While Gundam EXVS MBON’s is simple enough to pick up and play, the number of elements present in the GUI may leave some puzzled. Fortunately, this short guide will show you what each of these symbols mean, and how you can utilise them during the battle.

  1. 1. Team Cost Gauge
    • The Team Cost Gauge represents the remaining amount of cost both teams have. Every time a suit is destroyed, its cost is deducted from the team total. The team that has their Team Cost Gauge reduced to 0 first loses.
  1. 2. Alert Marker
    • A quad-directional enemy indicator. A yellow color indicates the direction of an enemy targeting you, but has not fired any incoming attacks yet. A red color indicates an attack (often a projectile) coming from the direction the color is facing.
  2. 3. Battle Timer
    • The time limit both teams have for the fight. If neither team has won by the time the timer hits 0, both teams lose.
  3. 4. MiniMap
    • Show positions of both enemies and your ally.
  1. 5.Lock-on Marker
  • Indicates a suit’s ability to land a hit on the enemy.
  • When the lock is red, it means that the suit is capable of landing an attack on the enemy, and all attacks will have tracking.
  • When the lock is yellow, it means that the suit is near enough to attack the enemy, but the enemy is in a state of invulnerability and therefore will not be hit.
  • A green lock means that the suit is too far to land any accurate hit on the enemy, and all attacks will not track.
  • 6. Ammunition
    • The amount of times you can use the corresponding weapons.
  • 7. Boost Gauge
    • Your boost gauge. Boost is required to perform most actions in the game. Consuming your entire boost gauge will cause your suit to go into an Overheat state, forcing it to land.  Landing your suit will refill the gauge fully. Landing with more boost shortens the recovery time after landing, and landing due to an overheat will greatly increase it.
  • 8. Burst Type
    • The type of Burst you picked: Fighting, Extend, or Shooting
  • 9. Burst Gauge
    • Your burst gauge. Can be activated once it reaches 50%. The fuller your burst gauge upon activation, the longer your burst will last.
  • 10. Ex Burst Type
    • Shows which Burst Type you currently have equipped
  • 11. Unit HP
    • Your HP. If it hits 0, your suit is destroyed and its cost is deducted from the team’s total health. If no more Gauge is left, this will result in a Defeat.
  • 12. Partner HP / AI Command
    • Your partner’s HP. If it hits 0, your partner’s suit is destroyed and its cost is deducted from the Team Cost Guage. 
    • If your partner is an AI partner, this lists the AI settings you can cycle through.