Perfect Gundam

Model Number: PF-78-1 Pilot: Shiro Kyoda
Cost: 2000 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

From the manga “Plamo Kyoshiro”, comes the 1st gunpla to enter the exvs series. The Perfect Gundam is a plastic model that was created through the remodeling of Gundam RX-78 by Shiro Kyoda, also known as Plamo Kyoshiro. 

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Double Beam Gun 7 70 Wide hitbox
Charged Main Double Beam Gun (High Output) 110 Wide hitbox
Charged Melee Sensor Eye Deployment Increases red lock range until hit
Sub Shoulder Rocket Cannon (Water Gun) 4 21~123 4/5/6AB: Staggers on hit
Shoulder Rocket Cannon (Physical Shot) 100 2AB: High-angled artillery shot
Special Shooting Shoulder Rocket Cannon (Gerobi) 1 21~231 Gerobi that causes an explosion at thepoint of impact
Special Melee Mine Drop Unit 2 48~152 Stuns on hit
Burst Attack I AM CHAMPION! 288 (F) / 280 (S&E) Ends with a pose after punching
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 173  
5B~8B 5B~8B 210 Non-cancelable
5BB~8B 238
5B~A 5B~A 157 Untechable down
5BB~A 196
8B 8BB 141  
4/6B 4/6BBB 190 Slow startup with great hitbox
4/6B~8B 4/6B~8B 210 Non-cancelable
4/6BB~8B 238
4/6B~A 4/6B~A 157 Untechable down
4/6BB~A 196
2B 2B 87 Melee counter with a vertical slash
CC8B CC8B 131 The down value at 1st-stage is low

Cancel Routes:






The Perfect Gundam is a balanced all-rounder unit with a good amount of shooting armaments. It has a gerobi which causes an explosion at point of impact, a one-shot down CSA, a melee counter, and many other weapons that are easy to use. Furthermore, it is equipped with a red lock extension system that can be used almost without risk. Mobility-wise it’s average all around. 

Perfect Gundam does not fare too well in close combat, and using melee attacks to intercept incoming melee attacks is not often recommended. While its melee attacks are not weak by any means, the Perfect Gundam feels a lot safer to play at longer ranges at a lower risk. 

This unit has clearly distinctive gunpla-like features. Its beam saber is modeled like a toy, its fist has a dividing line much like a real plastic model, and the rocket punch can also be used. In addition, the camera eyes of the unit are rich in expressions like an SD Gundam. 

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Double Beam Gun

The Perfect Gundam fires out two beams that actually behave as a single thick beam. Reloads one shot every 3 seconds. Shooting battles are the Perfect Gundam’s mainstay, so you should conserve your all-important Main ammo by making use of your CSA and 2AB as well.

Charged Main: Double Beam Gun (High Output)

The Perfect Gundam fires a beam much like with the Main, but even thicker. The muzzle correction, startup, and tracking on this shot is average. This has a 2-second charge time. The Perfect Gundam has a wide variety of shooting moves but only your Main and this move are orthodox and straightforward to hit, so you should make use of this often. You can use this as a melee combo ender, but it still does less damage than the ~8B and ~A derivatives. 

Charged Melee: Sensor Eye Deployment

The Perfect Gundam deploys the sensor eye with the antenna on the left side of its back. 3-second charge time. Your red lock range will be increased as long as this buff is active, and it does not cause vernier on activation so it can be used to perform a free fall. There is no limit to its duration and you cannot forcibly cancel it, but the buff will end once you are hit.

The red lock range for this unit is around the same as the Gundam RX-78(7), but if you have the sensor eye active your red lock range will be extended to be on par with Gundam Cherudim(9.5). Since there is no cooldown time or reload time for this weapon, it is recommended to use it at the start and keep it active as much as possible. 

Sub: Shoulder Rocket Cannon (Water Gun / Physical Shot)

The Perfect Gundam fires the rocket cannon on its right shoulder, which reloads on empty (takes 6 seconds to reload). Two firing modes are available, and both inputs can be canceled from A. The reload time is short considering the amount of ammo this weapon has, so it is recommended that one uses this ammo frequently and not spend too much effort on conserving it.

There are 2 types of input for this weapon:

5AB: Shoulder Rocket Cannon (Water Gun)

Water is fired out of the cannon within a short range. Can be canceled to AC and BC. It is possible to move the muzzle while firing by inputting a directional input on activation or during the animation. Unusual for a weapon with a muzzle that can be pivoted, the muzzle can be turned diagonally from the initial firing. However, you might miss a hit on the target if you do that due to the positioning of the cannon, especially when you are trying to bend it forward and backward.

This has the same quick startup speed of a BR shot and with the ability to pivot the muzzle, it’s suitable for landing punishment as well as self-defense, catching even enemies who cut tracking. However, aiming to hit enemies with a muzzle pivot shot is a high-risk, high-return strategy, so don’t forget your other less risky options. Despite the water’s appearance, it is considered as a physical projectile, and since the hitbox is quite big, it will evaporate if it comes in contact with another projectile. 

2AB: Shoulder Rocket Cannon (Physical Shot)

A physical projectile that is fired in a parabolic arc and deals 70 damage when used as a cancel route. Although the horizontal tracking on the projectile is weak, it tracks well vertically, making it easy to hit enemies performing boost dash jumps and landings. So there are some situations where this is less effective than a bazooka shot, but there are also certain situations where this will catch an enemy’s landing where a bazooka shot cannot.

Take note that unlike the water gun, there is no cancel route from this, and the down value dealt is high so you can score a down quickly by hitting with A~2AB.

Special Shooting: Shoulder Rocket Cannon (Gerobi)

The Perfect Gundam fires a gerobi from the shoulder rocket cannon which causes an explosion at the point of impact. This takes 12 seconds to reload and deals 21 damage per hit for the beam, and 15 damage per hit for the explosion. You can cancel into this from A or 5AB.

The damage and muzzle correction on this weapon are quite excellent for a 2000 cost unit, but since the gerobi itself is thin and has slow startup, it is necessary to aim firmly for landings or rigidity. You can increase your chance of hitting by extending your red lock range with CSB. 

Special Melee: Mine Drop Unit

The Perfect Gundam throws 4 mines simultaneously. Reloads on empty in 5 seconds. Each mine deals 10 damage on contact and 40 damage from the resulting explosion. This weapon will be one of your main weapons in short to mid distance battles, and the damage dealt varies greatly depending on how many mines you hit. You can deal a max damage of around 152 if the mines are thrown closely in a place with no obstacles. There are 3 inputs available for this weapon:

5BC: Throws the mines underhand. The mines explode after reaching max distance (a little short of your full red lock range). Similar to Luna Zaku’s CSB, but with faster traveling speed.

8BC: Throws the mines far away with a huge swing. The startup is slow but the mines are spread over a wide area so this can be used to catch moving targets far away. The mines travel as far as your max red lock range, and if you use this input while the sensor eye is up, the effective range will also increase.

 2BC: Throws the mines while moving backwards by one step. Doing A~5AB~2BC is a good self-defense option when you are in Overheat. 

Melee Set

As a whole, the Perfect Gundam’s melee set is what you would expect from a 2000 cost all-rounder. It doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses, nor overwhelming strengths. One peculiarity is its ~8B derivative that allows the Perfect Gundam to deal good damage, but at the risk of not being able to cancel out of it.

5BBB: Beam Saber Combo

A very standard 3 slash combo. The priority on this is not as good as 4/6B and it also does not have a high damage output. But following up is easier at the end of this combo as compared to 4/6B so it’s good to cancel into this mid-combo. 

5/4/6B~8B Derivative: Grapple > Knee> Headbutt

The Perfect Gundam grabs the enemy and knees it repeatedly before finishing with a headbutt. The damage dealt is high but the animation is very long, and you are unable to cancel out into anything during the whole animation. Be careful not to whiff the initial grapple as the uncancelable time will continue even if you miss. Since most of the damage comes from the final head butt, it will be a big loss if the opponent interrupts you before that happens. 

5/4/6B~A: Rocket Punch

The Perfect Gundam stands in place and fires out a fist that puts the enemy in an untechable down state. The firepower is more than with the previous derivative, but take note that you are unable to rainbow step cancel this move as it is considered a projectile. 

8B: Right Hook>Drop Kick

A 2-stage melee attack ending with a dropkick after punching the enemy once. The 2nd-stage has a unique characteristic that allows you to freefall after scoring a down with it. This melee has the highest priority out of all your melee moves and can be used as a last resort for self-defense at a short distance. It is also possible to follow up with CSA or rainbow step cancel to the front after the last hit to continue your melee combo.

4/6BB: Right-handed Sword Slash>Left-handed Sword Slash>Dual Sword Rotation Slash

A 3-stage melee attack using dual swords. The damage up to the 2nd-stage is comparable to the 5B melee combo but has an even faster startup. In addition, you can extend the damage by canceling out from the 3rd-stage melee to follow up. The same derivatives available to 5B are also available here. 

2B: Melee Counter

The Perfect Gundam holds the beam saber up to enter a melee counter stance, dealing multiple hits on a successful counter. You can follow up after the bounce but the correction/down value on this attack are not so good, so if you have boost to spare it will be better to follow up with other combos.

CC8BB: Stab & Kick Away

An automatic 1-stage combo that connects from a grab-atttribute stab to a kick. After kicking the enemy it is possible to follow up. The 1st stab has no down value so it is suitable to use as a follow up for longer and more damaging combos. 

Burst Attack


The Perfect Gundam slashes with its beam saber to stagger the enemy while it rears up for a devastating punch. After socking the enemy with all of its might, the Perfect Gundam smiles and flexes while Shiro Kyoda loudly exclaims: “ I AM CHAMPION!”. Canceling is not possible for this whole animation. If you finish the match with this move, the camera will zoom in very nicely on your guts pose which allows you to literally flex on your opponent.

There is super armor on the 1st-stage and the damage distribution between hits is similar to the 2-hit Burst Attack performed by the Gundam RX-78. The 2nd-stage has a high power of 300 (+ burst correction) so it is perfect as a combo finisher like with the RX-78. Since the 2nd-stage is also a fighting attribute, the damage increases further with F Burst. Keep in mind that there is a high risk of getting your combo cut if you do not use this in the right setting. In addition, the 2nd hit is slow and the delay after the hit is long. If you hit the opponent on a slope your combo might get messed up and you might fail to connect the second hit, which might leave you vulnerable for a counter attack. Avoid performing this on sloped terrain like on Side 7.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
BR>>BR>>BR 147 Zunda
BR~CSA 147 2nd Impact
BR>>BR~CSA 163
BR>>5BB~8B 211
BR~AC 184
AB>>BR>>BR 184
AB>>AB 180 Assert dominance by spraying your liquid on him
AB~AC 199
5BB>5BBB 220
5BB>5BB~CSA 229
5BB>5BB~8B 246
8BB>>5BB~8B 266
4/6BBB>5BB~A 229 Main melee combo (1)
4/6BBB>5BB~8B 238
4/6BBB~CSA 242
CC8B>5BB~8B 256 Step cancel to the front for it to connect
CC8B>4/6BB~A 241 Main melee combo (2)


  • The Perfect Gundam fights best in the mid range. Maintain CSB uptime and make use of your long red lock to bombard the enemy with your wide range of shooting attacks to keep the enemy pressured. Against enemies that try to flee from your pressure you have 2AB and AC, and against enemies that choose to instead close the distance and fight you up close you have the AB water gun and BC. 
  • Pay close attention to your enemy’s positioning and your own team positioning and HP, and adjust your strategy accordingly to either keep the pressure up or go on the defensive.
  • If you get shot and lose your CSB buff, naturally you will want to charge it up again but do ensure that in doing so you do not neglect your partner or ignore enemies in front of you. In other words, read the situation. The CSB buff comes with no downsides and provides a high improvement to your performance, so be sure to keep it up as often as you can.
  • Even with a longer red lock range there’s no guarantee you can hit enemies, so be sure to work together with your teammate to hit your shots. The Perfect Gundam does not really suffer from having ammo issues, so make use of your high ammo count effectively. 
  • The Perfect Gundam’s attacks are still rather straightforward overall, with no high-speed snipes or all-range attacks. Therefore, take aim carefully to ensure you can hit enemies even at max red lock range.
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