Gerbera Tetra

Model Number:AGX-04

Pilot: Cima Garahau

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: O

Gerbera Tetra

A Mobile Suit developed through a deal between the Delaz Fleet and Anaheim Electronics. To disguise its origin, it was intentionally designed to have an outward appearance of a Zeon Mobile Suit.

Ability Summary







Beam Machine gun


18 ~ 144

Small projectile size. Low shot grouping

Charged Melee

Stürm Booster


1 use per life. Timed powerup.


110mm Machine Cannon



5 hits to stagger. Standard machine gun.

Special Shooting

Gelgoog Marine Summon (Charge)



*AC. Charges at the enemy.

Gelgoog Marine Summon (Machinegun)


5AC. Gelgoog M fires its machine gun at the enemy.

Special Melee


Dashes towards the enemy. Directional input changes the dash motion.

Beam Machine Gun (Converge)


BC~A derivative. 

Burst Attack

Gelgoog Marine Assault


Gelgoog M charges at the enemy and performs a point-blank shooting attack








Can follow-up after the third hit



Same move as 2B








Can follow-up after the last hit







Grab into point-blank machine gun fire




Stuns on hit

Cancel Routes:




BC: various melee, AC, BC (only while Stürm Booster powerup is active)

~A: AB, BC


First and second stages of 5B and 4/6B : 8B, 2B


What’s better than having one machine gun? Having two machine guns. The Gerbera Tetra is a mid to close-range all-rounder equipped to spray and pray in various situations. The Main machine gun staggers in only two hits and is great for close-range encounters, while the Sub staggers in five but has pretty good performance and is more of a general use machine gun than the Main. The dash is great for closing distances, and you can cancel from your Special Shooting assist to Sub to freefall. Gerbera Tetra has good startup on its melee attacks, and has access to some fairly damaging combos as well. On top of that, the Stürm Booster powerup greatly increases your mobility, and using it together with your Burst can temporarily give you the performance of a 3000 cost MS.

Gerbera Tetra’s moves don’t have big ammo pools and more often than not you’re going to find yourself struggling to deal with the long cooldowns, which really puts a damper on your desire to put the enemy under constant, unending pressure. It also has almost nothing to bring to the table in long-range engagements. Having said that, Bursting helps with the ammo issues, and you can close long distances with your command dash, so it’s not like you cannot overcome these weaknesses with efficient play.

“It’s strong when attacking, but once it has used all its ammo it’s completely helpless and vulnerable to counterattacks” is how Gerbera Tetra is commonly seen. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Machine Gun

A machine gun which fires projectiles with the beam property. Reloads on empty, takes 7 seconds to fully reload. Staggers in two hits. You fires 3 shots on a single button press, and you can hold down the button to fire up to 15 times consecutively.

Take note that the firing angle for this weapon is slightly narrower than most other machine guns. The shots of this machine gun also tend to spread out a bit instead of following a straight path, spraying seemingly randomly. 

Once you’ve actually used this weapon you’ll realize that the machine gun shots don’t actually track at all, and the way the shots spray out means you cannot use this like you would most machine guns. 

However, staggering in two hits on a machine gun is unprecedented, and the muzzle correction on this move is amazing. Therefore this is best used in the close range. It might actually be more fitting to think of this as a shotgun than a machine gun.

Given the long reload time, it’s a good habit to withdraw from the frontline when you have about 20 ammo left in your clip. If you can retreat to a safe spot you can empty the clip and force the reload, and re-enter the fray when you’re back up to 90 shots. 

Although you’re greatly limited by your low ammo count, being able to fire up to 15 times in a single barrage is a lot. When combining this with the excellent muzzle correction and 2 hits to stagger, it’s near impossible for any melee suit to come in on you with the usual sidestep shenanigans as long as you’re actively firing this. 

Because the shots take awhile to start spreading, you may opt to fire in shorter bursts so that your shots follow a more consistent pattern. 

Considering all of the above, it’s best to use this weapon with the intention to stagger the enemy, not score a full down. You have a lot of cancel routes from this, including your BC dash that lets you link into melee combos. 

Charged Melee: Stürm Booster

2-second charge time. Can only be used once per life. Active for a total of 18 seconds.

Greatly raises your mobility, and even powers up your command dash and melee, increasing the distance travelled and speed.

When activated together with your Burst you become fast enough to chase down even 3000 cost MSes. You can either use it together with your Burst to become extremely powerful for a short time, or use it to escape tight situations or close out a kill. Picking a good time to use this is crucial since you only have one shot per life.

Sub: 100mm Machine Cannon

Fires physical rounds. Reloads on empty, takes 6.5 seconds to fully reload. Staggers in 5 hits. Fires two shots per button press, can be held to fire 15 shots total.

Unlike your Main, this machine gun tracks well, fires very rapidly, and overall has a performance that is closer to what you would expect of an orthodox machine gun.

If you’re out of Main ammo and someone is closing in on you with melee, this is still a reliable tool to intercept such attacks, albeit not as reliable as your Main.

You can cancel into this from your AC to freefall, although take note that you won’t be able to do so if you’re out of ammo.

This can be used as a hit confirm, self defense tool, or for freefalling. Once again, the only problem is the long reload time, and the fact that you have only 30 shots. Overall this is still a very good machine gun that should serve you well, as long as you can manage your ammunition properly. 

Special Shooting: Gelgoog Marine Summon

Reloads on empty, takes 20 seconds to reload 3 ammo. Summons the Gelgoog Marine to perform one of two actions. Much like all of Gerbera Tetra’s other moves this is a really good assist, except for the fact that it has a really long reload time. Once again you can use this to freefall by cancelling into Sub. However, note that you will not freefall if you do a back shot with the Sub. Make sure you will be front-facing when firing the Sub before executing the freefall.

5AC: Machine Gun

Two Gelgoog Ms on either side of the Gerbera Tetra fire their machine guns on the enemy. 5 shots to stagger. They do very little damage but the tracking on their shots is pretty good, especially vertically. They also fire for a relatively long time. The *AC version is slightly more powerful than this so you may end up leaving this move on the wayside, but it can still be useful in situations like keeping a blocking opponent in block stun long enough to attack their back.

*AC: Charge

Two Gelgoog Ms take turns charging at the enemy. This move has really strong tracking, and it’s very easy to follow-up on their hits.

Note that you can use the Red to Green Tracking trick with this move and your BC dash to release this assist in what the opponent thinks is green lock but actually fully tracking.

Special Melee: Dash

Dashes towards the enemy at high speeds. Sometimes referred to as the “haha”. 

Cannot be used in overheat. Can be sidestep cancelled. Does not cut tracking.

The directional input affects the motion of this move:

5BC: Dashes straight at the enemy

4/6BC: Dashes at the enemy with a slight wraparound curve

2/8BC: Dashes at the enemy in an upward arc

You can cancel the dash into any melee except CC8B at any time, and if you press A you get a special derivative.

With your CSB booster active you can dash with this move 4 times consecutively. The boost consumption with the booster active is much less, allowing you to dash freely. 

While this move is not lightspeed fast ordinarily, using it with the BC booster active or using it with your freefall gives you good chase potential. Note that the BC~A derivative consumes a lot of boost, so watch out for that.

BC~A Derivative: Beam Machine Gun

You can access this move from either BC~A, 5B (first two hits), or 4/6B (first hit). 

Dashes backwards while firing three shots of the Beam Machine Gun. Can be cancelled into BC or AB. Freefalls when cancelled into AB.

Unlike your Main this starts spraying right from the first shot. The shots do not track, relying only on the initial muzzle correction to make their way (or not) towards the enemy. Each shot of the machine gun staggers instantly.

You can think of the projectiles fired as single Beam Rifle shots that stagger. This is difficult to use correctly on self defense- if at all possible, always opt to rely on your Main instead. However, this travels for an infinite range, so if you have nothing better to do at green lock range you can always fire this out randomly and hope for the best. The muzzle correction on this is strong, so you can use it as part of your offense together with other moves in your arsenal.

Melee Set

Attacks with the Beam Saber. 4/6B and CC8B are excellent for starting combos, not quite at the level of a melee MS but good enough to get the job done in most circumstances. However in most cases your damage output is at about the level of all-rounder 2500 cost MSes. Overall you don’t have much in the ways of cut resistance either.

5B: Beam Saber

Standard 3-hit combo. Good damage and damage proration for an all-rounder unit. Great as a combo part. Can be cancelled into 2B.

4/6B: Horizontal Slash

Fast startup 2-hit combo that leaves the opponent floating afterwards, allowing for easy follow-ups. This is your main melee move for starting combos. Can be cancelled into A or 2B.

2B: Stab and Spray

Stabs the enemy and grabs them, before firing the Beam Machine Gun into them at close range, and finally kicking the enemy away. Does not cost any actual ammo, and shreds through ABC mantles and other shooting guards. 

If you hit the enemy only with the grab animation which puts the enemy into a downed state you will freefall quickly, which is a great way for ending combos safely. 

This move has a long animation and leaves you completely vulnerable, but the damage output is good. 

CC8B: Slash-through

Travels a good distance, stuns the enemy on hit. Similar to Blue Destiny’s CC8B. The stun duration is long, allowing for easy follow-ups. 

Burst Attack

Gelgoog Marine Assault

Gerbera Tetra and four Gelgoog Marines assault the enemy, before Gerbera Tetra ends the combo with a point blank spray of the Beam Machine Gun. 

Although the first hit of this Burst Attack stuns, you can use it normally after your stunning CC8B with no issue. Overall this is not bad if you want some extra damage from your Burst, although it might not meet your damage expectations considering the long combo time.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons




A (2-5hits)>>5BBB


Standard close-range main starter. You can also use CC8B.



For scoring downs

*AC (1hit)>>5BB~2B












Easier and faster than the above for the same damage




5BB~2B(before final hit)>5BB~2B


Best damage from 5B






Freefall at the end. Recommended for most situations.




2B(before final hit)>5BB~2B





Freefall ender


  • Your main strategy should be sticking close to the enemy when you have ammo, and fleeing the frontline to reload when you’re running low. Rinse and repeat.
  • This is primarily a shooting unit, but depending on the matchup or range you can play it like a melee unit. 
  • Pressure the enemy with your Main in the close range, and look for openings to score big combos or quick downs.
  •  This suit’s strong point can be summarized by Cima’s very own victory line, “There’s no easier opponent than an idiot who keeps charging in head-first!” Great at melee interception and controlling the close range, Gerbera Tetra is the perfect counter to melee rushdown units who attack recklessly. 
  • Learn when to use your Main and Sub. They might both be machine guns, but their best use cases are very different.
  • With access to freefalls and the Booster, Gerbera Tetra has good mobility for a 2000 cost unit. Use that to your advantage not only in offense but defense as well.
  • F Burst powers up your already good melee, and further improves your mobility. Using it together with the Booster powerup temporarily makes you fast enough to chase down even 3000 cost units. It also allows you to cancel your machine gun shots into any of your melee instantly.
  • E Burst is for surviving. S lets you sidestep your shots and allows you to reload faster, and gives a bit more damage on your shooting attacks.
  • As with most 2000 cost MSes, Gerbera Tetra pairs best with 3000 cost MSes that can either take the frontline, or effectively split the fight into two one-on-one situations.