Gundam Spiegel

Model Number:GF13-021NG Pilot: Schwarz Bruder
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Mobile Suit of Schwarz Bruder, a master of German Ninjutsu and Neo Germany’s representative in the 13th Gundam Fight. It was the perfect shadow for Schwarz Bruder, a man whose identity was one of the tournament’s greatest secrets.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Messergranz 10 15~30 5A: Continuously throws Kunais forward whilst remaining stationary
Messergranz(Somersault) 45 2A: Consumes 1 ammo. Gundam Spiegel does a somersault
backwards whilst throwing a fan of 5 Kunai
Messergranz(Cartwheel) 60 4/6A: Consumes 1 ammo. Gundam Spiegel does a Cartwheel to
the left or right whilst throwing 1 kunai. Can only be done after 5A
Charged Main Messergranz (Explode) 19~124 Throws 4 kunais that cause explosions.
Sub Iron Net 1 70 Stuns the enemy and slows its movement for a fixed duration.
Special Shooting Rising Gundam Assist 2 90 Rising Gundam fires a Rising Arrow.
Special Melee Sturm Und Drang (Movement) Spiegel dashes quickly towards the enemy. Directional inputs available.
Burst Attack Sturm Und Drang (Bunshin Assault) _ 330(F)/276(E & S) A melee combo utilizing Spiegel’s clones.
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBB 209 Many cancel routes available.
5B(BB)~8B 200~245 Highest damage derivative, hard knockdown.
5B(BB)~2B 164~226 Lower damage derivative, but bounces on the last hit.
5B(BB)~BC 183~232 Mid damage derivative, bounces on the last hit.
5B(BB)~A 127~204 Quick knockdown.
8B 8B 70 Pyonkaku.


4/6BBBB 189 Has all the same derivatives as 5B.
4/6B(BB)~8B 189~230 Same derivative as 5B’s.
4/6B(BB)~2B 153~211 Same derivative as 5B’s.
4/6B(BB)~BC 172~217 Same derivative as 5B’s.
4/6B(BB)~A 116~189 Same derivative as 5B’s.
2B 2B 131~205 Melee counter with a shooting guard.
CC8B CC8B 90 Hitbox all around Spiegel’s body.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, *BC



A~2A, 2A: 4/6A

5BC / 4/6BC: A, AB, Any BC, Any Melee

2BC: A, AB, Any Melee


The Gundam Spiegel is a tricky unit with unique movements and even more unique weapons designed to pin opponents down. While it may appear to be a melee-oriented unit at first glance, it actually does not have high melee performance that lets it go up against true melee 2500 cost or higher opponents. However this also does not mean that Spiegel is a ranged unit adept at the midrange either. 

If you’re now wondering what Spiegel actually is good for, it’s a unit that uses its 8B and BC for mobility to disrupt enemies and assassinate them in the close range. It has many ways to refill its boost quickly and land safely, and with a bit of creativity you can show the enemy some very impressive footwork. However this takes a lot of time and effort to master, as even “basic” maneuvers for Spiegel can be difficult to execute. 

If you are as adept as Schwarz himself at reading opponents, Spiegel is a unit that rewards foresight, and can prove to be one tough ninja to take down.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Messergranz

Spiegel throws kunai at the enemy. Reloads once all 10 ammo has been used up, takes 7 seconds to reload back to full. Directional inputs change the kunai throwing motion. 

The projectiles are rather slow, and the startup before throwing the kunais is also slightly longer than the startup before firing a Beam Rifle. 

A single kunai will stagger the enemy, and the kunais has poor tracking but track nonetheless. The muzzle correction before throwing is good, though.

You can repeatedly throw kunais but don’t get carried away because 10 ammo won’t last long. The reload time is relatively long, so try to be economic with this. Being out of kunai ammo means you will be losing a key component in your offense, you won’t be able to perform the life-saving zusakyan technique, and your ability to defend yourself also drops. In other words, try and use this weapon wisely and make sure you’re in a safe spot before reloading. The kunais are physical projectiles so they can be destroyed by other projectiles, even the likes of vulcans.

5A: Spiegel throws the kunai straight ahead. Each kunai does 15 damage. You can repeatedly throw kunai up to five times. On the first and third throws Spiegel throws 2 kunai each time, but on the second, fourth, and fifth sequence Spiegel throws 3 kunai each time. Each sequence only consumes one ammo. Basically, in that one sequence you throw a total of 13 kunai but it only costs 5 ammo.

The fifth and final hit will always score a hard knockdown. The proration on this move is very low, meaning that if you hit a kunai and then go into a melee combo you can do big damage. The throwing speed of the kunais is rather fast, but you stand perfectly still the whole time which leaves you very vulnerable. The kunais can also be easily destroyed by incoming projectiles.

When thrown while standing on the ground Spiegel stays perfectly landed and even slides a little bit while throwing, meaning that this move can be used in a zusakyan sequence to refill boost. You can land and input 2B into a sidestep or land with 8B and sidestep into this move to refill boost quickly, even while in Overheat. 

Spiegel’s melee doesn’t have good priority in general, so using this move together with 2/8A is your best way to intercept incoming melee attacks. This is one of Spiegel’s very important lifelines for self defense.

Spiegel is generally poor at chasing down enemies, but with this zusakyan you can refill your boost quickly and maintain the boost advantage over an enemy, essentially chasing them down until they Overheat. You can also use the BC dash to get close to the enemy and then cancel into this move to chase enemies down and catch their landings with a kunai.

4/6A: You can only use this kunai throw maneuver after throwing a 5A or 2A kunai. Spiegel cartwheels sideways (direction depends on your directional input) and throws a single kunai which does 60 damage. This maneuver does not cut tracking but the movement is enough to dodge the likes of a Beam Rifle shot. However, be mindful that your falling speed after executing this move is very slow, which may leave you open to punishment.

2A: Spiegel somersaults into the air and throws 5 kunai in a fan spread. Each kunai deals 45 damage. The kunai spread out well horizontally which can let you catch enemy horizontal movement, but it can be difficult to follow up on hits. This can be a good move for self defense against melee attacks, but the startup of this move is rather slow so you will need to pull this out at the right range and with the right timing. It is probably best to start a self defense situation with 5A and then cancel into 2A to take advantage of 5A’s muzzle correction and fast startup first.

Charged Main: Messergranz (Explode)

2-second charge time. Spiegel flips into the air and tosses 4 kunai towards the enemy in a fan spread. When the kunai make contact with a surface they explode, causing explosions much like Zaku II’s grenades. Depending on how you hit the enemy with this, you can do roughly 140 damage on hit. 

This is one of Spiegel’s most important moves. You can use this in okizeme setups, offense, defense, and everything in-between. The only problem is learning to hit this move takes practice. But once mastered, you can repeatedly coat the battlefield with explosions, making it difficult for the enemy to move or land.

Sub: Iron Net

Spiegel throws a net at the enemy, ensnaring and stunning it. A 5-second mobility debuff is also applied to the enemy, slowing all of its movement. The reload on this move is rather fast at only 5 seconds.

The net itself is a physical projectile that can be destroyed while being thrown, albeit not easily. The net travels slower than a BR shot, and has tracking that ranks somewhere between a BR and a BZ shot. 

The net itself is pretty large and can be difficult for enemies to avoid in the close range, but the startup before throwing the net is long making it unsuitable as a self defense tool. However you can occasionally cancel into this from your various Main kunai attacks during a self defense sequence. 

You can use this net in a variety of ways, including as a combo finisher, as a follow-up from a kunai, down value reset combos, on enemies that are on the ground but not in yellow lock, etc. Just be mindful of the way that you use this tool— long combos after the net hit will all but waste your debuff time, which is something you may want to take advantage of.

Special Shooting: Rising Gundam Assist

11-second reload after all ammo has been used. Spiegel introduces the enemy team to his partner, Rain Mikamura in the Rising Gundam, which fires a Rising arrow. This is basically a snipe attack given the arrows extremely fast speed. 

While the startup of this move is slow, the projectile speed more than makes up for this. That makes this move very suited for catching landings or as a long range follow-up to attacks that don’t knock the enemy down, like your net or exploding kunais. The shot causes an instant hard knockdown and has a little bit of tracking as well. Don’t just use this as a follow-up— it’s just as good, if not better, when used as a tool on its own.

Special Melee: Sturm Und Drang (Movement)

Spiegel spins quickly while dashing. This move can be sidestep canceled. This consumes boost, but consumption-wise is pretty economic when taking into account that Spiegel moves quickly while dashing, and that the 4/6BC versions additionally allow you to rise upwards while dashing. Directional inputs influence the dash direction.

This has no actual hitbox— it is purely a movement tool. It also does not cut tracking. It does allow you to move in a more unpredictable fashion, and God knows Spiegel needs as much tricky movement as possible. You can cancel this move into almost all shooting and melee moves, including into another BC. After your BC dash ends you can immediately BC again as long as you have the boost for it. This kind of movement is very abnormal and hard for enemies to read.

You can also use this move to dash away from enemies while in green lock. 

5BC: Dashes straight at the enemy with no vertical movement. This is Spiegel’s fastest way to close in on an enemy assuming they are on the same horizontal plane. Even if the enemy is above or below you, you will still maintain the same level of elevation. This allows you to easily position yourself directly above or below the enemy. 

4/6/8BC: 8BC is your standard dash towards an enemy (chasing vertically, unlike 5BC). 4/6BC adds a wraparound curve on your dash towards the enemy. While these dash moves are not as fast as 5BC, these versions are better for chasing down enemies who are above or below you. You can rise very quickly while chasing with this move. However, it’s not easy to evade attacks with these moves while dashing at the enemy due to the dash angles and dash speed. 

2BC: Spiegel spins while plummeting towards the ground. Similar to Tallgeese III’s 2B. You cannot rainbow step cancel this move. Unlike 8B this move has no landing property, meaning that if you do this move from too high up you will not go all the way to the ground. This makes this move less suitable to be used as a landing move compared to 8B. This doesn’t mean you should never use it, however— you can still use it sparingly to occasionally catch opponents off guard. 

Melee Set

Spiegel attacks with various kicks, grabs, and of course its signature Spiegel Blades. While you might expect Spiegel to have excellent melee performance being a G Gundam unit, priority-wise its attacks are pretty average and the speed of its rush-ins and attacks are also only about as good as all-rounder units of the same cost.

All in all, it would be wrong to categorize Spiegel as a melee unit. However this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using your melee attacks at all— there are many ways you can use your projectiles and movement to set up melee combos that lead to big damage.  

5B: Spiegel Blade

A 4-stage melee combo. The reach and startup of this move are average, but the dash-in speed is slower than 4/6B. You can still use this as a combo part. 

5B or 4/6B~8B Derivative: Lightning Legs

Spiegel kicks the enemy rapidly. The last hit causes a hard knockdown. The damage of this derivative is high but there is almost no cut resistance. If you want to end the combo with the Iron Net, sidestep out before the last hit.

5B or 4/6B~2B Derivative: Izuna Drop

Spiegel grabs the enemy and performs a devastating slam. This move is pretty slow but it has a lot of vertical movement. It also has a lot of rigidity after the slam, so make sure you have enough boost to cancel out. The slam bounces the enemy off the ground, allowing you easily continue the combo or finish with an Iron Net. 

5B or 4/6B~BC Derivative: Bunshin Combo

Spiegel summons a clone of itself to launch a coordinated attack on the enemy. This derivative deals less damage than the 8B derivative but more than 2B derivative, and causes a bounce on hit just like the 2B derivative. The proration on this move is not very good but if you’re using this in a regular combo outside of Burst you can still deal some good damage. The second stage of this attack (the kick upwards) puts the enemy in an untechable state, making it ideal for comboing into your Burst Attack. 

5B or 4/6B~A Derivative: Messergranz

Same move as 4/6A, but this version deals more damage. Good cut resistance, but this does not lead to a hard knockdown, making it less useful than your other derivatives. Moves to the right by default, input 4 to move left

8B: Heel Drop

Spiegel leaps forward with a somersault and attacks with a heel drop. This is basically a pyonkaku. While this isn’t exactly the best pyonkaku out there, 2BC does not have a landing property making this your go-to landing move. The jump motion is big enough to dodge the likes of beam rifle shots. 

The damage of this move is pretty alright for a single hit and it bounces the enemy on hit, making it useful as a combo part.  However just make sure you space this move properly or you’re liable to miss.

If you want to use this move to run away from an enemy, switch targets to a green lock target (if available) and use 8B repeatedly to get away. However it’s recommended that you switch back to the original target to perform the 8B>A zusakyan to land. If you’re unable to do so, using the 2B shooting guard/melee counter move is recommended for cover.

4/6B: Spiegel Blade Combo > Somersault

A 4-stage melee combo. The dash-in speed, startup, and priority of this move are average for a 2500 cost all-rounder unit, and the reach of this move is not very good so don’t expect too much success from swinging this around.

The wraparound curve on this move is pretty good, though, and overall this is still better than your 5B so if you want to try hitting a melee combo raw this is your best shot. The 3rd stage of this attack puts the enemy in an untechable state, making it ideal for setting up a combo into your Burst Attack.

However, this move still deals relatively poor damage and has bad damage proration. This changes when you’re in Burst, though— with the Meikyo Shisui damage modifiers all G Gundam units enjoy during Burst, even the likes of Spiegel can deal big damage. However you still won’t be in the position to win melee clashes, so be mindful of that. 

2B: Melee Counter

Similar to Red Frame’s 2B, Spiegel puts up an iron board of sorts. This board has an active shooting guard that blocks incoming projectiles. If an enemy hits the board with a melee attack, Spiegel retaliates with a melee counter, calling upon a group of Spiegel clones to beat up the enemy together. You can mash the B button to deal more hits and damage.

The startup of this move is very fast, but the active hitbox is not very big. Hit stop is applied when you’re guarding with the board, so while this move may effectively block the likes of beam rifle shots you may be pinned down when blocking a machine gun’s shots. As you’d expect, a gerobi would shred both you and your board near instantly.

Overall this is a pretty useful move thanks to the shooting guard. When landing in Overheat you can use this to cover your landing. You can also zusakyan with this move by sidestepping into your Main, similar to 8B>A.

CC8B: Giant Shuriken

Spiegel lets ‘er rip and spins with its blades extended, charging at its target and slashing it repeatedly. Pretty cut resistant since you never stop moving forward. While Spiegel spins 360 with this there is no active hitbox behind it. However, the active hitbox is still rather large.

Overall it is difficult to use this move because of the slow dash speed. It’s also quite hard to combo off of, and the damage you deal with this isn’t stellar either.

Burst Attack

Sturm Und Drang (Bunshin Assault)

Maybe the coolest Burst Attack in EXVSMBON. Spiegel slashes the enemy once, poses, then pulls it into a hurricane of slashes. Finally Spiegel summons multiple clones to slash the enemy in one coordinated attack. 

You get super armor on the first hit, but the startup of this move is very slow making it difficult to hit raw. Fortunately Spiegel has many ways to combo into this. This move is cut resistant in some portions and not in others, so really only use this when you’re sure you won’t get interrupted. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A (full combo) 166
A(5hits)~AB~AC 183
A(1hit)>>5B~2B>5B~2B 255 Good damage and cut resistance
A(1hit)>>5B~2B>5B~8B 261 Best damage from A starter
AB~AC 133
5B~2B>5BB~2B 256 Good cut resistance
5BBB~8B(10hits)>5BBB~BC 272 Long combo
4/6BBB>4/6BBBB 223 Combo is quicker than you’d think
4/6B~2B>4/6B~2B 232 Good cut resistance
8B>5BB~2B>AB 233


  • As mentioned multiple times throughout the guide, unlike other Mobile Fighters, Spiegel is not a unit that does well in straight up Gundam Fights. Instead, pay homage to Spiegel’s ninja origins and play it as a tricky unit that does not engage enemies directly, instead striking from the shadows and playing into an enemy’s confusion.
  • Use Spiegel’s wide array of projectiles to pressure the enemy. If you can properly align your projectiles with the enemy’s axis, you can hit enemies in ways they do not expect.
  • CSA is for controlling movement, AB is for debuffing, AC is for catching landings and knocking the enemy down. Putting all these tools together and working with your teammate, you can put the enemy in a constant state of disarray.
  • To that end, it’s important that you properly cycle between using all your moves, and as far as possible reduce the number of friendly-fire incidents. 
  • While most Mobile Fighters are easy to pick off with even weak-tracking projectiles due to their poor movement, Spiegel is an exception to this rule. In fact, it’s quite the opposite— Spiegel excels at dodging such attacks.
  • Using its 8B~A zusakyan, and all other dashes and dodges, Spiegel’s landings can be extremely difficult to punish. It’s so mobile that many players give up on targeting Spiegel and aim for its partner instead— and that’s the start of your offense.
  • For a Mobile Fighter, Spiegel has good shooting attacks, but only as a Mobile Fighter. If you simply stand back and fire away you will surely lose the damage race, instead Spiegel needs to launch surprise attacks and actively try to attract enemy attention. BC is very useful for this as it allows you to catch up to enemies quickly and stick close to them.
  • CSA is Spiegel’s signature projectile, but if used incorrectly you’re liable to hit your teammate more than your actual targets. As a first rule of thumb, do not throw your CSA at enemies above you, because hitting enemies above you with CSA is very, very difficult. Try and hit your kunai against terrain or buildings to cause the explosions that enemies will be more likely to run into. 
  • Don’t spend too much time waiting for the correct time to use CSA. If you throw it too slowly while airborne against a melee attack, the opponent will just dash below it and avoid everything while getting a hit on you. Instead of just waiting around half-heartedly, throw your kunais immediately or wait for the opponent to be directly below you.
  • As you would expect, F Burst is the best Burst for Spiegel because it gives you a big melee damage boost you desperately need. You still can’t fight 1v1 with other melee units and expect to win, but if you do land a combo you can deal big damage. E is not totally useless, but given Spiegel’s low damage output E robs you of any chance of making a big damage comeback. S is somewhat usable given your multiple shooting attacks, but because most of your shooting attacks cause you to vernier you cant abuse freefalls.
  • Spiegel can pair with a partner of pretty much any cost, but your playstyle must be adjusted accordingly depending on whether you’re fronting for a 1.5k or supporting a 3k.