New MBON Info Coming: Gundam Game Festival 2020 Livestream

The official Gundam Versus Twitter page (they really should change that name) posted news today on a new online event called the “Summer Home Ver. Gundam Game Festival 2020”. What a mouthful. Anyway, in the event teaser they mentioned that they will be sharing new information on Gundam Battle Operation 2 and of course, EXVSMBON!

Of course, there isn’t much “new” information for the team to share with us, unless they plan on sharing details like on the aforementioned 4-man offline play. We would like to see information on whether 1-on-1 lobbies or matches can be setup as well, but of course what we really want is news on perhaps one final extra unit? They were not very clear on messaging as to whether we’ll be getting 3 or 3+1 new units in MBON, so hopefully they bring the hype by announcing one last extra MS that will surely give sales the final push they need!

The livestream will be taking place on the 18th of July at 8:30 Japan Time. We’ll be sure to share news on everything they cover once the event ends, so stay tuned!