Turn X

Model Number: CONCEPT-X 6-1-2

Pilot: Gym Ghingham

Cost: 3000 Hp: 680 Transform: X Form Change: X

Turn X

An ancient Mobile Suit excavated from the Moon’s Mountain Cycle. Just like Turn A, it is technologically more advanced than any contemporary or excavated suit. For this reason, it is often referred to as being Turn A’s Big Brother. It’s biggest forte is being able to split into 9 separate parts, all of which are capable of attacking independently.

Move Summary







Destruction Manipulator  



High Performance BR

Charged Main

Leg Mega Particle Cannons



Fires beams from both legs. One-hit down if both beams hit

Charged Melee

Sub Weapon Swap

Swaps between Bazooka and Destruction Manipulator (focused)

Sub (1)




Free falls if fired facing front. Causes a small explosion on contact

Sub (2)

Destruction Manipulator (focused)


29 ~ 229

Fast startup Gerobi

Special Shooting


Bloody Siege


30 ~ 120

5AC. Short invincibility on start-up

All-Range Attack


*AC. If an enemy is close enough, the first hit will knock them upwards before firing beams from all body parts. Free falls.

All-Range Attack:

~A follow-up

Volley (shooting)



All-Range Attack:

~B follow-up

Parts Assault


B must be input after the first hit for this derivative 

Burst Attack

Moonlight Butterfly

354(F)/320(E & S)









Short combo that does not change viewpoint



Combos into a slash-through



Data Analysis> Explosion. Turn X does not move throughout this combo




Turn X does a Psycho Crusher. Pretty useless.




Cut > Spin Slash. Last hit is an untechable down



Same as the above 8B derivative



Same as the above AC derivative




Drags an opponent towards you. Shooting property Anchor







Does a 2-part slash attack.




Shining Finger. High damage, and leaves an opponent downed for a long time.



Flies to the left or right before attacking with Shining Finger. Useful as a movement tool.



Flips upwards before diving down with Shining Finger.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, 2AB, AC, *AC, *BC




2B: A, AB, 2AB, *BC, *AC

5B(1st hit and 2nd hit), 4/6B: 2B, 5BC

~8B(Derivative): 2B

8B(On hit): AB(only Sub2), 2B

*BC: 2B


Turn X is a fairly simple to use suit with strong options for every situation. Its key advantage is being “slippery”, using its directional BCs and multiple freefalls to remain constantly in motion. This makes you a difficult target to hit, even at close ranges, giving you openings to punish opponents for over-extending.

Turn X truly shines in the close to mid range. Despite its average movespeed and average weapon loadout, it can take full advantage of its tools thanks to its tricky movement, and strong melee moveset that allow it to go toe-to-toe with melee-centric suits. Being adept with Turn X is a reflection of the player’s skill, and a testament to strong fundamentals.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Destruction Manipulator

The name is somewhat of an exaggeration, this is basically a beam rifle. However, as far as beam rifles go, this one has a high travel speed and a fairly large size, and an abundance of cancel routes. You will not feel starved of opportunities to use this.

Charged Main: Leg Mega Particle Cannons [charge time: 2 seconds] Turn X turtles up, and fires two beams from its legs. If both beams hit the opponent, the opponent is instantly downed. Hitting one beam knocks the enemy back and does 70 damage.

This move is critical to Turn X’s gameplay. Using it too often means you lose pressure from BRs and bazookas, and using it too little will mean running out of ammo frequently.

It also serves  great as a combo ender, given its ability to instantly down the enemy. But be sure to sidestep before firing it, or you’ll do a lot less damage thanks to scaling.

Sub: Bazooka

A bazooka that free falls Turn X when fired from the front. The standard combo is to chain this from your main, allowing you to fire two weapons while free-falling. An extremely important tool in the neutral game, as it allows you to replenish your boost while keeping up offensive pressure. 

(After CSB) Sub: Destruction Manipulator (focused)

Great for hitting enemies moving sideways in close range, and catching landings at long range. The damage is average, but it is easy to hit, and has a relatively quick reload time (8s).

The main difficulty in using this move lies in the fact that unlike most of your other weapons, you come to a complete stop to fire this. Having tricky movements and the ability to cancel into this from your main helps, but remember to prioritize self defense over landing this.

Special Shooting: Split Attack (volley)

Both the 5AC and *AC attacks share a 5-second cooldown timer. 5AC splits your body parts up to fire beams from your separated limbs. When used, you carry inertia and slide a short distance in the direction you were moving. In addition, upon activation, you cut tracking. IN ADDITION, you have a few frames of invincibility, from the point of activation until your body parts reach their firing placement.

Despite all this, using this move isn’t recommended because Turn X comes to a complete halt while actually firing the beams, which clever opponents can easily punish. 

*AC: Bloody Siege

This is the AC attack you’ll be using most of the time due to its many perks. 

The first thing that happens when you initiate this attack is, a single body part is sent out towards the enemy. Depending on whether this attack hits, the attack changes. This body part will travel as far as the full length of your red lock, and is great at intercepting enemy melee attacks. It also has great vertical muzzle correction, so it is easy to hit enemies above and below you with this.

While your body parts are away, you are left in control of Turn X’s torso, a tiny glowing core with a small hitbox. While in this state you cannot use any of your weapons or do any maneuvers aside from sidestepping and fuwastepping. Boost dashing will call your body parts back and end the attack.

If your first body part hits, the enemy will be knocked upwards, and you have roughly 1.5 seconds to choose a follow-up attack. Pressing B will smash your body parts into the enemy repeatedly, doing a total of 184 damage. Note that during the attack animation, you are still free to move your body around with side/fuwasteps.

Pressing A or pressing nothing after hitting the enemy with your first body part will make your body parts fire at the enemy, doing a total of 160 damage. This attack sequence does less damage, but is a lot quicker.

If the initial body part does not hit the enemy, your other body parts will surround it and perform an all-range attack. If even one beam hits the enemy, he will be staggered for a short period of time, allowing your teammate the opportunity to follow-up.

Overall, this move is really useful and a core part of Turn X’s gameplay. You can cancel into this move from your main or charged main, and is also great to use after a sidestep. You greatly reduce your hitbox size in this form, and while falling you are attacking the enemy with your body parts, so they have to decide if they are willing to risk getting hit while punishing your torso. In addition, while falling you can fuwastep freely, allowing you to move around with frequent tracking cuts. Also, because the attack reloads quickly and allows you to have greater control over your landing, it is an excellent move to throw out in neutral. 

Special Melee: Shining Finger

Turn X grabs the enemy, holds it high, and shoves its Destruction Manipulator into the enemy. Since it does good damage and inflicts a long downed state on your opponent if successfully landed, this move is a great combo finisher and a good cancel route from your main if the enemy is in close quarters.

Shining Finger: 4/6BC

Dash in a wide arc around your enemy, before firing the Shining Finger in the form of a short-ranged beam. While the actual ending of the attack is lackluster, the side-way curve on this move is excellent for moving around in an unorthodox fashion, leaving you free to rainbow step/*AC if needed.

Shining Finger: 2/8AC

Turn X somersaults upwards, and unleashes the Shining Finger while diving towards the enemy. This attack is much like the 4/6BC, in that the actual attack is kinda lackluster, but the little somersault you do before the actual attack is useful for movement purposes. We’ll talk about this more in the strategies section below.

Melee Set

5BBB: Consecutive slash combo

A fast 3 part slashing combo that does not change the camera angle, which means you can keep a lookout for the 2nd opponent while performing this combo. Can be cancelled into 2B or BC during the first 2 parts of the combo.

8B: Psycho Crusher

Turn X extends a short beam to form a spike with the Destruction Manipulators before spinning towards the enemy. Useful only as a movement tool as it is outclassed completely by 2B. Can be cancelled into 2B.

4/6BB: Slash > Spin Slash combo

Causes an untechable state if completed. Has the same cancel routes as 5BBB, but only in the first phase.

2B: Wire Claw

Turn X fires its claw outwards and drags an opponent towards him. A good keepout tool to use when engaging in close quarters combat. As the attack is fast and has a long reach, opponents will have to think twice before engaging you in a melee. Can be cancelled into its main or bazooka (which will free fall Turn X), or any melee of your choice.

CC8BB: Slash-through combo

Turn X slashes through the opponent once, then flies back and cuts them again a second time. Decent speed and priority, can be cancelled into BC after the first hit. 

BC: Shining Finger

As mentioned previously, this attack has 3 variations so they will be explained in sections.

5BC: Turn X grabs the opponent and explodes them. Does high damage and leaves the opponent in a downed state. Can be cancelled into from your main and most of your melee moves, making it a good choice for ending a combo. 

2/8BC: Turn X flips up before charging downwards with the Destruction Manipulator. You’ll mainly be using this move for the flip, and not the actual attack. As the flip gives you some vertical movement, you can use it as a method of escaping an opponent’s okizeme by flipping and side stepping multiple times before boosting away (2/8BC >> 2/8BC > CC for example). Can be cancelled into 2B.

4/6BC: Turn X sways to the left or right before attacking with the Destruction Manipulator. Similar to the 2/8BC, you will mainly be using 4/6BC for its movement properties instead of attacking with it. Cancelling 4/6BC into a second  4/6BC is a good way of covering great distances quickly. Can be cancelled into 2B as well.

Burst Attack

Moonlight Butterfly

[Turn X turns around and unleashes its Moonlight Butterfly in a large radius]

Enemies caught in the attack radius will be damaged. However, because this move is difficult to land/combo into, and leaves Turn X stationary for an extended period of time, it is advisable not to use it. 


  • Turn X works best in close-mid range, using its 4/6BC, *AC, and 2/8BC to better position itself to land hits.
  • Hitting your charged main or gerobi is easier when done from a wide movement, or tracking cut. Dodging with 4/6BC before sidestepping into the csA is a lot safer than firing it raw, same with your gerobi. 2/8BC is also useful in some sense that it allows you to rise quickly and attack from above, and is often an unexpected maneuver.
  • 4/6BC>>*AC is also a great cancel route for staying on the move. There are plenty of such routes and formations. Try different movement patterns constantly, and figure out different variations to keep your opponents guessing.
  • One example sequence is: A~4BC>>A~4AC. Beam rifle, sideway dash, sidestep, beam rifle, bloody siege to land. Good pressure with low boost consumption and constant movement.
  • Charging your csA during the bloody siege is a great way to keep the offense going, while charging your attack.
  • The Moonlight Butterfly does great damage, but is hard to hit raw on savvy opponents. There are only 2 ways to combo into it- either hitting your 4/5/6B~8B>>ABC, or cc8B>>ABC. Show them the coolest finish in the game!