Avalanche Exia

Model Number: GN-001/hs-A01 Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: O

The Avalanche Exia is the Gundam Exia equipped with the high-mobility “Avalanche” optional equipment. By discharging all of its stored GN particles from its equipped GN Condensers, the Avalanche Exia is capable of explosive acceleration, taking high-speed combat to the next level.  

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main GN Sword: Rifle Mode 3 70 Can be fired 3 times consecutively.
Charged Shooting GN Beam Dagger Throw 65 Throws one dagger straight, and one more diagonally upwards.
Charged Melee GN Particles Release 1 use per deployment. Provides various improvements to Avalanche Exia’s mobility.
Sub GN Beam Dagger 1 60 *AB except 8AB: Throws two daggers diagonally forward

8AB: Moves forward while throwing two daggers diagonally forward. 

Special Shooting Dash You can influence the dash direction using directional inputs.
Burst Attack Like a Crashing Avalanche 313(F)/287(E)/291(S) Melee combo
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 177
5B(B)~A 113~161
5BBBBBB 253(F)/225(S&E) Burst only
8B 8BB 171 OTGs
8B~A 150 Same derivative as with 5B
4/6B 4/6BBB 169 Poor performance.
4/6B(B)~A 108~157 Same derivative as 5B
2B 2B 85 Performance changes when canceled into from other melee moves
2B~A 133 Same derivative as 5B
CC8B CC8BBB 175 Setsuna slash-through
CC8B(B)~A 118~166
CC8BBBB 240(F)/218(S&E) Burst only
Special Melee BC~BB 143 Excellent hitbox
8BC 100 Pyonkaku
2BC~B 142 Shooting guard

Cancel Routes:

Cancel Routes into AC cannot be performed in Overheat.




5/8AC: A, AB, AC, BC


5B(BB) on hit, 5B(B)(during awaken) on hit: AC, BC

8BB on hit: AC, BC

4/6B on hit at any stage: AC, BC

2B on hit: AC, BC

CC8B any hit, CC8B(BBB)(During awaken): AC, BC

~A derivative: A, AC, All melee except CC8B

5BC on hit: 8BC, 2BC

2BC on hit: 5B, 8B


While at first glance its loadout looks very similar to the 2000 cost Exia’s, for a higher cost counterpart Avalanche Exia is actually weaker in the midrange. However, it makes up for it with tricky moves in the close range, and its Main is more than good enough to make it useful enough in midrange encounters.

Just like Exia it has a pyonkaku for movement, and it also has all the cancel routes it needs plus the means to push deep into the close range. With its high mobility and high priority BC it can dominate in that range, and its strong okizeme game ensures you can keep enemies close. Overall it has favorable matchups against other melee units of the same cost bracket, so splitting the enemy into two 1on1 situations can be favorable.

However, Avalanche Exia has paper-like durability with a low HP pool for a melee-oriented unit, and because you really only have your Main to rely on in the mid range, you will often be relying heavily on your partner to create sneak attack chances. Avalanche Exia’s melee damage output is also nothing to write home about, meaning you will have your work cut out for you if you want to win the damage race. 

Overall, Avalanche Exia excels in as many areas as it fails in. But it can still be a potent force to be reckoned with, if put in the right hands.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Sword II Blaster

Reloads on empty, taking 4 seconds to reload all 3 shots. Similar to the regular Exia’s Main, you can rapid fire this 3 times consecutively without needing to zunda. While the repeated fire rate is slower than Exia’s, its fast reload time makes it a weapon you can use often, and being able to freefall when canceling from AC into this makes it a tool you should be using frequently.

Charged Main: GN Beam Dagger Throw

Avalanche Exia throws a pair of daggers which stun on hit. 2-second charge time. One dagger is thrown straight ahead, while another is thrown diagonally upwards. The startup of this move is fast and the muzzle correction is good. 

You can use this for catching landings, self defense, catching upward fleeing enemies, and canceling into 8BC. However this has a very limited range, and it’s not recommended you use this often in the neutral. 

You can cancel this into your BC, which makes it great as an opener for offense in the closer range.

Charged Melee: GN Particles Release

2-second charge time, one use per life. Avalanche Exia releases the GN Particles stored in its GN Condensers, improving its mobility. Its speed is increased, and its boost consumption rate is improved. You stay powered up for a total of 25 seconds. You can use this in a variety of scenarios, including running away, and further powering yourself up during Burst. As you can only use it once per life make sure you use it at the most opportune time.

Sub: GN Beam Dagger

4-second reload. Avalanche Exia throws two daggers that also stun on hit, but this time they are thrown diagonally left and right. The daggers have no tracking whatsoever. The reload on this is extremely fast, however you have to stand still to throw the daggers which makes them unsuitable for frequent use. When taking into account your Main and CSA, all 3 of these moves fully cover every angle. 

*AB (except 8) will make you stand still and throw the dagger, so be sure to cancel out quickly to stay safe. 8AB will make Avalanche Exia dash forward towards the enemy before throwing the daggers. The 8AB version, as you would expect, is better when going on the offense. 

Special Shooting: Dash

Dashes quickly. Different dash motions are available, depending on your input. 

5AC or 4/6AC: 5AC makes Avalanche Exia dash straight at the enemy, while 4 and 6 will make Avalanche Exia curve left or right while dashing towards the enemy. This consumes a lot of boost, dashing the full duration will use about 80% of your boost gauge. With CSB active the boost consumption is improved, instead requiring 40% of your boost gauge. Canceling into your Main will make you freefall. You can perform the freefall even if your Main has no ammo, but if you fire out of angle you will stand still. 

You can cancel out of the dash as soon as you start it, and if you want to freefall its recommended you cancel early in order to conserve boost. Overall, this is a very important move for Avalanche Exia both on offense and defense.

8AC: Avalanche Exia rises upwards rapidly. Both in rising speed and height this move loses out to Avalanche Exia’s pyonkaku, so there’s no real need to use this. Don’t use diagonal inputs or you may accidentally activate this move.

2AC: Avalanche Exia falls rapidly, much like Tallgeese III. There is no landing property to this move and the landing lag is long, so again this move is not highly recommended.

Melee Set

Avalanche Exia attacks with its GN Sword. As a whole Avalanche Exia’s melee moves start up very quickly, and you can hold your own against other melee suits in the close range. Its combos also have good cut resistance, and you can easily improvise combos according to the situation to stay safe. However Avalanche Exia falls behind in the damage department, matching the damage output you’d see in all-rounder units. Like many other Setsuna MSes Avalanche Exia gains new melee motions during Trans-Am.

5B: GN Sword

3-stage melee combo. Avalanche Exia strafes behind the enemy on the final hit. The dash speed is rather fast. Compared to 4/6B this does more damage, and you can even follow up on the final hit. The second hit of this combo tends to whiff when done against a wall, which may leave you open to a counterattack so watch out. 

During Burst, the 3-stage combo becomes a 6-stager. The new combo as you’d expect deals much more damage, but you cannot cancel into BC from the 3rd hit onwards. 

Overall, though, the DPS on this move is rather low which makes it potentially an inefficient use of your Burst. If possible, cancel out early and go for more damaging combos.

8B: Stab

Forced PoV change on the second hit. Avalanche Exia dashes forward and stabs with its GN Sword. The first hit is considered a grab. The reach and hitbox on this move are only average, making this move unsuitable for chasing enemies. However, what makes this move interesting is its ability to hit OTG, so if you knock an opponent down with 5BC or 8BC and its not in yellow lock you can pick them up for more damage with this move. This makes it great overall as a combo part. 

It’s hard to follow-up after the last hit, but you can use the ~A derivative to stun the enemy for a follow-up BR shot. 

2B: Chop

A single hit, downward chop with the GN Sword. The damage isn’t especially high, and it loses out in proration to 8BC. You have a ~A derivative available but you cannot cancel into any BC moves. 

4/6B: GN Beam Saber

A 3-stage combo where Avalanche Exia swings its Beam Sabers horizontally. Looks similar to Exia’s, but the startup and hitbox on this are weaker than the original’s and the dash speed and reach are also poor. Overall this is not the performance you’d expect from a melee suit. 

CC8B: Slash-through

3-stage slash-through, Setsuna-style. Forced PoV change from the 2nd hit. The hitbox on this is not as good as Exia’s but the dash speed and reach of this move is excellent, making it great as a follow up to a hit BR shot in the close range. You can follow-up on the last hit by sidestepping left quickly and inputting 5BC. This leads to some of the best damage Avalanche Exia can put out, so it is recommended that you practice doing this. 

~A Derivative: GN Blade Throw

An available cancel route to many melee attacks. Throws a GN Blade. Does not cost any ammo. You can then cancel from this into your Main or various melee attacks. You can also use this to continue attacking even when out of Boost. Overall this is a very important derivative. 

5BC: GN Long Blade Stab Combo

Avalanche Exia’s main melee move. The first hit may look like a regular stab at first glance, but the priority and hitbox on this move is top class. The startup is also extremely fast, and overall this is one of the best melee moves in the entire game.

One downside on this move is its poor reach, but the dash speed is extremely fast, meaning that all you have to do to hit this move is to get within its effective range. There are also many easy ways to follow-up on hit. But once again, this has poor damage proration and poor damage output (like all of Avalanche Exia’s other melee attacks) so hit this often to make up for that shortcoming.

8BC: Pyonkaku

Pyonkaku with a fast rise and fall speed. Because of 8AC’s poor boost consumption rate, use this move for vertical movement instead. You can use this even with CSA charged. In Overheat, you can do 8BC~CSA~guard~5BBB~shield~8BC~CSA… to stay in the air up until the landing penalty is applied. You can sidestep once you touch the ground and instantly refill all of your boost, as long as you were not in Overheat. 

This is a key move in Avalanche Exia’s arsenal, used for mobility, offense, defense, in combos, etc. Learn to use it often and build your movement around it, and you will become a tricky target for even the most seasoned opponent.

2BC: GN Sword Charge

Charges at the enemy while taking a defensive stance. You have a shooting guard active on the front-facing shield. You can even guard charging assists but the actual shield active area is smaller than your hurtbox, so if they hit you outside of the effective area you will take damage. The charging speed and hitbox of this move are weak, but if you make the right read you can earn a free close-in on a shooting MS. The damage proration on this is also better than 5BC.

However, watch out for the slow activation on the guard frames,.

Burst Attack

Attack Like A Raging Avalanche

Avalanche Exia performs a powerful combo attack with all of its seven swords. Super armor on startup. The 3rd and 4th hits of this combo are GN dagger throws which can be blocked by shooting barriers so be careful. Overall this can be the powerful combo finisher you need to get some decent damage.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A~A~A 147 Zunda
A>>CC8BB~A~8BC 201 Best damage from A starter
CSA>>A>>A 142
CSA>>5BBB~2B>8BC 205
AB>A>>A 137
AB>>CC8BBB~8BC 194
5BBB~8BC 232
5BBB~2BC~B 247
8B~A~2B~A~8BC 254 Overheat combo
8B~A~8B~A~8BC 240
4/6BB>4/6BB>8BC 230
4/6BBB>8BB 231 Step forward to connect
4BB~2B~A~2B~A~8BC 267
2B~A~2B~A~2B~A~2B 280 Avalanche Exia Dribble
2B~A~2BC~B~8BC 262
CC8BBBB>5B~8BC 243
CC8BB~A~5BB~8BC 245
5BC(1hit)~A~5BBB~A~8BC 264 Best damage for 5BC starter
5BC~A~5BB~8BC 186
2BC~B>5BB~8BC 247
F Burst Combos
5BBBBB>5BBBBBB 299 Step forward to connect
5BBBBB>5BBBBB>>CC8BBB~8BC 327 End with ABC for 351
CC8BBB~A>>CC8BBB>>CC8BBBB 309 End with ABC for 350



  • At first glance Avalanche Exia has a weak ranged game and poor melee damage, but if used correctly it can be a very tricky and powerful MS.
  • Its pyonkaku is excellent for movement, and you have a freefall in AC~A as well. Combined with its deadly 5BC this makes Avalanche Exia extremely potent in the close range. 
  • Don’t just dash at the opponent and throw 5BC at them- Avalanche Exia is at its best when linking various attacks into each other, executing complex sequences that are hard to read and dodge. You have many other great tools to hit the enemy with, like your Main and AB/CSA daggers.
  • By constantly using your pyonkaku and AC~A, you can easily ensure that you have more boost than your opponent. Use this to drive them into a corner and bully them once they are in Overheat. 
  • Avalanche Exia is also excellent at Okizeme, with its two daggers that cover different escape routes, its fast mobility, and powerful 5BC. Try a variety of setups on enemies and find setups that cover a multitude of options.
  • The CSB powerup is very useful, and you preferably want to use it on offense. A common way to use it is to pop it once on your first life, hold off on activating your Burst until you die, respawn, and then pop it together with your Fighting Burst. Of course this is not recommended if your 3000 cost teammate dies and overcosts you, so play it by ear.
  • Like all melee suits, you cannot expect to throw yourself at the enemy and beat them down. Be patient and wait for the right openings to get in, and retreat if things look dicey. Remember that your HP directly relates to the number of opportunities you have left to launch a defense, and dying quickly puts a heavy burden on your partner and forces them to take more risks that they otherwise shouldn’t have to.
  • F Burst is best Burst for Avalanche Exia. E Burst is also OK if you are teaming with a 3000 cost partner who wants to die first, and you want to make sure that happens.