Destiny Gundam (Heine Custom)

Model Number: ZGMF-X42S REVOLUTION Pilot: Heine Westenfluss
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

The ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam is a high-performance, general-purpose MS based on the Impulse Gundam and Shinn Asuka’s combat data. It is designed to handle any combat situation with a single set of high-powered armaments. One of its most defining features is its Voiture Lumiere propulsion system that allowed it to move with unparalleled speed, and even leave behind after images. The light effect generated by the system was known as the “Wings of Light”.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 6 70 Low ammo
Charged Shooting High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon 130 Slow startup but good tracking
Charged Fighting Beam Sword (Throw) 80 Throws a physical projectile that stuns on hit
Sub “Flash-Edge” 2 Beam Boomerang 1 18~94 Throws the boomerangs in a V-shape.
Special Shooting Afterimage Dash 2 Special Movement that cuts tracking. Can be rainbow stepped.
Shooting Derivative: Beam Rifle (Barrel Roll Shot) (6) 70 BC~A. Shares ammo with Main.
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 211
8B 8BB 133 Launches
4/6B 4/6BBB 167
2B 2B 80 Bounce
CC8B CC8B 80 Untechable Down.
BC BC 125~155 Mash B to increase damage
ABC ABC 309(F)/286(E & S) Melee rush. Super armor at the start of the animation.

Cancel Routes:



AC: AB, various melee, BC, ABC


Any Melee hit: AC, BC


This is a “what if” unit that hails from a universe where Heine Westenfluss lived on to pilot the Destiny Gundam. In-game this is essentially a lower cost version of the 3000-cost Destiny Gundam piloted by Shinn. Heine’s Destiny has poorer rising speed, reduced melee performance, a weaker Sub, a reworked version of the AC Wings of Light, a different CSB, and various other nerfs and changes. Of particular note is that the Heine’s Destiny has a completely different melee moveset from Shinn’s, making it feel like a completely separate unit. 

Unlike Shinn’s Destiny which is built for brawling in the close range, Heine’s Destiny is better off lurking in the mid-range, looking for openings to get in and launch sneak attacks. Unfortunately for Heine it doesn’t have any weapons suitable for long, drawn out shooting battles, so it can be very hard to actually hit anything. Thanks to its short red lock range and the poor performance of its melee attacks as openers, Heine’s Destiny has a performance closer to that of a 2000-cost unit.

If you have yet to be dissuaded from using this unit, use it for its armaments that Shinn’s Destiny does not possess, such as the CSB blade throw and the variant Wings of Light. 

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
Beam Rifle with a low ammo count. Because Heine’s boomerangs cannot be relied on like Shinn’s can, you are going to be even more reliant on this for ranged combat, which takes an even heavier toll on a BR with a small ammo pool. 3-second reload per shot.  

Charged Shooting: High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon
2-second charge time. Destiny stands in place and fires a high-power beam. This attack has a slow startup, inherits no inertia prior to firing, and has average travel speed and muzzle correction. The original Shinn’s Destiny’s CSA had average performance and high damage, and this attack has the same average performance but with less damage. At the very least you can link into this from a CSB hit for good damage at range. You can also use this as a combo ender.

Charged Melee: Beam Sword (Throw)

2-second charge time. Destiny stands in place to throw a Beam Sword that stuns on hit. This is perhaps Heine Destiny’s most important move, to the point where any Heine Destiny player is expected to be capable of charging CSB at almost all times. 

Because it’s a charge attack you have unlimited uses of this, and it also performs well. Destiny inherits a good amount of inertia prior to throwing the Beam Sword, the startup speed is fast, and the tracking of the projectile is also good. The throwing animation also makes it difficult for enemies to see the projectile. 

You want to mix this in together with your Main for ranged encounters, which helps conserve your Main ammo. You can also use this to follow up into a Main shot or vice versa. There are many ways to use this tool. The proration on this attack is at the same level as your Main but the down value incurred on hit is low, so you can do more damage starting combos with this over your Main. 

Sub: Flash-Edge 2 Beam Boomerang
Destiny throw boomerangs in a V-shape from infront of Destiny. This is basically the same move as Shinn Destiny’s 4/6AB— Heine never learned how to throw boomerangs straight, apparently. This can still be used as an intercept against melee attackers approaching from the side, and it can also be a good tool for sealing off your enemy’s escape routes. The only problem is you won’t be able to use this when charging your all-important CSB. You can use the Second Impact technique to link these two attacks together.

Special Shooting: Afterimage Dash
Destiny activates its Wings of Light and dashes at the enemy while leaving behind afterimages. You have all of the same cancel routes as the original Shinn does. However unlike Shinn’s Destiny, you cannot input a direction multiple times to continue dashing, instead you dash once over a larger distance forward. You travel very far with this move, but that also means that it is not suitable for making small movements. You can either dash straight ahead with 5AC, or input left or right to dash diagonally forward. The reload time is average at 10 seconds per use, and each time you use this it only costs 20% of your boost.

This cuts tracking at the start of the dash, however Destiny stands still for a split second before starting its dash, which leaves you open to being attacked. Even when chasing down enemies Destiny’s pre-dash animation is pretty obvious, so savvy opponents will be able to react accordingly and escape from you. The main reason Heine’s Destiny is best used as a sneak attacker is because of these properties on this move. 

That being said, this is still a great move for quickly closing the distance between you and the enemy, instantly shifting the pace of the match. You can use this even in Overheat, and the dash speed on this is good enough to chase down and bully enemies that are weak in 1-on-1 situations. 

Melee Set

5B: Beam Sword

A 4-stage combo. Useful as a combo part or as a combo starter. The last stage deals multi-hits, which you will need to take into account when devising the right combos.

8B: Launcher Combo

Destiny slashes upwards twice in this 2-stage combo. Compared to Shinn Destiny’s 8B this has poorer performance on the first hit and worse damage proration, but this is still Heine Destiny’s fastest startup melee attack. You can link the first hit into BC, so you can loop 8B~BC just like the original Destiny. However this attack consumes a lot of boost and has poor cut resistance.

4/6B: Slash Combo

A 3-stage combo. This is an attack you can use often as its properties makes it suitable for covering situations that 8B does not do well in. However the startup on this attack is on par with what you would expect of a shooting-focused all-rounder unit, so it’s unsuitable for direct clashes. 

2B: Strike

A single attack where Destiny leaps at the enemy and strikes it with the Beam Sword. Compared to Shinn Destiny’s 2B this does less damage, but Heine Destiny’s 2B priority and reach are better. You can jump over smaller projectiles like BR shots and catch enemies who are above you as well. When canceled into from AC this move’s poor reach issue is negated, and in F Burst this becomes a truly dangerous setup. The hitbox on Arondight is also bigger than it appears, and overall this is one of Heine Destiny’s best melee attacks. Much like the original Destiny, this attack can be hard to follow up on when hitting enemies below you. 

CC8B: Rising Slash

A single slash. The poor startup and priority on the first hit makes this unreliable as a combo starter, but the reach is not bad so you can link into this from a projectile starter. This also has lower down value than 2B, and you can follow up with BC for some decent cut resistance.

BC: Palma Fiocina Palm Beam Cannon
Destiny’s calling card. While Shinn’s Destiny grabs the enemy with the left hand, Heine’s Destiny grabs with the right, so the camera angle is reversed. The startup on Heine’s version is quicker, however it has lower priority. However, it’s still a very good melee attack. You can mash B for more damage, and the overall damage of this move is very close to that of the original.

Burst Attack

ABC: Arondight Consecutive Attacks

Shinn Destiny’s Burst Attack animation from the original EXVS, with a few modifications. Super armor on startup. This is somewhat difficult to hit raw, but still can be combo’d into to build extra damage when the right situation presents itself.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Combo
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 147 Zunda
A~CSA 161 Second Impact
A~CSB>>A 154 BnB
A>>CC8B~BC(before explosion)>BC~CSA 233 Best damage from A starter
A~CSB>BC(before explosion)>BC 185 Low risk combo with a freefall at the end
5BBBB~BC 271
5BBBB~BC(before explosion)>BC 281
4/6BB>4/6BBB 216
4/6BBB>BC~CSA 257
2B~CSA 184
2B>BC(before explosion)>BC~CSA 259
CC8B>5BBB~BC 251
BC>BC>BC 246



  • Unlike the original Destiny, Heine’s can’t function as a 1-man frontline. It’s better played as a support that lingers in the mid range, looking for opportunities to launch sneak attacks. 
  • However, Heine does have some new tricks up its sleeve. AC~A~CSB is a very good combo that comes at a low risk, and it is easy to follow up with BC if the coast is clear.
  • Against enemies that seem to know the above combo well, mix things up and occasionally go for melee attacks instead. Keep them guessing on what you will do from the AC dash, and if you can win at mind games you might just win the match, too.
  • All three Burst types have validity, but if you’re playing the support role E is your safest bet.
  •  As mentioned earlier, 3000 cost partners are the best for Heine. Orange might be a loud color, but you’re better off lurking in the shadows, waiting for your chance to strike.