Gundam Virsago Chest Break

Model Number:NRX-0013-CB Pilot: Shagia Frost
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: O Form Change: X

An upgraded version of the Gundam Virsago. It sports a brand-new, 3-barrel mega-sonic cannon with incredible firepower, upgraded arms that can lash out like whips, and wings that contain collectors for use with the Satellite System. At its full power when docked with the Gundam Ashtaron Hermit Crab, it is even capable of matching the raw firepower of the Gundam Double X’s Twin Satellite Cannon. 

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Claw Beam Cannon 8 80 High damage BR.
Charge Main Strike Shooter (High Output) 60~120 Fires two beam projectiles simultaneously.
Sub Strike Shooter 2 38~138 Fires a wide spread of beams in a fan formation.
Special Shooting 3-barrel Mega Sonic Cannon 1 18~266
Special Melee Gundam Ashtaron HC Summon 1 50~60
MA Mode Main Scissor Beam Cannon 45~90 Ashtaron fires a beam.
Burst Attack Satellite Launcher 304(S)/290(F & E)
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5BBB 177
5BB~8B~A 200 Hard knockdown.
5BB~8BB 222 Attacks the enemy after grabbing it.
8B/ MA Mode *B 8BB 165
4/6B 4/6BB 151 Great for melee intercepts.
4/6BB~8B~A 164 Hard knockdown. 
4/6BB~8BB 191 Attacks the enemy after grabbing it.
2B 2B 85 Launcher.
CC8B CC8BB 140 Launcher into slash-through.

Cancel Routes:



2B on hit, All melee except CC8B and last hit of 5B, 8B, 4/6B: BC


The Gundam Virsago Chest Break is an all-rounder unit that favors shooting battles. It has a wide variety of beam weaponry, and it can summon the Gundam Ashtaron to aid it in battle. It is also an adept melee fighter, with melee attacks that can prove useful in many situations. Overall, it has all the tools it needs to defend itself from both ranged and melee attacks.

However, Virsago’s main weakness is that it’s a jack of all trades, and a master of none. Compared to many other 2500 units it feels like it’s in the middle of the pack in many aspects. Its mobility is below average, and it does not have any tools that allow it to freefall, a mobility technique that every suit desires. A lot of its moves also cause vernier. 

While Virsago has many weapons that cover wide areas, it doesn’t have any ranged moves that are particularly fast or high-tracking. If the enemy pays close attention to Virsago it becomes very difficult to score hits. 

However, on the bright side, this means that if a Virsago player is adept at staying out of sight, it can become a force to be reckoned with. Communicate with your partner and use him as a decoy to attack freely from a distance, and look for chances to hit your high-powered gerobi.

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Claw Beam Cannon

A standard BR with higher-than-average damage. If fired out of angle, Virsago stands still and fires a shot behind it without turning to face the enemy. 

This is Virsago’s only shooting attack that does not cause vernier, This makes it an important tool for poking at a distance to setup your other attacks. Virsago has a long red lock range as well, making it even easier to whittle away at enemies from a great distance away.

Charged Main: Strike Shooter (High Output)

2-second charge time. Virsago fires two beam projectiles simultaneously that knock back on hit. If both beams hit the enemy it will be knocked down.

The startup on this move is slower than your Main, but the projectiles are large and travel fast. Overall this is a pretty standard one-shot CSA that you can use often.

If you hit A~BC and charge your CSA from the first A, you will barely be able to charge up your CSA in time to hit a true combo follow-up from BC. 

Sub: Strike Shooter 

5-second reload per shot. Virsago comes to a stand still and fires six beams horizontally that fan out. The beams travel as fast as your BR shots do, but there is quite a bit of startup before firing. The vertical muzzle correction on this move is also poor.

You can input 4 or 6 to make Virsago fire the beams more towards either direction. If you cancel into this move cancel proration is applied, making the damage of each projectile go from 38 to 24.

This is one of Virsago’s most important moves. This is a really good move in longer ranges, as the wide beam spread is perfect for catching horizontal movement. Hitting even a single beam will cause a strong stagger, allowing you to easily add on more damage. 

However, this can be a difficult move to hit on savvy enemies. To hit this more effectively, try using it to catch landings, or fire it when your enemy is preoccupied with your partner. The reload on this weapon is fast, so you should have a fair number of tries to land this. Note that the projectiles do not travel any further than your max red lock distance.

At close range this can also be a strong tool, both on offense and defense. One common strategy is to feint like you are trying to hit the enemy with a melee attack, and then when they commit to try and intercept you with a melee attack of their own you can sidestep and hit them with the Sub. You can cancel Sub into itself, so as a last-ditch self defense effort when you are out of boost you can try firing this repeatedly.

One important thing to note about using this weapon is that you should try to avoid repeatedly using the same cancel route. Mix up your options to keep the opponent guessing on what you’ll be using next.

Special Shooting: 3-barrel Mega Sonic Cannon

Virsago fires a huge gerobi that deals high damage. 10-second reload time. While the projectile is very large, this move’s startup and projectile speed is very slow, the muzzle correction is only average, and there is no super armor or secondary explosion caused. Simply put, this is not a gerobi you can use for catching landings or punishing in general. Your main means of hitting this is using it as a sneak attack, covering a wide area and hoping that the enemy runs into it.

Firing this gerobi consumes a lot of boost, so it’s recommended that you try firing this while on the ground. Inputting 2AC cancels the PoV change, so make sure to input it every time. Don’t forget that you can cancel into BC anytime to keep yourself safe. You can also input a direction to move the gerobi a small amount. 

You’re most likely to hit with this gerobi when your teammate is currently engaging both enemies. While it can be very hard to hit this, the damage payoff is well worth it. 

Special Melee: Gundam Ashtaron HC Summon

Virsago stands on the Ashtaron, and does a backflip to kick it towards the enemy. Ashtaron fires a pair of beams and charges at the enemy. If it collides with the enemy it then grabs it, immobilizing it for a long duration. 

This move has no cooldown, however you can only have one on the field at a time. Unfortunately, the tracking and movement speed of this move is on the low side. This move does, however, cut tracking during the backflip animation, which is nice.

This is not a move you fire raw, instead it’s best used as a follow-up. Ashtaron also has enough HP to survive at least a single BR shot. 

Ashtaron itself is considered a physical projectile, meaning it can be blocked by most shooting barriers, and it will not be able to grab enemies with super armor.

Aside from being used as a follow-up to a hit-confirmed projectile, you can also use this move for self defense, or even as an evasive maneuver. You can block pretty quickly after summoning the Ashtaron, so you can summon Ashtaron and then guard as a close-range self defense measure.

One other thing to note is that if you are too far from the enemy, you may not be able to link this move with your Main (due to the slow travel speed of the Ashtaron).

Melee Set

5B: Strike Claw

3-stage combo. The reach on this move is further than you’d think, however this is still best used as a combo part.

5BB or 4/6B~8B~A Derivative: Grab > Zero Proximity Shot

Grabs the enemy and fires a a beam that makes the enemy explode. This is your best move for ending a combo fast with a hard knockdown.

5BB or 4/6B~8BB Derivative: Grab > Triple Stab

Grabs the enemy and stabs it 3 times. You may have to step forward and fire a BR shot at the end to score a hard knockdown. 

8B or MA Mode B: One-two Punch

Virsago punches with its left hand, followed by its right. This is Virsago’s go-to melee move. The startup on this move is fast, and the reach is incredible, literally beating out even melee-oriented units to the punch. 

Against enemies coming straight at you, this is your best option. If even one punch lands the enemy is put in a dust down, untechable state.

You can hit this move and then cancel it into BC to grab the enemy, land, and then follow up in various ways.

4/6B: Double Jab > Chopping Right

Virsago executes two quick jabs with its left hand, and a big downward chop with its right. The wraparound on this move makes it suitable for catching landings or close-range evasion, and you can use this to good effect in rainbow step battles. While the damage dealt from this combo starter is lower than what you can deal with 8B, this move has a faster startup. 

2B: Uppercut

A single attack that launches the enemy upwards. You can use this in combos to quickly knock the enemy down. 

CC8B: Spinning Slash-through

A 2-stage attack. The chase distance on this move is good and the startup is rather fast, but the priority on this move is low which makes it hard to hit raw. You can use this off a hit BR or Sub shot in the close range to finish your combo quickly, although 8B as a substitute leads to better damage.

MA Mode Ability Details

Aside from its Main, all of Virsago’s shooting moves performed in MA mode simply cancel the MA mode to fire the same MS mode attack. 

MA Mode Main: Scissor Beam Cannon

Ashtaron fires the same projectiles it does during the BC attack. This weapon has unlimited ammunition, knocks back on hit, and does 45 damage per shot. 

The actual performance on this move is low, so it is not in your best interest to actively try and hit it. If you have nothing else to do in MA mode you can pull this out, but there’s no need to go out of your way to use this move.

Burst Attack

Satellite Launcher

Virsago mounts the Ashtaron to fire a gigantic gerobi. Super armor on startup, but not when firing. Unlike the AC gerobi, this version has strong muzzle correction prior to firing. 

One problem with this move is that you cannot combo from the BC Ashtaron grab into this move, since when you use this move Ashtaron is recalled, causing the enemy to simply fall to the ground. 

While this move is extremely punishable should you miss, the potential payoff from hitting is high. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 168 Zunda
A~BC~2B~BC~CSA 196 BnB
A>>CC8BB>A 200
AB(1hit)>>A~BC>>A 173 BnB
AB(2hit)~BC>>A 164
BC~AC 243
BC~5BB~8BB~CSA 241
5BB~8BB~CSA 273 High damage combo
8NN>8BB>A 262 End with CSA for 265
8BB>5BB~8BB 260
4/6B>5BB~8BB 228
4/6B~8BB~CSA 264
CC8BB>8BB 232
CC8BB>5BB~8BB 259


  • Virsago does its best work from the mid to long range. Use your wide range of shooting armaments to catch landings and punish vernier movement.
  • Use the wide hitbox on AB to carpet the ground and catch horizontal movement.
  • AC is a difficult move to hit with a big payoff when you do. Stay at long range so the enemy is less likely to target you, then look for openings to hit AC.
  • Virsago’s melee attacks can be good for self defense, but it is not recommended that you aim for going on the offensive with melee attacks due to the high risk factor. Instead aim to counter incoming enemy melee attacks with your high priority 8B.
  • Virsago’s weakness is its poor mobility. It has no freefalls and a lot of its move cause vernier, which is a problem when your enemy is constantly refilling its boost and moving quickly while you cannot. If your partner is an agile type, it is often that you might be left to fight two enemies alone while it runs away and leaves you behind.
  • Virsago has very simplistic movements, and it can be easy for veterans to read what you are doing next because all Virsago players play the same way (not by choice, but by necessity). Try to keep this in mind, and don’t play like you’re just following a flowchart.
  • Virsago does well with F Burst, but you’re most likely going to be forced to use E Burst due to Virsago being a support character. S helps buff Virsago’s shooting attacks further, but being unable to freefall due to Virsago’s unique back-firing animation is a big detractor.
  • Virsago teams best with 3000 cost units. DX is a strong and canon partner, and together you both have powerful gerobis that can turn the tables in a second. Master Gundam is also a strong partner because of its ability to force enemies to pay attention to you. Just be careful not to grab your partner with your Ashtaron assist.