all three shots from Hyakushiki hit, it does not cause a Forced Down. 

Special Melee: Zaku Head Zeta Assist

Summons the Zaku Head Zeta on the right flank, which then shoots 3 Beam Rifle shots while strafing to the right. Inputting 4BC will make the assist strafe to the left instead. The assist reloads on empty and has a 15-second reload time. Great for making your own L formation. Each individual shot also has its own muzzle correction, thus making it reliable for self defence. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber combo

Average melee priority, nothing too special about this melee attack. 

5BB~A: Derivative: Shield Missile

Elle’s Mk-II fires a  shield-launched missile. This melee derivative inflicts Forced Down on the target while also launching them into the air. 

8BB: Right Slash > Left Slash >Downwards Slash

Elle’s Mk-II performs two saber slashes before finally using both sabers to strike the target downwards. Does not bounce the target upon completion, and can be difficult to follow up on. However, this along with 2B boasts the best priority out of the Mk-II’s melee moves, making this viable as a combo starter.

4/6BB: Uppercut Slash

Low melee priority. The first hit links to a variety of moves. The hitbox size is mediocre,though the startup 

2B: Uppercut

Elle’s Mk-II attacks with an uppercut that launches the opponent. Cancelable to AB. The startup speed and hitbox size is about on par with the 8B melee string. However, as this move can’t be directly canceled into, it’s not easy to use. If you follow this up with AC, you can keep the target staggered for a long time.

CC8B: Beam Saber combo > Left slash

Two-stage melee with good reach and good chase speed. Difficult to use as a combo part.

Burst Attack

“You want to do this? Take this and this!”

Summons Zaku Head Zeta and Hyaku Shiki on both flanks before firing a salvo of beam rifle shots with decent tracking. Elle’s Mk-II fires 2 sets of 4 consecutive shots and if you change targets during the animation, Elle’s Mk-II will fire the second set at the new target.  However both Hyaku-Shiki and Zaku Head Zeta will only fire at the original target. If Elle’s Mk-II is staggered during the Burst Attack, the other two assists will continue firing.


  • The basic strategy with this suit is to simply pepper your opponents with a consistent stream of ranged attacks. However, do take note that while Elle’s Mk-II has decent ranged performance, its self-defense leaves much to be desired.
  • As the assists have a relatively long reload time, try not to spam them mindlessly. Try to stagger their usage and make sure you have one (preferably Zaku Head Zeta) for self defense.
  • Always take note of how much Main ammo you have left. You don’t want to whiff a zunda simply because you lack ammo. If you don’t have enough ammo, simply expend all of it and manually reload back to full before closing in for the next fight. 
  • Due to the heavy reliance on ranged weapons and assists, S Burst is generally considered the go-to Burst for Elle’s Mk-II. 
  • E Burst provides some form of insurance and helps improve Elle’s self-defence, but you run the risk of losing the damage race if you pick it.