Extreme Gundam Type Leos Eclipse Face 

Model Number: EXTREME GUNDAM type-LEOS

Pilot: Leos Alloy

Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: O

Extreme Gundam Type Leos’ shooting evolution, the Eclipse Face. It is a figure that evolved by acquiring the GA data of the world specialized in shooting battle, for example the Wing Gundam world shown in the manga. It has two Variable Psycho Rifles based on the Wing Zero Gundam’s Beam Rifle. 

Base Form Ability Summary







Variable Gun




Average BR

Charged Main

Beam Rifle (multiple shot)

50 ~ 105

Fires 3 BR


Beam Dagger Throw


9 ~ 27

Able to throw in 3 different motions

Special Shooting

Data Pressure



Gives 30 Evolution gauge on hit 

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

273(S)/261(E & S)

Wide gerobi 








Standard 3-hit combo




Multiple hits




2-stage attack which causes multiple hit




Pyonkaku with no landing property




Slash through with multiple hits




Spinning slash

Cancel Routes:



5B, 8B, 4/6B, CC8B, BC related melee combo: AC

After 5B second hit, After 8/4/6B 1st hit: BC

Eclipse Face Ability Summary







Variable Psycho Rifle



Reloadable on zero ammo

Charged Main

Variable Psycho Rifle (Cross Buster Mode)


High damage single hit. Homage to the Wing Zero


Blaster Cannon



Shoulder cannon with high performance

Special Shooting

Single-Warhead Missile (Simultaneous Firing)


35 ~ 130

Shoots out 6 per input

Special Melee

Extreme Evolution Activation



Stuns opponent upon hit


Single-Warhead Missile



Does not force your unit to face the opponent when used. Ammo shared with AC.

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

 273(S)/261(F & E)

Same as based form but with Funnels added

Cancel Routes:





EF (Extreme Evolution Form) Ability Summary







Variable Psycho Rifle (Final Specification)



Reloads on zero ammo. High down value

Charged Main

Projection Type Jamming System

40 ~ 92

Sends out a slow projectile that explodes and stuns enemies in an AOE

Charged Melee

High Altitude Ground Bombardment



Once per life


Enhanced Blaster Cannon



Same as Eclipse Face but with more ammo & damage

Special Shooting

Carnage Striker


19 ~ 240

Gerobi which causes an explosion when it comes in contact with terrain

Special Melee

Eclipse Cluster


35 ~ 120

Have multiple types of dispatch depending on input. Does not reload on burst activation 


Single-Warhead Missile

35 ~ 120

Can be fired together with Main

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

305(S)/272(F & E)

Super Armor on activation, causes explosion on terrain








High Priority. Same move as CC8B.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB,AC,BC(Possible to mix in Single-Warhead Missile in the process) 




The Eclipse Face is a complete shooting specialized unit that replaces melee with missiles. The boost performance of this unit is comparable to a 2000 cost unit which is around the same as the RX-78. It is noticeably slower than the other two evolution forms, and lacks self defense options due to not having any melee attacks (except in its first form, and a tackle in its final form).  Unlike the other forms, the extreme evolution of Eclipse sports such high performance that it is ideal to just go evolve into the final extreme form as soon as possible..

Once you are in the extreme evolution, you will be like a portable GP03 Dendrobium sending barrages towards the opponent and firing strong gerobis. The final form has very high firepower and you can rack up a great deal of damage with just two BR hits.

Like the other forms of the Extreme Gundam, the outcome of the battle solely depends on how quickly and steadily you can get to your final evolution. Due to its unique characteristics and weapon set, it is not rare to reach the final form with only 250HP or lower remaining HP due to not getting many hits in and receiving damage. So in order to master this unit, it is vital that you know when to go in to get some poke damage to fill your evolution gauge, like following up after your partner hits with a BR, etc. The most ideal scenario would be evolving to your final form without taking damage, but on average it is ideal and feasible that you get to your final form with around or more than 400 HP remaining.  

In conclusion, the key to victory for this unit is through cooperating with your partner to buy time for your evolution. Take as little damage as possible until you reach your final form, then make it rain.

Base Form Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Variable Gun

An average BR that can be canceled into AB. You will be very dependent on this weapon during this form. 

Although it is not recommended to mindlessly spend your ammo, you will want to give chase and aim for hits in order to increase your evolution gauge. Since the weapon is pistol-size and has a shorter muzzle, the firing angle is wider than the BR of other units. 

Like with Victory Gundam’s BR, there is a shooting guard whenever you fire a BR. You will not go into a normal guard even if you successfully guard with this shooting guard.

If you picked Xenon Face, the beam traveling speed is fast but the tracking is weak. In the Eclipse & Aios Face, the tracking is normal but beam traveling speed is slow. 

Charged Main: Variable Gun (Multiple Shot)

Fires 3 BR while remaining stationary. Can be cancelled to AB. If you picked Eclipse & Aios Face, you can also cancel to AC. The shots are a bit thicker as compared to the main BR. 

This is also an important weapon for you to help conserve your main BR ammo. The firing angle range is unexpectedly wide. Depending on the position of the opponent, you might be able to hit when the opponent even if it is right below you. Since the muzzle correction is fixed by the first shot, you will have a chance to miss all 3 shots if the opponent were to sidestep early as the 2nd & 3rd shots have no muzzle correction. 

Alike to the BR, there is a shooting guard when using the CSA. But this is difficult to utilize intentionally as the shield is always held sideways during the animation, and has a small guard hitbox.

There is a difference in performance between the Xenon, Eclipse, & Aios Face. Xenon’s CSA has poor tracking & muzzle correction so it has a lower chance of hitting the opponent from afar. On the other hand, Eclipse & Aios Face’s CSA tracking is almost alike to the usual BR so it ‘s reasonably easier to use. 

Sub: Beam Dagger Throw

Throws out 2 beam daggers in a motion that depends on your directional input. Able to cancel to AC if you picked Eclipse & Aios Face. 

The range limit of this weapon is about the length of your full red lock range. The hitbox is small but the muzzle correction and traveling speed are not bad. 

Xenon Face’s version deals higher damage, and has better damage proration and down value as compared to the other two Faces. Aios Face has a better hitbox than the other 2 Faces.

This attack only causes a short stagger, so it is recommended to follow up as soon as you see the daggers hit. 

5AB: Beam Dagger Throw (Single)

Combine the 2 Beam Daggers and throw them towards the opponent as one dagger. The hitbox is larger compared to the other inputs. This input will keep you stationary but the startup and muzzle correction is good.

Simply said, this is a downgraded version of Infinite Justice’s boomerang.

4/6AB: Beam Dagger Cartwheel Throw

Throws 2 daggers while rolling over. The tracking for this input is better than with the other inputs. 

Slow startup and motion. If you cancel out of this move early, you may throw only 1 dagger. It can be used as a follow up after a BR hit, but be careful as you might miss the follow up due to its slow motion.  

Simply said, this is a downgraded version of Gundam Exia’s horizontal dagger throw. 

2/8AB:Beam Dagger Backflip Throw

Throws both daggers while doing a backflip. Same as the cartwheel throw, the startup and motion of this move are slow. On the other hand, it can be used to catch opponents moving left or right because it spreads wide. This is also a downgraded version of Gundam Exia’s 5AB dagger throw. The daggers track decently vertically, especially downwards.

Special Shooting: Data Pressure

Pressure-type attack. The startup is fast but it has no super armor and its range is small, so it is difficult to use when compared to units like The O. Take note that the opponent is unable to block this attack, like with all other Pressures.

The biggest feature of this weapon is that if you hit a unit with it (enemy or ally alike), you will accumulate 30 evolution gauge (Even if you hit multiple targets, the gauge will only increase up to 30). Therefore, it is recommended to use this move not only in melee combos, but also for hitting knocked down opponents (before they enter yellow lock) inorder to gain evolution gauge. 

Since Eclipse Face has no melee after evolution, the reliance on the melee canceling to pressure is quite high. If you evolve after hitting with pressure, you can continue to follow up in order to increase your evolution gauge. 

Evolution gauge accumulates even in the case of friendly fire, so it is possible to coordinate with your partner to accumulate a large amount of evolution gauge from the start depending on where you are positioned.

Even if your BR damage is nullified by shooting guards such as Nu Gundam, 00 Quanta etc or armor equipment like Deathscythes, Alex etc, the evolution gauge will still increase steadily. If your partner has that kind of equipment, it is safe to accumulate your evolution gauge if you want to aim for that. But still, recommended to just gain evolution gauge off the opponent instead of the 200 IQ play as mentioned above.    

Special Melee: Evolution Gauge

Initial value starts from 0 and when it becomes 100, you will automatically form change and evolve into the evolution form. The count increases with the 3 following methods:

  1. Automatically increases by one for every two seconds;
  2. Damaging the opponent; and
  3. Taking damage from the opponent or your partner.

Evolving does not cause any vernier. If you hit with your BC melee when your evolution gauge is around 90, Leos will comment saying that the gauge will accumulate with the propeller slash, and the effect showing the form change will appear -> evolves immediately after the end of the skateboarding attack animation. If you cancel out in the middle of the combo, you will evolve straight away once you cancel out. 

It is ideal to fight carefully and evolve without taking damage so that you may get into the fight with your evolved form, but do not leave your partner out there alone for too long. Make good use of the melee to pressure cancel route, BC, and more to gain evolution gauge quickly. 

Xenon Face’s BR gets about 15 gauge per BR hit. If you follow up with a 2nd shot you will gain about 11 gauge. This value will be affected depending on the down value left for your opponent. 

Take note that if the acquisition count exceeds 100, it will not be carried over to the next evolution gauge. Even if you apply pressure at 90 gauge count, the gauge after evolution starts at 0. So be careful if you are going to take some damage during that timing as going to the extreme evolution mode might be difficult even with Xenon Face. For Aios and Eclipse, the difficulty level for evolution is further spurred. 

Conversely, if you take damage after evolving, the new gauge after evolution will fill. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber Combo

Standard 3 hit combo, has a change in PoV during the last stage of this melee. Able to cancel to AC.

8BB: Thrust -> Shield Thrust

Hits with the shield after a saber thrust. Can be cancelled to AC. 

4/6BB: Side Slash -> Rotating Slash

Similar to F91’s 8B melee. The second hit is a single blow down after a rotary slash around the 3rd hit. Knocks the opponent away slightly forward rather than backward like F91. Evolution gauge will increase by around 37 if the whole combo connects. Able to cancel to AC.

2B: Jump Slash

Leap upwards and slashes downwards, in short a pyonkaku. Does not bounce the opponent on hit. There is a difference in movement depending on which Face you are using which will be explained later. In every form this move allows you to become very agile and do not consume much boost, making it excellent to use as a pyonkaku. If you are fighting against Barbatos Lupus and both of you are doing your pyonkakus at the same time, you will most likely win if both have equal chance of hitting each other. 

Xenon: Ascending altitude is lower than other forms, it moves further and it is top class in its agility. It is at a level where you can aim for a surprise attack. The pyonkaku can almost be compared to Force Impluse’s pyonkaku. Although it can only be used in the based form, it is considered top class amongst pyonkakus.

Eclipse & Aios: A common pyonkaku that jumps high. The feeling of descending is almost like 00 Qan[T]’s pyonkaku landing. It is not as amazing as Xenon’s pyonkaku which can be used in both attacking and escaping, but the movement is reasonably quick and good enough to use for deceiving opponents while landing. 

This move has a special landing motion and as the motion itself is long, it can’t be used to cover a stiff landing.

CC8B: Slash-through 

Charging forward while rotating the beam saber.  The second stage is rotated vertically down with multiple hits. Can be canceled to AC. Due to the nature of this melee, be careful when using it near a wall as you might have a chance of dropping the combo. 

BC: Road Tactics

A rotating slash while moving forward like The O’s 4/6B. Puts the enemy in an untechable down state. Able to step on and drag the opponent like a skateboard after rotating slash hits its maximum amount of hit. Unable to use this move if you are overheated. 

The rotating slash is similar to Deathscythe Hell’s, so you might catch the opponent’s partner if he/she tries to melee you during that animation. However, since the hitbox is small, You can still lose out to opponents with big weapons like Epyon’s. Hence, do not be overconfident with this move.

Xenon deals the lowest number of rotary slash hits and has the highest damage among the 3 faces.

Eclipse has a large number of rotary slash hits and is generally slower.  

Aios has twice the number of rotary slash hits and lower damage output when compared to the other two. 

This move can be canceled to AC if you are using Eclipse or Aios Face.

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

A form that simultaneously activates the extreme evolutions of Eclipse, Xenon, and Aios while firing a large gerobi. Common to all forms, there will be super armor before firing the gerobi. 

The muzzle correction is strong, but the startup is slow which makes it a bit hard to aim. Also the muzzle correction cuts off slightly faster. There is no need to use it forcibly, but it can be used against incoming melee especially when you are overheated. 

When hit directly, the damage is dealt quickly and combined with the gorgeous appearance, it really extinguishes the opponent’s durability. In fact, there is a slight delay between the input and the actual deployment of the Burst Attack. There is a possibility that it can be reused even if it is interrupted after the input.  

When using the burst attack in the base form, it will only fire one thick gerobi. By the time your burst accumulates, you should have already evolved so you will not see it in normal situations. 

 In the evolved form, Funnels will be deployed around it and fires along with the gerobi. As the attack range is expanded, you will have a chance of hitting the opponent who might be coming in from the side. The muzzle correction seems to be different between the funnel and the main body but it is not much of a concern. This attack will cause an explosion if it hits the terrain. If you use this attack well, you might be able to force a down on MA bosses with a single shot. 

Eclipse Face Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Variable Psycho Rifle

Fires a BR shot with a slower-than-average startup but larger-than-average hitbox. Able to manually reload on zero ammo. 

It is quite similar to Unicorn’s Beam Magnum, but the damage output is average for its unit cost. 

Able to cancel to AB or AC. You are able to use the cancel route while you are reloading but the reload will not occur if you use the cancel route too early.

Charged Main: Variable Psycho Rifle (Cross Buster Mode)

Combines the two rifles into one and fires a single shot high power beam. 2-second charge time, one-hit down. Mirrors the firing motion of the Wing Zero, firing a Zeta Gundam High Mega Cannon-like shot. The shot is large with good tracking, and the projectile speed is a little faster compared to your BR but slower than your Sub. 

This is a strong weapon, but it is slow to use at short distances so be mindful of where you are when firing. In order to take full advantage of your “unlimited” ammo, it will be good to use it with the 2nd impact technique. This weapon is also useful in situations where you want to save your sub weapon ammo for self defense. 

Sub: Blaster Cannon

Two beams are fired simultaneously from both shoulders. Thick shots with fast traveling speed and good tracking. Can be cancelled from Main with no damage correction being applied. Reloads on empty, takes 8 seconds to reload.

Among all of this form’s weapons, this is one of your highest- performing armaments that is the key to getting your extreme evolution form faster by catching landings or through using it for self defense. As it does not cause a down with a direct hit, you can follow up with a BR or sub if the opponent is knocked upwards into the air.

If you run out of ammo, it will be tough on you for the next 8 seconds as there are no other proper self-defense tools in this form. Pick your shots carefully and read the situation ahead.

Melee: Single-Warhead Missile

Fires missiles from the side skirts, able to fire up to 4 in one extended button hold. There is no shooting angle restriction for this weapon and you can fire it even if your back is facing the enemy. However, the tracking is poor so it will be recommended not to use this input and save the ammo for AC instead. 

It is easy to make the mistake of accidentally spamming the ammo while you are melee-ing in your base form and suddenly evolve after you cancel out of your melee. So take note of your evolution gauge while you are melee-ing to prevent this from happening.    

Special Shooting: Single-Warhead Missile (Simultaneous Firing)

Fires 6 missiles while remaining stationary. Can be cancelled from BR and fired a second time by inputting AC twice. The ammo for this weapon is shared with the melee input, so if the remaining ammo is 6 or below, the amount of missiles fired out will be as much as the remaining ammo.

This weapon can also be used for self defense when you have no ammo for your sub weapon due to the missiles being fired side by side in a row which makes it easy to hit incoming targets. But the startup is a bit slow so you would want to be careful about the distance between you and the opponent beforing using it for self defense. If you hit all 6 directly, you can gain a large amount of extreme evolution gauge. So if you hit the opponent with a BR and you are very close to him/her, use this chance to get close and fire all 6 missiles in your opponent’s face to gain evolution gauge.

Special Melee: Extreme Evolution Activation

Changes to the Extreme Evolution Mode while generating a stunning ripple wave. There is a shooting guard and super armor at the moment of evolution.(This is why monsters don’t interrupt the heroes’ transformations in TV shows.)  You may prevent the forced PoV change applied when using this move by using the input 2BC to transform. 

Compared to Xenon’s version of the same move, Eclipse’s effective range is a little wider, and applies a normal weak stun instead of a burning stun on hit.

You are able to do the Charge Shot cancel route to create the shock wave without evolving (hard to pull off). But unlike Xenon, there is no merit to staying in this form. Immediate evolution is recommended.  

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

Same as the base form but with additional funnels deployed at the sides expanding the attack range.

It is rare to do a burst attack in this form, but when the situation is disadvantageous to you this burst attack can cause great damage and gives a lot of extreme evolution gauge. So if you are in need to evolve fast, you can turn the tables around by hitting with this Burst Attack.

EF (Extreme Evolution Form) Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Variable Psycho Rifle (Final Specification)

A high performance BR with increased size, tracking, damage, and down value. 

Downs an enemy in two shots instead of three. You might think this will lead to a reduction in overall damage dealt, but bear in mind that this BR does 90 damage: a 2-hit zunda does 153 damage, only 5 damage less than a 3-hit zunda performed by an MS with a 75 damage per shot BR. Downing an enemy quickly is a great tradeoff, and you can always go for A~AB to deal 163 damage, a very respectable number for two quick hits.

In this form you will get more cancel routes for this weapon, so make good use of these cancel routes to take full advantage of your powered-up state.

Able to cancel to AB, AC, and BC. Same as with the previous form, you are able to manually reload on zero ammo. You can also use the melee input to fire out missiles anytime you are firing your Main or other moves, which can help save on BR ammo to prevent the need to reload in a tight spot..  

As the BR shot is very big, opponents who react late will most likely take the shot. The Eclipse Face lacks any sort of freefall, but this weakness can be overcome by using this BR to continuously apply heavy pressure on the opponent. As the Eclipse Face is at a disadvantage in regards to the boost meter, it is against your best interests to zunda all trigger happy and deplete your boost. Your ammo may be near unlimited, but your boost is not.

Charged Main: Projection Type Jamming System

Fires a purple sphere from the blaster cannon. The sphere explodes on hit or when it reaches its maximum range, causing a huge spherical explosion and stunning whoever is inside the explosion. The range of the stun space is a little wider than the Extreme Gundam’s base form’s data pressure.

When it hits, it becomes a long stun with the visual effect of a sphere on the target. Since the stun duration is extremely long, you can consider leaving the opponent there to go help your partner instead. 

The startup for this weapon is slow and the muzzle correction is bad. The traveling speed is about the same as average BR but it slows down when reaching a certain distance. You can think of it being used in the same way as Gundam RX-78’s super napalm. Despite the energy-like appearance, it is not a beam attribute attack and cannot be prevented by the ABC cloak.

The range of explosion is excellent and works well as a trap, but the issue is that the startup is slow and it’s a problem that it can not be released immediately. And since the main is manual reload, the need to use it as a follow up is very low. 

Although not recommended, if there is a need for self defense, you can launch this attack toward the ground to get a chance to stun the opponent and yourself to buy some time, or you can use it for an okizeme. 

Charged Melee: High Altitude Ground Bombardment

After instantly jumping up into the sky, the Eclipse Face emits a beam of light from the reinforced blaster cannon towards the ground, causing a huge explosion at the impact point. This weapon can only be used once per life. Since the charged gauge disappears immediately after the button is released, it is not possible to take actions like cancelling before the beam of light is out to redo the whole animation again. 

There is no tracking for the entire animation, and as it consumes a considerable amount of boost and jumps to higher altitudes, it is recommended that after this move you try to land ASAP and recover your boost. Be careful as it is not the type of weapon that hits the moment you launch it- if you cancel the shot immediately before the gerobi hits, the explosion will not happen. 

This weapon is excellent for okizeme, but it takes a long time to charge. So remember to pre-charge it to get ready. As the opponent will usually be afloat after getting hit, you can follow up by boosting out and firing a BR or AC. It can also be used when you are overheated, so it’s recommended to use it when the opponent is trying to punish your landing. It can be also used as a last resort when the opponent is chasing you while in burst, so if you are having trouble finding a way to use this weapon, you can use it in such a scenario. 

This is a move that commands respect from seasoned players, making it likely that the opponent will be wary and avoid attacking when you still possess this weapon. There are many uses for this weapon so try to master the timing for using it. 

Sub: Enhanced Blaster Cannon

Same as the previous form but with more damage, higher tracking, a bigger projectile, and an increased ammo count. The range on this move is wide and is even more excellent for self defense and attack. It is important to rely on this weapon as a means of self defense. 

It is necessary to avoid situations where there is no ammo when you need to use them, but unlike the previous form this is not your only lifeline.

Can be cancelled from BR and the Missile melee input, but you can’t cancel by only firing one missile. Example: BR > 4 missiles > AB. Although it is possible to use this cancel route, the sub’s firing will be delayed which makes it not stable for a follow up. 

Special Shooting: Carnage Striker

Expands the option pack on the right shoulder and fires a gerobi. It has a slow startup, but it has excellent traveling speed, muzzle correction, range, a wide firing angle, and causes a huge explosion at the point of impact. The damage is considered top class for a gerobi weapon, but when the opponent is hit by both the gerobi and the resulting explosion the damage dealt drops to about 200, which is on the lower end.

Since it has a very powerful muzzle correction, the opponent will still take the hit at close range even if he/she sidesteps. However, it is easy for you to be crushed as the opponent might notice you first due to it’s slow startup. As the startup is slow and you will stay stationary, only use this weapon if you are confident of landing a hit instead of blindly shooting. 

You can release up to 2 Eclipse clusters while you are firing the gerobi and it is recommended to do so since there are many cases where the missiles hit even if the opponent avoided the gerobi. Take note that even if you change target while releasing the Eclipse clusters, the missiles will still fly towards the last target. Hence, multi targeting is not possible. You can also release the clusters before the gerobi firing animation.

Special Melee: Eclipse Cluster

Ejects an option pack on the left shoulder, and scatters out innumerable small missiles. Motion changes depend on input. Two consecutive releases are possible by long pressing the melee button or press AC again. Basically, it will release two clusters together, but the missile tracking for this input is very good. Like the GP03 micro missile pod, it has a unique lock distance that allows your missiles to track even in green lock. 

There is no hitbox for the clusters, but the ejection speed is relatively high. If the cluster touches an obstacle, the missile will not spread and will be considered as one hit so be careful. If you were to burst at the same time as you release, a bug will occur causing the cluster to disappear so be careful with your burst timing. This weapon does not reload upon bursting. During a shooting burst, additional inputs cannot be made and will be cancelled out. 

The startup is slow and it will not fire if you cancel out too early. Because you can fire the BR indefinitely, the frequency of using this weapon which will make you stay stationary depends on you. And since it has tracking even at green lock, it is okay to release the clusters at green lock although it is still recommended to do it at red lock.

There are 4 kinds of input for this weapon:

5BC: Mid range dispersal 

Spreads at around mid range. Since the vertical tracking is stronger, it will force the opponent to move sideways. If you shoot at the same time after the release, it will be a thick barrage.

8BC: Far range dispersal 

The cluster will travel the furthest for this input. Thin vertically and widely spread horizontally. The tracking after the release seems to be stronger, and the closer the opponent is to the cluster the better the hit rate is. The travel distance is between the green and red lock distance. 

2BC: Close range dispersal

Immediately spreads and tracks to the opponent. The tracking looks weak, but it can bend up to 90 degrees immediately after the release. The missile deployed position and the trajectory associated with it are lower than others and once released, they could not dive below. Effective when combined with other inputs to act as a wall that blocks access. It is also effective against air strikes as it bends downwards.

4/6BC:Short distance dispersal

 Releases farther than 2BC and faster than 5BC. It spreads a little to the sides and tracking is also good but vertical tracking is weaker than 5BC. Since the tracking at a long distance is stronger than others, it is recommended to use this to chase an opponent who is boosting away from you. Good compatibility with AC.

B: Single-Warhead Missile

In this form, there is no limit on the ammo and you can shoot infinitely. However, the stagger time is shortened as compared to the previous form. If you have time to spare, there is no problem using this as a follow up after each BR shot. A maximum of 4 shots can be fired by repeatedly pressing the buttons or long pressing. However, keep in mind that a long press will make you start charging your CSB. 

This weapon is rather excellent as it could be used to have a chance of hitting the opponent while he/she is trying to punish your landing or make the opponent block longer by spamming the missiles on his/her guard etc. If you shoot together with your BR, you might hit with the missile even if the BR is blocked. 

Even at a short distance, depending on the direction of where you are facing, tracking may not be applied. Although it is quite unlikely for this to happen, if you try to fire this weapon while boosting, it might turn into a melee tackle so be careful on this part.

By stepping backwards and firing a few missiles, you can buy a good amount of time while keeping a distance. 

Melee Set

2//CC8B: Tackle 

The strongest melee for this unit as this is it’s only melee move in this form. This is the last resort method for fighting units with a shooting guard, but you can rely on it because the priority is strong enough to beat out careless opponents. You can also use this melee as a means to move closer to the opponent and side step out to do your stuff. It is possible to tackle again after hitting the first one.

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

Same as previous forms except that you will cause an explosion at the point of impact. This is non cancellable so it will be recommended if you use it on a confirmed hit or hide behind a wall to fire it off.


  • The most crucial part of your battle is in your base form. Try to farm poke damage for your evolution gauge, like follow up after your partner BR hits while avoiding damage.
  • When you have evolved, the pressure will start to lighten up a bit as you get more useful weapons to farm for damage. But remember that in this form you are still inferior to the other units of the same cost so try to avoid 1v1 situations and play a ranged game as what you did in your base form. 
  • Once you are in the extreme evolution form, you can start to create more opportunities for your partner by spamming your BR, releasing your cluster missiles, and firing the gerobi to catch the opponent’s attention.  
  • Spam some melee inputs in between your BR shots for some missiles. Doing so you become a pseudo Xi or Penelope, making it hard for melee units to close in on you.
  • If you foresee your opponent is incoming, pre-charge your CSB to get ready to make his screen turn white.
  • E and S burst are recommended for this unit. (But if you feel brave and wanna cancel your shots to a tackle you are always welcome to use F)
  • Eclipse pairs best with melee or all-rounder 3000 cost units that can help create the space Eclipse needs to attack from afar and evolve quickly. 
  • Eclipse can pair with 2500 cost units, in the event that it respawns in cost over it will still have enough HP to launch one final offensive. You can even pick S burst more safely with a 2500 cost partner. 
  • Stay away from 2000 partners, if possible. However, there is a potential to make it work with a 1500 cost partner. If you can get into the extreme evolution form before dying, you will be in a good position for the rest of the match to support your 1500 cost partner, preferably a melee type like Efreet Kai.