Qubeley Mk-II (Ple)

Model Number:AMX-004-2 

Pilot: Elpeo Ple

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: O

Qubeley Mk-II (Ple)

One of the two Qubeley Mk-II units produced. Piloted by Elpeo Ple, this darker-colored Qubeley was virtually identical in performance to the original Qubeley, except with minor modifications made with mass production in mind. It sports the same funnel-type weapons that allows the Qubeley to become a one-man army capable of controlling the entire battlefield.

Ability Summary







Beam Gun



High ammo count and good damage.

Charged Main

Beam Gun (Double Shot)


Fires both Beam Guns at once.

Charged Melee

Dodai Kai Summon


Sends a Dodai to charge at the enemy.


Funnel (Fire)

15 (∞)


Fires one funnel per command. With Newtype ability activated fires 2 shots. Shares ammo with special shooting

Special Shooting

Funnel (Set)

15 (∞)


Sends a set of three funnels. With Newtype ability activated fires 2 volleys. Shares ammo with sub.

Special Melee

Newtype Ability


Activating this mode makes your Sub ammo infinite, and makes it possible to use BC funnel attack variants.

Newtype Ability Active


Funnel Assault (Line)

25 ~ 50

Deploys and fires ten funnels in a horizontal line from the Mk II’s position.


Funnel Assault (Scattered)

25 ~ 48

Deploys and fires 3 funnels in a W formation


Funnel Assault (Rapid-fire)

25 ~ 120

Fires six shots (three pairs of shots from 2 funnels) from funnels deployed to the left or right of the Mk II based on lever.


Funnel Assault (Focused)

25 ~ 150

Deploys and fires eight funnels in a horizontal line converging on the enemy.

Burst Attack

Funnel (Full Assault)   284 (S) /254 (F & E) Shooting barrage with funnels.








2-hit combo.








1-hit slash.




Slash-through that stuns.




Good reach.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B

AB: AC, 2B

AC: A, AB, 2B


[While Newtype Ability is active]

BC: A, AB, AC, 2B


Any melee hit: A


A suit that is all about that funnel life. This version of the Qubeley has more funnel-firing variations than any other funnel-type unit. However, its Sub and Special Shooting share the same ammo pool, often leading to a severe wanting of more ammo. For this reason and a few others, the Mk-II in its normal state is considered to be lacking in performance.

That problem is quickly erased when powered up in the Newtype Ability mode, when you gain unlimited funnel ammunition. It is during this mode that the Mk-II shows its true power, raining beams down upon the entire battlefield like no other MS can. 

Attaining victory with Mk-II means capitalizing big when your power-up is active, but also very importantly not becoming a burden to your teammate when out of your powered-up mode. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Gun

An above-average Beam Rifle for a 2000 cost unit. Has bountiful cancel routes making it a critical tool for offense and defense. Aside from having higher damage than average, you also have plenty of ammo to use this often enough, and you can always use your CSA to supplement this. 

Charged Main: Beam Gun (Double Shot) 

Verniers and fires two Beam Gun shots at the same time. 2-second charge time. Hitting both shots causes a one-hit down. 

Charged melee: Dodai Kai Summon

Qubeley hops backwards and tosses a Dodai at the enemy. The Dodai deals 80 direct damage, and 20 explosion AOE damage. 2-second charge time.

This has a big hitbox and a fast travel speed, but close to zero tracking. Because it has an explosion that can bust through shooting guards, this is a good tool against suits with shooting guards or ABC mantles..as long as you can make an early read and charge this move pre-emptively.

Sub: Funnels (Release)

Qubeley Mk-II sends out all-range funnels. 2 seconds to reload.

Much like the other Qubeley units, this move does not cause vernier, and can be used to freefall by firing a back-facing Main and cancelling into Sub.

Each input sends out one single funnel, and unlike Nu or Providence you cannot hold down the A button to continue sending out more. This means that if you want to have multiple funnels on the screen at once it’s going to require a hefty boost investment, and oftentimes it’s simply not going to be worth doing so.

During the Newtype Ability mode the ammo for this move becomes infinite, and each funnel will fire twice instead of once.

Special Shooting: Funnel (Set)

Sets three funnels around Qubeley, which each fire one shot. This costs 3 ammo to fire. Just like with your Sub this move does not cause vernier, and can be used to freefall by cancelling into this from back-fired Main.

You can use this to attack from multiple angles when used in conjunction with your other funnel attacks or your Beam Gun. You can also use this for self defense to cover your escape or intercept incoming melee. You can fire this and not cause vernier even if your back is facing the enemy. Just like with your AB this fires two shots per funnel during your Newtype Ability powerup state.

Special Melee: Newtype Ability

Timed powerup. You start the match with this fully charged. Goes into a 13-second cooldown when expended, and takes a further 25 seconds to reload to full. Is active for about 20 seconds, meaning you’ll be experiencing about a 30% uptime, without including respawning with the gauge at full.

Qubeley glows with the power of a Newtype when this powerup is active, and is surrounded by orbiting funnels. During this powerup state your Sub and Special Shooting ammo becomes unlimited, and you gain access to new Special Melee funnels moves, all of which have unlimited ammo as well. The aforementioned Sub and Special Shooting funnels also fire twice each instead of once.

Although the ammo becomes unlimited Qubeley still has a limit on how many funnels it can have on the screen at once, so there is a limit on the number of beams you can be spamming. Your Sub/Special Shooting ammo is also fully replenished once the powerup ends.

Because the activation animation is very long, it’s recommended you cancel this into a boost dash as soon as it activates, or cancel this into a CSB. Also note that Bursting does not refill the gauge, and S Burst’s effect of speeding up reloads does not affect this move.

Special Melee Funnels

Qubeley Mk-II gains access to new funnel moves while BC is active. You have an abundance of cancel routes to and from the BC funnels, which you can use while traversing the battlefield.

5BC: Lines up 10 funnels in a horizontal line in front of Qubeley and fires them all at once. This has zero muzzle correction. This is similar to the Red Qubeley’s CSB, except with this move the funnels are more closely positioned to one another. The funnels take some time before they activate and fire, so this move is not suitable for following-up on hit confirms. The best use of this move is hitting horizontally moving enemies.

8BC: Qubeley surrounds itself with six funnels that fire on the enemy, firing two bursts of three beams. This is good for hitting enemies in the close-mid range.

4/6BC: Deploys six funnels to either side of Qubeley, depending on your lever input. The funnels fire in pairs, rapid-firing a total of three sets of two beams. Feels like a beam rifle assist that is summoned to your side. You can use this to catch horizontally-moving enemies if you make the right directional read, or use it to set up crossfire situations.

2BC: Qubeley lines up a horizontal row of 8 funnels which fire at the enemy. The difference between this and 5BC is that these funnels are summoned in front of the enemy, instead of at Qubeley’s position. You can rack up a lot of damage if multiple beams hit the enemy at once, which this move tends to do.

Melee Set

5B: 2-stage Beam Saber Combo

Standard melee combo. If you’re not sure what to hit confirm into after landing another melee, go with this. 

8B: Somersault

A quick single hit. Usable as a combo ender.

4/6B: Slash

Single-hit melee with three Beam Sabers. Easy to hit but poor damage. Try to follow-up for more damage by side-stepping as fast as possible on a hit.

2B: Slash-through

Slashes with two Beam Sabers at once. Can be cancelled into from every ranged attack Qubeley has except for CSB. Shooting suits generally desire a melee they can cancel into, and Qubeley is no exception. Great for hit confirms off Beam Gun shots in the close range.

CC8B: Stab

Stabs with three Beam Sabers. Travels far, and is pretty easy to hit.

Burst Attack

Funnel (Full Assault)

Fires a large Beam Rifle shot, before lining up the funnels in a ring formation and firing all funnels twice on the target. The entire sequence is very fast, and on a good hit confirm from your Main you can very quickly deal over 250 damage.


  • The Mk-II’s main goal is to smother the enemy with funnels while remaining mobile. Force the enemies to move using your Sub, and then use your A, AC, or CSA to rack up damage.
  • As far as possible, try to use all of your funnels before entering Newtype Ability mode, as it reloads all your funnels after the powerup form finishes.
  • However, the performance of the funnels during Normal mode are nothing to write home about, so don’t bank on them too much. Focus on preserving your HP and Main ammo during your Normal mode so that you can confidently launch a stronger assault when powered up.
  • This suit’s weakness is its severe lack of ammo, despite having a form with infinite ammo. 8 ammo on your Beam Gun sounds like a lot but it is quickly depleted when used for freefalls together with your Sub. When out of ammo use your CSA or CSB for self defense situations.
  • Qubeley has an abundance of freefalls, even more so in its powered up state. However your freefall speed is not very fast, so you cannot reliably go into the close range and hope to come out on top by constantly evading enemy attacks while freefalling and attacking with funnels.
  • S Burst may seem like the best initial choice, but Qubeley already has all the cancel routes and freefalls it needs. F Burst is the standard pick, powering up Qubeley’s weaknesses and giving it the option to go for melee attacks to possibly bring about a comeback. E is the safe pick as always.
  • 3000 cost partners are best for Qubeley, especially those who can take the frontline and survive long enough for Qubeley to charge up its powered up state.