Basic Movements

Basic Movement Techniques

Being a 3D arena fighter, Gundam EXVS MBON places a lot of emphasis of proper movement and boost management in its meta. To succeed on the battlefield, players need to have strong basic fundamentals before they can start asserting dominance.



MS Mode

  1. Walking
  2. Boost Dash
  3. Vertical Boost
  4. Sidestep
  5. Rainbow step
  6. Boost dash jump
  7. Hop
  8. Turnaround
  9. Fuwastep

MA Mode

  1. Ascend/Decsend
  2. Face Front

Mobile Suit


By simply moving the lever in any direction, you can walk around. This is a pretty inefficient way to get around as it’s pretty slow, but it costs no boost to do this.

Boost Dash

One of your main methods of moving around the battlefield. By double-tapping on the boost button, you will start dashing in that direction your suit is facing. You can input a direct before Boost Dashing to move in that direction instead. You may continue to hold the boost button to continue your dash, and using the lever you can control which direction you move in.

You move fast but it consumes boost to continue moving, so you need to make sure to manage your boost usage to avoid overheating.

Vertical Boost

Hold the boost button to fly straight up. At first glance this does not seem very useful, but there are practical applications that will be explained at a later time.


By quickly moving a lever in a one direction twice (left left, for example), you will quickly sidestep. Although you move a very short distance, this movement is extremely useful because you will cut tracking of incoming projectiles (for more info, check out the system mechanics page).

Sidestepping is great for avoiding attacks without any wasted movement, leaving you in a prime position to punish your opponents for missing their attacks.

Rainbow Step

This is basically a sidestep executed during a melee attack. It consumes more boost, but is also able to travel further than a regular step

Boost Dash Jump

After a boost dash, you may once again tap the boost button to execute a jump in the direction you were dashing. 

This moves you the furthest for the least boost spend, so if you want to move great distances, this is often one of your best options.


While freefalling, you can tap on the boost button to jump a tiny distance. This is useful when you have very little boost left, and you want to move just enough to avoid attacks like beam rifle shots.

Executing multiple small hops before landing is a great way to mix up your landing timing, making you harder to punish.

Turn Around

While holding the boost button, you can move your lever in any direction to turn your Mobile suit to face that direction. This is useful for facing the direction you wish to fire in, so you can avoid shooting out of angle.


‘Fuwa’ in Japanese basically means ‘float’, and this movement method is true to its name. After a sidestep, you can tap the boost button to execute a small hop in the direction you were sidestepping in.

This is a great way to cut tracking with a sidestep, while also staying in motion. 

Mobile Armor

Some Mobile Suits come with the ability to transform into plane-like modes. This is done through holding the boost button, and double tapping (like a sidestep) the lever in one direction to transform. Your suit will transform and move towards the input direction.

By either holding any direction or holding the Boost button. you will continue to fly until you run out of boost. Move the lever to control which direction you fly in. In addition to that, the Mobile Armor form has its own extra set of movement and controls, which are listed below.


You may let go of the boost button, and then hold it down again to fly higher. To fly lower, you will have to let go of the boost button again, and then double tap and hold the boost button.

Controlling your altitude is important as it can help you avoid attacks, or get in better position to attack.

Face Front

By double tapping the lever in the forward direction (88) while holding down the boost (C) button, you force your Mobile Armor to face front. This is useful for flying straight towards the enemy, or more importantly, for lining up your shots. Most Mobile Armors have a very small firing angle, so this is a great way to line your target up.