Kapool & Corin’s Kapool

Model Number: AMX-109 Pilot: Sochie Heim & Corin Nander
Cost: 2000 Hp: 360 (Sochie) / 480 (Corin) Transform: X Form Change: O

While visually identical to the AMX-109 Capule used in the Dark History, the Kapool sports some differences that set it apart. It was utilized by the Militia to great effect and was well equipped with a wide variety of armaments. Two prominent Kapools included those piloted by Sochie Heim and Corin Nader, the latter of which fitted his Kapool with a custom Rocket Punch glove and a Minchi Drill melee weapon.

Kapool Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Handgun 120 7 ~ 128 Fires from both hands at once. Shoots up to 30 ammo consecutively
Charged Main Full Salvo 7 ~ 160 Fires a salvo of rockets and missiles in a wide arc
Charged Melee Turn A Assist 11 ~ 120 Turn A Gundam fires a gerobi with its beam rifle
70 Turn A Gundam does a wide sweep with its beam saber. Untechable
Sub Miashei Kapool Assist 3 55 ~ 132 Miashei’s Kapool fires a salvo of missiles
Special Shooting Missile 1 65 ~ 130 Summons Corin’s Kapool before firing a salvo together
Special Melee Baton Pass 480 60 Switches to Corin’s Kapool, while Sochie’s Kapool will proceed to grab the enemy
Burst Attack Rocket Punch!! 290 (F) / 282 (E) / 292 (S) Automatically transforms into Corin’s Kapool for the first stage of the attack
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 117 2 stage Bounce Down
8B 8B 70 Strong stun
4/6B 4/6BB 100
2B 2B 106 Swings its hammer in a circular motion
CC8B CC8B 137

Cancel Routes:





Corin’s Kapool Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Missile 6 117 1-input 2 missile 
Charged Main Rocket Punch 120 One hit down
Charged Melee Turn A Assist 120 Turn A Gundam fires a gerobi with its beam rifle
70 Turn A Gundam does a wide sweep with its beam saber. Untechable
Sub Miashei Kapool Assist 3 60 Throws a Kapool that grabs the opponent
Special Shooting Command Dash 1 Special movement, dashes towards the enemy
Special Melee Baton Pass 120 Switches to Kapool, Corin Kapool will proceed to fire a rocket punch at the enemy.  Corin Kapool’s HP regenerates slowly when playing as Kapool
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 186
8B 8B 90 Bounces the enemy.
4/6B 4/6BB 133
2B 2B 189 Grab attribute
CC8B CC8B 95

Cancel Routes:



5BB, 4/6B: 2B


The Kapools are unique in being one of the only few mobile suits that are able to replenish HP in battle. In order to bring out the Kapools’ potential to its fullest, players will need to regularly rotate between the two forms, with Sochie’ Kapool specializing in providing ranged support, while Corin’s Kapool specializes in assaulting the enemy with melee attacks. 

The Kapools’ swapping feature is a double-edged sword; while together they have a higher cumulative HP than any other 2000 cost suit, each individual Kapool has below average HP. Thus, if you’re focused down by both enemies, it’s entirely possible to be shot down without even getting an opportunity to change forms. Furthermore, it’s far easier to Overcost your partner as a result. 

However, if you’re skilled enough with the MSes and are able to swap forms whenever necessary, you can generally outlast every player on the field. If you’re unsure when exactly to switch, a safe option is simply to change to another form the moment you take any amount of damage.

Kapool Ability Details

The green Kapool piloted by Sochie. It is a ground-running MS that specializes in ranged combat, and has dangerously low HP. The CSB Turn A assist is used more frequently with this form compared with Corin’s to help compensate for its weak self defense. While Sochie’s Kapool is made of glass it can lay down excellent cover fire for a partner, and if you play your cards right you can easily take control of the match’s pace. However its overall mobility is poor, and if enemies decide to target you aggressively there is little you can do to prevent being squashed like a bug. Even with full HP you should never relax—for best results, play this unit in a constant state of alertness.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Handgun

Kapool fires from its wrist-mounted machine guns. Fire 6 rounds per input, and up to 30 rounds if the input is held. This reloads on empty in 5 seconds, and does not reload in the background if you’ve swapped to Corin’s Kapool. While this Main has good projectile speed, it’s not an effective tool beyond medium range due to its poor tracking. However, it does perform well as an interception tool at close range due to its wide hitbox. Furthermore, you can stagger the enemy with a single button tap if all rounds hit, as well as put the enemy in a state of Forced Down if you fire a full salvo. The Handguns increase in effectiveness the closer you are to the target. Do note that Kapool’s base HP remains small and that the Handguns only reload on empty. Hence, you’re especially vulnerable if you find yourself at close range without ammo.

If you fire a turnaround shot with no ammo while in brake animation, you can perform a brake cancel. Similarly, you can do a turnaround shot while firing 6 shots to achieve a brake cancel (you’ll have to slide the full length of the braking animation, similar to sliding without boost left) and refill your boost to full after the animation. These techniques are particularly good if your enemy fires projectiles at you that have weak tracking.

Charged Main: Salvo

Kapool fires a salvo of machine gun rounds and missiles in a wide arc. This can be said to be the lifeline of Sochie’s Kapool. The overall tracking is weak and due to its wide spread, and it is easier to hit this at longer ranges. 2-second charge time.

The charge gauge is not shared with Corin’s Kapool and does not carry over. However, the cancel routes available with this tool are identical with Main. It’s an important tool for Sochie’s Kapool and players should incorporate this into their gameplay to mitigate any ammo problems the Kapool may have. As the ammo is technically infinite, you should use this whenever your Main is reloading. Additionally, as it can be canceled directly to BC (Baton Pass), you can use this as a form of self-defense to ensure that your form change isn’t interrupted.

Charged Melee: Turn A Gundam Assist

Kapool summons the Turn A Gundam to assist it in combat. 2.5-second charge time. As you can use this for brake canceling, try to keep this charged as much as possible. However, in order to make full use of this assist, practice is definitely required. By incorporating this assist to your general gameplay, you will improve your self-defense, positioning, and ability to support.

The assist has two variations:

5CSB: Turn A fires a gerobi from its Beam Rifle. While the gerobi itself is relatively thin, it packs a decent punch. As the active time of this assist is fairly long, it can also be used as a horizontal trap of sorts to catch any unsuspecting targets. The gerobi deals its maximum damage quickly. If you’re confident that your machine gun salvo will stagger the enemy, you can pre-empt this and summon the assist to score a Forced Down.

*CSB: Turn A Gundam performs a quick sweep with its Beam Saber. It has a wide range and will often hit targets that are rushing in carelessly. Since the Kapool has little in the way of self-defense, it’s a good move to consider using if you want some added insurance before swapping.

Sub: Miashei’s Kapool Assist

Kapool summons Miashei’s Kapool that fires three missiles. This assist reloads on empty, with an 8-second reload time. When summoned this move allows Kapool to inherit some inertia if summoned while Kapool is on the ground, otherwise, it incurs Vernier if summoned while Kapool is in the air. Due to the inertia inheritance while on the ground, this is a good option for brake canceling.

While it’s not an exemplary tool by itself, you can use it for a variety of purposes like supplementing your ranged attacks, hit-confirming, laying a barrage from another angle, and more. Use this in conjunction with Kapool’s other ranged armaments to maintain pressure on the enemy.

Special Shooting: Corin’s Kapool Assist

Kapool summons Corin’s Kapool to assist it in battle. On summoning, Sochie’s Kapool slides to the right to make space for Corin’s Kapool, and each Kapool proceeds to fires two sets of missiles.The direction of the slide cannot be changed in any way. If you boost dash cancel after the summoning, Corin’s Kapool will attack on its own. Has a 10-second reload time.

The sliding distance is surprisingly far, and as the motion also cuts tracking, so you can use this to dodge some attacks. The muzzle correction on the attack is also decent, so you can use this even in close range.

Corin’s Kapool has its own durability and will be destroyed if hit by an attack. However, this in no way affects the HP of the actual unit. If destroyed, Sochie’s Kapool will still carry on with its attack. Similarly, Corin’s Kapool carries out its own attack if Sochie’s Kapool is staggered.

Special Melee: Baton Pass

Sochie’s Kapool does a high-five with Corin’s before swapping out, allowing you to take control of Corin’s Kapool. While there is a PoV change, it can be canceled with a directional input. 

After the Baton Pass has been made, Sochie’s Kapool then dashes towards the target and grabs it. Once the attack has concluded, Sochie’s Kapool finally goes into reserve and begins replenishing its HP (3 HP per second). 

The time from the moment of input to the actual Baton Pass is fairly long, and if you release CSA/B or input CC8B, the baton Pass will be canceled. Furthermore, you will also be especially vulnerable during this period, and if you are staggered during this period, the Baton Pass will fail. Make sure you are at a safe distance or at least aim to stagger the target prior to making the swap. 

Take note that you also cannot perform the Baton Pass during AC or the Burst Attack and HP recovery for Corin’s Kapool is also suspended during that period. There’s also a brief period of invincibility during the Baton Pass, but it’s not something you can reliably aim for.

Melee Set

5BB: Iron Nail

A two-stage melee attack that launches the target before slamming it back into the ground. This attack has poor reach. However it’s easy to follow-up on this as it bounces the target on the last hit.

8B: Bell Clap

Kapool slaps the target with both arms. This stuns the target upon hit, but since the attack animation is too long and the stun time is too short, it has very little use.

4/6BB: Iron Nail Slaps

A two-stage melee attack where Kapool strikes with its claws. This melee attack has poor overall reach and wraparound curve. While it’s more reliable than 5B or CC8B, it’s still a melee move with poor general performance, so try to avoid using this move in most situations.

While it launches the target upon the last hit, it’s often difficult to follow up after this with anything aside from a fuwastep to a Machine Gun salvo. At high altitudes you can rainbow fuwastep forward into a Main shot to knock the target down.

2B: Hammer Spin

Kapool stands in place while swinging its hammer. The hitbox is fairly small and it does not block any ranged projectiles. It’s not really a reliable tool per se, but since all of Kapool’s melee attacks are lackluster, you don’t really have much of a choice but to use this if you need a last-ditch melee attack to save yourself.

CC8B: Rolling Attack

Kapool rolls over sideways towards the enemy. Kappol itself decelerates before beginning its attack, so the reach on this attack is poor overall. The hitbox on this melee move is towards Kapool’s front, so any enemy can simply side step and melee Kapool. It is recommended that you forego this move entirely.

Burst Attack

Rocket Punch!!

As this shares the same Burst attack as Corin’s Kapool, more details can be found below in the Corin’s Kapool Burst Attack section.

However, Sochie’s Kapool automatically swaps to Corin’s Kapool upon activation. In some ways, it can be used as an instant form change if you wish to catch your opponent by surprise and bypass the long Baton Pass animation.

Corin’s Kapool Ability Details

Corin’s Kapool is a ground-running melee unit that relies on ranged attacks to get in. It has access to a high-speed dash and an assist that restrains targets for long periods of time, and overall has the necessary tools for both offense and defense. However that’s just in comparison to the green Kapool—when compared to other units in the game, it has low overall self defense. 

After swapping with Kapool, Corin’s Kapool demonstrates much poorer ranged support capabilities, and lacks the HP necessary to make aggressive plays. It also can’t take good advantage of the Turn A CSB assist due to its constant need of the melee button. However, in situations where you can do absolutely nothing else as Corin’s Kapool, you can still make use of it. 

While Corin’s Kapool is basically a 2000 cost melee unit, its basically a unit designed for launching sneak attacks, so keep an eye out for opportunities to punish your opponents and literally stomp them into the ground. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Missile Launcher

Corin’s Kapool fires two missiles from its 8-tube missile launcher. This armament has a 6-second reload time and reloads only after all ammo has been expended. Corin’s Kapool automatically fires 2 missiles with a single input, though you will fire only one missile if you cancel out of this early. The shots lead to a Forced Down if both missiles hit.

The projectiles have decent tracking and speed, and overall this is one of Corin’s key ranged tools.

Charged Main: Rocket Punch

Corin’s Kapool jumps up and fires off its Rocket Punch that causes Forced Down upon hit. 2-second charge time. The startup on this move is fairly slow due to the jumping animation and the projectile itself has poor tracking. However, the projectile speed is excellent and this attack has good muzzle correction, so it’s a good tool for catching landings. This can also be used as a combo finisher. Furthermore, the jumping animation can be used to dodge some ranged attacks. If you’re playing a supporting role with the Kapool, you’ll have to use this frequently, especially if you want to cut an enemy’s melee combo on your partner.

Charged Melee: Turn A Gundam Assist

This is the same move as with Sochie’s Kapool. However, it’s somewhat more difficult to keep this assist charged while playing as a more melee-focused suit like Corin’s Kapool. However, since it helps supplement Corin’s Kapool’s ranged options, can be used for Zusakyans, and is also a good self-defence tool, you’ll still need to utilise this assist often. 

Sub: Miashei’s Kapool Assist

Corin’s Kapool flings Miashei’s Kapool at an arc towards the target. Reloads on empty, and has a 12-second reload time. If the projectile connects, the target will be hugged and restrained by the assist, allowing for easy follow up. If no follow up is made, the assist will simply disappear after a period of time, resulting in the target falling downwards to the ground. While ammo is shared between both forms, Corin’s Kapool reloads this assist at a slower rate. If you perform a Baton Pass in the midst of the reload, the assist will simply continue reloading at the current form’s rate.

Despite being an assist, it performs more similarly to a thrown projectile. While it has some downwards tracking, it isn’t as strong as Red Frame’s CSA. The horizontal tracking is weak and it does not travel upwards past a certain distance. While there isn’t a range limit to this assist, do take note that you cannot throw another Kapool out if the first assist has yet to disappear. Thus, the cooldown period is proportional to the distance thrown. You can instantly end the cooldown by performing the AC Command Dash which recalls the thrown Kapool, though if this is done while the target is retrained, the target will be released.

While you can perform a brake cancel with this, the rigidity after the end of the throw is long, so this option is not often used.

Special Shooting: Command Dash

Corin’s Kapool stands atop both Sochie’s and Miashei’s Kapools and dashes towards the target. The dash has a 4-second reload time. You can bend your approach vector slightly with the corresponding directional input. When timed right, you can often dodge Beam Rifle shots while making your approach. The dash consumes up to 40% of your Boost, but will also always dash towards your target, even if you are in Green Lock. It can even be used while in Overheat.

While it can be canceled into any melee except CC8B, you can also rainbow step from it. This dash covers a good distance and also tracks well, making it well-suited for ambushing an enemy. If Miashei’s assist is currently on the field, you can recall it quickly by inputting this dash. Do take note that this means that it’s difficult to follow up on a successful restrain with the command dash, as the target will simply drop to the floor the moment it’s released.

Special Melee: Baton Pass

Corin’s Kapool backhand high-fives Sochies’s before swapping. 

After the Baton Pass has been made, Corin’s Kapool then throws a Rocket Punch at the target. This version of the Rocket Punch appears to have better tracking in exchange for a slightly slower projectile speed. Compared to Sochie’s baton pass, this seems to perform the swap quicker.

Melee Set

5BBB: Minchi Drill Combo

A standard 3-stage combo with decent reach. Take note that you can only cancel from the second stage onwards. The full string does decent damage, has a fairly quick animation, and is easy to follow-up with CSA or other melee starters.

8BB: Helm Breaker

Corin’s Kapool jumps up before slamming downwards with a helm breaker. It’s a pseudo- Pyonkaku of sorts due to its rising motion. However, when used in green lock, Corin’s Kapool simply swings downwards without any motion.

This is a key melee move of Corin’s Kapool. Corin’s Kapool rises fairly quickly during the jumping motion, although it will not jump if the input is made at very close ranges. At those ranges, Corin’s Kapool will simply perform the Helm Breaker. 

It’s a good option to use in conjunction with the Command Dash as it makes your approaches harder to interrupt. If you hit a target with the Helm Breaker, you’ll also cause it to bounce. While it’s easy to follow up on, the bouncing motion is fairly lengthy, so some players may choose to leave the target bouncing as a delay tactic.

4/6BBB: Minchi Drill Sweep

Corin’s Kapool does a series of horizontal sweeps with the Minchi Drill. While the general performance of the first stage is mediocre, the attack range is fairly wide, allowing you to reliably hit most opponents with it. However, it’s impossible to follow up with another attack if you complete this melee string on ground level. Following this up with CSA is unreliable at best, even if you initiate this combo at high altitudes. Therefore, it’s best that you rainbow-step from the instant you connect with the first stage of the attack and following up with another melee string instead (like 5B and 2B).

2B: Kapool Combination Attack

Corin’s Kapool performs a downwards thrust with the Minchi Drill before calling on both Sochie’s and Miashei’s Kapool’s to do a stomp attack on the target before kicking it away. The length and damage of the attack can be extended by mashing the melee button. This is the melee string with the highest damage potential but it has zero cut-resistance. Furthermore, HP recovery for Sochie’s Kapool is suspended during the duration of this attack.

CC8B: Minchi Drill Thrust

Corin’s Kapool does a melee thrust with the Minchi Drill. This is a single-stage melee that hits multiple times. Since Corin’s Kapool sticks the Minchi Drill a good distance in front of him, it has a large frontal hitbox and you can sometimes win direct melee clashes if you input this early. However, the chase speed of this melee isn’t particularly fast. The drilling animation is fairly long and may leave you prone to being interrupted. However, said length also means it has potential in stalling the enemy.  

While it’s difficult to follow this up with another melee string, canceling into CSA or forward stepping into AB should bring reliable results.

Burst Attack

Rocket Punch!!

Corin’s Kapool does a slash-through with it’s Minchi Drill which stuns the target. Corin’s Kapool is then boosted upwards by Sochie’s and Miashei’s Kapools, fires a series of rocket salvos before ending off the Burst Attack with a Rocket Punch.

Unsurprisingly, the first stage of this attack has Superarmor and also travels a long distance. However, be careful not to use this against targets that have Shooting Barriers active as the latter stages of this Burst Attack are ranged attacks.


  • E Burst is generally considered to be the best fit for the Kapools as has the best synergy with the Kapools’ playstyle, and can serve as a form of insurance in case you get jumped on.
  • However, if you’re looking to contribute more damage to the team, then F Burst is a good pick if you plan on playing mostly as Corin’s Kapool while S Burst is the go-to option for Sochie’s Kapool.

Sochie’s Kapool

  • Sochie’s Kapool focuses mainly on ranged attacks, and it has a wide range of options to throw out at any one time. However, asides from the machine gun Main, the individual performance of each ranged tool is by no means excellent, and the physical properties of its ranged weapons means that it’s especially vulnerable against beam-spamming suits. Thus, it’s important to rely on the Turn A Gundam assist to supplement your ranged tools.
  • However, due to the sheer amount of ranged attacks it can throw from multiple angles, you can easily confuse your enemies and slowly whittle down their HP with constant barrages. The Main is surprisingly excellent, due to its wide hitbox and potential to score a Forced Down on a target in a single salvo.
  • That being said, Sochie’s Kapool has absolutely abysmal melee self-defence. None of its melee attacks have any real redeeming qualities, and you should only really use them in desperate situations. The Baton Pass animation is also rather lengthy, and it’s easy to eat another combo after wakeup and be shot down shortly after.
  • While the Kapool has good overall ranged performance, its biggest weakness is simply its very low durability and vulnerability at close ranges. Furthermore, Sochie’s Kapool lacks a single attack with high damage potential, and you may lose the damage race relying only on Sochie’s Kapool.

Corin’s Kapool

  • Corin’s Kapool does its best work launching sneak attacks. While the Kapool has decent enough melee for it to function in this role, its ranged armaments aren’t that bad either, with both Main and CSA being easy to use and inflicting easy Forced Downs on its targets.
  • Unsurprisingly, the AC command dash remains a key tool for Corin’s Kapool. Players will have to read the situation and quickly close in for a quick melee attack via the dash before zipping out. As the 5B melee string is a quick source of damage, it’s a good melee string to use when the opportunity presents itself.
  • So long as you’re patient, you can expect good returns if you adhere to a hit-and-run mentality.
  • However, a critical weakness for both Kapools are the low individual HP values, so make sure to change forms often.