Model Number: GNX-609T Pilot: Patrick Colasour
Cost: 1500 Hp: 420 Transform: X Form Change: X

The successor to the GN-X and GN-XII, the GN-XIII serves as the mainstay force of the Earth Sphere Federation. Its iconic GN Lance functions as both a melee and ranged weapon, allowing the GN-XIII much versatility in ranged combat. The crimson-colored GN-XIII serves as the backbone of the A-LAWS mobile suit forces, and its usage by famous ace pilots like Patrick Colasour serves as a testament to its high performance.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main GN Lance [Machine Gun] 50 [90] 14~113 [143] No powerup only shoots up to 10 pellets, shoots up to 15 pellets in power up.
Sub GN Beam Rifle 3 [6] 70 ~147 Fires 3 consecutive shots
Special Shooting Timed Power Up 100 GN-XIII refills all ammo and gains a number of buffs that increase its overall performance
Special Melee Command Dash Moves according to directional input
Burst Attack Immortal Colasour   321(F)/299(ES)  
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 161 (177) Bracketed values indicate damage while GN-XII is powered up
5BB~2B 200 (222)
8B 8B 90 (100)
4/6B 4/6BB 115 (132)
4/6B~2B 167 (192)
2B  2B 75 (83)
CC8B CC8B 163 (181)

Cancel Routes:




BC: A, AB, AC, any melee except CC8B

2B: AB

Any melee on hit: BC


The GN-XIII is a general-purpose MS with relatively decent ranged and melee options. It has good mobility for its cost bracket, no thanks to its BC Command Dash. However, the GN-XIII doesn’t have much in terms of damage and lacks an attack with high raw damage asides from its Burst attack. 

As all of its ranged weapons are Beam weapons, the GN-XIII is especially vulnerable against suits with anti-beam defenses. Furthermore, the peculiar nature of its weapons means that its ranged weapons perform better at long-range than at medium-range. 

The Command Dash further synergizes with its ranged toolkit by allowing the GN-XIII to zip in and out to place itself in the optimal range at all times. It has decent melee for its cost as its 4/6B and CC8B melee chains offer good overall performance. Unfortunately, the GN-XIII is dependent on landing melee hits to keep up in the damage race, and this often puts the GN-XIII in plenty of vulnerable situations

Do take note that despite all the strengths listed, the GN-XIII still suffers from the same problems that affect its other 1500 cost brethren, such as the low Boost Dash capacity as well as its lower HP. Thus, it is important to never get carried away when in the GN-XIII as it’s still possible to get easily bodied by most suits of a higher cost.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Lance [Machine Gun]

Fires a total of 10 rounds when input is held, staggering the target in 4 hits and causing down in 13. When the timed power-up is active, the total amount of ammunition is increased from 50 to 90 and the maximum number of rounds fired per held input is increased to 15. Has a 7-second reload time once all rounds are expended.

It can be difficult to consistently hit and stagger enemies at close and medium ranges as the muzzle correction is poor. However, since both tracking and fire speed are good, the beam machine gun is generally more reliable at long ranges.

Sub: GN Beam Rifle

Fires up to 3 shots (6 when powered up) from the GN Beam Rifle if the input is held. The GN-XIII will also perform a sliding motion if used while GN-XIII is flying on a lateral axis. Since muzzle correction is only applied for the first shot, it is possible to miss the 2nd and 3rd shots entirely. Thus, when engaging at close ranges, it is advisable to boost dash cancel after every first shot if you wish to hit confirm. Continuous reload at a rate of 1 shot every 5 seconds.

Due to the beam machine gun’s high Down requirements, it’s a good idea to cancel into this right after staggering with the machine gun to confirm a Down. While the projectiles track well,  the muzzle correction and startup can be slow. Therefore, it is important to get used to the timings when canceling from Main.

Special Shooting: Timed Power Up

Patrick sounds off a declaration of love and envelops GN-XIII in a purple aura for 14 seconds. GN-XIII gains a number of passive buffs during this period and reloads all ammo.

  1. Main ammo is increased from 50 to 90, the maximum number of rounds fired per held input increased to 15.
  2. Sub Ammo is increased from 3 to 6.
  3. Damage dealt from melee attacks is increased by 10%

In addition, the general mobility of GN-XIII is increased. As the ammo of both the Main and Sub weapons are increased, this somewhat improves the GN-XIII’s mid-range performance. While it’s not a particularly game-changing buff, it’s still a welcome one for a 1500 cost unit like the GN-XIII. As this power-up reloads all ammo, it’s not recommended to use this at the start of the match. Has a cooldown time of 4-seconds with a reload time of 20-seconds.

Special Melee: Barrel Roll

GN-XIII does a quick barrel roll in the specified direction. While it can be rainbow-stepped, it cannot be used while in Overheat. The movement distance and boost consumption are equivalent to a boost dash hop.

The GN-XIII appears to have a smaller hitbox while rolling, and a beam rifle shot may pass through without damaging it. However, large projectiles like Gunner ZAKU’s Main will hit you regardless. In addition, the roll is cancellable to various melee and ranged options at the end of the motion. Furthermore, if you enter green-lock from a red-lock distance, any projectile fired prior to entering green- lock will still track. However, Entering red-lock from a green-lock distance and canceling into a ranged attack will not cause your projectile to track, so bear this in mind.

The overall performance of this tool is excellent for a 1500-cost unit and can be said to be the lifeline of the GN-XIII, so make sure to use this often and incorporate it regardless of whether you are attacking or retreating.

Melee Set

GN-XIII’s melee in general does not offer much cut-resistance. Furthermore, the damage of its melee attacks increases when it is powered up, so make sure to use this window to do some damage wherever possible.

5BB: Gn Lance Combo

Three-stage melee combo with a derivative on its second stage. As this has poor reach and a small hitbox, it is not advised to use this as a starter but instead as a combo extender due to its decent damage. After completing the full string, you can also cancel to bc followed by another melee combo.

5BB~2B: GN Beam Saber

GN-XIII performs two rapid slashes followed by a downwards cross-slash. It does good damage but has poor cut-resistance.

5BB~2B: GN Lance Thrust

A multi-hit, single-stage attack in which GN-XIII does a thrust with its Lance. Both the reach and hitbox aren’t as good as CC8B. However, do note that this can be canceled from the BC command dash, unlike CC8B. 

4/6BB: GN Lance Sweep > GN Beam Saber Sweep

GN-XIII does two horizontal swings with its GN Lance and GN Beam Saber consecutively. Both startup and reach are good. It is advisable to use this as your starter for melee engagements.


Same derivative as the 5B version.

2B: GN Lance Thrust [Launch]

GN-XIII does a jab that launches the target. It does high single-hit damage and is easy to follow up, so it is suitable for combos.

CC8B: Kick

GN-XIII does a series of kicks. Forms another key melee option for GN-XIII due to its long reach relatively good performance. 

Burst Attack

Immortal Colasour

GN-XIII grapples the target and carries it upwards before “self-destructing”. While visually similar to self-destruct attacks, the GN-XIII is left with 1HP after this attack, likely alluding to Patrick’s “immortality”. This has good game-changing potential, as the first stage not only has Superarmor but also deals damage in a short amount of time. If the GN-XIII is interrupted prior to the explosion, no HP loss (not counting the enemy’s attack) will be incurred. When the explosion occurs, however, GN-XIII will be propelled downwards to the ground, leaving it vulnerable to getting shot down if in Overheat. Be especially careful when using this near your partner, as friendly-fire not only launches your partner into the air but also leaves the GN-XIII vulnerable to getting shot down.


  • Ideally, you should aim to not take any damage until you are able to use the timed power-up. When powered-up, make sure you maximize it as much as possible; GN-XIII simply cannot keep up with the damage race by ranged attacks alone.
  • Be clinical with your attacks, hit-confirm your Main with shots from Sub, or with a melee.
  • F Burst is generally recommended due to GN-XIII’s compatibility with it. As GN-XIII has good mobility as a 1.5k and has good melee starters in CC8B and 4/6B, use F Burst to close in.
  • The EX-Burst offers great damage at an instant despite the HP loss. This give the GN-XIII significant presence when it’s in Burst and savvy players are sure to pay attention to a GN-XIII in Burst. Since you’re likely to have taken damage prior to being able to Burst, the damage incurred to damage dealt ratio is still favorable.
  • Avoid E Burst, GN-XIII’s mobility is already decent and the payoff you get from a reversal is far lower than the passive buffs F Burst brings. Furthermore, reversal from a half-burst leaves the GN-XIII with very little leftover burst to successfully pull off its self destruct.