Gunner ZAKU Warrior

Model Number: ZGMF-100/A1

Pilot: Lunamaria Hawke

Cost: 2000 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

Gunner ZAKU

Lunamaria Hawke’s custom Gunner ZAKU  Warrior, which she used in battle several times against the Gundam units stolen by Phantom Pain. The Gunner ZAKU Warrior was best known for its M1500 “Orthros” high-energy long-range beam cannon, which gave it incredible firepower at long-range.

Ability Summary







Orthros High-Energy Long-range Beam Cannon



Causes Vernier

Charged Main

Orthros (High Output)

21 ~ 231

Can be curved

Charged Melee

Hand Grenades

48 ~ 126

Direction thrown towards can be adjusted with directional input


Savior Gundam Assist



Does a shield bash and then launches
upwards with a slash, has Shooting Guard Properties

Special Shooting

Blaze ZAKU Phantom Assist


20 ~ 138

Summons assist that fires missiles at target

Special Melee

Blast Impulse Assist


10 ~ 130

Summons Blast Impulse Gundam, fires a wide gerobi at target


Beam Tomahawk



Throws a Beam Tomahawk that stuns on hit

Burst Attack

Force Impulse Gundam

227(F) / 206 (E & S)

Absurd speed and Tracking








Average 3-hit melee combo




Large hitbox




Average performance, launches target on last hit




Spinning slash

Cancel Routes:

8B: 2B


AB: BC, AC, 2B

BC: AB, AC, 2B

AC: AB, BC, 2B


The Gunner ZAKU returns once again in MBON. Veterans from Full Boost will surely be familiar with this suit and while there are some changes to the moveset, the core gameplay remains the same. The Gunner ZAKU is best suited as a rear guard, capitalizing on any opportunities created by its partner with well-placed shots from its multitude of ranged tools.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Orthros High-Energy Long-range Beam Cannon

Gunner ZAKU fires a single beam at the target that inflicts Down in one hit. While it causes vernier, the Orthros fires a high velocity beam with a big hitbox, and has good tracking and good muzzle correction. Despite the weapon’s description as a long range weapon, it is still very potent at close range due to these properties. Works well as a quick one-button intercept tool against incoming enemies.

However, ammo count is fairly low and the reload time is mediocre, so be careful not to waste any shots. While catching landings with this is important, players also need to know how to regularly hit targets in mid-air to bring out the full potential of this tool.

Charged Main: Orthros (High Output)

The Gunner ZAKU stops in place and fires a gerobi at the target. Can be curved with directional input. Landing this hit follows the same basics as landing a gerobi; like exploiting a target on overheat, exploiting landings and targets along the same vector. Muzzle correction is excellent, thus is viable against close range targets. Due to its “infinite ammo” you can safely spam this in green lock even when low in hp and try to hit targets by sweeping the gerobi towards them. While the curling nature of the weapon can be erratic to control at longer ranges, the gerobi can instead be swept towards your target’s rear guard instead.

However, charge time remains long, thus limiting its usage. 

Charged Melee: Hand Grenades

Gunner ZAKU throws 4 grenades at once that explode upon contact with anything. Incurs Vernier and causes Flame Stun on its target. Throwing distance and direction can be adjusted with directional input. Due to it being a CSB input that locks the Gunner ZAKU out of any melee moves, it’s usually used as a last resort tool against units with Shooting Guard, a melee oriented suit or suits of a higher cost. 

The resulting explosion lingers for a short period and also has its own hitbox. While normally this would be a negative, the properties of the grenades can be exploited as a self-defence tool against incoming enemies in Burst. Savvy players can hide behind a building and throw the grenades at point blank, thus “friendly-firing” themselves. Due to the high damage proration and down value, this severely limits the amount of damage the unit in Burst can do to you. Even if there are no nearby buildings, you can still pull this off by releasing 2CSB and then quickly boost dashing towards the resulting explosion.

Sub: Savior Gundam Assist

Summons Savior Gundam as a melee assist. Stuns on hit.

Does not inherit any inertia, but the assist itself has Shooting Guard properties. However, the offensive performance of this assist is rather lacklustre. While horizontal tracking is decent, the vertical tracking is weak. Close range performance is weak, so it’s not recommended to use this against incoming melee enemies. Reload time is also lengthy, as reloading only starts when the assist disappears or is destroyed. 

Thus, the Savior assist is best used defensively as a tool to cover landings or any instance when blocking is not favorable. Still, a hit with this incurs Stun, which can be followed up easily.

Special Shooting: Blaze Zaku Phantom Assist

Regulars migrating over from Full Boost should be more than familiar with this assist. The Blaze Zaku Phantom fires a total of 12 missiles after being summoned. The resulting explosions launches targets to the air on hit, making it very easy to follow up with the Orthros Main. 

Best used against targets not actively looking at you, as a single sidestep will cut tracking for all its missiles. However, it can still be used as a last resort to self-cut any opponent’s melee combo. Also very useful against land-locked suits (Ez8 etc.) due to the good tracking and sheer volume of missiles.

Special Melee: Blast Impulse Assist

Summons Blast Impulse Gundam which then fires two gerobi streams. Assist always appears to the right of Gunner ZAKU.

Like other gerobi assists, it can be used to catch landings, as a net to catch the target’s rear guard, salef defence in close range or to apply pressure and force consumption. Like most other assists, a second assist can only be summoned once the first has disappeared or has been destroyed.

2B: Beam Tomahawk

Gunner ZAKU’s old AB. Gunner ZAKU throws a beam tomahawk at the target. Stuns on hit. Inherits inertia from previous movement and can be rainbow cancelled from. Stun time is fairly long and any pre-charged CSA will hit if used as a follow-up. While it can be used as an alternative to the Main and may be difficult to see, the Orthros Main itself does 120 on a single hit and does not require additional followup. Advisable to use this only when you have no main ammo to spare.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Tomahawk Combo

Average three hit melee combo. Damage is respectable but lengthy animation. Startup and priority is average, though you won’t be winning any engagements with melee-focused suits in a direct confrontation.

8B: Shoulder Tackle

Gunner ZAKU does a tackle with its shoulder-mounted shield. High priority, but normal startup. Despite utilising its shield, this tackle does not have any Shooting Guard properties nor will it block any melee. Due to its high priority, this is usually a decent countermeasure against opponents coming in for a melee

4/6BB: Beam Tomahawk Combo

Two-hit tomahawk combo that launches target on last hit. Priority is average though its reach is rather short. Recommended to follow up with a Main for a quick Forced Down finisher.

CC8BB: Spinning Slash

Gunner ZAKU surges forward while executing a series of spinning slashes. Nothing exemplary, though any targets hit by the full combo will be Downed.

Burst Attack

Force Impulse Gundam Assist

Summons the Force Impulse taht surges forward towards the target with its anti-ship sword. A small nuclear explosion occurs if Gunner Zaku’s attacks strike the Impulse. Tracking and overall speed is excellent though it is less likely to hit at closer ranges due to sheer speed of the assist. Because of the relatively short duration of the summoning animation, try to use it once every Burst. Overall, a low-risk high-reward attack that will easily hit any opponent not focusing its attention on the player.


  • Work closely with your partner and use your wide array of ranged options to force boost consumption before landing that Main hit.
  • Stay calm throughout. While all of Gunner ZAKUs ranged options cause Vernier, they pack a big punch. Stay calm and pick those shots well, and your opponents’ hp will quickly fall.
  • F Burst brings little benefit, don’t pick it. While S Burst does grant faster reload times and the ability to step cancel from its ranged attacks, it won’t grant you any freefall options.
  • E Burst is usually the go-to Burst for gunner as it grants additional safety measures even if you have half a gauge. Furthermore, as Gunner’s Main already hits hard, the lack of offensive buffs won’t affect you as much.
  • Don’t relegate yourself to playing at max red lock range. Due to the large hit box and good muzzle correction of the Main, you actually have a good chance of landing hits at close/mid range than at long range.
  • Watch out for opponents who have their attention on your partner and capitalise on these openings to score a big hit. A single Main does 120 damage, and that damage will quickly rack up if you’re consistent with your hits.