Gundam Alex

Model Number:RX-79NT-1 Pilot: Christina Mackenzie
Cost: 1500 Hp: 400 Transform: X Form Change: O

The Gundam Alex was a mobile suit developed specifically for Newtype usage. Though its intended pilot was supposed to be Amuro Ray, an attack by Zeon’s Cyclops’ team forced test pilot Christina Mackenzie to pilot it in live combat instead. The Alex boasts a wide variety of features and armaments, one example being the Magnetic Coating for improved reaction speeds.  It also boasts a pair of wrist-mounted Gatling guns and can also be equipped with a set of optional Chobham Armor to further improve its defense.

Chobham Armor Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main 60mm Vulcan Gun 40 8~66
Sub GM Sniper II Assist 1 22 ~111 Summons 2 assists that fires 6 BR shots
Special Shooting Chobham Armor Purge 120 50 Small hitbox around Alex that deals damage
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 186
5B~8B 136
8B 8BB 143
4/6B 4/6BB 142
4/6B~8B 134
2B 2B 80
CC8B CC8B 85
BC BC 12 ~ 108

Armor Purged Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main 90mm Gatling Gun 90 14~143 Head Vulcans
Charged Main Hyper Bazooka 94
Sub GM Sniper II Assist 1 22~111 Shared ammo with Chobham Armor form
Special Shooting Equip Chobham Armor 120
Special Melee Beam Rifle 1 80 Single-shot BR with Alex’s shield raised
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 121
5B 8B 73
4/6B 4/6BB 116
2B 2B 81
CC8B CC8B 80
ABC ABC 286(F) / 260 (E & S) 

Cancel Routes:

With Chobham Armor:



BC: 5B/8B/4B/2B (Armor purge upon melee input)


Any melee except BC: AC

CSB on hit: BC

Armor Purged:





Any melee (doesn’t have to hit): AC

5B last hit: A


Much of Alex’s playstyle revolves around the effective usage of its Chobham Armor. While the armor is equipped, Alex has Super Armor and any damage received is deducted from the Armor counter instead. Alex performs similarly to a general-purpose MS when its armor has been purged. 

While Alex seems like a forgiving and beginner-friendly suit due to its armor, this is not necessarily the case. Alex is not very durable in its Armor-Purged state and requires close cooperation with its partner to keep it out of harm’s way. In contrast, wearing the Chobham Armor grants it excellent raw defense but at the cost of a sharp drop in its mobility. Thus, players will have to carefully manage the utilization of the armor and use it correctly. When played properly, Alex has the potential to bully even high-cost units thanks to the Superarmor properties of the Chobham armor.

Chobham Armor Ability Details

When the Chobham armor is equipped, Alex will not take any damage nor get staggered. As a result, Alex can exert great pressure when it is at close range. However, Alex’s mobility is poor when its armor is equipped. Furthermore, it can only rely on its Vulcans and the GM Sniper II assists for its ranged options. Thus, it’s not uncommon for players to ignore Alex in this form entirely, so make sure not to spend too much time in this form. Do note that even though the armor will regenerate over time once expended, a single Gerobi or a few Beam Rifle shots can expand the armor entirely. Hence, it is advisable to not get overconfident when you have the armor equipped. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Vulcan

Standard Vulcan weaponry that staggers in 4 hits. If the target is behind Alex, Alex will not turn around and shoot. Instead, it will fire in the direction that you are currently facing if the target is out of shooting angle. This means you can always use your freefall without any risk of the vernier.

Sub: GM Sniper II Assists

Summons 2 GM Sniper IIs on both flanks that fires a total of 6 Beam Rifle shots. Has an 11-second reload time. These assist apply Muzzle correction for each salvo and is cancelable to Main as a freefall.

Special Shooting: Chobham Armor Purge

Alex purges the Chobham armor and enters Armor Purged state. The purge itself has a hitbox and can cause damage. But as the hitbox is small, this is unlikely to happen. This can also be rainbow-stepped from and canceled from any melee regardless of whether it hits or not. The actual purge itself consumes Boost and is not immediate, so you may end up not purging the armor if you cancel too early. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Punch > Punch > Kick

A three-stage melee combo. Even though this has no cut resistance, it is the only three-stage melee that Alex has. Has an 8B derivation from the first stage.

5B~8B: Punch > Hammer

A melee derivative where Alex slams the target downwards with both fists, bouncing the target upon hit. This is not the most damaging combo, but it is still good for delaying the target.

8B: Left hook > Tackle

A two-stage melee that ends quickly. It is generally difficult to follow-up with another melee unless the target is near the map border.

4/6BB: Backhand > X-Slash

The second stage of the melee pushes the target downwards to the ground, making it impossible to follow-up.

4/6B~8B: Backhand > Flying Knee Kick

Launches the target slightly on hit. It is advisable to use this to follow-up with another melee combo.

2B: Uppercut

Launches the target into an untechable Down. This melee is difficult to follow up and will not hit if you pursue with a step instead of a boost dash.

CC8B: Left Hook

This has fast rush speed, thus it is Alex’s go-to melee when Chobham Armor is equipped. 

CSB: Backhand

Single-stage melee with fast rush speed. This melee has excellent performance both in terms of speed and reach. You can wrap around the target when released with directional input, thus making it a good and boost-efficient alternative for approaching the target..

BC: Chobham Armor Rush

Alex makes a melee rush that hits in multiple stages. This move is cancelable from any melee and can be canceled into any Armor Purged form’s melee regardless of whether you land a hit on your target. This move is also cancellable into melee even when there is no boost, but do be careful as you will be without any armor equipped once the melee string has ended.

Armor Purged Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: 90mm Gatling Guns

Fires rounds from the built-in forearm Gatling guns. Has 90 ammo and a 5-second reload time. This move is famous for destroying the Kaempfer. As it is cancellable into Sub, Special shooting, and Special Melee, it is best canceled into any of these options after landing a stagger in order to conserve ammo. The Alex will fire its Gattling guns with whichever arm is closer to the target, so the firing angle is rather good. 

Charged Main: Hyper Bazooka

A single-shot Bazooka round. Has a 1.5-second charging time. This move is also cancellable to Sub, Special Shooting, and Special Melee. The muzzle correction of the projectile is weak, and while the tracking is similar to most bazooka-type weapons, it has a limited range. 

Sub: GM Sniper II Assists

This shares ammo with Chobham Armor Mode and has identical performance.

Special Shooting: Wear Chobham Armor

Alex puts on the Chobham Armor. This move can be canceled from melee regardless of hitting the target. Once the armor is expended, there will be a cooldown period before reloading. This has a total reload time of 20 seconds.

Special Melee: Beam Rifle

Alex fires a Beam Rifle shot with its shield raised up. Has a 4-second reload time. This is single-shot Beam Rifle that causes non-forced Down. Even though it also causes Vernier, it does more damage than an average beam rifle shot. Alex automatically goes into a Blocking stance if anything hits the shield while it is up. Furthermore, no ammo will be consumed if the attack is blocked prior to Alex firing its Beam Rifle. As the reload time is fast and the BR itself has decent tracking, try to use this frequently to supplement your other ranged options.

Melee Set

5BB: Beam Saber Slash > Slash-through

A two-stage melee that stuns upon completion.

8B: Beam Saber Swing

Alex swings down its Beam Saber. The startup is decent, thus it is a suitable melee for closing in. However, any follow-up is difficult unless the target is close to a wall.

4/6BB: Left-handed swing > Shoulder Tackle

A two-stage melee that ends in a tackle that blows the target away. While the reach is mediocre, the startup is faster than 5B. This is your go-to melee combo if you’re forced into a rainbow war.

8B: Beam Saber Slash

A beam Saber slash that launches the target. This is easy to follow-up.

CC8B: Beam Saber Thrust

Alex’s iconic Beam Saber thrust from the finale of the OVA. This is the move that killed Bernie.

This melee has good rush speed, tracking, reach, and startup. However, do not get cocky thinking that you can pull off an easy melee against high-cost machines, lest you be punished for it.

Burst Attack

Armor Purge combo

Alex punches and the uppercuts the target, followed by a grab and a point-blank armor purge. Alex immediately equips the Chobham armor if it has not been destroyed. Do note that Super armor is added to the first stage of the attack if Chobham Armor has been destroyed. Furthermore, this does not cause vernier even if Chobham armor is destroyed mid-combo as the animation will play out as usual.


  • Using fighting Burst for Alex is the most ideal. It enhances its strong points and has a long Burst duration due to being a 1500 unit. In a way, this acts as an all-in moment. 
  • Extend burst will help Alex get away from sticky situations. It also makes it possible to counterattack with a long melee combo immediately. A good burst for beginners. Unfortunately you won’t be able to deal any extra dmg from the Burst. 
  • For the Gattling gun, learn to burst fire (tap, release, tap ) instead of holding it down all the way. This way each time you press, you’ll get muzzle correction on your shots.