Gelgoog (Anavel Gato)


Model Number:MS-14A

Pilot: Anavel Gato

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X

Anavel Gato’s custom blue Gelgoog. Equipped a beam naginata and many other armaments, the Gelgoog demonstrated high performance all across the board.

Ability Summary







Beam Rifle



Low ammo count

Charged Main

Anti-ship Beam Rifle


One-shot down.


Beam Naginata (Spinning Throw)



Throws out a spinning Naginata which returns like a boomerang. 

Special Shooting

Beam Naginata (Parabolic Throw)



Throws out a spinning Naginata which follows a parabolic pattern.

Special Melee

Rick Dom Summon




Burst Attack

For Zeon!


Melee combo with super armor on startup.








Standard 3 hit




Shield Charge




Good hitbox and startup.








Stab attack, best used as a combo part.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B

AB: 2B


BC: 8B


Gato’s Gelgoog is a clone unit of Char’s Gelgoog, but of the previous version in Maxi Boost. In MBON, Char’s Gelgoog got a lot of new tools and big powerups, whereas Gato’s Gelgoog..did not. Gato’s Gelgoog also has no Elmeth, and no CSB naginata throw.

Still, this unit has a strong 4/6B which allows it to get scrappy when it needs to.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

While this is functionally a standard Beam Rifle, it has pretty low ammo meaning you cannot keep up prolonged long-range pressure relying solely on this tool. However, Gato’s Gelgoog has access to a one-shot down CSA, which you can second impact with together with his BR to deal some hefty damage.

Charged Main: Anti-ship Beam Rifle 

Fast charge time at 2 seconds and fast startup. This is a good and easy-to-use CSA one-shot down. You can use it to help supplement your poor Main ammo count.

Sub: Beam Naginata (Spinning Throw)

Throws out a spinning naginata which spins in a circular pattern and behaves like a boomerang, returning to Gelgoog after a short duration. Has a fast startup, and can be used either on offense or as an anti-melee intercept.

By default the naginata is thrown to the left of Gelgoog, but by inputting 6 on the lever you can throw it towards the right. You can also input 8 to make it curve in a wider arc, and 2 to make it curve in a smaller arc. Rare to the EXVS series is the option to even go diagonal- for example, 9AB will make the Naginata curve towards the right in a wider arc. 

Special Shooting: Beam Naginata (Throw)

The Gelgoog tosses its Beam Naginata straight at the enemy, stunning on hit. 5 second reload time. This is basically Char Gelgoog’s CSB lvl 2, but without the slowing debuff on hit. This has good vertical tracking, and is a great tool for catching landings. You can also freefall with this by cancelling into A.

Special Melee: Rick Dom Summon

12 second reload. The Rick Dom fires a single bazooka shot at the enemy. This may seem like just another bazooka move, but the damage it does is pretty high. You also slide a good distance inheriting inertia before using this move, making it relatively safe to use, especially when cancelled from a Main shot.

Melee Set

5B: 3-stage combo

Same as Char Gelgoog’s, except you have access to none of the original’s derivatives. Still, there are plenty of ways to combo into other moves from this, so it’s not that big of a deal. Best used as a combo part.

8B. Shield Charge

Charges at the enemy with the shield in front. If the shield hits, Gelgoog then kicks the enemy. Pretty good speed on the charge in. Exactly the same as Char Gelgoog’s 2B.

If any attack hits the shield, Gelgoog stops its assault and blocks the attack as if you had done the regular guard motion. This makes this move useful in overheat situations, allowing you to stay guarded for a longer duration than if you had just done a regular guard in overheat.

Great hitbox. Can only be followed up on with a melee combo if you forward step after the first hit (before the opponent is kicked away). But you can cancel this into your Main on hit to freefall. 

4/6B: Naginata Combo

Same move as Char Gelgoog’s. 4-stage combo. This is your best option for clashing against other melee moves thanks to its great hitbox.

CC8B: Stab

Mulit hits in a single stab. Small hitbox, but extremely fast charge speed. 

2B: Rising Slash

2-hit combo. Average charge speed, but the startup, distance travelled, and hitbox is good. Plus you can cancel into this from your Main or 2B, making it a potent option in the close range.

Burst Attack

For Zeon!

Super armor startup melee combo. Average charge distance but below average tracking. 


  • This is a close-ranged 2000 cost all-rounder. You have a lot of ways to stagger and stun the enemy, leading to good damage in the close-range.
  • You can use your Beam Rifle as a poke, and your AC~A as a freefall to stay mobile. 
  • While your 4/6B is extremely strong you don’t really have the tools to force an offense, so you still need to pick your openings carefully. Calmly inch your way into the melee range and wait for a mistake to punish.
  • Your best self defense moves are AB, 8B, and 4/6B.
  • Gato’s Gelgoog does nearly equally well with every Burst. F powers up your already good melee, and gives you even more cancel routes. S offers a different but equally potent offensive style, and is a good choice against suits you can’t smother even with F Burst (e.g. Master, Epyon). E is the least appealing of the three but can still be good if defense is your priority.