The Velvet Room

Persona 5’s Velvet Room is not as comfortable-looking as in previous entries, but you’re going to need to spend more time in the slammer if you intend on strengthening your Personas.

While the main purpose of the room is still Persona fusion, it would be foolish to overlook the other new mechanics available, as morbid as they may be.

Once every option has been unlocked, your options in the Velvet Room will be as follows:

  • Persona Fusion (Guillotine)
  • Multiple Persona Fusion (Group Guillotine)
  • Persona Strengthening (Hanging)
  • Persona Training (Solitary Confinement)
  • Persona Item/Skill Card Convert (Electric Chair Execution)

Persona Fusion (Guillotine)

Your standard means to acquiring stronger Personas.

Generally, the Personas you get to join you through Hold Up will be used as a base for fusing stronger Personas, while still retaining the skills you want.

  • The post-fusion Persona’s level may not exceed yours, unless you have reached rank 10 with the Strength Confidant(s). More info on how you can do that here.
  • Unlike Persona 3 (maybe 4? Hell if I remember), the skills you get post fusion are not randomly chosen. Instead, you get to pick from the combined list of skills of both base Personas.
  • Personas cannot learn every skill, so don’t be surprised if you can’t get Garu, Agi, Bufu, and Zio on a single Persona, even if both base Personas have those skills.
  • The more Confidant ranks you have in a specific Arcana, the more bonus EXP you receive when fusing Personas of that same Arcana.
  • “Ultimate” fusions for each Arcana is unlocked by getting to Confidant level 10 with the corresponding Confidant.
  • A Reddit user going by Chinhahodo created a Persona Fusion Calculator, which will be of great help in figuring out the right Persona combinations you’ll need to get what you want.

Multiple Persona Fusion (Group Guillotine)

Group Guillotine works a little differently from your standard 2-man guillotine. The Personas you may acquire are preset, and you are told straight up what base Personas you need for the fusion to happen.

Level Persona Base Personas Fusion Requirement
25 Flauros ・Berith
Strength Confidant Rank 1
30 Neko Shogun ・Kodama
Strength Confidant Rank 1
49 Bugbear ・Pixie
Clear the Mission「淀んだ瞳のネトスト女子」(something about a net stalker)
51 Seth ・Isis
Strength Confidant Rank 1
59 Trumpeter ・White Rider
・Red Rider
・Black Rider
・Pale Rider
Strength Confidant Rank 5
67 Black Frost  ・Pyro Jack
・Jack Frost
・King Frost
Clear the Mission「イジメっ子を操る陰のアイツ」(something about a bullied person)
68 Vasuki ・Naga
・Raja Naga
Strength Confidant Rank 1
71 Throne ・Power
Strength Confidant Rank 5
76 Asura-Ou ・Zouchouten
Sun Confidant Rank 10
79 Yoshitsune ・Okuninushi
Strength Confidant Rank 5
80 Sraosha ・Mithra
Strength Confidant Rank 5
86 Chi You ・Hecatoncheir
・White Rider
・Cu Chulainn
Chariot Confidant Rank 10
87 Michael ・Raphael
Strength Confidant Rank 5

Persona Strengthening (Hanging)

Sacrifice one Persona to level up another. This one’s pretty straightforward. The higher the level of the sacrificed Persona, the more experience points the other Persona receives.

Note that if both Personas belong to the same Arcana, the received experience points is increased.

Persona Training (Solitary Confinement)

Place your Persona in solitary confinement to strengthen them.

  • When placed in solitary confinement, you may not use that Persona in battle.
  • After enough time has elapsed, your Persona will lose a weakness (for example, if it was weak to the Agi element it may lose that weakness), and may learn a new skill.
  • Time required in solitary confinement decreases in accordance to your Confidant rank for that Persona’s Arcana.
  • You will receive a notification when the Persona has spent enough time in solitary confinement. Note that if you do not release the Persona by a certain deadline, the Persona will disappear entirely.

Persona Item/Skill Card Convert (Electric Chair Execution)

Kill your Persona to receive items or skill cards.

A list of the obtainable items from electric chair execution is available on the Ultimate Equipment page.

4 thoughts on “The Velvet Room

  1. I have some questions.

    1.When you say the fused persona’s level does not exceed yours, is that before the EXP boost from your confidant (along with the relevant bonus from the Fool confidant) is applied?

    2.Are there *only* fixed combinations for fusions involving three Personas? In Persona 4 and Q, 3-Persona fusions worked like those with 2, only the arcana is determined from a separate table, in which the arcana of the first two determine which one will be used with the arcana of the third to determine the final result. Of course, for fusions involving 4 or more Personas, all results were fixed (for example, the Four Gods combining to form Kohryu), so I’m wondering if that also applies to fusions of 3 Personas.

    1. Hello Theralion,

      1. Yes.

      2. Yes, there are *only* fixed combination for 3-man fusions. I think overall it makes everything less complicated.

  2. I appreciate that the system is simpler than before, but it’s kind of sad to not be able to do multi-persona fusions anymore. Those 4 or 5 persona fusions were so cool, because it felt like you really had to earn it, and the personas themselves were incredibly powerful. 3 is still cool, but not as special. It’s a minor disappointment, but should make things more streamlined.

    On a separate note, is there still the shuffle time post-battle stuff from P4? If there is, is it more like the old Persona 4 system of picking rotating cards, or is it more like the Persona 4 Golden system of drawing a fixed number of cards? Watching a playthrough of the ps2 game, the old system looks much more difficult, and i hope they adapted from the newer game.

    P.S. Choosing inherited skills was a change in P4G. Was random before that.

    1. Hi Jack!

      My fault, I shouldn’t have titled it as “3-man fusion”, because under group guillotine there are Personas that can only be fused through 4-5 Personas. Those fusions require the effort you so desire to put in 🙂

      There is no more shuffle time, instead they have replaced it with an entirely new feature called “Hold Up”. It’s much more fun than Shuffle Time and fits the thief theme a lot better!

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