Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina

Model Number:MBF-P01-Re2AMATU Pilot: Rondo Mina Sahaku
Cost: 2500 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

A remodeled version of the Astray Gold Frame Amatsu designed for use by Rondo Mina Sahaku, the twin sister of the original Gold Frame Amatsu’s pilot, Rondo Gina Sahaku. It was refitted with two new weapons— a pair of “Totsuka no Tsurugi” sabers, and a retractable “Tsumuha no Tachi” triple claw. It also gained the “Okitsu no Kagami” Beam Shield that allowed it to both attack and defend with a Lightwave Barrier shield. 

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 5 70 Standard Beam Rifle.
Charged Main Lancer Dart 65 Physical projectile stun.
Sub Magashira No Hoko 1 90 Releases wires that stun on impact.
Special Shooting Mirage Colloid System 1 Special dash that requires ammo to perform.
Shooting Derivative: Totsuka no Tsurugi 124 AC~A derivative. 
Burst Attack Heavenly Dance _ 294(F)/267(E)/268(S) Recovers 40HP.
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 182 3-stage melee combo.
5BB~8B~A 199 Stuns on finisher.
8B 8BBB 176
8BB~2B 166
4/6B 4/6BBB 177 Huge wraparound curve on the dash-in.
Bounce Down.
4/6BB~A 174 Forced Down.
2B 2B 20 Shooting Property Anchor. 
CC8B CC8B 152 Quick combo with decent damage.
BC BC 59 ~ 104 Drains the enemy’s HP.
BC~8B 170 ~ 206 High damage.
BC~2B 105 ~ 141 Fast knockdown.
2BC 100 Fast startup melee counter.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, 5BC



AC: 5B, 8B, 4/6B, 2B, BC

The following cancel routes can only be cancelled on hit:


5B(B), 5B(B)~8B, 5B(B)~8B~A: 5BC

8B(B), 8BB~2B:5BC

4/6B(BB): 5BC


2BC: 5BC


The Astray Gold Frame Mina is a 2500 cost clone upgrade of the 2000 cost Astray Gold Frame Amatsu. Much like its predecessor, Mina is an all-rounder that specializes in melee combat and landing sneak attacks. The 2k Gold Frame already had mobility that could match up against that of 3000 cost all-rounders, and as you’d expect the Mina’s general mobility is top class in the 2500 cost bracket. 

While the Mina’s shooting moveset is exactly the same as its predecessor’s, its AC~A, 4/6B, and 2B melee attacks have new motions, it has a new move in 2BC, and new cancel routes that come with the cost upgrade. Its Mirage Colloid dash reloads slightly faster, and it gets 2 ammo on its Maga no Ikutachi lifesteal attack. 

But just like the original 2k, Mina’s red lock range is very short, and it has lower-than-average HP for a unit that’s expected to duke it out in the close range. Its melee set is good but not great enough to bully enemies with high speed and priority attacks that many melee units possess. 

Nevertheless, having a low HP pool is somewhat mitigated by its ability to lifesteal. Play your cards right and Mina can be an immortal vampire that can be difficult to finally put to rest.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

No change from the 2k Gold Frame. A standard Beam Rifle with a standard reload time of 3 seconds per shot. This particular Beam Rifle does not have a big ammo pool, but you have CSA to make up for it. 

With its incredible mobility, Mina can take advantage of this Beam Rifle to the fullest. It can also cancel out into other projectiles, allowing the Gold Frame to exhibit shooting performance matching all-rounder units. This is a very important tool for Gold Frame used to set up its offense and create chances to launch surprise attacks.

Charged Main: Lancer Dart

No change from the 2k Gold Frame. 2-second charge time. Gold Frame fires 3 lancer darts (that behave as a single projectile) that stun on hit. The projectiles travel quickly and are physical in nature, meaning they can be destroyed. The darts can also track enemies and curve to a certain degree, even hitting slow-footed enemies who are boost dashing horizontally. 

This move causes vernier but also inherits a good amount of inertia before firing. The darts also do not travel full distance, disappearing after a certain range. And while the Lancer Darts don’t deal a lot of damage they have low damage proration, allowing for good damage follow-ups. 

While it might still be hard to hit this move, it’s a key move for Gold Frame, making up for its low Beam Rifle ammo count. Finding the right times to use this move is important in mastering the Gold Frame.

Sub: Magashira No Hoko

Gold Frame rises upwards slightly to release a pair of wires that stun on hit. The wires travel out almost as far as your max red lock range before returning. Once they return, they take only one-second to reload before they can be used again, similar to boomerang-type weapons. Note that the wires have no active hitbox when returning to you, only when travelling out. You can cancel into this from Main, with zero cancel damage proration.

There is a short duration between rising upwards and releasing the wires. Canceling out of the move too early might make you forgo releasing the wires at all, so be careful. The wires track well, but note that if you are knocked down the wires instantly return. In the midrange it’s very easy to hit this move against enemies with average mobility. There are many ways to set up and hit this move, so use it frequently to figure out the best times to unleash this. 

Change from 2000 cost Gold Frame: You can cancel from this move into AC or BC. Canceling into AC is very effective as the wires are released to your left and right, while you charge straight down the middle, cutting off an enemy’s escape from all directions. Being able to directly cancel from your stun into BC is also useful. 

Special Shooting: Mirage Colloid System

Gold Frame’s most important move. Gold Frame disappears from sight and dashes quickly. Different dash maneuvers are performed depending on the directional input. This consumes boost to perform, but can be done even when you are in Overheat. If you use this move in green lock you will still dash towards the enemy. Takes 6.5 seconds (down from 2k Gold Frame’s 7 seconds) to reload after being used, and there is a 3.5-second cooldown time (up from 2k Gold Frame’s 3 seconds) after usage before the reload starts.

5BC makes you dash straight at the enemy, while 4/6BC makes you strafe left or right before dashing in. Note that dash-in distance for 4/6BC is shorter than 5BC as a result of the sideways movement.

This move cuts tracking upon activation, and when you cancel into a derivative. Although you go invisible you do not take an extra 50% damage like Blitz does.

You can cancel into all melee moves except CC8B from the dash. All melee moves canceled from AC have improved dash-in speed and reach, allowing you to reach levels of chase down you never thought possible for a 2000 cost. Just note that 4/6B loses its wraparound curve dash arc when canceled from this dash. Tracking on an enemy is also re-applied once you cancel into a melee move, so even if the enemy cuts tracking while you are dashing with Mirage Colloid you will track them again once you cancel into an attack.

Remember how you can dash towards a target even when in green lock? You can use this to your advantage to dash towards a secondary target who is not aiming at you to escape from your primary target, while cutting tracking.

Canceling into 5B offers good tracking, fast dash-in speed, and a fast startup. It also leads to the biggest damage. 8B has a faster startup and better priority than 5B, but does not track as well. This makes it most suitable for contesting melee intercepts. It also does good damage, matching 5B. 4/6B has similar performance to 5B but leads to poorer damage, so this is not your best option in most cases. BC doesn’t reach very far and is heavily prorated even in life drain, so it’s best you don’t cancel into it from AC at all.

AC~A Derivative: Totsuka no Tsurugi

Mina leaps into the air at the enemy and strikes it with the Totsuka no Tsurugi blade, following up with a slash-through. Much like the 2k Gold Frame’s AC~A this has good damage proration making it suitable as a combo part. You can also cancel this into BC.

Melee Set

Fastest startup: 2BC>8B>5B>4/6B=CC8B>2B>5BC

Highest priority: CC8B>8B>4/6B>5B

Reach: CC8B>4/6B>5B>8B=5BC

5B: Trikeros Kai

A standard 3-stage melee combo. Good DPS overall. One of the main melee attacks you want to cancel into from AC. The startup, priority, and reach of this move are all improved over the original 2k Gold Frame’s.

5B~8B Derivative: Tsumuha no Tachi

Reels the enemy in and then throws it. Mina moves a good distance towards the left when using this move.

5B~8B~A Derivative: Totsuka no Tsurugi Throw

Throws the Totsuka no Tsurugi and stuns the enemy. Good damage proration but poor cut resistance. Useful as a combo part.

8B: Middle Kick

Same as the 2k Gold Frame. A 3-stage melee combo. Fast startup and good priority. The combo time is also pretty fast. One of your best melee moves in the close range.

8B~2B: Somersault

A single hit launcher. This causes less damage than the full 8B combo but has little down value, allowing you to set up longer combos.

4/6B: Okitsu no Kagami Slash

A combo using Mina’s beam shields. New animation compared to the 2k Gold Frame, but the startup and priority of these two moves is on the same level. You get good damage proration even when comboing off the last hit of this attack.

4/6B~A Derivative: Lancer Dart

Same as the 2k Gold Frame. Fires Lancer Darts that explode. Cannot be sidestep canceled. Once the Lancer Darts have pierced the enemy they will explode after a short duration, so you can boost dash cancel out early. 

2B: Okatsu no Kagami 

Pulls in with an anchor-type attack. The range on this is rather short, making it difficult to hit effectively. Hitting the enemy will not stun the enemy, instead making it spin while being pulled in. If you want to follow-up after there are no cancel routes available, you will need to either sidestep or boost dash cancel to continue the combo. The safest way to follow up is sidestepping left or right.

CC8B: Stab

A 2-stage slash-through combo. Compared to the 2k Gold Frame this attack has better startup, priority, and reach. The vertical tracking and dash-in speed are good. The proration on this move is also good, but the down value is high. Nice cut resistance, too. 

BC: Maga No Ikutachi

Melee attacks on a 4-second cooldown. Gold Frame grabs the enemy and sucks energy out of it (you can mash B to deal more hits, up to 5), before unleashing a somersault kick. Compared to the 2k Gold Frame this attack has 2 ammo instead of 1, and it takes only 4 seconds to reload 2 ammo once they have both been expended. Reloading starts the moment you use your last BC attack. Obviously this means that unlike the original 2k Gold Frame, Mina can perform two BC attacks in a single combo without having to Burst.

This attack drains HP from the enemy and adds it to your own HP pool. This attack has zero cut resistance, but if you’re left alone for long enough you can use this to heal a bit. Note that using this attack when your HP is full will only deal damage to the enemy and provide 0 healing.

Note that you can change target to keep an eye on your main target’s partner while you drain its HP. The first hit of this attack already drains a little HP, so if you use it to knock an enemy down you will fast fall while also gaining back a little HP (something like 9 or 10). While this attack typically cannot be used consecutively, you can Burst to reload this and possibly drain an enemy twice.

8B and 2B derivatives are available. You can cancel into these derivatives before the 5th hit of the 2nd stage of the initial BC attack. Note that you cannot heal by grabbing your own partner and you won’t be able to perform any follow-up (why would you want to) except 8B. You also heal less (6HP) on the final hit of the attack if you deal less than 5 hits before the somersault. 

A unique property of this melee attack is that cancel proration is applied when canceling into this move from another melee attack. You can deal higher damage if you opt to sidestep cancel into BC as opposed to direct canceling.

It’s extremely easy to cut this combo. An enemy watching his teammate get drained only requires a single moment to fire a BR your way to completely interrupt you. If you eat said BR the amount of HP you drain will be considerably less than the damage taken from the BR, making it anything but a fair trade. In other words, be on high alert when using this move, and be ready to escape anytime an interrupting shot comes your way.

BC~8B Derivative: Impale Into Lancer Dart

Gold Frame stabs the enemy with a Lancer Dart, lifts it up, and fires the dart into it, causing an explosion. High damage but zero cut resistance leading into a hard knockdown. You can sidestep cancel this. Just like with the 5B or 4/6B~A derivative if you shoot a Beam Rifle shot into the enemy at the moment it explodes you deal extra damage. The timing to hit this is side stepping and firing the BR shot the moment Gold Frame lets go of the enemy. Mina’s version does more damage on the final explosion compared to the 2k Gold Frame’s. 

BC~2B Derivative: Jump Slash

Same as the 2k Gold Frame. Mina leaps upwards and slashes downwards. Causes hard knockdown. No landing property, so if you do this from too high up this move will not bring you all the way to the ground. Gold Frame stuns the enemy before rising upwards, which you can use to either set up another combo or set up a down value reset combo opportunity.

2BC: Melee Counter 

Mina whips out the Tsumuha no Tachi in a counter stance. Hitting the Tsumuha no Tachi with a melee attack will trigger a counter attack. Mina does an attack similar to the 5B~8B derivative, tossing the enemy away. The startup on this counter is fast, but the counter hitbox is rather narrow, so watch out for attacks coming from the sides or behind you. After the last hit of the attack you can cancel into BC but you will need to be quick about it.

Burst Attack

Heavenly Dance

All-new Burst Attack, where Mina throws everything it has at the enemy in a long and flashy melee combo. You recover 40HP on the 2nd stage of this combo. 

This Burst Attack has super armor on startup, and the 4th hit (anchor) can be blocked by shooting barriers, and if you hit an enemy with a shooting barrier with this then the combo will come to an end. There are cut resistant and non-cut resistant parts of the whole combo, so all in all be careful about when you use this. Try and find the right opportunity to use this and you can deal big damage and recover some HP for your troubles.


  • Mina plays very similarly to the 2k Gold Frame, but because of the higher cost you have to be extra careful about managing your HP and team cost. For the most part you can refer to the strategies section of the 2k Gold Frame guide and most of it applies.
  • If you want to use Mina over the 2k Gold Frame, take full advantage of its plus points, which are a better 4/6B, a 2B anchor, and the 2BC melee counter. Last but not least, the general mobility of Mina is even better than the original’s which is already good.
  • With the cost increase, Mina gains the ability to not only perform surprise attacks, but also linger on the frontline and make direct confrontations. 
  • One of the downsides of using Mina over the original is that because of the higher cost, F Burst and S Burst become much more risky picks over E Burst. This is not a big deal if you’re playing in a double 2.5k front team or playing with a 3k unit that is taking the backline, but losing out on the potential comeback factor is pretty big.