Astray Red Frame (Red Dragon)

Model Number: MBF-P02 Pilot: Lowe Guele
Cost: 2500 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Gundam Astray Red Dragon is an upgrade of the Astray Red Frame equipped with three Caletvwlchs and the Ddraig Head. True to its name, these weapons give the Astray a similar silhouette to that of a dragon with wings and a tail.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Caletvwlch G Mode 6 70 Standard BR
Rear-fired Main Caletvwlch G Mode (Rear Shot) (6) 55~110 Stands in place to shoot 2 BR shots at the same time
Charged Shooting Gerbera Straight (Throw) 75 Standard Gerbera throw. Stuns on hit.
Special Shooting Caletvwlch (Mirage Colloid Particle Release) Special movement with unlimited ammo
Jump Slash AC~A 90 Pyonkaku
Sheathe explosion AC~AB 240 Shooting guard on the dash in. A rather long combo that deals good damage
Special Equipment  Ddraig Head 100 _ A special timer-based powerup activated by landing BC hits. 
ABC ABC _ 328(F)/283(E & S) Melee combo. Continuous Slashing before purging to Red Frame for 2 punches.
2ABC _ 228(F & E)/245(S) Fires 3 gerobis
Melee Input DMG Notes
Sub AB 150 Projects 2 large Beam Sabers to the front before sweeping them outwards
5B 5BBBBB 245
5B(BB)~8B 123~180 Slash-through, untechable
5B(BB)~A 147~200 Stop to fire 2 beam rifle shots from the Caletvwlch
5BBB~2B 296 You cannot boost dash or rainbow step cancel out of this, but it deals high damage
8B 8BBB 182 Strong priority, launches the opponent upwards
8BB~8B 175 Same as 5B’s
8BB~A 196 Same as 5B’s
4/6B 4/6BBB 188 3 inputs, 4 slashes
4/6B(B)~8B 113~168 Same as 5B’s
4/6B(B)~A 137~189 Same as 5B’s
2B 2B 254 Counterattack with the Caletvwlch split into 2, performing stabbing attacks
CC8B CC8BBB 270 Very long combo
Special Melee BC 80 Upon hit, Ddraig Head activates
Special Melee Derivative BC~B 160 Only usable with Ddraig active

Cancel Routes:



AC: all melee except CC8B, ABC

Melee: AC (not possible in Overheat)

5B(BBB), 8B(B), 4/6B(B): BC


The Red Dragon (RD) is a higher cost premium version of the 2000 cost Astray Red Frame. It comes armed with a whip-like AB, a good distance closer in AC, and a good variety of melee attacks. All in all it’s a pretty orthodox close-range combatant that enjoys getting up in its enemies faces and unleashing powerful melee attacks.

One of RD’s special features is its Ddraig Head powerup, which provides numerous buffs to RD for a short duration after hitting an enemy with BC. A good player which can find ways to hit the BC repeatedly can maintain a high uptime of the powerup, making the RD a much more menacing foe to deal with. However, the opposite is also true— failing to powerup will mean a significantly lower performance overall, making victory all the more difficult to grasp.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Caletvwlch G Mode

A standard Beam Rifle with a standard reload of 3 seconds per shot. This is RD’s only attack that does not cause vernier, so be sure to use it wisely to punish landings, etc. Also be sure to use CSA to help supplement your ammo pool.

Rear-fired Main: Caletvwlch G Mode (Rear-fired)

Shares ammo with Main. When you fire a Main shot when RD has its back to the enemy, you will fire this weapon instead. Two beams are fired on the enemy at once. The damage proration and down value on this weapon makes it unsuitable for starting combos, but the high damage dealt makes this good as a combo finisher. You can combo into your Main, AC~A, or BC as a follow up hit. 

Charged Main: Gerbera Straight (Throw)

2-second charge time. Standard Gerbera Straight throw for a Red Frame unit. The projectile stuns on hit, allowing for easy combo follow-ups. Much like the other Gerbera Straight throws, this one has fierce downwards tracking, making it very good for catching landings. It’s also great as a combo ender, and for helping to stretch your Main ammo out. Also, you can end a melee combo with CSA~AC~A to land, making it hard to get punished. Just note that while charging this you will not be able to use your great Sub or AC, so pick the right time to use this. 

Special Shooting: Caletvwlch (Mirage Colloid Particle Release)

The three Caletvwlchs light up, and RD dashes quickly towards its target. Much like the 2000 cost Red Frame you can dash straight, or use 4/6AC to dash with a slight curve. If you use this move in green lock, you will dash towards whatever direction you are facing.

Much like the original Red Frame, this is a great move for closing the distance between you and a target, making it easy to launch devastating sneak attacks. The full dash will cost 50% of your boost gauge to perform normally, and 25% with the Ddraig Head powerup. 

The 50% boost gauge cost of this move during your normal state is way too high, making it difficult to use in normal circumstances. Try to use it only when you’re guaranteed a favorable outcome. You have two derivatives available from the dash.

AC~A Derivative: Jump Slash

RD leaps into the air and slashes downwards. Basically, this is a pyonkaku. RD leaps pretty high into the air with this move, but falls very slowly. Coupled with the fact that your AC dash costs an exorbitant amount of boost in normal circumstances, this is not a move you can spam frequently. 

You can still use this move to rise upwards quickly, or as a combo ender to put the enemy in a Bounce Down state. This move does have the landing property, so you’ll slash all the way until you reach the ground. It also tracks enemies well while falling, turning up to 180-degrees to face the target.

Overall this is a move that can serve you well, in the right circumstances. It deals a good amount of damage for a single hit, so you can start or end combos with this (including zundas). Just note that the range on this attack is not very far, so make sure you are close to the enemy first.

AC~AB Derivative: Sheathe Explosion

RD performs a slash-through, sheathes its blade, and the enemy explodes. The logic checks out. There’s a forced PoV switch after the slash-through, and while the reach on this move is average the dash-in speed is rather slow, making this hard to hit on moving targets. This move also has only average priority, so don’t expect to win out in melee clashes.

The one good thing about this move is its shooting guard on the dash-in. This can block simple beams or even gerobis, but only for a limited duration. As with all shooting guards, you’ll get beaten out by physical projectiles that cause explosions, like bazookas or missiles. 

You can cancel out of this move at any time, so you can choose to leave the opponent stunned after the slash-through for a down value reset setup. 

Melee Set

Like the other Red Frames, RD has a good balanced melee set with multi-hit attacks and a good amount of derivatives available. RD also has options to Down an enemy at any time even in Overheat. While many other units with buster swords tend to have a slower startup on their attacks, RD doesn’t particularly suffer from that weakness. RD’s melee attacks have good priority that allow it to beat out most all-rounder units with no issues. However, it doesn’t have much in the way of cut resistance.

Ranking the priority on RD’s attacks from highest to lowest: 4/6B>5B=CC8B>AC~AB

Ranking the startup on RD’s attacks from highest to lowest: 4/6B>8B>5B=CC8B=AC~AB

Ranking the reach on RD’s attacks from highest to lowest: CC8B>8B>4/6B=5B

Ranking the reach on RD’s attacks (canceled from AC) from highest to lowest: 8B>AB>4/6B=5B

Sub: Caletvwlch (Beam Saber Sweep)

8-second reload per use. RD projects two large green Beam Sabers forward, and after a brief interval slashes from inside out in a wide horizontal arc. You can cancel from this move into AC and BC whether you perform the second slashing stage of the melee or not, and you can also cancel into AC even on whiff.

This is one of Red Dragon’s main weapons. This is similar to an anchor-type weapon or flame pillar (God’s Main), but you can score an untechable down on hit and also cancel into AC on whiff to continue your offense, making this tool very useful. The range on this attack is poor, but the startup is fast and the muzzle correction is good. The hitbox on the first stage is also better than you would think. This is a very potent tool in the close range, and is a move that your opponents will have to respect or die.

However, you still require the right timing to hit this move on enemies in motion. While the beams are huge the Caletvwlches (is that the plural?) themselves do not have a hitbox, so enemies in point-blank range will not be hit by this.

The follow up sweep has a delay which makes it unreliable, so you’ll be using this move primarily for the initial stab. 

Remember that this is a melee attack, so you can get melee countered when using this. Also, you can pierce through buildings or terrain and hit enemies on the other end.

5B: Caletvwlch S Mode

A 5-stage melee combo with the Caletvwlch in sword mode. There’s a forced PoV change on the 4th hit onwards. You have a lot of derivative options from this melee attack, which is very useful. 

The tracking, reach, and dash-in speed on this attack are all average, and because RD has a lot of attacks that launch the enemy upwards this attack is often not fast enough to catch up for a follow up. The 2nd and 3rd hits on this combo also have bad proration and damage, so unless you complete the full combo you won’t be dealing a lot of damage. The combo itself isn’t very long but the cut resistance is poor, so be sure to cancel out into a derivative or another combo route if the situation gets dicey.

From the final hit you can link into your Main by stepping backwards, or boost dash backwards to fire your rear-fired Main. You can also fuwastep sideways to link into another melee attack.

You can link into the ~A or ~8B derivative from the 1st to 3rd hits, and into the ~2B derivative from the 3rd hit onwards.

5B, 8B, or 4/6B~8B Derivative: Slash-through

A single-hit slash-through. Launches the enemy in an untechable down state. The damage on this is low but you move forward a lot on the slash and then fall quickly afterwards, giving you good cut resistance overall. After the attack you can step forward to fire a rear-fired Main on the enemy. Whatever you cancel into to continue the combo, remember to delay the cancel slightly or the enemy might float into your green lock. 

5B, 8B, or 4/6B~A Derivative: Double Beam Shot

Fires two shots from the Caletvwlches that stun the enemy. There is a forced PoV change on this attack. The down value on this is low, making it suitable for down value reset setups. 

5BBB~2B Derivative: Gale Slash

A multi-hit slash attack sequence. Forced PoV change on the attack. This does good damage but has poor cut resistance, plus you cannot cancel out of this move once you start it, so it’s basically a high-risk, high-return move. If the enemy has E Burst available do not use this move or you are liable to be punished. Try and use it in 1-on-1 situations.

8B: Stab Combo

RD stabs multiple times with the Caletvwlch. This has a really good hitbox and priority overall. The first hit also causes Dust Down, reaches far and charges in fast, making this a really high-performing combo opener. This is one of the best melee attacks to use when canceled into from AC. However this has only average cut resistance overall.

4/6B: Slash Combo

A 3-stage combo with 2 hits on the 1st stage. You want to use this melee attack for its wraparound curve on the dash-in. The down value on this combo is low, to the point where even a BR or CSA hit on the end of the combo will not Down the enemy. 

This combo deals less damage than with 5B, so in most circumstances you want to quickly cancel into BC to just get your buff up. After the last hit you can step left immediately to connect into another 4/6B combo, and with just a quick cancel you can link into other melee attacks. 

The damage on this attack greatly rises during F Burst, allowing you to deal 300 damage or so with 4/6BBB>4/6BBB.  

2B: Melee Counter

A melee counter that comes with a shooting guard as well. On a successful counter, RD will stab the enemy repeatedly with the separated blades of the Caletvwlch. 

This has a slower startup than the RF Kai’s melee counter (1 whole frame), but it’s still considered fast for a counter. The counter stance is also active for 20 frames which is pretty long, and overall this is a really good counter to use. With good reactions you can see a melee attack coming and counter in time. 

However, just note that the actual attack after countering often whiffs if the opponent is too far away, if there’s a wall, etc. Even if that happens the opponent is stunned, so you should have more than enough time to sidestep cancel and go into another melee combo.  

The shooting guard has a very large active area, covering not only the front of the RD but also the Caletvwlches on its back. The exact size of the hitbox is unknown, but the guard can block a wide variety of attacks so you are pretty well-covered. Overall this is a strong self defense tool, or even something you can set up. Try stunning an enemy at the end of a combo, putting yourself in what looks like a vulnerable position after they recover, then countering. 

CC8B: Slash-through to Wild Slashes

A long and very powerful 5-stage melee combo. The first hit is a slash-through that has good cut resistance, reach, and dash-in speed. The hitbox on the attack is also large, but the tracking on the attack is overall rather poor. Overall, this has really good performance as a combo starter.

If you finish the full combo you will do a lot of damage, but the combo time is very long and it has average cut resistance in the middle of the combo onwards. Basically if you opt to use this combo, be ready to cancel out at a moment’s notice. 

Special Melee: I’m Super Cool!

A melee attack that activates the Ddraig Head. In normal mode, RD slashes the enemy before striking a pose, activating the Ddraig Head. The reach, priority, tracking, and speed of the attack are good, and the strike also puts the enemy in a special down state. Overall, this is a really good melee attack. Because of how good this attack is and how it further powers the RD up, aiming to hit this during your match should be one of your main priorities. You can even hit enemies who are on the floor but not in yellow lock just to gain the buff, which is highly encouraged.

As soon as the PoV change happens your gauge will be filled up, and you can sidestep out with the full buff applied. 

With the Ddraig Head already active, using BC will first make RD launch the enemy before slashing a second time causing a Bounce Down. The first hit also puts the enemy in a special down state, so you can slash once or twice, retreat if a second enemy pursues you, and then return to your combo if the coast is clear. Do note that only the second slash will power up the Ddraig Head.

This attack does a lot of damage and has a low down value, making it very valuable as a combo part. However do note that this consumes a good amount of boost, so make certain you don’t get carried away hitting this repeatedly and ending up in Overheat. 

Special Armament: Ddraig Head

This powerup lasts 15 seconds. Upon activation through a BC hit in normal mode, RD’s V-fin and its 3 Caletvwlches glow with an awesome power. 

Other than making the RD look cooler, this powerup increases RD’s general mobility and red lock range, improves on the boost efficiency of the AC dash, and makes your BC attack deal 2 hits instead of one. You can hit a second BC attack to reset the gauge to full. 

Note that BC will only grant you the powerup if you hit the enemy you are locked on to. This means you can’t hit your own teammate to activate the buff. 

Burst Attack

Limiter Full Release Assault & Red Impact

A melee rush combo with a very cool finisher. This is a very long combo with very poor cut resistance, especially on the final uppercuts. If you want to perform this combo uninterrupted, it might be better to do this from a high altitude where an enemy below will find it harder to target you.

The first hit of this combo has great startup priority, reach, and dash-in speed. And of course, this has super armor on startup. All in all this is pretty easy to hit raw with the right setup. 

The Ddraig Head activates when you start this combo, but unfortunately the powerup ends when the combo concludes. However if your combo gets interrupted, the Ddraig Head buff will remain active. In other words, if you finish the combo you deal nice damage, and if you don’t you at least get a Ddraig Head buff. This move has good comeback potential, so look for ways to use it if you need to catch up in the damage race.

Caletvwlch G Mode (Maximum Output)

RD fires gerobis from each of the three Caletvwlches. Unusual to the Seed universe, the gerobis are green in color. This move is similar to Zabanya’s Burst Attack, or Harute’s 2AB. This attack has a rather slow startup but very strong muzzle correction, making it easy to connect on enemies who do not cut tracking. This can be used to catch landings well. While this gives you a great way to make a comeback in the damage race, note that you are completely vulnerable while firing the gerobis, so be sure you either are not in a situation where you can get punished, or that this gerobi is going to win you the game.

Recommended Combos

(RA stands for Rear-fired Main)

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 147 Zunda. Try using other moves as well with RD.
A>>RA 147 Cheaper Zunda that leads to a down with only 2 ammo, but causes vernier
A~BC Easy Ddraig head activation
A>>A>>RA 163 Best damage Zunda
BR~CSA>>RA 179 Second impact. Good damage off a BR
A>>5BBBBB 210 Standard but long combo
A>>5BBB~2B 230 Best combo in 1-on-1 situations
RA>>RA 154 Useful when running away
5BBBB>5BBB~2B Poor cut resistance but great damage
5BBBBB~AC~BC 281 Great damage, Ddraig Head activation
8BB~8B>8BB~8B 254 Good cut resistance. BnB
8BB~8B>8BB~BC Same as above but with Ddraig Head activation
8BB~A~AC~AB 266 Safe combo. Only finish with AC~AB if the coast is clear.
4/6BB/5/6BBB 235 Standard combo, but the below is better
4/6BB>8BB~8B Good cut resistance
4/6BB~BC>BC~B Activate Ddraig Head twice 
4/6B>5BBB~2B 270 No cut resistance but good damage
CC8BBB>5BBBBB>BC>BC~B High damage, Ddraig Head double activation
CC8BBBB(before the last hit)>5BBB~2B 298 Big damage
BC~B>BC~B>BC~B>BC~B High damage but takes up a lot of boost to perform



  • RD’s basic playstyle involves using shooting attacks to limit the enemy’s movements, then exploiting openings with the AC dash into melee attacks to get the party started. 
  • Unfortunately RD’s only shooting tools are its two Mains and CSA, so it’s not suited for long, drawn-out shooting battles. Your strongest tool is the AC dash which lets you instantly close the gap between you and a negligent foe, so use it to end the neutral game and start your rampage.
  • RD has many potent melee tools that have everything including good priority, good derivatives, high damage, and shooting guards. However the boost consumption on many of these tools is very high, so instead of attacking non-stop, RD does better when launching short but sweet targeted assaults.
  • As long as you land a melee hit without the Ddraig Head active, your goal should be activating the Ddraig Head. The benefits of the powerup are too good to pass up on, so even if you do not opt in for optimal damage on the first combo, you’re much more likely to get much more damage on followups. Just remember that using BC in Overheat leaves you very open to punishment.
  • In close range combat, Sub is extremely powerful. It has a fast startup, and is great for okizeme and melee interception, and also puts the opponent in a state that makes it easy to follow up on after. This is one of your best tools in close combat, so be sure to use it right. It’s so good that it can be said that if you don’t know how to use the Sub, there’s no reason to use Red Dragon.
  • Much like all Red Frame’s, RD benefits greatly from Burst. Your comeback potential is enormous, so be sure to Burst at the right time for maximum effect.
  • However, never forget that this is a 2 on 2 game, so be sure to consider your partner’s strengths and weaknesses, and include it in your game plan.
  • F Burst is the obvious best choice for RD, giving big boosts to your damage and all around fearsome-ness. A~8B is also a really good cancel route, along with AB~any melee. You can easily deal 250 damage per combo even from a Main starter.
  • E Burst works in the standard 3k/2.5k team setup where you don’t want to Overcost your partner. You lose out on the big comeback potential but gain insurance instead.
  • S can be used for safe offense. You can barrage the enemy with Main and then dash in with AC once they are cornered. You also get a faster reload on Sub, which is great all around. You also get big damage on the 2ABC Burst Attack. However, you’re missing out on the big damage boost F Burst provides, and you also cannot freefall with Main since you will just stand in place repeatedly firing the Rear-fired Main.