Stargazer Gundam

Model Number:GSX-401FW

Pilot: Sol Ryuune L’ange

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X


Developed to explore the regions of space beyond Mars’ orbit, the Stargazer Gundam is equipped with the experimental Voiture Lumiere system propulsion system that allows it to catch solar wind to power its propulsion system, making interplanetary travel possible. 

Ability Summary







Beam Pistol



Standard BR with good ammo count.

Charged Main

Beam Pistol (Triple Shot)


Spins while firing the Beam Gun 3 times.


Flash Mine (Set/Detonate)



First input sets the Flash Mine, second detonates it causing an explosion

Special Shooting

Civilian Astray DSSD Custom Summon



2 Astrays fire 3 Beam Rifle shots each.

Special Melee

Voiture Lumiere


Time-based power up.

5B during Voiture Lumiere

Orage De Lune 



Infinite ammo. Projects an energy ring.

Burst Attack

Propulsion Beam Assault


Melee attack with super armor on startup.





Damage in [ ] indicates damage done while Voiture Lumiere is active




Hold down the button to charge the move to increase damage and range.



129 [143]

2-stage melee combo



160 [178]

Attacks low.

BC during VL



Melee of choice.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB (either), 5B (during VL as well), AC, BC (during VL)

CS: AB (either), AC

AB (either): 5B (normal mode only)

AC: AB (either)


Interestingly enough, this is the only MS in the MBON roster that was not developed for combat according to Gundam lore. In the Stargazer OVA, this gundam had to make do with whatever was lying around to fend off a large threat. This shows in the Stargazer’s toolkit: it’s armed with nothing but a Beam Pistol, Flash Mines (a weapon exclusive to the EXVS series), and creative use of the Voiture Lumiere (VL) system, which was originally designed as a propulsion system for interplanetary travel (but is later developed for combat and used by the likes of the Destiny Gundam).

Normally lore is not a part of the suit overview in the guides, but understanding the tools Stargazer is equipped with helps in understanding how the suit is played. Stargazer is a standard all-rounder 2000 cost MS when in its normal mode, and due to its non-combat oriented armaments, the Stargazer has many peculiar tools. While its melee set is nothing special it’s more than enough to get the job done, and you can deal pretty good damage as well. You also have access to freefalls for mobility. Still, overall the Stargazer in normal mode is still pretty weak overall, with no real areas of forte.

All this changes when the VL system is taken into account. When powered up by the VL system Stargazer goes from being able to boost dash 6 times to 7, and has mobility speed that is top class for a 2000 cost MS, even rivalling some 3000 cost units.

Your melee attacks get a big boost in damage, and you gain some new moves that really raise the suit’s prowess as a close-range attacker. While powered up you can easily overpower other suits in the same cost bracket.

In summary, while the Stargazer might not be an orthodox suit, it certainly has the performance and firepower to face up against combat suits, and open the door to the stars.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Pistol

An average Beam Rifle-type weapon. Has bountiful ammo, and reloads as fast as any other Beam Rifle (3 seconds per ammo). You can easily supplement this by using your CSA as well, allowing you to hold on to a good ammo count as long as you don’t go trigger happy. Cancels into everything you need it to.

Charged Main: Beam Pistol (Triple Shot)

2-second charge time. Fires three rapid shots while spinning. 5CSA will make you fire while spinning and rising, 4/6CSA will make you spin sideways in your direction of choice. Hitting all 3 hits will down the enemy, and does the same damage as your Main per shot. Cancels into AB or AC.

While spinning your axis shifts, allowing you to catch moving targets. However while spinning you also move forward, which often leaves you vulnerable in the close range. Having said that you can cancel into Sub at any time to intercept melee attacks. This move is useful for keeping on the pressure, and is easy to use because you stay constantly in motion.

Sub: Flash Mine (Set/Detonate)

First input sets a mine that explodes either after a fixed duration, or when manually detonated with a second AB input. The explosion is similar to Zaku II Kai’s grenade. However, this is not a move you can easily use on offense since is dropped at your current position, not flung at the enemy. 

This move can be used to hit enemies in their blind spots, as an okizeme tool, or as an anti-melee.

However, one other important use of this move is to freefall. Neither version of the AB causes vernier, so back-facing BR, AC, CSA, and AB can be cancelled into this to force a freefall. 

Take caution not to hit your teammate or yourself with this move, and try to be aware of everyone’s positioning on the map less an accident occurs.

Special Shooting: Civilian Astray DSSD Custom Summon

Reloads on empty, 3 ammo reloads in 12 seconds. One of “those” assists where two MSes are summoned on either side of the main MS, firing three sets of Beam Rifle shots each. Each Astray will be destroyed after taking about 1 BR’s worth of damage.

For the Stargazer, AC~AB is a common and good cancel route for self defense. You can step backwards prior to the AC~AB to cut tracking first. For self defense it’s either this or back-fired A~AB.

However, the actual performance of the assists is rather poor, so poor that you cannot rely on them for actually hitting the enemy. This move can be used primarily for freefalls, with hitting the enemy being a lucky bonus.  

5B during VL: Orage de Lune

Orage De Lune translates to “Moon Storm” (thank you, Google Translate). During VL, Stargazer can send out a quick, short-ranged beam ring that stuns on hit. This move even chains into itself, allowing you to do a sequence like VL 5B~VL 5B~VL 5B. You can also freefall with this by cancelling into it from a back-fired Main. 

The biggest strong point of this move is in its ability to cancel into your VL BC. In other words, you can do A~VL 5B~VL BC. This is extremely strong in the close range. 

To say this is Stargazer’s strongest move is no exaggeration, and it’s even less of an exaggeration to say that how well you do with Stargazer depends largely on how well you can use this move.   

However, take note that if you are doing the triple VL 5B sequence, only the first hit has muzzle correction, so do not attempt to hit enemies with the second or third hit if they evade your first.

Special Melee (During normal mode): Voiture Lumiere

Activates the Voiture Lumiere system. Has an active time of 15 seconds. After the mode ends Stargazer goes into a 10-second cooldown, before taking another 17 seconds to fully reload the move. 

You get a big mobility boost during VL, and you gain access to a new 5B and BC (both of which are fantastic). However, bear in mind that you lose access to your normal mode’s 5B, which you may need against super armor MSes.

Melee Set

Stargazer uses the Voiture Lumiere in all of its melee attacks, and does not utilize any sort of Beam Saber. Note that Stargazer has no 8B or 2B attacks, inputting them will simply execute 5B. Your 5B, VL 5B, and BC are considered ranged beam weaponry. 

5B: Orage De Lune Expansion

Releases a green beam ring around the Stargazer that expands outwards. This causes a one-hit down, and can be cancelled from your Main. This is a beam move so it can be blocked by ABC mantles or shooting barriers. Against super armor, though, this is very effective, and is a good go-to self defense tool against the likes of Bael. You can also hold down the B button to charge the move, further increasing its AOE and damage dealt.

However, the startup of this move is pretty slow so it is unsuitable for the likes of rainbow step wars or extreme close-range encounters. You need to use this move from a safe distance, and preferably cancelled from a Main. You can adjust the timing by holding down the B button, only releasing it when the enemy has entered your effective range.

This is useful even as a combo finisher.

4/6B: Tackle

Hits the enemy with a small Voiture Lumiere attack before launching it upwards. This move is average for a 2000 cost all-rounder unit. 

For rainbow step wars or intercepting melee attacks coming from the extreme close range, this is one of your main tools. Can be cancelled into VL BC during VL.

CC8B: Slash-through

3-stage attack. Stargazer moves a lot during the first phase of the attack, but is near completely stationary on the 2nd and 3rd hit, making it easy to get interrupted.

This is your second main melee attack. The travel distance is good, and is your best melee tool for chasing down enemies. 

Special Melee during VL: Vol De Lune

The name is my educated guess based on katakana (French speakers, correct me if I’m wrong). This is your main melee attack while under the VL powerup. Expands a ball-shaped Orage De Lune that strikes the enemy. The charge speed, tracking, and travel distance of this move are exceptional, and the damage dealt is high. Similar to Hi-Nu, even if you whiff this move you travel so far away that it’s difficult for enemies to punish you. 

If there’s a downside to this move it’s that it travels completely straight towards the enemy with absolutely no curve, making it easy to intercept. You can overcome this weakness by firing a Main shot first before cancelling into this move, thereby “covering” your offense. 

This move does amazing damage, dealing over 200 damage even when cancelled from a shooting move, and even maxing out at around 290 damage with the right combo. Optimal damage is done by repeating the first sequence of the move only, which has the best damage proration and the best damage. 

Burst Attack

Propulsion Beam Assault

Rams into the enemy with the full brute force of the Voiture Lumiere system. Tracking, charge speed, startup, travel distance- this move is great in all aspects. It’s best if you can hit confirm into this, but it’s still usable in a pinch if you make the right reads. Just be careful not to get interrupted by your target’s partner. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons











170 [178]







200 [214]



197 [217]


4/6B~VL BC



4/6B~VL BC 1 hit>VL BC 2 hits>VL BC 1 hit




218 [235]





CC8BB~VL BC 2 hits>VL BC 2 hits>VL BC 1 hit






VL 5B> (VL BC 1 hit)*4



VL BC 1 hit>VL BC 



VL BC 1 hit>VL BC 1 hit>VL BC



4BB~VL BC 1 hit>ABC

[311 (F) ]284 (E&S)]

Burst Combo 1

(VL BC 1 hit)*3>ABC

[355 (F) 340 (S&E)]

Burst Combo 2


  • You can cancel the forced PoV change when activating VL by cancelling into CSA. 4/6CSA will allow you further advance on the enemy immediately after activation.
  • The following are all of Stargazer’s freefalls:
    • Back-fired A~AB
    • AC~AB
    • CSA~AB
    • CSA~AC~AB
    • Back-fired A~ VL 5B
  • Stargazer has a short red lock range and a strong desire to be in the close-range. Stick to your partner and look for openings to poke with A or AC before activating VL.
  • The match truly begins once you activate VL. Doing so puts pressure on the enemy, which you and your teammate can capitalize on. Use 4/6CSA to close in on the enemy, and use VL 5B and VL BC to score big damage.
  • Work with your partner in figuring out the best time to activate VL. Finding the right time to activate might lead to more damage being dealt than simply activating as soon as it’s available. 
  • F Burst further powers up your great VL melee moves and makes you an even more potent close-range threat. S Burst allows you to spam your A and CSA more, and pile on ranged pressure while staying safe. It also reloads your VL faster, which is a big plus. E is the “I don’t want to overcost my partner no matter what” option. Pick whichever suits you best.