Gundam Zabanya

Gundam Zabanya

Model Number: GN-010 Pilot: Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy (AD2314))
Cost: 3000 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X


From the movie “Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – Awakening of the Trailblazer-”, comes the final battle specification of Gundam Zabanya. Designed with an emphasis on shooting battles that Lyle is good at, it boasts a large firepower with numerous bit weapons and innumerable GN missiles built into the whole body.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main GN Pistol Bit 10 75 BR with a wide shooting angle.
Rear Main GN Pistol Bit (Double Shot) 60 ~ 120 Stop & shoot with both pistols. Triggered when Zabanya fires out of angle, with its back facing the enemy.
Charged Main GN Rifle Bit II 125 Single-Shot Forced down. Input direction to make zabanya arc slightly to the direction before it snipes.
GN Pistol Bit (Rapid-Fire) 70 ~ 147 Multi-lock
5B GN Pistol Bits (Standby) 2 25 ~ 120 Deploy 6 GN Pistol Bits around Zabanya. Input main to shoot all GN Pistol Bits.
8/2B GN Pistol Bits (Cluster) 55 ~ 99 Deploy 6 GN Pistol Bits in a circular formation & shoot beams in 6 directions.
4/6B GN Pistol Bits (All-Range Attack) 23 ~ 136 Deploy 6 GN Pistol Bits for an all-range attack.
Sub GN Missile 1 30 ~ 141 Input 5ab to shoot the missile straight ahead..

Input 4/6ab to shoot the missiles in an arc manner.

Special Shooting GN Rifle Bit II (Rapid-fire) 1 80 ~ 168
85 ~ 179
5AC: Multiple beam shots. Has shooting guard from the front
GN Rifle Bit II (Gerobi) 17 ~ 216 *AC: Wide Gerobi. Has a shooting guard from the front.
Special Melee GN Holster Bits 100 A barrier that blocks shooting & fighting.

5BC to deploy to yourself.

*BC to deploy to ally.

Burst Attack Aim and shoot with full power! 272(S)/259(F & E) Shoot 3 gerobi in a W Shape.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, B, AC, BC

CSA (Single lock): B, AC, BC

B: A


Gundam Zabanya is a “pure ranged-based unit” with the highest cost and no melee attacks. It can do around 8 boost dash and the HP is only 600 which is the lowest for 3000 cost units. The red lock range is long but shorter than Cherudim Gundam and it has a strong turnaround main shot. 

For this unit’s concept, it is closer to Dyanames than Cherudim and has a variety of ranged weapons that can punish the opponent’s movement. It is possible to dominate the shooting battle by utilizing the B~A cancel route which can allow you to perform a free fall. It gives a weak prejudice because this unit does not have a single melee move, but in reality when it comes to shooting, among the 3000 cost units it is in a very solid category. 

Another feature is the GN Holster bit, which can be attached to you or your partner to support closing in or escaping. It may be possible to be efficient even at a far distance so it is conceivable to be played as a back unit. Of course, it is possible for this unit to be playing the front role so it is important to be flexible depending on the situation. Since your overall weapons are a little heavy and need to be boosted dash cancelled most of the time, you might have a hard time dealing with okizeme. Also in terms of maximum damage output, there is not much big of a deal other than the gerobi. 

There will also be times where you run out of ammo and the CSA might not be charged on time, at those moments you will feel having not a single melee move is a weakness when you need to pursue the opponent. So it is very important to have a steady game and control the flow of the match in order to win the damage race.

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Pistol Bit

A BR shot with a relatively large amount of ammo, and an average reload time of 3 seconds per shot. The shot will become the Rear Main if you fire while your back is facing the opponent. Although it is a 3000 cost unit which is specialized in shooting, it’s damage is only 75 per shot which is the average for all-rounder unit’s BR damage. 

There are many uses for this weapon such as canceling to B or following up after hitting with AB so be careful of running out of ammo. However, because you have a high-performance CSA (Referring to the single locked), so your attacking option is not as narrow as you thought. So you would want to try and use the ammo to do a free fall more often. It is very encouraging to have an ordinary BR unlike Gundam Cherudim and Gundam Dynames and it has a wide usage like canceling from B for a free fall or creating a barrage etc. 

Able to cancel to AB, B, AC and BC.

Rear Main: GN Pistol Bit (Double shot)

Turn to the front and fire two shots from both pistol bits. Only one ammo is consumed per input. Since the fire angle for this weapon is very wide, this can be considered one of the best weapons when it comes to main shots turnaround shooting. If you cancel to BC while your Holster bit is up, you will be able to perform a free fall. It is possible to perform a free fall by inputting A~A when you are in S burst. 

Although you will remain stationary after doing the turnaround shooting, there is enough time to follow up for more damage so damage output can be potentially extended easily. As for self-defense, it has a wide width and it is easy to escape. The cancel route by doing A~A when you are in S burst is strong as you can get a free fall while dishing out damage and is a strength that cannot be found in Reborns Gundam. 

Charged Main: GN Rifle Bit II

3-second charge time. Zabanya stands in place to fire a one-shot down beam like with Gundam Dynames’ CSA.  The performance changes according to  your input, and a multi-lock version is available as well. You can cancel this into to B, AC, and BC, and also freefall by canceling to BC while your Holster Bit has been deployed. 

This weapon’s projectile has a fast traveling speed, strong muzzle correction, and good tracking. This is excellent not only for landing punishment, but also for self-defense at short distances by taking advantage of the weapon’s strong muzzle correction. Although the charge time on this is a little long, this weapon is the main source of damage for this unit, so be prepared to charge it almost all the time. Instead of thinking “When to charge it”, let’s think about “When not to charge it”.

There are two types of inputs available for this weapon:

5CSA: One-handed Shot

Remain stationary and fire the rifle bit using one hand. There is no inertia and since the motion is short, you can release it faster than *CSA, but be careful as you remain completely stationary during the whole animation.

4/6CSA: Two-handed Shot

Zabanya fires the rifle bit using both hands. Although the startup prior to firing is slow, there is a good amount of inertia inheritance prior to firing. When fired mmediately after boost dashing, Zabanya can slide roughly one unit’s shoulder-width worth of distance so you can fire off the charged shot relatively safely. Be careful not to turn the input into 5CSA when you are sliding back and forth while releasing. 

Basically, you will be using 4/6CSA more often than 5CSA. You can also take advantage of the slow startup and sliding shot to make the opponent feel that you are about to fire, then cancel out to play mind games with them. The alert will appear on your opponent screen when you are about to fire, so you need to practice hard at reading your opponent’s remaining boost amount in order to increase your chance of hitting. 

Multi-Locked Charged Main: GN Pistol Bit (Rapid-fire)

Zabanya aims and fires the two pistols at different targets. The main use for this weapon is for sounding alerts on your opponent’s screens and finishing off low HP opponents, but be careful not to expose yourself to potential damage when you are using this. To be frank this is not a particularly useful move, and it is the collective wish of all Zabanya players that this move be changed somewhat.

If you want to use your regular snipe CSAs and you change locked on targets while your CSA is fully charged, you will be forced to use the multi-lock CSA. There are 3 workarounds to return to a regular single lock:

  1. Press B button;
  2. Release the A button for a short while at the moment when you land; and
  3. Perform a boost dash cancel before the multi-locked CSA starts firing and charge it again. 

For point 1, you are able to use this method as long as you have ammo. If not, you will not be able to switch your multi-locked CSA back to the single-locked CSA. For point 2 & 3, there are no major drawbacks for using these methods but be aware of unnecessary rigidity and boost consumption.

Melee: GN Pistol Bits (Standby) / GN Pistol Bits (Cluster) / GN Pistol Bits (All Range Attack)

An attack that makes use of the GN Pistol Bits. You are able to deploy the bits in 3 different ways by using different inputs, with each input deploys 6 pistol bits at a time. The reload time is actually longer than the actual value (10 Sec) shown because the reload only begins when the bits returns to the holster. You can perform freefalls from all of the inputs by canceling to A. All of the inputs share the same ammo count so be careful when using them. When using the 5AC and *AC, all Pistol Bits that have been deployed will return to you immediately as the bits will be used during the AC animation.

With the BC Holster Bits deployed, the Pistol Bits will be deployed from the active shield. If the shield is deployed around yourself then the Pistol Bit deployment timing remains the same, but if the shield is deployed around your partner who is a notable distance away from you, then the time taken for the Pistol Bits to reach their target will be affected. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how far your partner is from your target.   

There are 3 types of input for this weapon:

5B: GN Pistol Bits (Standby)

Deploys the pistol bits by your side and fires simultaneously with your main shot. Unlike other similar weapons, it consumes your ammo when it is deployed, so it is easy to waste your ammo and relatively unreliable. There is no tracking and muzzle correction for this weapon but you can at least aim for an interception against an incoming opponent. 

2/8B: GN Pistol Bits (Cluster)

The Pistol Bit will be placed in front of or behind your unit depending on your input, and will fire beams in six directions while spinning like a top. 3 sets of beams will be fired for a total of 18 beams, and the spinning nature of the weapon ensures a wide angle of coverage. Half of the beams are fired rearwards, so enemies coming from the front will only be exposed to beams fired towards the 9 to 3 ‘o clock directions. The Pistol Bits will be deployed slightly higher than your unit, so if you deploy this while airborne the beams will fire at a downward angle, making it less likely to hit your own teammate.

There is no shortage of visual pressure on this barrage, but most of the time you will be opting for the superior 4/6B. 

4/6B: GN Pistol Bits (All Range Attack)

An all-range attack in which the Pistol Bits are deployed in orbit of the opponent to fire. Each Pistol Bit fires twice and starts firing one after another within the range instead of all at once, so it is possible to fire off a good barrage with this move alone. The Pistol Bits follow the target closely while it moves and continuously fires shots out horizontally, which can be especially tough for ground-running units to deal with.

Although the burning of ammo is intense for this cancel route (B~A~B~A), it is very strong as a means for self-defense. You can rely on this weapon even at close range, and if you use it well, you can stagger the opponent with the Pistol Bit attack and score a down. You can also mix Steps or Fuwasteps in to become even more slippery target to catch. This move is great for both offense and defense. 

Sub: GN Missiles

Zabanya launches a large number of missiles at once. 5-second charge time. The tracking and traveling speed on the missiles are average, and they spread out slightly while traveling. When fired in green lock, The missiles split into 3 clusters and travel towards 3 different directions. With directional input, the missiles will fire from the right and left side of the unit. It is not suitable as a means for restraint because no inertia is applied. It does not have a fast startup but the reload timing is good. It will cause the opponent to be afloat on hit and goes down afterwards so it is easy to follow up for damage if you are able to get a hit out of it. You might have a chance of getting hit if you do an A~AB cancel route. 

Special Shooting: GN Rifle Bits (Rapid-fire) / GN Rifle Bits (Gerobi)

The Holster Bits take a formation in front of the unit and fire. Two firing modes are available depending on your directional input, and both inputs come with a shooting guard that is active while firing. It also has good damage, muzzle correction, and covers a good amount of range. The gauge will turn red while you are posing and the ammo will be consumed when you start firing. If you cancel this weapon, you will not be able to use the AC until the bits return to their original position (Takes about 0.5 seconds). The reloading is quite long (22 seconds) and going into burst will not reload this weapon, and the ammo starts at 0 at the beginning of the match and after you respawn so it is strictly prohibited to waste this weapon.

There are two types of input for this weapon:

 5AC: GN Rifle Bits (Rapid-fire)

Fires 3 shot from both pistol bits and shoots a high-velocity beam from 14 rifle bits according to the firing on the right hand pistol bit. Since it shoots slightly wide towards the end, the farther it is from the opponent, the wider the range. There is a shooting guard in front when firing, but the guard is not attached until you start firing. The range is wide and the performance of catching a moving opponent is quite high, but due to the characteristic of the random shooting, there is a chance of not getting a hit even if the opponent is in the middle of your firing range or you might not score a down in the end. If you are not able to score a down, do remember to follow up. 

Due to the fact that the  muzzle is pointed at the opponent, you have a chance of hitting the opponent if he/she moves to the left or right or doing an inertia jump after landing. Although it does not happen often, when you are trying to aim for a landing punishment, the rifle bits may not hit and the pistol bit may be avoided as it has a similar traveling speed as your BR. According to the specifications, if you were to get a hit at a short distance, simultaneous hits are likely to occur and if you are lucky you could deal a potential amount of 240 damage. If you use this against a large MA unit, it is easy to deal big damage and score a down immediately.

*AC: GN Rifle Bits (Gerobi)

Three huge gerobis are fired from the holster bit formation. The startup is quite slow but the range is wide and the damage output is high. It fires in 3 directions and depending on how you hit, you can score a down at an early timing. This is usually used for landing punishment or aiming for an accident (Like an opponent walking into your gerobi etc), but 5AC is often given priority because of the difference in startup timing. The damage is higher for this input so you can consider using this input when you are confident of getting a hit. In addition, the muzzle correction is cut off in the middle of the startup. The top and bottom muzzle correction is good but it is necessary to make use of the range in order to get a hit on the left and right. 

Like 5AC, it is highly effective against large MA units. 

Special Fighting: GN Holster Bits

Deploys the Holster bits to act like shield bits that can block against melee and ranged attacks. Similar to Gundam Cherudim’s shield bit. It is also similar in a sense that this could to deployed to yourself or your partner by doing 5BC or *BC, also you can retrieve the bits back by inputting BC again.

You are able to cancel from anything except AC and your burst attack and you can perform a free fall by inputting BC while the holster bits are deployed to you or your partner. You can even do the cancel route even before the holster bits are attached to your partner, so if you use the cancel route (*BC~*CSA~BC), you could slide and do a free fall. If you use AC/*AC or burst attack, the holster bits are automatically retrieved and will be used for the AC or burst attack. 

Take note that reloading will not start immediately even if you retrieve the bits before the ammo reaches zero. 

Burst Attack

Aim and shoot with full power!

A better version of *AC. Each gerobi is thicker and horizontal gerobis are fired out diagonally left and right. Similar to AC, it has a shooting guard. The occurrence is faster than AC and the muzzle correction is very strong. The damage output is also high so it is a waste to seal this burst attack away and it can be said to be a trump card of this unit. Due to the wide gaps in between the gerobi, it is possible for the opponent to dodge 2 or even 3 times.


  • Zabanya plays like a mix of its predecessors, with Cherudim’s all-range attacks and shield, and Dyname’s freefalls.
  • Zabanya’s tools are very powerful but come with long reloads, so it is in your best interest to drag out the match and play a slow but steady shooting game.
  • Siege the enemy with your 4/6B or force its movements with AB, then aim to catch enemy landings with A or CSA. The damage output you get when using this strategy might be insufficient for winning the damage race, but Zabanya has other tools to help compensate for that.
  • AC is one of Zabanya’s best tools, especially 5AC. You can “trade” confidently with other gerobis and win out easily with this move. It might be hard to use this when constantly under fire, but if the enemy looks away from you or if you use this for okizeme you can use this rather safely.
  • Zabanya’s other key move is the Holster Bit BC guard. Similar to Cherudim Gundam, it’s preferable to keep the Holster Bits for yourself especially because you have a low HP when compared to other 3000 cost units.
  • Always remember that you cannot use AC and BC simultaneously, and using AC while the bits are out will recall them. Take all of this into account when planning your offense and defense.
  • Zabanya’s weapons have a relatively long startup, and are generally not suited for okizeme. Unless you’re going up against an enemy with poor mobility or a weakness to your tools, it’s best to score a quick down and then go to your partner’s aid.
  • Avoid using the multi-lock CSA at all costs. Use the different methods mentioned earlier to cancel out of the multi-lock to return to a single lock
  • Use 5AC more often than *AC to catch targets in motion. 
  • This unit usually prefers the back role but if you are taking the front role, play a neutral shooting game instead of yolo-ing in front and dying as a feeder. You can play at a closer distance when you have your Holster Bits at the ready, and make sure that you have at least 2 ammo for your melee input for freefalling.
  • Remember that Zabanya cannot always guarantee dying second due to its occasionally exploitable self defense, so always have a contingency plan for dying first.
  • E burst is recommended for this unit. You can also use S burst if you want to do the turnaround shooting~A free fall. No explanation necessary on why F burst is a bad idea.