Arios Gundam

Model Number:GN-007GNHW/M Pilot: Allelujah Haptism (& Soma Peries)
Cost: 2500 Hp: 600 Transform: O Form Change: X

Much like its predecessor Gundam Kyrios, Arios Gundam is built for high-speed combat, transforming between its Mobile Suit form and flight form. It can also dock with the GN Archer, which gives Arios greater speed, firepower, and maneuverability. 


Ability Summary

MS Form

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main GN Cannon 8 75 Fires a BR shot. GN Archer fires a BR shot as well.
Charge Main GN Cannon(High Output) 110 One-hit down.
Charged Melee GN Missile Container 26 ~ 155 Fires missiles that fly in an inward-curving trajectory.
Sub GN Sub-Machine Gun 50 15 ~ 69 *AB except 2AB: Beam property machine gun.
GN Sub-Machine Gun (Dual) 18 ~ 126 2AB: Stands still to fire both arm-mounted machine guns. 
Special Shooting Transform + GN Missiles 1 40 ~ 72 Transforms into MA mode while releasing GN Missiles.
Special Melee GN Archer Rapid Fire  1 50 ~ 150 5BC: Triple-shot.
50 ~ 90 4/6BC: GN Archer moves sideways before firing 2 shots.
GN Archer GN Archer Assist _ 45 ~ 90 Fires in conjunction with the main.
Burst Attack GN Archer Coordinated Assault _ 287(F)/270(E)/276(S) Melee combo Burst Attack.
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5BBB 189 3-hit combo.
8B 8B 86 Stab with good proration.
4/6B 4/6BBB 166 Good curve trajectory.
2B 2BBB 173 Bounces on hit.
CC8B CC8BB 125 Slash-through.
CC8BBBB 235(F)/213(E & S) During Burst only. Does more hits and more damage.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, 2AB, AC




MA Form

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main GN Cannon & GN Missile 4 100 (50~90) Fires a beam and a few missiles
Charged Main GN Cannon (Focused) 37 ~ 143 Moving gerobi
Sub GN Cannon (Triple-shot) 1 55 ~ 132 Barrel roll while firing three shots
Special Shooting GN Missile 3 40 ~ 151 Releases a volley of GN Missiles
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B/8B Derivative 5B/~8B 100/80 Can be done as a derivative from melee in MS mode
BC/BC Derivative BC/~BC 226 Can be done as a derivative from melee in MS mode

Cancel Routes(Flight Form):

A: AB, AC, B, BC



An all-rounder Mobile Suit that specializes in shooting. The main gimmick of the Arios Gundam is transformation, which grants the MS increased mobility as well as a wider range of attacks. A great strength of the Arios is its multiple freefall cancel routes, allowing it to land quickly and refill its boost. 

But perhaps its greatest strength is its ability to remain airborne indefinitely while in its MA mode, even in Overheat. Its melee set is also more than good enough to get the job done, and overall it’s a MS that boasts high self defense both in interception and running away.

One of the other big plus points for Arios is the GN Archer piloted by Soma Peries (Marie) who shadows Arios and fires her Beam Rifle whenever Arios dones. It’s sort of like having an undocked Seravee at all times, which can prove useful especially if you know how to set up the right firing angles.

Arios weaknesses include a low HP pool, and melee MSes that can exploit Arios’ movements. MSes with shooting guards or ABC mantles can prove especially difficult. However, in such cases, Arios still has the option to pick flight over fight, something that not many other MSes can do.

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Cannon

Standard Beam Rifle, with the benefit of having the GN Archer fire its BR a split second after you do. Standard reloading timing of 3 seconds per shot. This has lots of cancel routes available into everything you need to keep your offense going.

Assist: GN Archer

The GN Archer fires two beams simultaneously every time you fire your Main. When you transform into your MA form the GN Archer docks with you, forming the Archer Arios. 

The guns used by the GN Archer are as good as any BR in all areas, including startup, tracking, and projectile speed. You can use BC inputs to make the GN Archer fire multiple times, and because the move starts up slower than your Beam Rifle you can activate it first and then fire your own Beam Rifle to attack the enemy from two different angles at once. The one downside in all this is that the damage proration off a GN Archer shot is pretty high, so even if you go into a melee combo you won’t be doing much.

The GN Archer has near-unlimited HP, and can actually block small projectiles for you if you’re lucky with positioning. It’s possible to destroy the GN Archer, but once you enter MA mode it instantly reappears so you should never have to worry about it being out of commission. 

Charged Main: Beam Cannon (High Output)

One-shot down. 2-second charge time. Great for catching landings, Second Impact-ing, and as a combo finisher. The damage of this move is low compared to other one-shot down CSAs, and its tracking is also not great.

You can cancel into your Sub from this in order to move backwards slightly and then freefall. Dashing backwards prior to doing this inherits quite a good amount of inertia too. While it may seem to be a waste to fire your Sub once you already score a one-hit down with the CSA, freefalling afterwards covers the CSA’s weakness of forcing you to stand still, or it can act as an insurance in case the CSA misses. This is a good technique for self defense as well. 

Charged Melee: GN Missile Container

2.5-second charge time. Stands still to fire two volleys of missiles that spread outwards and then curve inwards. This is your best tracking move in MS mode, able to catch enemies who are either not paying attention to you or not sidestepping. Causes a heavy stagger on hit, allowing for easy follow-ups. This is overall a key tool in Arios’ neutral and ranged game.

However, the charge time is rather long and you stand still for a long time to fire this, which leaves you vulnerable for a long time. It’s not something you can use easily if enemies are looking at you. The simple solution is to use this when no one is locking on to you.   

Sub: GN Machine Gun

Beam projectile machine gun. Reloads on an empty clip, takes 6 seconds to reload to full. You can fire up to 10 shots by holding down the A button. Staggers the enemy after 4 hits.

This is one of Arios’ most important tools. It allows you to score downs when cancelled from Main, and is a key tool for all your freefalls. A~AB while facing forward will allow you to move with your current inertia, while a back-facing A~AB will make you freefall. Feel free to add a sidestep in prior to the freefall.

2AB: GN Machine Gun (Dual)

Stands still and fires both arm-mounted GN Machine Guns. Your fire rate is doubled, you do slightly more damage, and most importantly you only need 2 shots to stagger instead of 4. Also, you can empty the entire clip in a single burst firing up to 50 shots consecutively.

While firing you can also input a direction to curve the shots in that direction, but doing so is not recommended in most circumstances because the tracking and muzzle correction is already strong. You can use it once you master it, but for the most part the regular version should serve you just fine.

This is primarily a self-defense from melee tool, very quickly beating out most melee attempts including super armor. Just watch out for shooting guard or ABC mantles, although in many cases you do enough damage quickly enough to shred through the guard and hit the enemy as well. To be safest, canceling from a Main is recommended.

Special Shooting: Transform + GN Missiles

Quickly transform into your MA mode and fly towards the input direction while firing GN Missiles upwards, which curve towards the enemy similar to your AC GN Missiles in MA mode. Requires 1 ammo to perform, which reloads in 9 seconds.

Unlike many other command transformation moves this is not something you can spam often, as it consumes a lot of boost and has a relatively long cooldown. However, you can use this move even in Overheat, so it can be useful as a get-out-of-jail free card when out of boost. This move can also be canceled from your Main, so you can use this in hit-and-run tactics. The tracking of the GN Missiles is also noteworthy, but you have your MA mode AC for that so the movement of this move is going to be the main reason you use it.

Special Melee: GN Archer (Rapid Fire)

A command input for the GN Archer, requires 1 ammo to perform which reloads very quickly in 5 seconds. 

5BC commands the GN Archer to fire 3 consecutive BR shots from its current position. 4/6BC sends the GN Archer to strafe towards the target direction and fire 2 shots. Both versions are great for setting up crossfire situations when you fire your own attacks together with the GN Archer, attacking from multiple angles.

You can cancel this into your Sub to freefall, but you need to be facing forwards to do so. This move also inherits a lot of inertia so cancel from a boost dash or sidestep to slide a good distance before freefalling.

Burst Attack

GN Archer Coordinated Assault

A combo attack performed together with the GN Archer. Pretty cool looking, 7.5/10. Like all Burst Attack melee combos this has super armor on startup. This has poor cut resistance because Arios doesn’t move very much during the combo, and the combo time is rather long. A lot of the damage from this combo is also from the final explosion, so getting interrupted early greatly hurts the overall damage output.

Still, if you have the opportunity to land this safely then go for it. 

Melee Set

5B: GN Beam Saber

3-stage melee attack with a forced PoV change on the final hit. You can follow-up on the last hit by fuwastepping forward and firing a Main. Unlike 4/6B and 2B you cannot cancel into the BC derivative from the final hit. 

8B: Stab

A multi-hit, single stab. Good hitbox, second only to your MA mode B. This is your melee-to-melee intercept of choice, and leads to good damage as well. Cancels into the 8B derivative.

4/6B: Horizontal slash

Attacks with two Beam Sabers. Good wraparound and chase distance. Can cancel into either the 8B or BC derivative, or you can follow up on the end of the combo with a CSA shot. 

2B: Bounce combo

Bounces on the third hit, which also forces a PoV chance. Leads to 8B or BC derivatives. The second hit onwards puts the enemy in a downed state, which is useful in situations like hitting Hot Scramble when his funnels are deployed will force his funnels to stop attacking more quickly.  

CC8B: Slash-through

2-hit combo normally, 4-hit when Trans-Am is active. Fuwastep backwards to follow up on the final hit.

8B Derivative/MA Mode B: Charge

Arios charges at the enemy. Puts the enemy in an untechable down state. This has a very strong hitbox, beating out even the legendary Berga Giros’ CC8B. You can use this as a melee intercept, but your priority should be relying on your evasion or shooting attacks first, leaving this as a last resort.

BC Derivative/MA Mode BC: GN Beam Shield Claw

In the MA mode, Arios grabs the enemy with the GN Beam Shield Claw and crushes it in a multi-hit attack, following up with an explosive finish. 

If hit raw this move does not instantly down the enemy, but it has a really high down value so at the most you can get in one extra attack afterwards. This move has almost no cut resistance, so be sure you’re in a safe spot when executing it.

This move causes the most damage out of all of Arios’ moves (outside of your Burst Attack) but leaves you completely vulnerable. Don’t seal off this move nor actively hunt for opportunities to use it, instead just bust it out whenever the opportunity presents itself.

MA Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Cannon & GN Missile

Fires the GN cannon and 2 GN Missiles. Lots of cancel routes available.

Charged Main: GN Cannon (Focused)

1.5-second charge time. Arios fires a medium-ranged gerobi from the tip of its MA form while continuing its current trajectory. Like all MA moving gerobis (WZTV, for example) you can control the gerobi’s direction by adjusting the muzzle/nozzle on the plane with the usual MA mode maneuvering options. 

While this weapon type is one of the hardest to learn in MBON it’s one of the most powerful, because once you have mastered this move and learned to read the enemy’s movement most means of evasion become useless, and blocking becomes their only real option. 

This is one of Arios’ key moves, and you cannot really say that you are taking full advantage of everything Arios has unless you learn to use it. It takes a lot of practice, but your practice will surely pay off (until this kind of move becomes nerfed and is much weaker in EXVS2). 

Sub: GN Cannon (Triple Shot)

Arios barrel rolls while firing three shots of the GN Cannon. There is only muzzle correction and tracking on the first shot, the second and third shot simply follow the trajectory of the first shot. Meaning if enemies sidestep the first shot, you might be open to a counterattack

However, after firing the shots you instantly return back into a normal flight pattern, and the initial movement while rolling is great. This move is less about hitting as it is about staying mobile, and its great in that aspect. You can control the rolling direction with a directional input on your lever, but do not roll in the opposite direction you are flying in as it will make you inherit a lot less inertia and you end up moving a lot less. 

Special Shooting: GN Missiles

Fires a barrage of missiles into an upward trajectory that curve towards the enemy after a short duration. Reloads on empty, but reloads very quickly in only 3 seconds. The missiles don’t travel very far, and will not be able to hit enemies at the edge of your max red lock range. 

This tool is great for the neutral, hitting enemies who are not paying attention to you or those who do not respect the missiles. Unlike your CSB in MS mode this allows you to move while firing, which is a great plus point. If you are confident you won’t get punished and there is a significant distance between you and the enemy, it doesn’t hurt to release a barrage to keep the enemy on their toes. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A+GN Archer 164 Happens more frequently than the Zunda
A>>A>>A 158 Zunda
A+GN Archer>>A 146 GN Archer has worse damage proration
5BB>5BBB(~CSA) 228 (248)
5BB>5BB~BC 248
5BBB~CSA 242
4BB>4BBB 213
4B>4BBB~8B 217
4BBB~BC 242
2BBB~BC 249
2BBB>>CC8BB 233
CC8BB>5BBB 212
CC8BB>2BBB 224
CC8BB>>CC8BB 202
MA mode BC>ABC 350 Burst Attack combo
CC8BBBB>ABC ?? Burst Attack combo #2


  1. Pressure the enemy from mid-long range with your A, AB, and CSA. GN Archer helps a lot in the ranged game, look for opportunities to hit confirm off her stray shots.
  2. When the enemy is not paying attention to you use either CSB or MA mode AC to launch a barrage of missiles that track well. 
  3. Arios is not suited for 1-on-1 combat, instead performing better as a support for a 3000 cost front. If the enemy tries to force a 1-on-1 with you just run away, or score a quick down and return to your partner’s side. Arios has too little HP and not enough firepower to make 1-on-1s worth it.
  4. Arios does its best work at a range, which works out perfect for you because you have the mobility to maintain that range. 
  5. Freefall with A~AB or BC~AB. Stay mobile and use the BC GN Archer to set up crossfire situations. 
  6. Arios has a tough matchup against the following: MSes with shooting barriers or ABC mantles, and strong melee suits like Master, Bael, and Epyon. Of particular mention is X1 Full Cloth which is Arios’ mortal enemy, with its array of anti-beam measures, high speed, and freefalls. However MBON is not a 1-on-1 game, enlist the help of your partner to deal with these pests.
  7. Arios benefits from all 3 Bursts. F gives you the a comeback factor and enhances your mobility, which is great considering the speed boost you gain in Trans-Am. E Burst is the safe pick for survivability. S doesn’t seem great at first because you already have all the freefalls you need, but the increased shooting damage and the ability to rapid fire your MA mode AC is pretty great. 
  8. Normally for support units anything other than E Burst is not recommended, but Arios lacks damage and a comeback factor can go a long way. Pick whatever best suits your playstyle.