Extreme Gundam Type Sthesia Excellia



Pilot: Sthesia Awar 

Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Extreme Gundam Type Sthesia Excellia is a sister variant of Extreme Gundam Type Leos II Vs. which is featured in the manga “Gundam EXA VS”. The pilot is the heroine of the manga, Sthesia Awar. This unit can be said to be more similar to a mahou shoujo, and its concept partly comes from the Extreme Gundam R series which are piloted by her dark counterparts (Sthesia Awar Acht, Sthesia Awar Primo, Sthesia Awar Nono, and Sthesia Awar Sesto).

Ability Summary







Kreuz Des Südens (Southern Cross)



Similar to Gunner Zaku’s Main

Charged Main

Kreuz Des Südens (Gerobi)

21 ~ 231

Bendable gerobi


Sphere Bits


15 ~ 102

All-range attack

Special Shooting

Link Rephaser (Mystic)



Generates a tornado around the Excellia knocking opponents up.

Link Rephaser (Tachyon)


Strong thrust can be rainbow stepped.

Link Rephaser (Ignis)


3-way plasma ball staggers on hit.

Link Rephaser (Carnage)

30 ~ 235

Jumps up and fires a gerobi with a blast on impact.

Special Melee

Shield Bit


Blocks against all attack and can be placed on yourself or partner


Beam Saber (Dagger Mode) Throw


Stuns on hit

Burst Attack

The world where the stars are born (Milchstraße/Milky Way)


Deploys a barrier and fires a wide gerobi








Low down value




Causes a special down




Hits the target up at the last stage of melee




Strong priority grabbing melee.

Cancel Routes:

AB: 2B, AC*, BC(Deploy/Retrieve)  

2B: AC*, BC(Deploy/Retrieve) 


This unit is a shooting-focused, all-rounder unit similar to the Gunner Zaku with a strong Main that knocks back. Its ranged weapons such as bits and gerobis are high-performing. However, most of the attacks cause Excellia to stay stationary, making the MS especially vulnerable to getting double locked. This unit is good at interception, but just like Gunner Zaku it can be hard to make clean escapes when necessary.

The unique advantages are the various AC tools that reproduce the specialities of dark Sthesia’s in a playable manner, and the shield that can be attached to a partner for blocking incoming attacks. You will be able to display the attractiveness of Excellia to opponents who easily engage in shooting battles at mid range, or opponents who are aiming to melee at close range. However, due to the characteristics of the unit, it is not compatible with opponents who have high maneuvering and multiple attacking options. 

When using weapons like the CSA or Burst Attack, Excellia will wear a radome that mimics a hat. When in Burst, various parts of the unit emit light like the other Extreme gundams, but there is no particular performance enhancement. As you can tell, some of the weapon names and lines are in German.

Overall, Excellia is a back unit which excels in supporting the partner by following up shots and doing land punishment while maintaining HP throughout the match. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Kreuz Des Südens (Southern Cross)

Verniers and fires a single shot which causes knockback, similar to Gunner Zaku’s Main. The startup is not bad for this kind of weapon, the hitbox is thick, and the muzzle correction is good. While the tracking is slightly lower than Gunner Zaku’s Main, the projectile speed is faster in comparison. Regardless, it’s still a good tool for punishing landings. However, since there are no cancel routes other than using CSA and reloading is not fast, let’s aim properly without wasting the shots.

This might give you pressure as there is not much ammo for this weapon (takes 4.5 seconds to reload each shot), so all the more you need to be patient especially when your shots do not connect. Be sure to read your opponent’s remaining boost carefully and remember the timing when you got it right. 

Charged Main: Kreuz Des Südens (Gerobi)

A bendable Gerobi. Startup is not the best but the muzzle correction and curving performance are good. Usually, if you use this type of gerobi while waiting for your opponent to walk into it, it will be a burden on your partner throughout the match. But since Excellia has poor damage output and reloading, let’s use it appropriately as a sniping weapon. 

Sub: Sphere Bit

An all-ranged attack that deploys 8 pink light spheres that fly towards the target. Directional input will deploy the spheres in the input direction near the opponent. Small explosions will be generated when they hit, but the explosions do not cause damage to the opponent. It is similar to a funnel missile in terms of usability, but it has a long reload time.

Depending on how it is used, it is possible to launch an attack with Shield Bits on you and chase slowly after you use the sphere bit. Take note that this weapon is affected by Unicorn Gundam’s Psycho Field. If the bits remain on the field, you are unable to deploy the second batch. In the case of you or your partner being too close to the opponent and the explosions occurring, you will not be caught in the explosion but your partner will get hit, so be careful of misfire.

After input, the sphere bits will spread while rotating around the unit so it takes quite some time before it reaches the opponent. Instead, it has a fairly long flight distance which is longer than funnel missiles. The bits will surround the target in a heart shape once they reach the target. 

Although it is hard to hit at mid range and beyond, you would like to use it as a precaution against units that need to stop frequently.  If you want to use this weapon to waste the opponent’s boost, the best way to use it will be for okizeme. 

Special Shooting: Link Rephaser

There are 4 types of input for this weapon and all inputs will have super armor while having a rainbow-colored effect that will appear on input. Take note that ammo is consumed when the rainbow effect appears, so you will be wasting your ammo if you were to cancel too early. 

5AC: Link Mystic

Combine two beam sabers and rotate to generate a tornado around the unit. This move deals 0 damage. It remains in place for a short time after generation and the hitbox is narrower than it looks. There is a short time between the end of the starting effect and the occurrence of the tornado. Take note that if you try to intercept with this after the opponent attack already connects, you will be beaten down before the tornado occurs. 

The greatest feature of this move is that you can catch the opponent even if they are just below or above you. It is also effective against opponents who are waiting for you to fall beneath you or flying high above you. The timing to use this weapon is limited, but be careful of wasting it as it shares the same ammo as other inputs.

Overall it can be considered as a pressure weapon that can be placed. 

8AC: Link Tachyon

Holds the Halbmond and does a stab dash after a charged up animation. Since it is considered a melee, it can be rainbow stepped. The charging time is long but the rush speed and reach are good, and it is almost impossible to deal with it if the opponent notices it too late. Although it has a stun attribute, the down value is very high which launches the opponent to the air and causes a forced down. 

Although the priority is good, the tracking is terrible and there is no shooting guard so all it takes is 1 BR to stop the melee. So it is recommended to deploy the Shield Bit on yourself first before using this melee.

Basically, you can use this melee to follow up after hitting with 2B or you use it for a shadow strike. It is very difficult to land a hit when you are being noticed. It is one of the top-class melee that can deal a high amount of damage with one hit without burst.

4/6AC: Link Ignis

Fires 3 ice orbs in 3 directions: front, and diagonally left & right. It causes a strong stagger on hit and since it has a range limit, it will be more effective to use it at close range. 

It is hard to use it at long distances due to the fact that the shots will be more spread out as the distance increases. So the main purpose of this weapon will be as a self-defense tool to intercept the opponent coming at you. This weapon is quite powerful when you can actively aim at your target and it’s excellent as an option for okizeme due to this move having super armor on activation. 

The shots are physical so it can be destroyed by projectiles like a single machine gun shot. Hence please be careful of opponents who are already firing their BR or scattering missiles at you. 

2AC: Link Carnage

Jumps up and fires a gerobi which causes an explosion at the point of impact. It occurs slowly due to the jumping up animation, and it does not work easily at long distance hence it is recommended to shoot at close to mid range. Although the startup is slow, the muzzle correction is strong. 

It seems that the muzzle correction is special, and a strong correction is made while jumping up and a slight correction is made just before firing the gerobi. If the opponent turns around next to you while jumping up, the muzzle will turn around immediately before firing. 

The amount of boost consumed for this move can not be ignored and you will consume more boost if you were to cancel it. If your remaining boost is about 20%, there is a possibility that you will overheat so manage the boost properly. The jumping animation does not cut tracking so if you are trying to intercept the opponent’s melee with this, the opponent may catch up to you and you will get hit before the gerobi is fired. 

Special Melee: Shield Bit

A barrier that can block against ranged or melee attacks and able to deploy on yourself or partner. This is similar to Cherudim’s Shield Bit. You are able to retrieve it by inputting BC again, and reload will begin from the remaining count. So if you happen to deploy the Shield Bit and feel that it was unnecessary, it is recommended to retrieve the Shield Bit and let it reload faster for your next deployment. It is possible to do a free fall by cancelling from AB or 2B while your Shield Bit is deployed out. This is the only method for this unit to do a free fall, you might not have the chance to use this often but it is worth remembering. 

Usually it is better to use the Shield Bit on yourself in case of a sudden incoming attack from your opponent, or to prevent a landing punishment. When you want to send the Shield Bit to your partner, be mindful of your surroundings and be careful not to waste it. Do not send the Shield Bit to your partner if he/she has been attacked or is lying on the ground. The best timing to send the Shield Bit will be when your partner is in Burst or when you see that your partner is ready to close in. Take note that the Shield Bit does not deploy immediately upon input so if you want to use it for self-defense, use it in advance before the opponent is within melee range. 

2B: Beam Saber (Dagger Mode) Throw

Throws a beam saber with your left hand. The ammo is infinite and there is no range limit for this weapon, and the tracking is strong. The down value is low but damage proration is bad, if it is recommended to follow up with your Main shot instead of melee combo. Able to rainbow step and cancel to *AC and BC while Shield Bit is deployed out.

The saber itself is small and is not capable of hunting lateral movement at close range. As it has a pink glowing effect, the traveling speed is hard to gauge but if you were to sprinkle it from a mid distance, you might get a hit unexpectedly. As the reload timing of your other weapon is not good, it will be recommended to throw this weapon when you have the time so that you can save your main ammo. Good to use this weapon while you are charging up your CSA.  

Melee Set

5BBB: Halbmond

A 3-stage melee which has a change of viewpoint at the 3rd stage. Although the reach is reasonable, this is usually your main melee combo as the performance of your other melee is not that good. The down value of the 3rd stage is low and doing a 5BB -> 5BBB does not cause a force down. You are able to follow up with your main shot by rainbow stepping forward after the 3rd stage of melee. This combo gives you good damage so it’s a good idea to practice.

8B: Shoryu Slash

Does a rising slash while twisting the body. Since it is a special down, you can leave your opponent alone for a while after hitting. The whole animation is slow because of the body twisting but the rush speed is excellent. 

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash>Thrust>Slash

A 3 stage melee which has a change of viewpoint at the 3rd stage. This melee has a good wraparound and is good for short distance melee. However, since the occurrence is slow, it is somewhat dangerous to use it at a close range. Since it hits the opponent up to the air gently, you might be able to follow up with your main by rainbow stepping to back after the last stage of melee. If you want to use the main shot to hit the opponent higher then it’s recommended to rainbow step to the front or you could rainbow step to the back if you want to hit the opponent further away. 

CC8BB: Stab>Wide Spread Beam

A 2-stage melee stabbing the opponent with the muzzle of Kreuz Des Südens and firing a wide spread beam at blank point. Because you are stabbing with the Kreuz Des Südens, the hitbox is wider than it looks. It has good tracking with fast startup but the reach is average. 

Although the unit remains stationary until the beam is fired, the attack tempo itself is fast, so there is a high probability that the melee combo can be completed before you are interrupted. Also, since the down value of the 1st stage is normal and is a gripping attribute, if you cause a down at the 1st stage, it will move to a free fall. If you use this melee against units with a shooting guard like the ABC Cloak, the beam attack will only be considered as 1 hit and you will not be able to take the opponent down. 

Burst Attack

The world where the stars are born (Milchstraße/Milky Way)

Deploys Kreuz Des Südens sub cannons and fires gerobi simultaneously. The gerobi fires in parallel but will gradually spread in the shape of a fan. 

Since there is no range limit and it spreads to the end of the stage, the control range when extended from the end of the stage is a masterpiece to behold. There is a shooting guard during the animation and you are unable to block against melee attacks. There is a hit stop in this shooting guard so  you can block against a gerobi until the end but you will not be able to move during that time.

It has an extraordinary muzzle correction unique to Burst Attack and has the performance like adding Nightingale and Hi-Nu Burst Attack together. The muzzle correction is stronger in the horizontal direction than in the upper and lower directions and it is easy to hit at a distance like where you best use the Gundam X Divider’s harmonica cannon. But you can also try to get a hit even at long distances. However, because of how easy it is to get a hit, the damage is set low. 

If it hits near the center of the beam before it completely spreads, and damage is dealt as fast as Gundam V2AB’s Sub. The beam on the side has a low down value so it is unable to score a forced down unless the opponent gets hit multiple times.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons







2B(On Hit)~2AC









Recommended to use as this will reduce the risk of getting punished



Safer to use as compared to a full melee combo






Safer to use as compared to a full melee combo






Recommended to use as this will reduce the risk of getting punished



Safer to use as compared to a full melee combo




  • This unit’s play style is similar to Gunner Zaku, so conserve your main ammo and always aim for landing punishments. 
  • As you are a 2500 cost back unit, you have to always prioritize the Shield Bit to yourself all the time unless you feel that no one is paying attention to you then you can consider to send the Shield Bit to your partner. 
  • Use CSA for a quick snipe if you notice both the opponents are not noticing you. But do not do this to the extend that you are leaving your partner alone for most or worse which is the entire match.
  • Use the different types of AC calmly & properly while accessing the situation.
  • As this unit does not excel in chasing the opponent, it is important to gain control of the momentum of the game as it will be a disadvantage when it becomes a slug fest. 
  • Although you are a back unit specialized in shooting, you will not get much benefits from S burst so E burst will be more recommended.