Gundam Deathscythe Hell (EW)

Model Number:XXXG-01D2 Pilot: Duo Maxwell
Cost: 2500 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: O

A stealth-type Gundam which can use Active Cloaking to prevent detection from radar and various sensors. It usually closes it’s cloaking armor when travelling, but it opens up the cloak during combat, giving it the silhouette of a bat. 

Active Cloak Off Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Scissors (Wave) 2 70 No tracking, wide hitbox
Charged Main Taurus Throw _ 83 Large explosion at point of impact
Sub Altron Gundam Assist 3 105 Multi-stage hit
Special Shooting Hyper Jammer 100 Cuts tracking while active
Special Melee Active Cloak 100 _ Changes to Active Cloak Mode. General moveset changes and prevents damage from ranged attacks
Burst Attack “I’ll shred you to pieces!” 333(F)/278(E)/287(S) Throws the scythe out, and if the scythe connects, dashes behind target with the Hyper Jammer and executes a slash
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBBB 247 Good damage. Tend to whiff if the target is against a wall. Opt for the 2B derivative or rainbow step to a more advantageous position instead in these situations
5B~8BB 175 Drags the target forward, multi-hit. Last hit bounces
5BB~8B 177 Launch up, can follow up with other attacks
5B (up to 4 times)~2B 197 ~ 286 Pommel strikes up to 6 times, then kicks the target away
8B 8BB 156 Catches the target with the scythe and throws it forward. Can switch the target to the other opponent and throw it in that direction instead
8B~2B 187~247 Pommel strikes up to 6 times, then kicks the target away
4B 4BB 174 Cleaves with the scythe to catch the target then spins another time. Initial cleave has a wide hitbox, and can easily catch more than one target. 
4B(B)~2B 197~262 Pommel strikes up to 6 times, then kicks the target away
2B 2B 98 Melee Counter
CC8B CC8B 90 Flips over target while slashing, stuns

Cancel Routes:

A: AC 

Active Cloak On Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Vulcan 80 9 ~ 82 Small hitbox
Sub Altron Gundam Assist 3 105 Multi-stage hit. Identical to Active Cloak Off Version
Special Shooting Hyper Jammer 100 Cuts tracking while active
Special Melee Active Cloak 100 _ Changes to Normal Mode. General moveset changes and prevents damage from ranged attacks
Burst Attack “I’ll shred you to pieces!” 333(F)/278(E)/287(S) Throws the scythe out, and if the scythe connects, Deathscythe dashes behind the target with Hyper Jammer and execute a slash
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5B 91 DSH does a heel drop. 8B, 4/6B and CC8B also defaults to this move instead.
2B 2BB 157 Use this instead of 5B.

Cancel Routes:



With limited ranged options and a lack of non-vernier moves, the Deathscythe Hell (DSH) works best in a shadowing role, waiting for opportunities to close in and do quick damage. The Deathscythe has no business actively seeking out melee engagements and does best in sneak attacks or catching unsuspecting opponents off-guard. 

However, the DSH has been power creeped hard, and veterans will find it more difficult to do well in MBON compared to Full Boost. Regardless, this is still a suit with clear strengths, and players with strong fundamentals will still be able to perform well with it.

Active Cloak Off Ability Details

You will always respawn with the Active Cloak off. The mode with better mobility and melee attacks.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Scissors (Shockwave)

DSH spins and releases a green shockwave. Reloads on empty; 1 second reload time. While the projectile is fast, it has no tracking and the startup is relatively long. However, the hitbox is still wide and the move has muzzle correction before it is released. Due to these properties, this is best used to catch landings as the wide hitbox leaves the target little opportunity to boost away. Still, careful consideration must be taken before committing to this move as the long startup may leave you vulnerable for a long period.

Due to DSH’s lack of cancel routes, it’s usually recommended to follow this up with either another Main or with CC8B. 

CSA: Taurus Throw

DSH flings a Taurus that explodes upon contact. 1.5 second charge time. The explosion itself is larger than those from bazookas and causes Down even if hit by just the explosion. The Taurus Throw has a wide range of application and can be used to self-cut incoming enemies, applying pressure, launching a combo, charge shot cancelling, catching the target’s partner and also as a countermeasure for ground-running suits.

Sub: Altron Assist

Summons an Altron Gundam assist that charges the opponent while swinging its beam trident. Reloads on empty; 25 second reload time. Tracking and muzzle correction for this assist is a bit unique, in that it will move forward a little, track the target and rotate up to to 120 degrees, before losing all tracking again.

The assist itself has some degree of endurance and will be able to tank at least one BR shot. Damage proration is respectable and you can get decent damage off even when incorporating the assist into a melee combo. 

Special Shooting: Hyper Jammer

DSH stops in place before turning invisible. When used, the lock marker, the unit itself , its HP gauge, suit name, and pilot name are all invisible. While tracking is nullified immediately upon activation, DSH stops in place before turning invisible, and is vulnerable during that moment. Furthermore, any damage received is multiplied by 1.5x. Thus, it is recommended that players do not use the Hyper Jammer while still in Overheat or in the presence of suits with sweeping or wide AoE attacks. While the effect ends when you get hit or do any attack, it will not be deactivated when blocking an opponent’s attack or when the Active Cloak is removed under any circumstances. 

An important feature of the Hyper Jammer is that it is useful in both offence and defence. Due to it nullifying any tracking, it can be used when retreating, making a push while invisible, catching a target unawares, or even as a quick getaway when the opponent activates Burst. While the cooldown takes 12 seconds, the actual reload itself takes 10 seconds. Rather than expending the entirety of the Hyper Jammer, try to go for more precise “bursts” instead.

BC: Equip Active Cloak 

DSH dons its cloak and nullifies all ranged attacks up till the cloak’s endurance limit and its moveset is also changed. When expended, it takes 20 seconds to reload to full. Upon activation, there is usually a viewpoint change but this can be bypassed by holding down. The Cloak itself is applied upon input, as it can block ranged attacks even before the wings close. Use it to cover your landings or simply for more added protection against beam spamming S-Burst units. The Active Cloak is also able to block pressure moves, so you can always safely equip it when you see a unit in the midst of starting up one.

Asides from the standard ranged attacks (beam rifles, machine guns etc.) the list of attacks that can be blocked by the Active Cloak also include the following:

  • All pressure attacks
  • Virsago CB’s assist
  • God/Burning Gundam’s Main
  • Dragon’s Main, AB, AC (provided Active Cloak endurance is above 75)
  • Turn A’s Main
  • Zudah’s Suicide charge
  • Destiny, Banshee’s boomerang
  • SUMO’s IF Bunker
  • Providence’s Beam Curtain
  • Zaku Kai’s bombs
  • Infinite Justice’s AB
  • Turn X’s wire claw

Melee Set

5B: Scythe Combo

5-stage Scythe combo. Fast startup with average reach, but the actual hitbox is fairly small. As Deathscythe has to “teleport” behind its enemy for the later stages of this attack, there is a very high likelihood of whiffing if done near the map border. However, this combo does a large amount of damage so err on the side of caution as to where and when it is best to use this over other melee strings.

5B~8BB: Scythe Drag

Deathscythe catches a target with the scythe, drags it forward before slamming and bouncing the target. Good cut resistance due to the distance and speed traveled and can be easily followed up after the last stage.

5BB~8B: Launch

Launches the target into the air mid combo. Nothing stellar, can be easily followed up.

~2B: Pommel Strike 

Melee derivative that can be used before the last hit of 5B, 8B, and 4/6B. Deathscythe Hell stands over the target while hitting it with its scythe’s pommel repeatedly. Offers zero cut resistance but deals the most damage. Useful if you need to lock down a target to prevent it from assisting its partner or maintaining a 1v1 situation.

4/6B: Spinning Slash

The time has come to test the spin slash. Deathscythe does a horizontal slash before doing a series of spinning slashes and ending with final slash that Downs the target. Swerves around the target fairly well and has good reach, thus it is useful for closing towards an enemy in situations where CC8B is not ideal. However, the overall damage output of the second and final stage is not particularly high, so examine the situation and determine if you want to continue with this combo or use a more damaging one.

While it moves slower compared to the EW version, the overall performance is largely similar. This does not down the target until the last hit, so if you break off from this combo halfway, do make sure to follow up. The second stage of this string (spinning slashes) has a 360-degree hitbox, so it provides some cut resistance against other melee attacks.

2B: Melee Counter
DSH cloaks itself before quickly sneaking around the target. Upon hit confirmation, can be cancelled into various melee options. You can cancel out even during the animation when DSH moves behind the target. Opportunities to use this frankly don’t come often. However, some of these situations include when you predict your opponent is about to use a whip move or when he’s about to melee right upon wake-up.

8B: MS Throw

Deathscythe jabs the target with the handle, before stabbing the target, spinning it and throwing it away. If you change lock prior to the throwing animation, you can even throw the target at his partner. As the flight distance is shorter than Deathscythe’s red lock, it will not hit distant targets. Does not have cut resistance and has a forced POV change, but the damage dealt is respectable. 

CC8B: Overhead Slash

A single hit slash that stuns the target upon hit. Deathscythe itself lands behind the target upon hit. Due to the stun attribute, it is easy to follow up with either ranged or other melee options. Due to the motion, it is possible to reach targets that are below you.

Active Cloak On Ability Details

DSH has reduced mobility and is unable to Guard while Cloak is on. If you get hit and the Cloak’s HP runs out, you will be in yellow lock for an instant during the un-cloaking animation.

Main: Vulcan

Fires vulcans from its head. Reloads on empty; 3 seconds to reload. Fires 2 shots per button press, requires 5 hits to inflict Heavy Stagger and fires up to a maximum of 10 consecutive shots. Tracking is decent, not particularly noteworthy. The firing angle is relatively wide, up to 170 degrees from DSH’s front. Furthermore, if you start firing while in red-lock distance, the rounds will continue to track even if the target has shifted to green lock. Coupled with the Shooting Guard properties of the Active Cloak, the vulcans are overall a good tool for chasing down units. 

However, over reliance on the vulcans may sometimes leave you open to counter attacks so be aware of the situations as to when/where you should use this.

Sub: Altron Assist

Identical as Active Cloak Off. Upon hit, use the vulcans to hit confirm for a quick down.

Special Shooting: Hyper Jammer

Identical as Active Cloak Off. Provides an extra layer of protection when used alongside the Active Cloak.

Special Melee: Active Cloak Off

Deactivates the Active Cloak. Generally used when the immediate danger has passed or if you want to close in for a melee.

Burst Attack

“I’ll shred you to pieces!”

[Backflips while throwing the scythe out -> Scythe connects -> Dashes behind target with Hyper Jammer -> Executes a slash]

DSH has superarmor during the scythe throw and the dash. The scythe thrown is a physical projectile so it can get blocked by Barriers, but it also can go through standalone barriers like V2A’s shield. DSH will open his cloak during the dash, if you had the cloak closed while throwing the scythe. One of the Burst Attacks that are actually viable for use in real battle. The scythe thrown out travels quickly and will hit enemies at mid-range reliably, and also is considered a Grapple attack. Even if DSH doesn’t get to execute the melee combo, the target will simple fall to the ground after a short while. This Burst Attack is also useful against enemies trying to melee you hard as you get 2 instances of superarmor and the initial backflip. The slash attack is a multi-hit move that has some Down value, so be careful when using this after a long combo as your target might reach the 5.0 Down Value threshold and you’ll lose out on a lot of damage. There will also be instances where DSH doesn’t dash to the same height as the target, reducing the number of hits from the slash.


  • Slowly close in to your opponent and look for an opening to attack. Refrain from using too many vernier moves when close by, and strike with your melee when you have the chance.
  • Despite DSH’s melee-oriented moveset, general survival takes precedence over all else. Commit to a melee combo only if you’re sure you can get away with it, if not, just pester your opponent with quick damage options.
  • Look for opportunities when your target is not focused on you and then strike him unawares.
  • Keep those combos quick and simple, avoid lengthy ones unless you know you can force a 1v1 situation without getting interrupted.
  • Take extra care when facing suits with whips or sweeping gerobis. An accidental run into a gerobi while cloaked will deal massive damage to you, so never use that Hyper Jammer carelessly.
  • Don’t underestimate the vulcans! The tiny projectiles make it difficult for your opponents to see them and can sometimes catch people unawares. They also have respectable tracking that carries over even if the opponent moves to green lock. Great for applying pressure or to ensure a quick kill.
  • The Taurus Throw is very useful, it can be a nightmare for ground-running suits like Ez8 and Hildolfr. It’s a great move for causing confusion on the battlefield, which can lead to openings.
  • As you would expect, Deathscythe loves F Burst but if you’re playing it in the support role… you’re probably going to be forced to use E. S is terrible except for allowing you to throw more Taurus.