Hyperion Gundam 

Model Number: CAT1−X1/3 Pilot: Canard Pars
Cost: 2500 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Hyperion Gundam’s most distinctive feature is its “Armure Lumiere” Mono-phase Lightwave shield designed for combat use. The shield was capable of blocking both solid and beam-based weaponry, and could surround the Hyperion Gundam from all 360 degrees. Because this incredible defense system came at a very high energy consumption cost, all of Hyperion’s weapons are powered by independent batteries.

Ability Summary

Note: Values in [] stand for during the Neutron Jammer Canceller (NJC) state

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Submachine Gun 50[∞] 15~120[135] Hyperion fires its submachine gun while using a shield to protect itself.
Charged Shooting Forfanterie (Focused) 20 ~ 216
[21 ~ 234]
Vernier Gerobi
Sub Forfanterie 1[2] 65 ~ 130 One-shot down when both hits connect.
Special Shooting 1 Neutron Jammer Canceller Activate 1 100 A powerup that can be used once per life
Special Shooting 2 Beam Submachine Gun [Reload] Reloads Main
Special Melee Armure Lumiere 100 A completely invincible barrier
2B Beam Knife (Throw) 55 Hyperion throws a beam knife that stuns. Unlimited ammo.
Can be rainbow stepped.
Burst Attack “Disappear! Disappear! Disappear!” _ 298(F)/282(E)/290(S) A combo with a large number of ranged hits mixed in
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 162[178]
5B(B)~A 111~153
5BB~2B 195[206] Poor cut resistance but high damage
8B 8BB 121[133] Bounces on hit
8B~A 116[122] Same as 5B’s
4/6B 4/6BBB 153[164]
4/6B(B)~A 106~148
Same as 5B’s
4/6BB~2B 190[196] Same as 5B’s
CC8B CC8B~8B 121[135]
CC8B~A 120 Same as 5B’s
Special Melee during Armure Lumiere BC 240[265] The barrier is deactivated. Hyperion charges at the enemy

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B

2B: AB

Any melee: BC

Melee~A derivative: A, AB, BC

Melee~2B derivative: BC


Hyperion is a 2500 cost unit armed with a beam machine gun. Hyperion’s tools are suited for chasing down enemies. For ranged attacks, it has a Main that can be manually reloaded and comes with a shooting guard deployed to the front while firing, a one-hit down Sub, a 2B that stuns on hit, and a gerobi in CSA.

But Hyperion’s most outstanding tool is its Armure Lumiere shield that makes it completely invincible for its short active duration. In addition, while the barrier is active you gain access to a very good melee attack.

Hyperion has one more unique armament in its Neutron Jammer Canceler (NJC) powerup. While active, it provides multiple buffs such as giving you unlimited ammo on your Main, increasing your Sub ammo to two shots, and also increasing your mobility. While you can only use it once per life, the benefits it provides are good.

Hyperion’s general playstyle is pelleting the enemy with beam machine gun shots to draw attention, and then activating its Armure Lumiere shield to attack enemies that retaliate. Hyperion has a short red lock range and ranged tools that are not suited for drawn out ranged battles, so it has a hard time putting in good work without taking to the frontline. 

While Hyperion does well at chasing down and bullying backline units, its own self defense without the Armure Lumiere shield is pretty poor. This means that unless you’re careful, the hunter might become the hunted. 

Overall, Hyperion is great in as many areas as it is poor, but it can still make its presence well felt on the battlefield. 

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Submachine Gun

A submachine gun that fires beam projectiles. This weapon can be manually reloaded. A single tap of the button fires 3 shots, and you can hold down the button to fire up to 10 shots. The bullets are fired pretty close to one another, and have the same travel speed as BD1’s machine gun shots. It takes 4 shots to stagger a target.

In the startup prior to firing, Hyperion deploys a Beam Shield in front of itself that blocks certain projectiles. The shield is active for a limited duration, roughly the time it takes to fire 4 shots. The guard hitbox is rather large, so with the right timing even attacks coming from the side can be blocked. Unfortunately, this shield cannot block attacks with secondary explosions, like bazookas and certain missiles. This guard also cannot block certain attacks like Altron or Dragon’s ranged dragon fang attacks, but it can block charging-type assists. However assists that perform multiple attacks will continue their full attack sequence upon making contact, so it is in your best interest to get out of the way of any follow up attacks. You can even block Pressure attacks with the right angling and timing, but it’s not something you should be betting on.

This is one of Hyperions main tools, and forms the nucleus for all your actions. In the closer ranges you can pressure enemies well with this tool, and then quickly go into your CC8B melee if they show any signs of weakness. However, do note that this tool has only average tracking, so it can be difficult to chase down enemies using just this tool. 

Overall, this is a good tool against shooting units, or even shooting-focused all-rounder types. Also, enemies with plenty of moves that cause vernier are Hyperion’s prey. Without using this tool effectively Hyperion finds it very difficult to deal consistent, good damage, so be sure to use it well and often. Just watch out for your target’s partner, or enemies that counter attack with melee. In such cases, you have your Armure Lumiere as a counteraction.

With NJC active, your ammo pool becomes unlimited, and you can fire up to 12 shots repeatedly. Without the need to reload and with your increased mobility, you become much more deadly. 

Charged Main: Forfanterie (Focused)

3-second charge time. This is a gerobi attack with standard startup speed, fast projectile speed, and good downward tracking but poor horizontal tracking. Hyperion fires two gerobis with separate hitboxes, and if only one beam hits the enemy it will not be knocked down.

For Hyperion with a low damage output this weapon is very important, but unfortunately this tool has poor horizontal tracking which makes it hard to use. In actuality this has poor synergy with your Main, which also has good vertical but poor horizontal tracking. Your Main also has a shooting guard and is reloadable. While this has a fast projectile speed that allows it to catch enemies in situations your other moves can’t, it’s still possible to win by foregoing this and relying on your Main instead. The forced vernier prior to firing is also a negative. If you do want to use this move, charge it up while firing your Main so you don’t have as much of a downtime on attack. 

With NJC active, the gerobi becomes larger and does more damage. This makes it more usable, but remember that using it means you’re also not taking advantage of the mobility boost and unlimited Main ammo. At any rate, you can charge it up while firing your Main, and use it only if the opportunity presents itself.

You can also activate Armure Lumiere with BC and then cancel the activation animation (after the shield deploys) into this move as a pseudo counter, especially against melee. Because enemies tend to only run from you with the barrier active, there are also more opportunities for you to catch landings with this gerobi. 

Sub: Forfanterie

Hyperion stands in place to fire 2 thick beam projectiles. It takes 5 seconds to reload one shot, and when canceled into this move does a prorated 100 (50*2) damage. This is something similar to Turn X’s CSA. Hitting both beams causes a hard knockdown.

While this tool seems good for scoring knockdowns raw, the muzzle correction, projectile speed, startup, and tracking on this move are all on the lower end of the scale, and the single ammo count doesn’t help. Even if you are trying to stagger the enemy with your machine gun and then down it with this, depending on the distance your shot might not make it in time to combo. This is most reliably used as a follow up from 2B, or as a combo ender. You can combo into this from Main, but only in the right situations. 

With your NJC powerup this gets upgraded to having 2 ammo, which you can use well together with your unlimited Main ammo.

Special Shooting 1: Neutron Jammer Canceller Activate

A powerup which you can only activate once per life. The powerup is active for 14 seconds during which time you gain the following benefits:

  • Mobility up (especially swivel speed)
  • Main ammo becomes unlimited, 10>12 shots can be fired repeatedly
  • Sub ammo increased 1>2, reloads upon NJC activation
  • CSA does more damage and has a larger projectile size
  • BC reload is reduced by 3 seconds
  • All melee attacks deal roughly 10% more damage

The deactivation of this powerup also comes with an animation, so you do not want to be near an enemy when powering down or you are liable to get punished. If you are downed while the countdown timer reaches zero, you will perform the power down animation upon getting up. 

Both your Main ammo and Charged Main gauge are independent between modes, meaning that after powering down you will return to having the same amount of ammo you had when you transformed, and you cannot carry over a charge for CSA between forms. However the Sub gauge between the two forms is shared.

While Susanowo’s Trans-Am powerup is a trump card, this powerup is more of a temporary enhancement. It doesn’t offer particularly game-breaking benefits, and the forced deactivation animation at the end is a real bummer. However, after using this move you gain access to a very good new AC in the reload, so it’s recommended you use this powerup early to gain access to that. It’s also good to use this in conjunction with your Armure Lumiere barrier. 

Special Shooting 2: Beam Submachine Gun [Reload]

After you have used the one-time use NJC powerup, your AC command will perform this move. It’s basically a manual reload similar to X1FC’s where you can reload your ammo back to full even if you’re only missing a few shots. When used after a fuwastep you will freefall very smoothly and quickly. This is Hyperion’s only freefall option, and using it properly you can become a lot more mobile.

2B to fuwastep to AC is a very good cancel route that allows you to throw your beam knife safely. Just don’t use this so often it becomes predictable.

Special Melee: Armure Lumiere

Perhaps Hyperion’s most important move. This 360-degree shield protects Hyperion from all attacks, making it virtually invincible for the full duration (5 seconds). It takes 26 seconds (23 with NJC activated) to reload after use. 

Enemies that hit the barrier with melee attacks will have their attacks bounce off the shield as if they hit a guarding opponent. The startup on this move is fast and the move activates slightly before the actual shield deployment animation starts, so you can use this as a pretty effective melee counter. This can be used both on offense and defense, and when you activate this during an enemy’s Burst it can really put a dampener on its comeback. You can also input BC while the barrier is active to deactivate it and attack with the Armure Lumiere Lancer. This move reloads faster with S Burst (down to 22 seconds with a full Burst, and 20 seconds with the AC reload time reduction). 

However, hitting a guarding enemy with a melee attack while this shield is active will cause it to instantly deactivate, so it is not advised that one attacks carelessly with melee attacks with the shield active. Note that the sooner you deactivate the shield the sooner it starts reloading again, so it you are in a situation where the shield is providing you no benefits it might be better to forcibly deactivate it with BC. This shield also has hit stop, meaning that if you are hit with the likes of a multi-hit gerobi you will be sort of locked into place without being able to attack or move while constantly under fire.  

This move has a long reload time and short active time, so be sure you use it wisely.

BC~BC Derivative: Armure Lumiere Lancer

Hyperion deploys the Armure Lumiere onto its shield and charges at the enemy. This is Hyperion’s trump card, dealing good damage very quickly. This is similar to Gold Sumo’s BC Universe attack. On activation the shield is deployed , and on a second input Hyperion charges at the enemy. While the movement speed on the first stage is very slow, the dash-in speed on the second stage is excellent, making it a great tool for chasing down foes.

Hyperion tracks enemies both on the first and second stage of the attack, and on the second stage it can rotate up to 90-degrees to face an enemy. However if you use this move in green lock, even if your target enters your red lock you will not track it with the second stage of the attack. As such, this is not good for hitting enemies directly above or below you.This is good for facing down melee attacks coming directly from the front. 

If you cancel from a shooting attack into this move, and change targets right before activating this move, Hyperion will attack the second target. Because this attack deals multiple hits it doesn’t have the best damage proration, meaning that this is a move best used raw, and not as a combo part. 

Once again, this is a very good attack to use, and something you should definitely be aiming to hit. However, seasoned Hyperion foes will know that you are going to go for this the moment they see you activate your Armure Lumiere shield, so learn to play around that or go for sneak attacks on inattentive enemies instead.

2B: Beam Knife (Throw)

Hyperion stands in place to throw a beam knife that stuns on hit. This has no ammo count, and can be used repeatedly with no cooldown or other restrictions. Simply put, you have unlimited uses of this.

This can be rainbow step canceled. Following up with the AC2 reload will allow you to freefall- this is one of Hyperion’s standard self defense maneuvers. You can either use this in the aforementioned fashion, or just cancel into this from Main. You can also throw the beam knife, step, and then fire your Main to fall while firing your weapon with an active shooting guard. Overall this is a good tool in Hyperion’s kit, and one you should use often. 

Melee Set

Hyperion’s melee set is made up of a lot of attacks utilizing the beam knife. The reach and dash-in speed on its melee attacks is passable, but in terms of priority Hyperion is often on the losing end. It also doesn’t do a lot of damage. Aside from 8B, all of its attacks are not winners in the startup department either. It’s best that you quickly end any melee combos you land, and Sub as a combo ender is useful in that regard.

5B: Beam Knife

A 3-stage melee combo. The reach on the first hit is good but it has poor priority. And its startup speed is faster than 4/6B but slower than 8B. Still, Hyperion doesn’t have a lot of options so this is one of your main melee attacks. There’s no wraparound on the dash-in so this is best used as a sneak attack. 

5B or 4/6B~2B Derivative: Stomp and Fire

Hyperion steps on the enemy and fires its beam submachine gun directly into it. This does not cost any boost to perform. There is also a very tight forced PoV change when using this move. The machine gun shots also ignore any active shooting guard the enemy might have. 

This has zero cut resistance and doesn’t deal a lot of damage, so there’s no real practical merit to this move. Simply ending your combo with Sub will deal a lot more damage. That being said, this is an obnoxious and pretty cool move.

5B or 4/6B or 8B or CC8B ~A Derivative: Beam Submachine Gun Triple Shot > Beam Knife 

A derivative available to 5B, the first two stages of 4/6B, 8B, and the first stage of CC8B. Hyperion retreats backwards while firing three shots of the submachine gun, before slashing through with the beam knife. You can input 4 or 6 to choose the direction Hyperion dashes towards when performing the final beam knife slash. 

The final slash stuns the enemy, and overall the cut resistance on this is very good. You can cancel into Main or Sub at the end of the combo. Canceling into Main will allow you to freefall while firing with your shooting guard active. Sub is the ender that gives more damage but less cut resistance and safety. 

However, this attack sequence has poor damage proration so it’s not possible to deal big damage. To begin with, Hyperion has a hard time dealing more than 200 damage with its melee combos so comparatively this isn’t so bad. 

When attacking enemies with melee attacks while your Armure Lumiere barrier is active, this combo is a better option over 2B as it has a shorter combo time and puts some distance between you and the enemy, which you will need once your barrier expires. This is overall a good derivative to finish combos with.   

8B: Middle Kick > Launching Kick

A 2-stage kick combo. This has the fastest startup out of all of your melee attacks, but with poor reach. This is best used for contesting incoming melee attacks, but has to be used with the right timing. The last hit puts the enemy in an untechable state, making it easy to land follow up hits. This also doesn’t have good damage proration, but can still be used as a combo part. 

4/6B: Slash Combo

A 3-stage combo with the beam knife. The wraparound on the dash-in on this is passable, but the priority and startup on this attack are poor. To begin with the beam knife is a tiny weapon, so having a tiny hitbox comes with the territory.

If you’re going to use this melee attack, use it for the wraparound curve.

CC8B: Stab > Bayonet

A 2-stage melee combo with pretty good reach. This is not very reliable when used as a follow up on a machine gun stagger, so your main use of this is for sneak attacks. The 2nd stage on this attack is slow and it’s difficult to follow up after, so it’s best if you cancel out from the 1st stage into another attack.

Burst Attack

Get Lost, Get Lost, GET LOST!!

A combo rush attack mixing in both melee and shooting attacks. This has super armor on startup. This combo has poor cut resistance and takes 5 seconds to complete, so you’re very likely to get cut. The beam submachine gun firing portion of the attack can be blocked by sloped terrain, and also guarded against by beam mantles. As expected of Hyperion the hitbox on the first attack is small but the reach is good, plus you have an active shooting barrier plus shooting armor. 

It’s hard to deal good damage comboing off a melee attack into this, but landing this raw can net you some decent damage. You just need to be careful to only use this in situations where you cannot get punished.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A(4hits)~AB 137
A(4hits)~2B>>(~)AB 175 (157) Standard self defense setup
A(4hits)~@B>>5BB>AB 192
5BB>AB 197 BnB
5BB>8BB>AB 226 BnB
8BB>5BB>AB 229
8BB>8BB 196
4/6BBB>AB 228 BnB
4/6BB>8BB>AB 221 BnB
CC8B>8BB>AB 216



  • The 3 main features of the Hyperion are its short red lock range, its beam submachine gun that comes with a shield, and its invincible barrier. Putting it all together, Hyperion’s playstyle involves pressuring enemies in the close range with its machine gun, and then retaliating with its invincible barrier whenever an enemy makes a push against it.
  • Use the submachine gun to pressure enemies constantly. While the performance of the weapon itself is only average, it is reloadable and comes with a shooting guard so it’s suitable for bullying certain units.
  • After staggering a target with your Main, next comes scoring a knockdown with either AB or 2B~AB. It’s also possible to score a full down using just your Main, but be mindful of your ammo.
  • The NJC buff provides some nice improvements to Hyperion’s overall performance but it’s not game-changing and you only get to use it once per life. You should aim to use it early in the match so you gain access to the AC2 reload which allows you to freefall.
  • It’s also good to try and use your BC shield at the start of the match together with the NJC so you can take advantage of the 3-second reload time deduction on BC. During this time you should aim to score a knockdown on one opponent, and gain as much of an advantage as possible.
  • While engaging in the above strategy, things might not always go your way, and the possibility of getting beat up real bad and dying before your partner is very real. Be sure to adjust your strategy according to how the fight is going.
  • Hyperion has 5 big weaknesses:
    • While it has the red lock range and encouraged playstyle of a close-range unit, its actual close-range tools are pretty weak. 
    • It can be hard to reliably score knockdowns.
    • Low damage.
    • As a result of the above 2 weaknesses, it has a weak presence and can be ignored by enemies.
    • Lastly, there are few variations in its attack patterns. Enemies well-versed with fighting Hyperion will know what to watch out for, which severely affects its overall performance.
  • F Burst can be used to powerup your melee attacks while your barrier is active, but Hyperion’s melee attacks are not good to begin with so either way you won’t be able to easily hit enemies with raw melee attacks. 
  • E is the standard choice. Hyperion has low HP so getting more survivability is always a good call. 
  • S Burst provides few benefits other than a faster reload on BC. 
  • Hyperion pairs best with a 3000 cost teammate.