Extreme Gundam Type Leos Agios Face 

Model Number: EXTREME GUNDAM type-LEOS AGIOS FACE Pilot: Leos Alloy
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: O

Extreme Gundam Type Leos’ Funnel evolution, the Agios Face. He evolved into this form with the GA data acquired from the Gundam Seed Destiny world shown in the manga. It uses funnel weapons which are based on the Strike Freedom Gundam.

Base Form Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Variable Gun 8 70 Average BR
Charged Main Beam Rifle (multiple shot) 50 ~ 105 Fires 3 BR
Sub Beam Dagger Throw 1 9 ~ 27 Able to throw in 3 different motions
Special Shooting Data Pressure 1 0 Gives 30 Evolution gauge on hit
Burst Attack EXA Full Burst 273(S)/261(F & E) Wide gerobi
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 170 Standard 3-stage combo
8B 8BB 131 Multiple hits
4/6B 4/6BB 120 2-stage attack which causes multiple hit
2B 2B 70 Pyonkaku with no landing property
CC8B CC8B 134 Slash-through with multiple hits
BC BC 152 Spinning slash

Cancel Routes:



5B, 8B, 4/6B, CC8B, any part of BC : AC

After 5B 2nd hit: BC

After 4/6B, 8B 1st hit: BC

 Agios Face Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Variable Rifle 8 75 Standard BR
Charged Main Variable Rifle (Charged Shot) 95 High damage with stun on hit
Sub Alice Funnel (Deploy) 4 25 ~ 86 All-range attack
Special Shooting Alice Funnel (Gerobi) 2 22 ~ 140 Stationary gerobi
Special Melee Extreme Evolution Activation 100 0 Stuns opponent upon hit
Burst Attack EXA Full Burst  273(S)/261(F & E) Same as base form but with Funnels added
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 170 Long combo time 
8B 8BB 149 Excellent damage proration
4/6B 4/6BB 158 2-stage attack which causes multiple hit
2B 2BB 135 Bounce down
CC8B CC8B 80 Untechable down

Cancel Routes:





AF (Extreme Evolution Form) Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Variable Rifle  10 80 Higher damage with more ammo
Charged Main Divine Shoot 105 Stuns on hit
Sub Sprite Charge 2 27~93 5AB: Deploys funnels by your side
Infinite Chase *AB: All-range attack
Special Shooting The Assault Form 1 24~172 Gerobi with shooting guard
Special Melee Sacred Sword 1 9~82 A boomerang that never returns
Destiny Border 24~88 Stuns on hit
Burst Attack EXA Full Burst 282(S)/272(F & E) Super armor on activation, causes explosion on terrain
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 181
5B(BB)~BC 143~227 Funnel Rush Combo 
8B 8BB 154 Excellent damage correction
8B(B)~BC 152~216 Same as 5B~BC
4/6B 4/6BB 180 2-stage attack which deals multiple hits
4/6B(BB)~BC 143~226 Same as 5B~BC
2B 2BB 149 Bounce down
2B~BC 153~211 Same as 5B~BC
CC8B CC8B 90 Untechable down
CC8B~BC 168 Same as 5B~BC

Cancel Routes:






This unit is Extreme AF. The Agios Face is an all-rounder unit whose specialty is funnel weapons. Its mobility is top class in the 2500 cost bracket when it is in the extreme evolution form, and its red lock range is quite far as well. Just as the evolution line talks about the “limits of funnel evolution”, you will get more types of funnel weapons as you evolve. As for how the unit generally feels to play, you could say it is a versatile unit with unique funnel armaments. Although each weapon is not overwhelmingly strong, the synergy between each weapon including cancel routes and boost performance are excellent. Therefore, the ability to maintain formation, supporting your partner, and its general mobility are considered to be good for its cost. 

Like the other forms of the Extreme Gundam, the outcome of the battle solely depends on how quickly and steadily you can get to your final evolution. Due to its unique characteristics and weapon set, it is not rare to reach the final form with only 250HP or lower due to not getting many hits in and receiving damage. So in order to master this unit, it is vital that you know when to go in to get some poke damage to fill your evolution gauge, like following up after your partner hits with a BR, etc. The most ideal scenario would be evolving to your final form without taking damage, but on average it is ideal and feasible that you get to your final form with around or more than 400 HP remaining.  

In conclusion, the key to victory for this unit is through cooperating with your partner to buy time for your evolution. Take as little damage as possible until you reach your final form, then start to harass the opponent with your funnels.

Base Form Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Variable Gun

An average BR that can be canceled into AB. Continuous reload, 3 second/ammo. You will be very dependent on this weapon during this form. 

Although it is not recommended to mindlessly spend your ammo, you will want to give chase and aim for hits in order to increase your evolution gauge. Since the weapon is pistol-size and has a shorter muzzle, the firing angle is wider than the BR of other units. 

Like with Victory Gundam’s BR, there is a shooting guard whenever you fire a BR. You will not go into a normal guard even if you successfully guard with this shooting guard.

If you picked Xenon Face, the beam traveling speed is fast but the tracking is weak. In the Eclipse & Aios Face, the tracking is normal but beam traveling speed is slow. 

Charged Main: Variable Gun (Multiple Shot)

Fires 3 BR while remaining stationary which takes 2 seconds to charge. Can be cancelled to AB. If you picked Eclipse & Aios Face, you can also cancel to AC. The shots are a bit thicker as compared to the main BR. 

This is also an important weapon for you to help conserve your main BR ammo. The firing angle range is unexpectedly wide. Depending on the position of the opponent, you might be able to hit even if your opponent is right below you. Since the muzzle correction is fixed by the first shot, you will have a chance to miss all 3 shots if the opponent were to sidestep early as the 2nd & 3rd shots have no muzzle correction. Fire this after jumping up with 2B lets you hit more consistently. 

Alike to the BR, there is a shooting guard when using the CSA. But this is difficult to utilize intentionally as the shield is always held sideways during the animation, and has a small guard hitbox.

There is a difference in performance between the Xenon, Eclipse, & Aios Face. Xenon’s CSA has poor tracking & muzzle correction so it has a lower chance of hitting the opponent from afar. On the other hand, Eclipse & Aios Face’s CSA tracking is almost alike to the usual BR so it ‘s reasonably easier to use. 

Sub: Beam Dagger Throw

Throws out 2 beam daggers in a motion that depends on your directional input and takes 3 seconds to reload. Able to cancel to AC if you picked Eclipse & Aios Face. 

The range limit of this weapon is about the length of your full red lock range. The hitbox is small but the muzzle correction and traveling speed are not bad. 

Xenon Face’s version deals higher damage, and has better damage proration and down value as compared to the other two Faces. Aios Face has a better hitbox than the other 2 Faces.

This attack only causes a short stagger, so it is recommended to follow up as soon as you see the daggers hit. 

-5AB: Beam Dagger Throw (Single)

Combine the 2 Beam Daggers and throw them towards the opponent as one dagger. The hitbox is larger compared to the other inputs. This input will keep you stationary but the startup and muzzle correction is good.

Simply said, this is a downgraded version of Infinite Justice’s boomerang.

-4/6AB: Beam Dagger Cartwheel Throw

Throws 2 daggers while rolling over. The tracking for this input is better than with the other inputs. 

Slow startup and motion. If you cancel out of this move early, you may throw only 1 dagger. It can be used as a follow up after a BR hit, but be careful as you might miss the follow up due to its slow motion.  

Simply said, this is a downgraded version of Gundam Exia’s horizontal dagger throw. 

-2/8AB:Beam Dagger Backflip Throw

Throws both daggers while doing a backflip. Same as the cartwheel throw, the startup and motion of this move are slow. On the other hand, it can be used to catch opponents moving left or right because it spreads wide. This is also a downgraded version of Gundam Exia’s 5AB dagger throw. The daggers track decently vertically, especially downwards.

Special Shooting: Data Pressure

Pressure-type attack, takes 8 seconds to reload. The startup is fast but it has no super armor and its range is small, so it is difficult to use when compared to units like The O. Take note that the opponent is unable to block this attack, like with all other Pressures. The hitbox from the pressure is small if you’re in Xenon, while the hitbox from Eclipse and Agios are bigger. In Xenon, you are also unable to use this move when there’s no ammo, but you can do so in Eclipse and Agios. Just a small possibility of scaring your opponent away when they see the start up animation. 

The biggest feature of this weapon is that if you hit a unit with it (enemy or ally alike), you will accumulate 30 evolution gauge (Even if you hit multiple targets, the gauge will only increase up to 30). Therefore, it is recommended to use this move not only in melee combos, but also for hitting knocked down opponents (before they enter yellow lock) in order to gain evolution gauge. 

Since Eclipse Face has no melee after evolution, the reliance on the melee canceling to pressure is quite high. If you evolve after hitting with pressure, you can continue to follow up in order to increase your evolution gauge. 

Evolution gauge accumulates even in the case of friendly fire, so it is possible to coordinate with your partner to accumulate a large amount of evolution gauge from the start depending on where you are positioned.

Even if your BR damage is nullified by shooting guards such as Nu Gundam, 00 Quanta etc or armor equipment like Deathscythes, Alex etc, the evolution gauge will still increase steadily. If your partner has that kind of equipment, it is safe to accumulate your evolution gauge if you want to aim for that. But still, recommended to just gain evolution gauge off the opponent instead of the 200 IQ play as mentioned above.    

Special Melee: Evolution Gauge

Initial value starts from 0 and when it becomes 100, you will automatically form change and evolve into the evolution form. Takes two seconds to charge the gauge by 1. The gauge increases with the three following methods:

  1. Automatically increases by 1 for every two seconds;
  2. Damaging the opponent; and
  3. Taking damage from the opponent or your partner.

Evolving does not cause any vernier. If you hit with your BC melee when your evolution gauge is around 90, the gauge will accumulate to full during the propeller slash (with a sparkle animation to show the gauge is full), and Leos will evolve immediately after the end of the skateboarding attack animation. If you cancel out in the middle of the combo, you will evolve straight away once you cancel out. 

It is ideal to fight carefully and evolve without taking damage so that you can start engages with your evolved form, but do not leave your partner out there alone for too long. Make good use of the melee to pressure cancel route, BC, and more to gain evolution gauge quickly. 

Xenon Face’s BR gets about 15 gauge per BR hit. If you follow up with a 2nd shot you will gain about 11 gauge. This value will be affected depending on the down value left for your opponent. 

Take note that if the gauge exceeds 100, it will not be carried over to the next evolution gauge. Even if you land a hit with AC at 90 gauge count, the gauge after evolution starts at 0. So be careful if you are going to take some damage during that timing as going to the extreme evolution mode might be difficult even with Xenon Face. For Aios and Eclipse, the difficulty level for evolution is even harder.

Conversely, the evolution gauge will fill up if you take damage after evolving 

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber Combo

Standard 3 hit combo, has a change in PoV during the last stage of this melee. Able to cancel to AC.

8BB: Thrust -> Shield Thrust

Hits with the shield after a saber thrust. Can be cancelled to AC. 

4/6BB: Side Slash -> Rotating Slash

Similar to F91’s 8B melee. Knocks the opponent away slightly forward rather than backward like F91. Evolution gauge will increase by around 37 if the whole combo connects. Able to cancel to AC.

2B: Jump Slash

Leap upwards and slashes downwards. Basically a pyonkaku. Does not bounce the opponent on hit. There is a difference in movement depending on which Face you are using which will be explained later. In every form this move allows you to become very agile and do not consume much boost, making it excellent to use as a pyonkaku. If you are fighting against Barbatos Lupus and both of you are doing your pyonkakus at the same time, you will most likely win if both have equal chance of hitting each other. 

Xenon: Doesn’t jump as high as the other two forms, but moves further forward and most agile. It is at a level where you can aim for a surprise attack. The pyonkaku can almost be compared to Force Impluse’s pyonkaku. Although it can only be used in the based form, it is considered top class amongst pyonkakus.

Eclipse & Aios: A common pyonkaku that jumps high. The downward motion is almost like 00 Qan[T]’s pyonkaku landing. It is not as amazing as Xenon’s pyonkaku which can be used in both attacking and escaping, but the movement is reasonably quick and good enough to use for deceiving opponents while landing. 

This move has a special landing motion and as the animation itself is long, it can’t be used to cover a stiff landing.

CC8B: Slash-through 

Charging forward while rotating the beam saber.  The second stage has the beam saber spinning vertically downwards with multiple hits. Can be canceled to AC. Due to the nature of this melee, be careful when using it near a wall as you might have a chance of dropping the combo. 

BC: Load Tactics

A rotating slash while moving forward like The O’s 4/6B. Puts the enemy in an untechable down state. The second stage of the attack steps and drags the opponent like a skateboard. Unable to use this move if you are overheated. 

The rotating slash is similar to Deathscythe Hell’s, so you might catch the opponent’s partner if he/she tries to melee you during that animation. However, since the hitbox is small, You can still lose out to opponents with big weapons like Epyon’s. Hence, do not be overconfident with this move.

Xenon deals the lowest number of rotary slash hits and has the highest damage among the 3 faces.

Eclipse has a large number of rotary slash hits and is generally slower.  

Aios has twice the number of rotary slash hits and lower damage output when compared to the other two. 

This move can be canceled to AC if you are using Eclipse or Aios Face.

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

A form that simultaneously activates the extreme evolutions of Eclipse, Xenon, and Aios while firing a large gerobi. Common to all forms, there will be super armor before firing the gerobi. 

The muzzle correction is strong, but the startup is slow which makes it a bit hard to aim. The muzzle correction only lasts for a short while. There is no need to force yourself to use it,  but it can be used against incoming melee especially when you are overheated. 

When hit directly, the damage is dealt quickly and combined with the gorgeous appearance, it really extinguishes the opponent’s hp. In fact, there is a slight delay between the input and the actual deployment of the Burst Attack. There is a possibility that it can be reused even if it is interrupted after the input.  

When using the Burst Attack in the base form, it will only fire one thick gerobi. By the time you have Burst to do this, you should have already evolved so you will not see it in normal situations. 

 In the evolved form, Funnels will be deployed around it and fires along with the gerobi. As the attack range is expanded, you will have a chance of hitting the opponent who might be coming in from the side. The muzzle correction seems to be different between the funnel and the main body but it doesn’t make much of a difference. This attack will cause an explosion if it hits the terrain. If you use this attack well, you might be able to force a down on MA bosses with a single shot. 

Agios Face Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Variable Rifle

A standard BR with both good damage and a good amount of ammo, but unlike the base form it has no shooting guard. Able to cancel to AB and AC and takes 3 seconds to reload per shot. You would like to attack as much as possible to gain extreme evolution gauge, but the situation will turn bad if you use up all of your BR ammo. Since the amount of ammo does not carry over after the extreme evolution, you can spam this more heavily when you’re close to evolving.

Charged Main: Variable Rifle (Charged Shot)

2-second charge time. Fires the rifle with both hands while remaining stationary. It is slightly less powerful but it has a stun attribute for you to follow up for more damage. The slow startup is a bottleneck and it is not recommended to use it for intercepting incoming enemies.

Since the traveling speed is faster than your BR and the tracking is reasonable, it is recommended to use it with 2nd impact. 

Sub: Alice Funnel (Deploy)

Hold down AB to deploy up to 4 funnels, and input direction to dictate the direction from which the funnels attack from. The ammo is consumed at the time of deployment and reloading starts immediately after the 4th shot (assuming you released all 4). Reloads on empty, takes 7 seconds to reload.  The funnel disappears after the attack. 

There are two shining features for this weapon are “no maximum range limit”, and “fires from the side of your target”. Due to the characteristic of firing from the side, it is effective against lateral movement especially the ground-running MSes who do not jump much. The damage isn’t high but it staggers well.

Also, since there is no range limit, you can just deploy them at green lock and combo with AC to fight from green lock if needed. On the other hand, the movement speed of the funnel is slower than other units, and like other funnel-type weapons they will return to you without firing if you are knocked down or stunned, so they can be less than useful in close-range encounters. Since you have only 4 ammo available and the firepower is low, use this only as a means to restrict the movement of the opponent. 

In this form, keep releasing these funnels as long as you have ammo as they reload quickly. Do not try and conserve ammo for this and it would put you in a great disadvantage. 

Special Shooting: Alice Funnel (Gerobi)

Forms a cannon with four funnels and fires a gerobi. The cannon is deployed on the left or right depending on your directional input. However, you try to fire a second one while the first one is still on the screen, the new one will be placed on the right side regardless of input. The gerobi will still be fired even if you boost cancel out of the animation, so treat it more like an assist. Note that it doesn’t cause a forced down even with a full direct hit. Able to cancel from A. Reloads in 7 seconds on empty.

Although this weapon is treated as a funnel, it will not be affected by moves with dummy properties but it can be jacked by Unicorn Gundam. Be careful when using it to follow up after hitting with BR because the gerobi may not connect depending on the distance and timing. There is also no muzzle correction so it is difficult to directly aim to catch your opponent’s landing. The startup is fast, has a wide firing arc and is able to aim almost directly up or downwards

The greatest strength of this weapon is the fast startup.  This is especially effective when canceling from BR to score a knockdown while you’re free to move after deploying the cannon. Efficiency wise, a A~AC combo deals good damage (144), gets you a knockdown and both weapons reload fast.  You can also expect self-cut as an insurance from BR even in close quarters battle, but be careful that the funnel disappears and the gerobi will stop firing when your unit is down. 

If you have time, this can also be used as okizeme especially against ground running units to apply some pressure on them. Although there is a limit to the gerobi duration and range, combine it with AB to catch them off guard.  

Special Melee: Extreme Evolution Activation

Changes to the Extreme Evolution Mode while generating a wave that stuns and has shooting guard properies. There is a super armor at the moment of evolution.(This is why monsters don’t interrupt the heroes’ transformations in TV shows.)  You may prevent the forced PoV change applied when using this move by using the input 2BC to transform. 

Even if you activate the extreme evolution while your funnels are deployed, the funnels from your previous forms will not disappear and also will not be affected by your form change. 

Melee Set

5B: Beam Saber

A 3-stage melee using the two-sword style with a somersault. There is a change in viewpoint at the 3rd stage. Usability is the same as that of an all-rounder unit, and this is effective if you want to deal decent damage. 

8B: Thrust> Turn Kick

A 2-stage melee which thrusts the saber dealing multiple hits before delivering a kick. There is a change in viewpoint at the 2nd-stage. The 1st-stage performance is average but the damage efficiency is excellent.The damage correction of the 2nd-stage is unusually light so you can get more damage if you follow up from there. 

Usually the way to follow up after the melee combo will be to rainbow step to the front and fire your BR or charged shot, but if you are in Burst you could follow up with another melee combo after rainbow stepping to the front if you’re at a good height. 

4/6B: Turning Kick>Side-Slash>Thrust

A 3-stage melee. Although it closely resembles the Astray Blue Frame, it attacks without any wraparound from the 2nd-stage onward. The 1st-stage performance is said to be suitable for an all-rounder unit. Since the 3rd-stage occurrence is slow, if you feel like you are about to be intercepted, try rainbow stepping out and follow up with a BR or CC8B. 

The way to follow up after the melee combo will be to rainbow step to the front and fire your BR except at the edge of the wall. But if you are in Burst, you could follow up with another melee combo after rainbow stepping to the front if you’re high up enough.

2B: Upper-Slash>Slash

A 2-stage melee that starts with slashing up before slashing again while the opponent drops down. Same motion as Aile Strike’s 2B. The priority is the strongest for this unit and it could be compared to the standard of Nu Gundam’s CC8B. Since it has a down attribute starting from the 1st-stage, You can loop the 1st-stage melee as a means of cut resistance.

CC8B: Slash-Through

A 1-stage melee in which a giant beam saber is created by combining the two beam sabers, slashing through swinging from right to left. Hits the opponent up high on hit. It is mainly used to end your melee combo and meanwhile restrain the opponent for a longer period of time. Recommended to rainbow step to the back for a stable follow up as the melee may not hit due to the opponent being in the green lock after sidestepping to other directions.

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

Same as the base form but with additional funnels deployed at the sides expanding the attack range.

It is rare to do a Burst Attack in this form, but when the situation is disadvantageous to you this Burst Attack can cause great damage and gives a lot of extreme evolution gauge. So if you are in need to evolve fast, you can turn the tables around by hitting with this Burst Attack.

AF (Extreme Evolution Form) Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Variable Rifle 

BR with improved ammo, damage, and visibly thicker. The performance level is about the same as a 3000 cost unit, but due to his other weapons having slow reload you’ll want to not spam this weapon too much. Since Agios’ mobility is high and has a long red lock, it is easier for you to intercept the opponent with your BR so try to make the most of it. 

Charged Main: Crowned Halo Aurora of Hope [Divine Shoot]

2 seconds charge time. Places funnels at the front and back of the unit and fires a charged shot that stuns. The basic characteristics of this charged attack are the same as the previous form. The weaknesses are also the same so be careful when canceling especially in this form. Due to the slow startup, it is a little difficult to use this for self-defense and okizeme.

It is not possible to score a down with a single shot but you are able to follow up with more damage. If you are playing the back role, feel free to spam it. Since it tracks and curves well, you might be able to hit a moving target often. It is a reliable tool that also helps you to conserve ammo for your other weapons. 

Sub: Trailing Affection [Sprite Charge]  / Leaping Wishes [Infinite Chase]

One input consumes one ammo and deploys 4 funnels simultaneously, only reloads on empty which takes 7 seconds. The reload time is the same as the previous form but has even lower usage frequency. Make sure you empty your clip to start the reload. Like other funnel-type weapons, the funnels disappear when you are down or stunned. 

There are two types of input for this weapon:

-5AB: Sprite Charge

Deploys funnels around Agios, up to two sets of funnels. This looks cool but there is not much advantage in having two sets of funnels deployed by your side, and the damage is also low. Unlike other stationary funnels, it fires beams in conjunction with your BR.

The muzzle correction is good but the tracking is not reliable, and it is difficult to hit unless you follow up with your BR. If you keep the funnels stationary for a long time, it will take longer for your funnels to return and reload, which greatly decreases the number of uses you’ll get out of this weapon. However, if you are using it as a means to intercept an incoming opponent, it can be beneficial in the right circumstances. 

-*AB: Infinite Chase

An all-range attack which warps the funnels close to the opponent. If the opponent stands still, a funnel will appear in front of his unit. Since the alert does not sound until the funnels appear on the opponent’s screen, it can be extremely surprising. However, directional inputs do not influence funnel placement.

The muzzle correction on the funnels is not bad, but the shot itself does not track so you can avoid it by just boost dashing when they appear. On the other hand, when the opponent lands on the ground or at the moment when he is stationary, they may be surprised at the fast traveling speed of the funnel shot. Same as with the previous form, the funnels will track the opponent even in green lock. 

Even though the word “warp” is used to mention the movement, the timing of the funnels reaching the target depends on the distance. Furthermore, since the funnel’s flight speed itself is slow the time lag becomes noticeable when you deploy them at green lock. If you want to have a higher chance of hitting, it is recommended to use this close to the red lock range as possible. However, if you get too close, the funnels will be visible to the opponent and the warp characteristics will not work. So you have to find a balance when using this. 

The opponent will be stunned if 2 of the funnels hit but you need to ensure that you can follow up. Unlike the funnels of the previous form you shouldn’t use this weapon in a ‘fire-and-forget’ manner. Still, you want to use this move often to keep it reloading, giving you more uses. Unlike the previous form, you will be able to deal some good damage if you land many hits. 

Special Shooting: Engulfed in a Torrent of Bonds [The Assault Form]

Forms a cannon formation with 8 funnels and fires 2 gerobi simultaneously, takes 10 seconds to reload. Unlike the AC from the previous form, the cannon formation appears in front of the unit and has a shooting guard so it is similar to 00 Quanta’s Zanbanya assist.

The shooting guard itself takes some time to start up, and in addition to the fact that it can be destroyed by moves physical projectiles, it may be destroyed by a melee attribute attacks such as Crossbone Gundam X1’s whip before the gerobi is fired. Although it can save you occasionally, it is honestly difficult to use it as a shooting guard. It is also possible to counterattack at the opponent when he is firing a gerobi at you and it’s especially effective against Burst Attack gerobis as they cannot be cancelled out of. 

The reloading is also the same as AB whereby the reload time only begins after the funnels disappear, so the reload time is longer than the numerical value. Despite its looks, the gerobi deals rather low damage. Therefore, you will want to make sure to get a hit without using it blindly, but due to the nature of the weapon, there are not many scenarios where you can aim for a landing punishment. Since the unit itself has many armaments to cause the opponent some trouble, you can consider using this weapon while your opponent is in a cornered area or as a follow up after your BR hit. Due to the total reload time of this weapon, it’s hard to use this often. However, there are many merits coming from this weapon such as having a long gerobi duration, a frontal shooting guard, and the fact that it does not disappear even if you are down. 

Since the funnels appears in front of you, make it a habit to use it right before you land for defence. The vertical muzzle correction is strong, but the horizontal muzzle correction is terrible. Depending on the opponent’s position, the muzzle might face the ground so try to shoot as horizontally as possible. The low damage output is surprising for its appearance, but it is still one of the valuable sources of firepower for Agios. 

It seems that the muzzle correction will occur before firing, so you could put this out before getting hit and expect a self-cut. Only do this if your BC is on cooldown.

Special Melee: Breakthrough with Wishes [Sacred Sword] / You, in my warm Embrace [Destiny Border]

Fast reload at 4 seconds thus very reliable weapon with 2 types of input. Both of the inputs can be cancelled to A to perform a free fall and both of the inputs will make your unit face the opponent. Looks plain but in reality it is an excellent self-defense option. If you master this, you will be able to understand the strength of this unit. 

There are two types of input for this weapon:

-5BC: Sacred Sword

A boomerang-based shooting armament that fires two funnels side by side. The startup is a little slow, but the ammo is consumed only after it is fired. Unlike normal boomerang, it does not return to you and disappears on the spot when it reaches the range limit. This move does not inherit any momentum thus it cannot be used like an ordinary boomerang weapon as it will be risky. Even when you use for self-defense, it is more stable to do A>5BC~A rather than just using it by itself

There are times when it is more effective against an opponent who carelessly melees in without any follow up and it is good to use the BC~A cancel route as fast as possible due to the start up. You can also use the A>5BC~A as your zunda to score a knockdown when you want to save Main’s ammo

The lack of momentum and a slightly slow freefall makes it unreliable for dodging smoothly. To top it off, the freefall cancel timing for 5BC and *BC is different. The A in 5BC~A has to be pressed a tad be slower than your regular freefall cancel timing. Be aware of which BC you’re using to cancel at the appropriate time. 

-*BC: Destiny Border

4 Funnels are released to the front side of the target to form a funnel wall. Same as *AB, the farther away the opponent is, the slower the deployment. Furthermore, the position is determined by referring to the current position of the opponent, and the duration prior to activation is rather long. 

It is inferior to Kshatriya’s AB funnel wall in terms of ammo and positioning, but it is a different weapon to begin with so don’t try too hard comparing them since they both have their own use cases. Similarly, you can deploy it in green lock, but since the funnels travel slowly, the opponent might have already escaped before the funnel reaches it so it is not recommended to use it in green lock. Instead of being active, it is better to predict the movements of your opponent and set it up like a trap. This is a great tool for restraining enemy movement. 

The startup is fast so it can be cancelled into A for the freefall reliably. If you use it for a free fall in a shootout, this is easier to use than canceling with 5BC. In addition, this is easier to use when the opponent is flying near the wall or when the opponent is far away. Like AB, this weapon will disappear if you are down. 

Since it is a basic weapon that can be used at a certain distance, use it mainly for support from mid range.

Melee Set

5B: Beam Saber

Same as previous form. Recommended to use as a combo part. 

8B: Thrust> Turn Kick

Although the basic performance on this move is improved over the previous form’s, the damage proration of the kick is poor which makes it a lackluster choice as a combo part . However, this can still be used, and the BC derived from the turning kick is able to blow the opponent away. 

4/6B: Turning Kick>Side-Slash>Thrust

The 1st-stage startup and wraparound are excellent and the reach is reasonably good. As a last resort for short-range self-defense, it is okay to use this but be careful that the priority might not be good enough. The last stage is slow, so if you are worried about getting intercepted, cancel to BC.

2B: Upper-Slash>Slash

The priority is good, but the reach isn’t as good so overall this is best used as part of a melee combo. If you need a high-priority melee to clash with, it may be better to use this melee rather than 4/6B.

CC8B: Slash-Through

A technique that has been persistently strengthened throughout the series. It’s still a questionable choice for starting a melee combo, but it’s perfect as a follow up. Use it as part of your melee combo and to follow up after your BR hits. As you can see, the hitbox is quite wide. It will deal an untechable down on hit so you can use this to restraint the opponent for a long period of time. 

This melee has the best reach and rush speed, so if you feel neglected by the opponent you can use this aggressively. 

Melee~BC: Funnel Ranbu

One of the strong weapons in this form that can be derived from any stage of a melee combo. A large sword assembled with a funnel will automatically slash four times, dealing a force down at the end of the animation. It can be treated as a melee assist and it is different from other funnel weapons whereby it will attack to the end even if you are downed in the middle of the combo. You could boost cancel out immediately when you are done with the derivative input and the funnels are attacking. The merit of this move is that it does decent damage and you can move freely while you decide your next move. Although it is not all-purpose enough to use this derivative everytime, you can definitely consider using it often.

Burst Attack

EXA Full Burst

Same as previous forms except that you will cause an explosion at the point of impact. With this unit, you can use this to follow up after hitting with CC8B. If you have funnels deployed by your side when you use this Burst Attack, the funnels will disappear at the same time as your Burst Attack activation. If you run out of ammo for AB, reloading will start at the same time as the Burst Attack activation.


  • The most crucial part of your battle is in your base form. Try to farm poke damage for your evolution gauge, like follow up after your partner BR hits while avoiding damage.
  • When you have evolved, the pressure will start to lighten up a bit as you get more useful weapons to farm for damage. You can start to use your funnels and gerobi to get hits at mid range. 
  • Once you are in the extreme evolution form, you can start to support your partner more with your mobility. Do your best to conserve your HP and counter incoming opponents with your free fall cancel route.   
  • E Burst is recommended for this unit. The other 2 Bursts are also ok but E burst will give you the defense you sorely need as a 2.5k support unit.
  • The chuuni names are all official. You can see them on the movelists from various website like famitsu, 4gamer.