Red Lock Range

Red Lock

As mentioned in the GUI Guide, Red Lock Range is where your weapons will have the best tracking, and the best chances to hit your opponent. Each unit (and their individual forms) have varying Red Lock ranges. Take a look at the table below to better understand the range difference between units, and get a rough idea on whether you have the range advantage in any given matchup.

The Testing Methodology

All of these red lock values were tested in the tutorial map. To start off the test, the RX78 was pushed to a specific point along the grid. The measurement of distance used here is squares from the target to the player’s unit. This count also includes the thin gaps in between each set of 3 squares. For example, like when the range states 6 squares, it would be 6 squares + 1 gap. 

Red Lock Range for All Units
Range / Cost 3000 2500 2000 1500
Global (Full Map) Gundam Dynames (Normal / GN Shield) (When CSA is fully charged to level 2)

00 Seven Sword’s 2ABC

11 Gundam Heavy Arms Kai (EW Version)
10 EX-S Gundam
Cherudim Gundam Heavy Arms Kai Hildolfr (Tank form)
Perfect Gundam (Sensor Eye)
9 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (1st Form) Extreme Gundam type leos Eclipse Face (Extreme evolution) Qubeley Mk-II (Puru)
Gundam Virsago Chest Break Messala Gundam Ez8 (Cannon Mode)
Gundam Ground Type (Cannon Mode)
Rising Gundam (Normal)
Full Armor ZZ Gundam Z Gundam Crossbone Gundam X-2 Hildolfr (MS)
V2 Gundam (Buster) G-Self (Reflector Pack, deployed) Gedlav (Floating Mode) Buster Gundam
Wing Gundam Zero (EW Version) Impulse Gundam (Blast) G-Arcane Gundam Mk-II (Elle)
Hi-Nu Gundam ( Psychoframe Resonance) Legend Gundam Strike Gundam (Launcher) Qubeley Mk-II (Puru 2)
V2 Gundam (Assault Buster) Akatsuki (Shiranui) Forbidden Gundam
Gundam DX Gundam GP03 Stamen Gunner Zaku Warrior
00 (Raiser) Extreme Gundam Type Leos Agios Face (Extreme evolution) Kshatriya
Reborns Gundam (Cannon form) Z Gundam (Roux)
Unicorn Gundam (NT-D Form)
Xi Gundam (Minosky Craft)
Crossbone X1 Full cloth (Both CSA and CSB ON)
Crossbone X1 Full cloth ( CSA On)
Penelope Extreme Gundam Type Leos Eclipse Face Delta Plus Zudah (CSB on)
Hi-Nu Gundam (Normal) Qubeley Gundam Mk II (Super Gundam)
Nu Gundam Astray Red Dragon (Limiter Release) Marasai
Sazabi Extreme Gundam Excelia Victory Gundam (Dash)
Strike Freedom Gundam Gundam X (Garrod & Tifa) Gundam F91(M.E.P.E)
Gundam Zabanya Perfect Strike Gundam Strike Gundam (IWSP)
Gundam AGE-FX Arios Gundam Raider Gundam
G-Self Perfect Pack ( Reflector deployed) Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet Strike Rouge (Ootori)
Nightingale Zeydra (X Rounder) Gundam Dynames (GN Shield)
Extreme Gundam Type-Leos II (Extreme Evolution) Full Armor Gundam Stargazer Gundam (VL Mode)
Gundam Haruto (Marute mode) Psycho Zaku Kapool (Green)
Zeong Impluse Gundam (Luna) (Blast)
Gundam AGE-3 (Orbital) Dreadnought Gundam
Gundam AGE-3 (Fortress)
Enhanced ZZ Gundam G-Self (Assault Pack) Gedlav (Normal) Gundam Ez8 (Normal)
V2 Gundam (Assault Form) G-Self (Reflector Pack, Closed) Gundam Mk II (Normal) Gundam Ground Type (Normal)
Gundam Haruto Extreme Gundam type leos Base Form (EF/AF) Victory Gundam (Normal / Top Fighter) Zudah (Normal)
Banshee Norn Extreme Gundam type leos AGIOS Face Perfect Gundam (Normal) Duel Gundam (Assault Shroud)
Gundam Legilis ZZ Gundam Jagd Doga LaGOWE
Hot Scramble Gundam Freedom Gundam Gundam F91(Normal) Tieren Taozi
Xi Gundam (Normal) Zeydra (Normal) Gundam Dynames (Normal) Zaku II Kai
Extreme Gundam type-LEOS II Gottrlatan Rosen Zulu Zaku Head Z Gundam
Reborns Gundam Providence Gundam Gundam GP01FB Gun EZ
Unicorn Gundam Strike Noir Stargazer Gundam (Normal)
Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (2nd form) Tallgeese II Build Strike
Sinanju Gundam AGE-3 (Normal) Gundam RX-78
Turn A Gundam Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City Gundam (G-Parts)
Odysseus Gundam Hyaku Shiki (Normal) Gaia Gundam (MS form)
Gold Sumo Farsia
Brave Commander Mack Knife
Atlas Gundam Blue Destiny Unit 1
Gaia Gundam (Waldfeld)
Gundam AGE-1 (Normal)
Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L
Gerbera Tetra
Gundam Throne Drei
Zaku Amazing (Normal)
Acguy (Haman)
Gelgoog (Gato)
Impluise Gundam (Luna) (Force)
Zaku Amazing (Amazing Booster)
Sliver Sumo
Destiny Gundam Impluse Gundam (Force) Strike Gundam (Aile) Re-GZ (MS Mode)
Crossbone X1 Full cloth ( CSB On) Raphael Gundam (Separated) Victory Gundam (Bottom Fighter) Alex Gundam (Normal)
Crossbone X1 Full cloth (Normal) Gundam AGE-2 Normal Zaku III Custom GUNDAM Mk-II (Kamile)
00 Quanta (Normal) Gundam X Divider Nobel Gundam (Berserker Mode) Victory Gundam (Hexa) (Normal / Top Fighter)
Turn X Akatsuki (Oowashi) Blitz Gundam Infinite Justice Gundam (Lacus)
Baund-Doc Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Acguy
Gundam X Divider (Garrod & Tifa) Char’s Zaku II
Tallgeese III High Mobility Zaku II Custom (Shin Matsunaga)
Infinite Justice Gundam Gundam Exia
Banshee (Normal)
Gundam GP02 Physalis
Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound
Susanowo (Trans-AM)
G-Self (Space Pack)
Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina
Crossbone Gundam X3
Phantom Gundam (Phantom Light)
Shining Gundam (Super Mode)
Gundam Deathscythe Hell (EW Version, cloak open)
Avalanche Exia (GN Condenser discharge)
The O
Gundam Barbatos Lupus
Destiny Gundam (Heine)
Extreme Gundam type leos Base Form (XF)
Gundam AGE-FX (FX Mode) Banshee (NTD) Strike Gundam (Sword) Re-GZ (MA Mode)
Gundam Wing Zero Susanowo (Normal) Gundam Sand Rock Kai Duel Gundam (Normal)
00 Quanta (Quantum Burst) Phantom Gundam (Normal/heat dissipation) Gaia Gundam (MA form) GN-X III
V2 Gundam (Normal) Gundam Deathscythe Hell (EW Version, cloak closed) Nobel Gundam (Normal) Alex Gundam (Armor)
00 Gundam (Normal) Impluse Gundam (Sword) Gundam AGE-1 (Spallow) Kampfer
00 Quanta (Buster Sword) Astray Red Dragon Kapool (Corin) Efreet Custom (EXAM)
God Gundam Shining Gundam (Normal) High Mobility Zaku II Kai (Johnny Ridden) Victory Gundam (Hexa) (Bottom Fighter)
Master Gundam Gundam Wing Zero (Quatre) Gundam Kimaris Trooper Zaku II (Doan)
00 Gundam Seven Sword/G Avalanche Exia (Normal) Gundam Barbatos Berga Giros
00 Quanta Full Saber Gundam Spiegel Gelgoog
Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (3rd Form) Arche Gundam Gouf Ignited
Gundam Bael Altron Gundam Gundam Deathscythe Hell
Astray Red Frame Kai Impluse Gundam (Luna) (Sword)
Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai
Extreme Gundam type leos Xenon Face
Hyaku Shiki (Last Life)
Extreme Gundam type leos Xenon Face (Extreme Evolution )
Gundam Epyon Zeong (Head) Gyan Rising Gundam (Mobility)
Dragon Gundam Efreet Custom (Exam Overheat)
Astray Red Frame
Victory Gundam (Core Fighter) Gouf Custom
Gundam Age-1 (Titus) Victory Gundam (Hexa) (Core Fighter)
4.5 Gundam Exia (Repair)