MBON Game Modes


Other than PvP, MBON has 3 playable modes that pits you against AI enemies for 5~8 rounds. If the cabinet you’re seated at is a CPU-only cabinet, or if there’s no players on the opposite team, then you’ll be able to choose from one of the 3 games mode at the Mode Select screen as shown below:

VS Conquest


VS Conquest is a month-long event where all players with an IC card are randomly placed into a Union to fight for territory over a large map. Players accumulate points and earn rewards which are usually aesthetic in-game items like GUI, emblems, and early usage rights for the next released Mobile Suit. You can use the in-game currency GP to strengthen your unit for VS Conquest use, but note that the powered up stats only affects the unit if played in VS Conquest. If you are in a Platoon, you will also fight Boss units which drop great items. You will need a IC card (either Banapass or Aime) and use the VS Mobile website to manage your rewards.

Branch Battle

Branch Battle is your typical Arcade route which pits you against enemies with increasing difficult, before finally facing off with a boss unit. If you rack up enough score, you will even fight a hidden boss unit at stage 9. This mode has the most active enemies among all 3 modes (Not counting infinitely respawning units in Training), as each stage spawns anything from 5 to 10 enemies.

Take note that Route A~D are in increasing difficulty, and Route E contains only boss units with a very long health bar and some even with special attacks.




Training is a 5 stage mode where most of the enemies are not moving, and in stages 2 ~ 5, you will have enemies that spawns infinitely until you kill the Target enemy. This is a great place to try out a suit for the first time, practice or discover new combos. Watch how this is the preferred mode for players to test units (Youtube), especially after a buff/nerf has taken place after a new update patch.


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