Infinite Justice (Lacus)

Model Number:ZGMF-X19A   Pilot: Lacus Clyne   Cost: 1500 Hp: 420 Transform: X  Form Change: X   Mobile Suit built as a successor to the Justice Gundam. It was used for a short while by Lacus Cylne, who piloted it to transport the Infinite Justice to the Archangel. Lacus did not directly engage in combat while pilotingContinue reading “Infinite Justice (Lacus)”

Shining Gundam

Model Number: GF13-017N Pilot: Domon Kasshu Cost: 2500 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: O Designed by Rain’s father, Dr. Mikamura, the Shining Gundam contains an Emotion Energy System. If provided enough emotional input, the Shining Gundam powers up significantly, entering its Super Mode. Thanks to its Mobile Trace system the Shining Gundam could beContinue reading “Shining Gundam”

Weapons and Movement Terminology

Commonly-used terms Below you will find terms that players frequently use to describe certain things in EXVSMBON coupled with explanations. Weapon-related Terminology Firing Arc / Shooting Angle The arc where a specific weapon is able to fire without going off angle. Muzzle correction will also only work if your target is within the Firing ArcContinue reading “Weapons and Movement Terminology”

Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

Model Number: RX-0 Pilot: Banagher Links Cost: 3000 Hp: 680 Transform: X Form Change: O From the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series comes the final battle version of the Unicorn Gundam. This upgrade was devised by Banagher Link’s friend, Takuya Erei, who equipped the Unicorn Gundam with a wide array of weaponry, including four shieldsContinue reading “Full Armor Unicorn Gundam”

Infinite Justice

Model Number:ZGMF-X19A Pilot: Athrun Zala Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: O (Lifter Boarding)  Form Change: X A mobile suit made as a successor to the Justice Gundam. Developed for use by Athrun Zala, it specializes in close range combat and features multiple improvements to the weapons used by the original Justice Gundam. MS Form AbilityContinue reading “Infinite Justice”

Impulse Gundam

Model Number: ZGMF-X56S Pilot: Shinn Asuka Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: O With the Junius Treaty restricting the number of Mobile Suits each faction can possess, the Impulse Gundam circumvented this restriction by swapping its backpacks and armaments to fit a wide range of combat situations. This also allowed a single aceContinue reading “Impulse Gundam”

Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City

Model Number: ASW-G-11 Pilot: Akihiro Altland Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X The Gundam Gusion utilises mechanical data from the Calamity War era, as well as brand-new additions based on its pilot, Space Guts’ Akihiro Altland’s combat data. Featuring a wide range of both melee and ranged weapons, the Gusion Rebake Full CityContinue reading “Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City”

Gundam X Divider

Model Number: GX-9900-DV Pilot: Jamil Neate Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X The Gundam X Divider is a repaired and refurbished version of the Gundam X following its defeat at the hands of the Bertigo. With the Satellite Cannon now damaged beyond repair, a number of new equipments made from various salvagedContinue reading “Gundam X Divider”

Gundam X 

Model Number: GX-9900 Pilot: Garrod Ran & Tiffa Adill Cost: 2500 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: O The Gundam X was a limited production Mobile Suit that saw use in the 7th Space War. After the environmental destruction that resulted from said war, one unit fell into the hands of salvager Garrod Ran. DespiteContinue reading “Gundam X “

Gundam AGE-3

Model Number: AGE3 / AGE-3F / AGE-3O Pilot: Kio Asuno Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: O The third generation Gundam and successor to Gundam AGE-2. The AGE-3 is piloted by Kio Asuno, the son of Asemu and the grandson of Flit. AGE-3 incorporates Vagan technologies and is characterized by its transforming andContinue reading “Gundam AGE-3”