Zaku III Kai

Model Number: AMX-011S Pilot: Mashymre Cello
Cost: 2000 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

Mashymre’s Zaku III Custom was designed for Newtype-use, and possessed mobility and firepower that far outstripped the regular Zakus. Its all-new armor parts and head design made way for new armaments including a hide bomb dispenser mounted in its left shoulder, and two propellant tanks that allowed the unit to accelerate several times faster than the standard Zaku III.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 5 70 Low ammo count
Charged Main Beam Rifle (High Output) 140 Sub-par tracking
Sub Beam Cannon 60~120 One-hit down
60~114 Fires while strafing
Special Shooting ReGelgu Assist 3 78 5AC: Slash-through, stuns
18~100 *AC: Missile barrage
2B Pressure 1 0 Stuns, starts with 0 ammo
Burst Attack “I swear on the fragrance of this flower” 316 (F) /292 (E & S) Melee combo
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 223 High Damage
5B(B)~2B 125~174 Launches
8B 8B 75 Good start up and priority, short reach
8B~2B 135 Launches
4/6B 4/6BBB 170
4/6B(B)~2B 125~170 Launches
CC8B CC8B 70 Untechable down
BC BC 63 Grapple. Input derivatives for more attacks
BC~B 157 Kicks target away
BC~A 203 Launches, Forced Down

Cancel Routes:




Any melee: BC


While the Zaku III Kai was first introduced as a 1500 cost unit, it received a cost upgrade that has allowed it to function as a standard, 2000 cost all-rounder. It has many standard tools for ranged combat, such as a one-shot down CSA, an easy-to-use Sub, and an assault-type assist. However, it has a short red lock range, limited Main ammo, and generally cannot rely solely on its CSA to make itself enough of a threat to enemies. To win with this unit you will need a strong grasp on the game’s fundamentals to bring out the best of what the Zaku III Kai can do.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapon

Main: Beam Rifle

This is a typical beam rifle shot except for the low ammo count. Continuous reload of 1ammo/3sec. Don’t spam this too much as it’s your only vernier-less move.

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (High Output)

2-second charge time. The Zaku III Kai stands in place to fire a high-damage beam. Forced Down on hit. This projectile does high damage but has low tracking, to the point that it will simply graze the top of your target’s head when aiming for their landing. This also has bad tracking for both vertical and horizontal movement. Due to the low ammo count of other weapons, keep using this between other attacks.

Sub: Beam Cannon

This attack has 2 different inputs, which share the same ammo pool. Continuous reload of 1ammo/8sec. 

5AB: Fires a single shot from the Beam Cannon. Verniers to fire a pair of beams, each having a separate hitbox. Forced Down if both hits. This does a reduced damage of 50×2 when canceled into from other moves. When trying to end a melee combo, you can use this instead of CSA due to CSA having a slow startup. Occasionally only 1 beam will hit if the angle is off. Due to how good 4/6AB is, there aren’t many opportunities to use this.

4/6AB: The Zaku III Kai fires 2 shots while strafing to the left or right. The tracking of the shots is decent, but the strafing movement is huge, allowing you to dodge many attacks. Be sure to use this when you’re overheated and need to dodge. The beams also stun on hit with only -10% proration, making it a great combo starter. 

Special Shooting: ReGelgu Assist (Slash-through/Missile Barrage)

The Zaku III Kai summons ReGelgu to perform one of two attacks. Reloads on empty after 19 seconds. Both attacks aren’t particularly great and the long reload time poses quite a problem. 

5AC: ReGelgu performs a very typical slash-through attack that stuns. The assist doesn’t move fast enough for it to land if you got a hit in with your main at max range. Use it in close-midrange instead

*AC: ReGelgu fires missiles and grenades in 3 directions. The missiles from the back will cause a small explosion, while the arm grenades are simply physical projectiles. The firing arc makes this more for laying down suppressive fire rather than aiming for a direct hit, so you can also use this when you know your target has ~1 boost dash left. Even if all the projectiles don’t hit, the explosions will launch your enemy allowing for easy follow up.

2B: Pressure

The Zaku III Kai  releases an AOE pressure attack that stuns all units in range. There is a forced PoV change on activation, and super armor on startup. Reloads in 23seconds with a cooldown of 2 seconds after use. Due to the Zaku III’s short red lock, this move is your go-to defensive maneuver against incoming melee attacks. The parameters on this Pressure attack is the same as a typical Pressure, which arguably makes it the best move that Zaku III has. Time it well to create an advantageous situation. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber Combo

A typical 3-stage combo. Forced PoV on the 3rd hit. The 3rd hit has an extremely slow animation but does great damage and also causes Bounce Down. If you need to cancel out after the 2nd hit, you can cancel and have some extra time for a follow up as the 2nd hit inflicts a Kneel Stagger. 

5B(B),8B,4/6B(B)~2B Derivative: Uppercut

Launches the target upwards. If you want to cancel into BC after this, you’ll need to input it ASAP.  

8B: Tackle

A standard tackle attack. Good for intercepting incoming melee attacks. If you want to cancel into the 2B derivative, cancel it quickly or else it will whiff.

4/6BBB: Cleave>Uppercut

This melee attack has a good wraparound curve, making it your go to melee. The 3rd hit of this melee sequence launches the target so be ready to follow up. If cancelling into BC, you can either cancel ASAP or delay it a little bit to let your target float back down. 

CC8BB: Slash-through

A slash-through that launches the target up and inflicts Untechable Down. This move has pretty good reach. Use this when you want to stall for time. 

BC: Grapple

The Zaku III Kai  grapples the target and swings around to its back. The dash-in speed is quite decent, making this technique useful for catching off-guard enemies who wander too close. 

BC~B, BC~No input: Kick

Kicks the target away with a roundhouse. This move does good damage, and if you have CSA charged you can follow up after the kick. Out of the 3 BC derivatives, this one is performed the quickest and has the shortest animation time.

BC~A: Beam Rifle Finisher

The Zaku III Kai hurls the target away and fires the Beam Rifle. Inflicts Forced Down and launches the target up and away. Use this derivative if the chance presents itself to catch up in the damage race. 

BC~2B: Self Destruct

Haman-sama, BANZAI!”

A self-destruct move. The startup animation is slow, but the resulting explosion does high damage and is a multi-hit move similar to a nuke. The explosion also lasts quite a while and has a wide area of effect, so it might hit other enemies or even the same enemy who respawned close by. 

If you have less than 2000 team cost and are trying to use this move to score the winning blow, you actually need to kill the enemy within 4 ticks of the explosion for it to count as your win (about 224~damage in total) . Any slower, and Zaku III will die before the target first and you will lose. 

Burst Attack

“I swear on the fragrance of this flower”

The Zaku III Kai performs a long melee combo, finishing off by swinging the target around and tossing them forward. There is super armor during the initial dash-in. On top of using 5BBB and BC derivatives for damage, this Burst Attack also helps to rack up damage. This Burst Attack can be interrupted somewhat easily unfortunately. Use this when the time is ripe. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>5BBB 207 High damage combo starting from Main
A>>*AC 136 Forced Down when you have no Sub ammo
A>>A>>5AB 167 159 if you direct cancel into AB. Forced Down
4/6AB (1hit)>>5BBB 255 Very good damage from a ranged attack
2B>>4/6BBB~CSA 211 Launches
2B>>BC~2B 278 Self destruct combo
5BB>5BBB 247 Very simple but high damage
5B>BC~2B 267 Self destruct combo
5BB~BC~B~CSA 262 No step, no boost dash combo. Great when you’re in overheat
8B~2B~BC~A 250 No step, no boost dash combo.
4/6BB~BC~B 244 No step, no boost dash, fast combo. 
CC8B~CSA 174 Fast combo, launches
BC~B>5BBB 279 Very high damage
BC~B>8B>A 238 Step forward after the 8B ASAP
During Fighting Burst
5BB>5BBB 267 Faster animation in Burst makes it even more worth
4/6BBB~BC~B>BC~A 308


  • ZakuIII has a short red lock, and no ranged attacks that are particularly fancy. Rely on your main>4/6AB, sub>AC to hit while inheriting red lock is the most basic way to play.
  • Be careful not to go in too deep in as your only escape out of being surrounded is Pressure.
  • When going for damage, set up an okizeme with pressure and go for a melee combo.
  • F and S Burst suit Zaku III the most. Getting cancel route from ranged>melee allows you to deal damage, while S refills his poor ammo count moves and allows for more spamming. S Burst will also allow for 4/6AB to slide more and gives you the ability to freefall cancel into A.
  • E Burst still works, but it doesn’t provide much to Zaku’s game plan other than extra survival. You can perform the Escape Burst>Pressure>Burst Attack trick that The O has too. 
  • Self-destructing as a 2000cost unit is very painful, only do it when it’s really worth it.