Boost Gauge Comparison

Boost Gauge

As mentioned in the GUI Guide, boost gauge is required to perform most actions in the game. Each unit (and their individual forms) have different levels of boost efficiency. The table below shows the maximum amount of boost dash that each unit (and their individual forms) can do. Take a look at the table below to understand better about your own favorite units, and which units to take note who have unusually huge amount of boost. It is especially important for units with form changes and timed power ups so you know how to deal with them effectively

Things to take note before studying the table below:

All of these boost dash values are tested on the tutorial map.

Units having the same amount of boost dash does not imply that they have the same amount of mobility. Some units have better mobility, thus each boost dash will travel further than the rest.

Different forms, power-ups, and whether a Ground running unit is doing the Boost Dash on the ground or in the air are all stated in the brackets.

When the number of Boost Dash is listed with a +, means it can do 1 last Boost Dash with a sliver of boost remaining. For example, Master Gundam can do 9 Boost Dash while on the Ground, with the last Boost Dash using up the last tiny bit of Boost remaining.

Number of BD / Cost 3000 2500 2000 1500
Master (Ground)
God (Ground)
AGE-FX (FX-Burst) Shining Gundam (Super Mode, Ground) Char Zaku (9x speed)
Harute (Marute)
00 (Riser)
Strike Freedom (Seed mode/ Wings of Light)
Xi (Minovsky Craft)
Wing Zero (EW)
Wing Zero (TV)
Unicorn (NTD)
Hi-Nu (Psychoframe)
Master (Air)
God (Air)
Nu Noble (Berserker, Ground)
Banshee Norn
Hot Scramble Shining Gundam (Super Mode, Air) Char Zaku (3x speed) Acgguy (Ground)
Double X Susanowo (Trans-Am) Gundam Mk II (Super Gundam) Ez 8 (Both modes, Ground)
AGE-FX Raphael Gundam (Separated) Victory (V Dash) Ground Gundam (Both modes, Ground)
V2 (Normal) Banshee Gundam (NTD) Gedlav (Ground, Air) Gouf Custom (Ground)
V2 (Assault) Crossbone Gundam X-3 (Safety Removal) Dragon (Ground) Hildfor (Both modes, Ground)
00Q FS Phantom Gundam (Phantom Light) Noble (Ground)
Bael Gundam Red Frame Kai (Delta Form) Noble (Berserker, Air)
X1FC (Normal) Gundam Astray Red Frame Red Dragon (Mirage Colloid) Strike (IWSP)
Destiny Avalanche Exia (GN Condensers Discharged) Stargazer Gundam (Voiture Lumiere)
007 S/G Extreme Gundam Type Leos Xenon Face (Extreme Evolution) Blue Destiny Unit 01 (EXAM)
ZZ (Full Armor / Enhanced) Shining Gundam (Ground) Gerbera Tetra (Stürm Booster)
Sazabi Gundam Spiegel (Ground) Kapool (Red, Ground)
Strike Freedom
Epyon (Red Off)
Xi (Normal)
P-Self (Normal/Reflector)
Penelope (Odysuess)
Hi-Nu (Normal)
FAUC (Form 1, Form 2, Form 3)
00 Quanta (Normal/Quantum Burst)
Harute (Normal)
Reborns (Normal)
00 (Normal)
Turn A
Turn X
Unicorn (Normal) Zeong (normal) Messala
Reborns (Cannon) Z Gundam Acgguy (Haman, Ground)
Hyaku Shiki (Normal) Blitz
The O Gaia (MA)
Kapool (Green, Ground)
Baund Doc
ZZ Gundam
Shining Gundam (Air)
Gundam Spiegel (Air)
Altron Gundam
Tallgeese II
Wing Gundam Zero (Quatre)
Gundam Deathscythe Hell (EW Version)
Gundam Heavy Arms Kai (EW Version)
Tallgeese III
Gundam X Divider
Gundam X (Garrod & Tifa)
Gold Sumo
Freedom Gundam
Perfect Strike Gundam
Providence Gundam
Infinite Justice Gundam (Normal)
Akatsuki Gundam
Impulse Gundam
Legend Gundam
Destiny Gundam (Heine)
Cherudim Gundam
Arios Gundam
Arche Gundam
Susanowo (Normal)
Raphael Gundam (Docked)
Brave Commander
Banshee Gundam (Normal)
Gundam Age-2
Gundam Age-3
Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound
G-Self (All forms)
Gundam Barbatos Lupus
Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City
Gundam GP-02
Gundam GP-03
Full Armor Gundam
Atlas Gundam
Psycho Zaku
Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai
Crossbone Gundam X-3 (Normal)
Phantom Gundam (Normal)
Gundam Red Frame Kai (Normal)
Gundam Astray Red Frame Red Dragon (Normal)
Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina
Hyperion Gundam
Strike Noir Gundam
Avalanche Exia (Normal)
Extreme Gundam Excellia
Extreme Gundam Type Leos (EF/AF/XF)
Extreme Gundam Type Leos Ecplise Face / Extreme Evolution
Extreme Gundam Type Leos Xenon Face
Extreme Gundam Type Leos Agios Face / Extreme Evolution
V2 (Buster) Phantom Gundam (Overheat) Gundam Doan Zaku
Odysseus Infinite Justice Gundam (Without Backpack) G-mecha Acgguy (Air)
Hyaku Shiki (Last Life) Perfect Gundam Gundam Mkii (Camillie)
Char Zaku (Normal) Gundam Mkii (Eru)
Char Gelgoog Quebley MkII (Puru II)
Gyan Zeta (Zaku Head)
Gundam Mk II (Normal) Re-GZ
Marasai Berga Giros
Gabthley Gun-EZ
Victory Gundam Hexa (Regular, Top, Bottom Fighter)
Zeta Gundam (Ruu) Rising (Normal, Mobility)
Quebeley (Puru) Duel (AS, normal)
Zaku III Kai Buster
Acgguy (Haman, Air) IJ (Lacus, with backpack)
Jagd Doga Tieren Taozi
F91 (Normal, MEPE) GNX-III (both modes)
Victory (Regular, Top, Bottom Fighter) Alex (both modes)
Kapool (Green, Air) Zaku II Kai
Kapool (Red, Air) Kampfer
Dragon (Air) Ez 8 (Both modes, Air)
Nobel (Air) Ground Gundam (Both modes, Air)
Deathscythe Hell Gouf Custom (Air)
Heavyarms Kai Zudah (both modes)
Sandrock Kai Hildfor (MS, Air)
Strike (Aile, Sword, Launcher) Efreet
Strike Rouge
Gaia (Andrew)
Gunner Zaku
Luna Impulse (All forms)
Gouf Ignited
Gaia (MS)
Zaku II High Mobility Type Late Model (Johnny Ridden)
Zaku II High Mobility Type Custom (Shin Matsunaga)
Stargazer Gundam (Normal)
Astray Gold Frame Amatsu
Dreadnought Gundam
Astray Blue Frame Second L
Astray Red Frame
Blue Destiny Unit 01 (Normal)
Crossbone Gundam X-2
Gelgoog (Anavel Gato)
Gerbera Tetra (Normal)
Zaku Amazing
Build Strike Gundam
Gundam Kimaris Trooper
Gundam Barbatos
Mack Knife (Normal)
G-Arcane Full Dress
Gundam Age-1 (All forms)
Rozen Zulu
Delta Plus
Gundam Exia
Gundam Dynames
Trone Drei
5+ Exia (Repair) IJ (Lacus,no backpack)
5 Epyon (Red On) Zeong (Head)