Gundam Epyon

Model Number: OZ-13MS

Pilot: Zechs Merquise

Cost: 3000 Hp: 720 Transform: O Form Change: O


A suit developed by Treize Khushrenada during his time in confinement. To reflect Treize’s ideal of chivalry on the battlefield, Epyon is equipped with only a beam sword and a heat rod. Even so, it is a suit that can go toe to toe with the Wing Gundam Zero.

MS Form Ability Summary




DMG(Alter Output)



Homing Dash

Dash towards target at a fast speed.


Heat Rod


5AB: An uppercut with the Heat Rod. Stuns the opponent on hit. Able to block and destroy beams.

(Damage numbers in brackets indicate damage done while Beam Sword (Alter Output) is active)


8AB: Swings the Heat Rod downwards and hits opponent to the ground. Able to block and destroy beams.


4AB: A horizontal whip that knocks the target to the side. Able to block and destroy beams.

Special Shooting

Beam Sword (Alter Output)

Change in unit’s performances.

Special Melee

Special Movement

Executes a maneuver depending on directional input.

Burst Attack

Beam Sword (Max Output)



ABC: Damage changes depending on your beam sword tune output. Very high damgae, very fast, great way to end a combo

Zero System 


2ABC: Cuts all tracking for a short duration.








Lowest startup out of all the melee




Hops forward and stabs




Cleave. Bigger hitbox than 5B




A straight stab with the Heat Rod that stuns. 




Slash-through. Knocks up, untechable. Consumes only a little boost.




Knock up, untechable. Only BC derivative that can be BD or Step cancelled. 



Slashes downwards like a windmill, attack only ends when the Epyon touches the ground. Damage depends on vertical height travelled. 



Multi-hit melee, followed by a somersault slash



Multi-hit melee combo into a helmsplitter. 

MA Form Ability Summary







Heat Rod (Tail Whip)

80 (85)

Swings tail in while in MA form. Destroys all projectiles. 







80 (85)

Spins and rams into target.
Can be cancelled into MA main

Cancel Routes:

MS Form:

A: 2B, *B

AC: A, AB, *B

5B, 8B, 4/6B: A, AB, Burst Attack, any other B move other than the original B

B~*BC: A

AB (on hit): A

MA Form:

B: A


Gundam Epyon can be considered to be the only unit in the game that does not rely on any ranged

weapons, depending only on its sword and special movement to fight.

Its unique combo strong known as the Homing Dash Loop (HD Loop) deals extremely high damage extremely quickly, but consumes a lot of boost, leaving you vulnerable. It is advised that you switch camera views to focus on the other target when executing this move so you can plot an escape using a BC combo string.

With the ability to choose between a high powered single strike burst attack or the activation of the Zero System that cuts all tracking, Epyon has two strong comeback factors during its burst, with the only issue being that you can only choose one or the other.  

When talking about Epyon’s weaknesses, its complete lack of ranged weapons obviously stands out. This also means that it bears an extra special weakness to melee counter moves, leaving you with no choice but to bait such attacks. However, armed with a fast and wide-reaching Heat Rod and the ability to kill an opponent in record time, Epyon is a true specialist that can go toe-to-toe with any adversary. 

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Homing Dash

Dash towards target at a fast speed. Will dash towards target even if it’s in green lock. Can be used in Overheat. You can cancel into a sidestep from this move.

This is used to close in on enemies, and is especially useful against those that are not paying you the attention you deserve. While you can only dash straight at an enemy, you can sidestep out of this move at anytime. 

The boost consumption of this move is high, but you move at incredible speed. 

Starting an offense with Epyon is often a toss-up between this and with your Heat Rod. 

This move is also one of two parts to the magic formula known as the HD Loop.

Sub: Heat Rod

There are 4 types of input for this weapon.

5AB: Whips upward, hitting enemies above you. 

4AB: Whips horizontally.

8AB: Whips downwards, hitting enemies below you.

All inputs are able to block and destroy beams.

Special Shooting: Beam Sword (Alter Output)

Eypon will turn red and increase its Beam sword length & damage. You can turn this off with same input. The sword is significantly wider and longer while in this mode.

While this mode is on, there will be certain changes:

  • Boost consumption increases while this mode is active, maximum number of Boost Dash reduces from 9 to 6
  • Mobility greatly increases
  • Slight increase in attack, roughly 5 damage for every hit.
  • Increases hitbox for 5B, 4/6B, 8B, CC8B. 
  • 4/6AB knocks target diagonally upwards instead of to the side, making it easier to follow up
  • 8AB will cause target to bounce instead of slammed to the ground

It is recommended that you activate this as soon as you start the match, and never turn it off. If you die and respawn, activate it again. It is something you should permanently have activated.

Special Melee: Special Movement

Executes a move depending on directional input, can be Side-stepped. You can perform a follow-up slash by pressing the B button after the BC motion. Unfortunately none of these cut tracking, and only the 4/6BC moves a significant distance. You can sidestep this, and also use it in overheat, so it’s not all bad news.

The BC~B slash can be used as a combo starter, but more often than not it’s a great combo part since you can cancel into the Homing Dash after landing a successful hit. 

5BC: Somersaults upwards

8BC: Dashes forward

2BC: Backflips

4/6BC: Spins to the left or right.

Melee Set

Before reading further, you need to understand the eccentricities of Epyon’s melee. Unlike other suits, you cannot mash the same button repeatedly and execute a full combo. For Epyon, every directional melee input represents a single attack. You can then cancel that attack into any other melee except the same one you just used (e.g. 4B~2B is OK, 4B~4B is NOT OK). However, you can bypass this by doing the HD loop.

The HD Loop is done by pressing B~A~B~A repeatedly. The longest chain you can do is over 18 times, during F burst. You need to mash these buttons in sequence quickly and repeatedly. If you want to know what it looks like, any MBON Epyon video on Youtube will show the technique. It’s a bread and butter you need to practice. 

5B: Slice

A quick vertical slash. Epyon’s most balanced melee attack. It’s fast and tracks well, and is your best option when clashing against other melee suits. Although be warned, because this move has a small horizontal hitbox it can be sidestepped relatively easily. Be sure to use all of your melee attacks instead of simply relying on this one.

8B/CC8B: Leaping Stab

This motion is shared by both 8B and CC8B. You leap forward gaining some vertical height, before stabbing downwards at the enemy. If used from the HD loop you don’t jump at all, and instead simply rush straight at the enemy.

While this has a better hitbox than 4/6B, it has a slower startup, meaning it’s not suited for clashing with other melee suits. 

With proper timing, the leaping part of the animation can be used to jump over BR or other similar types of projectiles. 

4/6B: Horizontal Slash

A horizontal slash with the Beam Sword. This melee attack sports the biggest hitbox, and when used outside of a Homing Dash it gives you a nice wraparound. However, this move loses out when clashing with the 4B of other top melee units like Master.

2B: Heat Rod Stab

Epyon lashes out with the Heat Rod, stabbing it straight into an enemy and stunning it. Although it can be classified as an “anchor” type of attack, it outclasses all similar anchor type attacks in both speed and range. 

The Heat Rod has the same properties as all other Sub motions, meaning you can erase projectiles that come into contact with the whip. Also, it’s considered a melee attack, meaning it can be countered. 

This move is used not only for catching enemy landings, but also hitting enemies dashing in a straight line away from you. You can also use this move in opponent down value reset shenanigans.

AB: Heat Rod

Epyon can perform three different AB variations depending on the directional input. All Heat Rod moves erase projectiles they come into contact with, and can be countered by melee counter moves. 

5AB: Uppercut

Epyon whips upwards with the Heat Rod, launching the opponent. This move has a fast startup and hits in a big hitbox in front of and above you. This move is suitable for dealing with enemy melee attempts as well as okizeme.

8AB: Downward Whip

Epyon slams the Heat Rod downwards, hitting enemies in front of and below it. Among the Sub Heat Rod moves this has the best damage proration, and can be used to catch enemies lurking below you.

4/6AB: Horizontal Whip

Epyon lashes out sideways with the whip. With the AC powerup active, enemies hit are bounced high enough for a follow-up combo. 

This is one of your bread and butter combo starters. Against seasoned opponents who fear this move, it’s important to make the correct reads and instead opt to catch their attempts to escape the 4AB. For example, many enemies try and fly vertically to escape, which can be caught by a good Homing Dash or 5AB uppercut. 

While this move leads to some of the lowest damage combos available to Epyon due to a higher down value, make no mistake you are still putting out good damage with this, and more importantly it leads to favorable okizeme scenarios.

Melee BC Cancel Routes

After hitting any B melee attack, you can cancel into one of the following BC combo attacks.

5BC: Slash-through

Not the highest in damage, but the quickest and easiest way to end a melee combo. It also leaves the opponent in an untechable state. If you’re not sure which BC to pick, this one is a good go-to.

4/6BC: Beam Sword Rush

Epyon presses forward while wildly slashing right and left with its Beam Sword. Moves you forward a good distance, and is useful in cut resistance when the enemy is not positioned in front of or behind you. 

8BC: Spinning Slashes

Epyon poses dramatically before spinning like a saw blade, slashing the enemy repeatedly while descending. He poses dramatically again when finished.

When done close to the ground this is by far the worst BC option, but when done from a high altitude this is your best damage option. This is because Epyon hits the enemy more the higher up he starts this combo.

The best way to get an opponent high up into the air to get this combo is to do a variant of the HD loop using 8B. 8B~A (pause), 8B~A (pause). This raises the enemy a little higher with each hit.  

2BC: Beam Sword Barrage

Epyon goes nuts, slashing the enemy multiple times from various angles while moving around. Finally it performs a downward slash straight through the enemy.

This move has the best cut resistance of all the BC combos, and it’s likely that any enemy who comes near you to try and interrupt your combo will get caught up in the slashing as well. This also does the best damage outside of 8BC at high altitudes.

Burst Attack

Beam Sword (Max Output)

A single vertical slash. A lot of damage dealt very quickly. You can combo into this directly from 5B without the need to sidestep. Compared to Zeta’s similar Burst Attack this one has a bit less range but is a lot faster. 

Because of the way damage proration works, it’s actually advisable that you combo into this as soon as you hit your 5B, instead of doing a full HD loop ending in the burst attack. Not only is it a lot faster, but you also deal significantly more damage by doing so. Hit confirm quickly and get rewarded!

2ABC: Zero System

While Zero System is active, all weapon tracking will be cut as long as you are moving. Will not cut tracking while in attack animation. Only usable once per life. Epyon will take 1.5x damage if he’s hit while Zero System is active. Lasts for about 3 seconds.

The big conundrum for Epyon users is whether to bank on Zero System, or hitting the Burst Attack. Feel out the situation and see how confident you feel about being able to score a hit without needing the Zero System. Worst case scenario, you can activate Zero System at the very end of your burst gauge.


HD loops are common for these combos. If you see a combo like 5Bx5, it means you must do 5B~A~5B~A~5B~A~5B~A~5B. 

I won’t be listing every combo, just some for points of reference.  

You can turn any of these combos into your big boy 8BC damage combos by simply doing the following: substitute the 5B HD loop for the 8B variant explained in the 8BC section, doing the exact same number of hits. Then just do 8BC as your finisher. No damage numbers can be listed because the damage varies based on your altitude. But in most cases it’s well over 300.




5AB Starter








4/6AB Starter




Fast and good cut resistance.



Good cut resistance, no boost required




2B Starter











5B Starter




Standard HD loop raw. Good damage dealt very fast. 



More damage done total, but lower DPS than the above. 



Not very good damage, but good cut resistance.



Better cut resistance and roughly the same damage as the HD loop. But takes much longer.



This is Epyon’s most damaging combo, can be done from any combo starter but with a varied number 8B of hits. Basically you want to use 8B to push the enemy higher so you get more hits of 8BC. Instead of mashing the 8B HD loop as quickly as you can, slow down your tempo to give the enemy time to rise higher. Damage number shown is when done from ground level.

4/6B Starter


Same combos as with 5B. Damage is slightly less, about 1dmg per hit.

BC~B Starter




Fastest combo.




During F Burst




Hope your fingers don’t get tired



Big boy damage at the cost of Rheumatism



Easy hit confirm



Stun and they’re done


  • As with all melee suits in MBON, you cannot rush the enemy blindly and expect to win. It takes strong reads and a lot of patience to find openings to exploit.
  • There is no listing for MA mode moves in this guide because they are, for the most part, useless. However, You can use the MA mode transformation maneuver to move around the map, adding a new layer to your mobility.
  • Your main tools for getting in are the Homing Dash, 2B, CC8B/8B, and your Subs, especially 4/6AB. 
  • Focus more on evasion, and look for ways to inch closer to your enemies. A common strategy against Epyon is to double lock it, since it is a huge threat and the game can be closed out simply by killing Epyon twice. Attract enemy attention and let your teammate attack freely, hopefully downing one opponent so you can have a brief 1v1 moment against the one left standing.