Legend Gundam

Model Number:ZGMF-X666S Pilot: Rey Za Burrel
Cost: 2500 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

Much like its predecessor, the Providence Gundam, the Legend Gundam comes equipped with the DRAGOON system. However, the Legend’s version of the system was improved with new DRAGOON pods that can engage in close combat, and the system itself was fine-tuned to allow even normal pilots without heightened spatial awareness to use it. The Legend itself is a top-performing unit for its era, armed with the latest in beam weaponry and beam shield generators. 

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 10 80 High-performance BR
Charged Main Full Burst 60 ~ 126
19 ~ 154
Legend fires 3 BR shots and thin gerobis from each DRAGOON
Sub DRAGOON System (Defensive Mode) 16 27~144 Deploys a single DRAGOON to surround Legend
DRAGOON System (All-range Attack) Deploys a single DRAGOON to attack the enemy
Special Shooting DRAGOON System (Full Defensive Mode) Deploys multiple DRAGOONs to surround Legend
DRAGOON System (Full All-range Attack) Deploys multiple DRAGOONs to attack the enemy
Special Melee Sword Impulse Gundam Summon 1 15~99 Sword Impulse throws beam boomerangs at the target
Beam Spike DRAGOONs 2
60~108 Performed During red-lock
Beam Gun DRAGOONs 27~52 Performed During green-lock
Burst Attack Minerva Crew Assault _ 302(F)/286(E & S) Combination attack performed together with the Destiny Gundam and Impulse Gundam
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 185 Standard 3-stage
5B~8BB 171 Strong stagger > hard knockdown
8B 8B 136 Stab with Excalibur
4/6B 4/6BB 134 Bounce down on final hit
CC8B CC8B 90 Flying kick

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B


AB: AC, 2B



2B: AB, AC

CC8B (on hit): A


The Legend Gundam is an all-rounder unit armed with DRAGOONs, all-range weapons that can attack independently from Legend. The unit itself is pretty orthodox with minor nuances, including a high-damage BR, a high-speed projectile CSA, and of course its DRAGOONs that can be deployed in various formations. Overall its moves reload quickly and Legend doesn’t often face situations where it runs out of ammo.

Legend can also freefall using its boomerang assist BC~A cancel route. Its mobility is all around good to begin with, and having the freefall really helps further boost its agility. Its melee prowess is also higher than what you would expect from a 2500 cost all-rounder.

While Legend is easy to use, it has to rely largely on its shooting attacks to pressure the enemy, and realistically that’s often not enough to gain the upper hand in a meta that is flooded with some extraordinary units. In particular it doesn’t possess any weapons that have super strong tracking and Down capabilities, making it lackluster in mid to long-range encounters. Another big weakness is that you cannot use both your CSA and AB/AC DRAGOONs at full power simultaneously. While Legend can do almost anything, it’s a jack of all trades that can often fail to match up against your expectations of how a 2500 cost unit should perform.

If you want to succeed with Legend, you need to take full advantage of its strengths, including its 80 damage BR, freefall, and high mobility. You’re going to want to focus more on catching landings, since you don’t have many means of hitting enemies in motion. Instead of playing it as yet another 2500 cost Seed MS with master-of-none performance, look for opportunities to use your potent melee attacks to go on a calculated offensive. Don’t forget to work together with your teammate to bring victory home.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

A Beam Rifle on a 3-second reload per shot. As far as Beam Rifles go, this one is superior in many areas, including higher-than-average damage, and abundant ammo. The firing angle might be slightly narrower than usual but this is a standard BR in every other aspect. It also has a lot of cancel routes available, making this the boxer’s equivalent of a jab in all your offense.

Charged Main: Full Burst

2.5-second charge time. Legend fires 3 shots from its BR along with up to 6 thin gerobis fired from the DRAGOONs mounted on its back. The BR shots do not track. You can cancel this into 2B, but there’s not much reason to do so. If you have deployed DRAGOONs with AB or AC, then whatever DRAGOONs are remaining on your backpack, if any, will fire. If you’ve deployed all your DRAGOONs then Legend will simply fire 3 shots from its BR.

This move has good muzzle correction, but not good enough to catch enemies dashing horizontally. This is best used for landing punishment. You can also use this to cover a wide area for enemies to run into, thanks to the move’s long active time. This move is one of the big differences between Providence and Legend, so it is advised that you take full advantage of it.

The exact down value and damage dealt by this move greatly varies depending on how the enemy is hit, but the damage is dealt very fast, leaving the enemy with no opportunity to E Burst and avoid damage. 

Because of the gaps between the gerobis and BR shots, enemies can actually slip between the cracks and avoid getting hit. 

Sub: DRAGOON System  

Legend deploys 1 DRAGOON at a time. You can continue holding the A button to repeatedly release DRAGOONs 1 at a time. You can also cancel into 2B to release the Beam Spike DRAGOONs. 1 ammo is reloaded every 2.5 seconds. Note that ammo is shared between AB and AC. Two deployment modes are available:

Neutral Sub: DRAGOON System (Defensive Mode)

Deploys 1 or more DRAGOONs to surround Legend, which fire when Legend fires its Main. It’s preferable to use 5AC to deploy multiple DRAGOONs, so there’s no real reason to use this move.

Directional Sub: DRAGOON System (All-range Attack): Deploys 1 or more DRAGOONs to perform an all-range attack on the enemy. You can use this move often thanks to the fast reload and high ammo count of the DRAGOONs. Just throw it out when the opportunity presents itself and be ready to hit confirm off shots that hit.

Special Shooting: DRAGOON System (Mass Deployment)

Shares ammo with Sub. Legend can deploy up to 8 DRAGOONs simultaneously in one of two formations, depending on the directional input. This burns DRAGOON ammo faster than you would using Sub DRAGOONs, but that’s no reason not to use these versions of the move, it’s just something to keep in mind.

Neutral Special Shooting: DRAGOON System (Full Defensive Mode): Deploys up to 8 DRAGOONs around Legend that fire consecutively when you fire your Main. You can boost dash cancel out of the deployment animation ASAP and still get the full deployment.

This is not an all-powerful anti-melee self defense tool, but even showing the enemy your fully deployed DRAGOONs will make them think twice about rushing in at you. You can use this in conjunction with Directional Sub: deploy maybe 2-3 DRAGOONs to attack the enemy, then deploy the rest with this move to have it both ways. You can deploy the funnels to surround you even if you have no ammo, which is a great way to fake out enemies and mislead them into thinking you’re a threat.

Directional Special Shooting: DRAGOON System (Full All-range Attack): Deploys up to 8 DRAGOONs to attack the enemy in an all-range attack. This is great as a “fire and forget” to put pressure on the enemy, but you should aim to use this only if you have a lot of DRAGOON ammo remaining.

Special Melee: Sword Impulse Gundam Summon

Rey calls upon Lunamaria in the Sword Impulse Gundam to throw 2 Flash Edge Beam Boomerangs at the enemy. As with the original Sword Impulse the boomerangs will return to its owner after traveling a certain distance, and have active hitboxes both ways. Note that while this move reloads in 6 seconds, the reload only starts after the boomerangs have returned, so the actual time gap between uses of this assist is considerably longer.

The startup on this move is rather slow overall. If the Impulse is destroyed, the boomerangs do not return and simply disappear after traveling a fixed distance. You can cancel this into Main to freefall. This move forces you to face front so don’t worry about missing out on the freefall.

Depending on your directional input, the move performance changes. 5BC summons the Impulse on Legend’s right side to throw the boomerangs straight forward. *BC (including diagonal inputs) summons the Impulse on Legend’s left to throw the boomerangs out in a V formation. Much like all boomerangs this deals multiple hits and makes it easy to follow up after, but the damage proration is bad so the follow-up damage is decent at best.

While this move is average on its own, when used in conjunction with your Main this is a great self defense tool in the close range. A~BC~A is a really strong freefall option. You can even add the 5AC DRAGOONs into the mix to further boost your self defense. This can also be used on offense if necessary, such as for catching landings or horizontal movement.

Overall this is best used as Legend’s go-to self defense move. 

2B: Beam Spike DRAGOONs/ Beam Gun DRAGOONs

Legend deploys the 2 large DRAGOONs mounted on its backpack to attack the enemy. You can input 2B to release one DRAGOON, or keep holding down the B button to release both. You can cancel this into AB. This takes 5 seconds to reload once both ammo have been used. Note that the reload only starts after the DRAGOONs return to the backpack.

The move’s performance is range dependent. 

Red Lock: DRAGOON System (Beam Spike)

The DRAGOONs chase down the enemy and stab at it with beam spikes, stunning on hit (weak stun). Even if both spikes hit the enemy will be stunned. The stun leaves the enemy open for a big punish, either from you or your teammate. The beam spike attack is considered a melee hit, so they can hit enemies with active shooting guards or even barriers that typically block melee attacks, such as Cherudim’s shield bits. Overall these can hit pretty often and can be difficult for enemies to deal with.

Green Lock: DRAGOON System (Beam Gun)

If you release the DRAGOONs on enemies in green lock, they will chase down the enemy up to a certain maximum distance and fire beams at it. The performance of this move is similar to your *AB, in which case you’re better off just using *AB and save your Beam Spike DRAGOON ammo for the red lock version of the attack.

Melee Set

5B: 3-stage Beam Javelin

A standard 3-stage combo. Forced PoV change on the last hit. This is best used as a combo part for big damage.

5B~8B Derivative: Slash-through

A double slash-through. The last hit puts the enemy in an untechable down state, and there’s a forced PoV change on the last hit as well. This is a good combo ender if you are out of boost as it guarantees the enemy will be put down.

8B: Excalibur Stab

Good priority. This is a valid option as a melee intercept, but you will need to read the enemy properly to execute this. This single hit as a high down value, following up with a B$ or another melee hit will down the enemy. The reach and tracking of this move is also good, making this a good option in the close range. Fuwastep forward to Main is your best follow up on hit.

4/6B: Rising Slash

A 2-stage attack that launches the enemy and then slams it down. You freefall quickly after the second hit. Forced PoV change on the last hit.

This causes a bounce down on hit, making it easy to follow up on, and also leaves you safe in Overheat without having to fear the enemy teching and retaliating. The reach on the first hit is below average but the startup is fast, so if you use this with rainbow steps often you can potentially make something happen. 

CC8B: Flying Kick

A similar kick to the fearsome Providence’s 8B. This is your main melee attack. The startup is fast but the charging-in speed is slow. The reach and hitbox size are good, but this tends to lose out in direct clashes. Much like Providence, you can cancel directly into Main on hit. You can use this both in melee combos and as a follow up off a projectile hit. 

This attack deals good damage and has good damage proration, and the ~A freefall after makes it a safe option. Again, the hitbox and range on this move are very good so you can use this as a sneak attack as well. Sometimes you shouldn’t overthink things, just kick your way to victory. Step forward after the kick to connect into other melee attacks.

Burst Attack

Minerva Crew Assault

A Burst Attack melee combo featuring the Destiny Gundam and the Impulse Gundam. This is one of Legend’s few high damage options. The cut resistance on this combo is poor on the 2nd hit, but gets better on the 3rd hit onwards. As you’d expect there is super armor on the first hit of this move. Hit confirming off a 2B stun or BC boomerang can lead you into some nice damage with this combo. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 168 Zunda
A>>A>>CC8B 172 Save BR ammo
A>>CC8B~A 183 BnB, freefall ender. You can do the same with an AB hit. 
2B(2hits)>>CC8B~A 194 Beam spike stun starter
2B(2hits)>>A 156 Safe bet
BC(4hits)>>CC8B~A 159 Freefall afterwards
BC(4hits)>>5BBB>A 168 Good damage for a melee intercept
5BBB>>CC8B~A 257 Good damage but strict timing
5B~8BB>>CC8B~A 240 Better cut resistance than the above
8B>A 155
8B>>CC8B 158
4/6B>5BBB>A 231 BnB
4/6BB>4/6BB 216
4/6BB>>CC8BB~A 229 BnB #2. Freefall finish
CC8B~A 154 Freefall finish, no hard knockdown
CC8B>>CC8B~A 210 Hard knockdown
CC8B>>CC8B>>CC8B 216 Soccer.
CC8B>5BBB>A 251


  • Your playstyle revolves around the use of DRAGOONs, and making use of your numerous shooting attacks.
  • While Legend is very similar in many areas to Providence, including their surprisingly potent melee potential, Legend has better mobility overall while Providence has better shooting moves.
  • Staying in a range that’s neither too close nor too far, harass the enemy with your Sub or 2B DRAGOONs to force their movement, then aim to punish their landings. Main or CSA are both good for landing punishing. 
  • While the DRAGOONs reload fast and you might want to use them as much as possible, doing so might tie you up from using your Main, CSA, or BC~A freefall when you need to, so read the flow of the match before using them.
  • Mobility is your weapon. Your freefall is also a great melee intercept, and overall Legend does well in 1-on-1 situations. You also have the 2B beam spikes to pierce beam mantles and shooting guards, so you don’t have to worry about getting pushed hard by units that can block your beams. 
  • Another of Legend’s big problems is that it’s hard to deal enough damage with just your projectiles in the mid range. There are many units out there with big damage comebacks, and you might find yourself losing out in the damage race even if you are hitting your shots consistently. In such situations, try and force the enemy to engage you in a 1-on-1 and either keep them busy or straight up beat them with your strong self defense. 
  • 5AC, BC, and your 8B are your best melee intercept options. Read the situation ahead of time and activate 5AC early to potentially drive the enemy away entirely. You can even go on a melee offense of your own with 5AC deployed, as the enemy might be scared to engage you should you choose to fire a Main shot instead.
  • E Burst is your best option if you’re playing Legend as a support, although S Burst can also be used if you’re taking the frontline. The benefits of S Burst fits Legend pretty well overall.
  • Legend teams best with 3000 cost units that can take the frontline. You want to avoid teaming with lower cost units, and if you do team with another 2500 cost unit it’s best if you make it take the frontline.