Model Number:YMS-15

Pilot: M’Quve

Cost: 2000 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: △ (Shield Equipped/Unequipped)


One of the trial mobile suits developed by Zinmard Cooperation for long term use and mass production for Zeon. Designed to go against enemy mobile suits, it is equipped with a high output beam saber, and needle missiles hidden in it’s round shield. It sports a very unique set of armaments.  

Ability Summary







Needle Missiles



Shoots out up to 5 shots in a row. Physical projectiles. 


Charged Main

Char’s Gelgoog Summon


Char’s Gelgoog fires 3 Beam Rifle shots.


Hide Bomb



Will deploy hide bombs to the front which stay afloat for a short period of time before exploding.


Special Shooting

Adzam Summon



Adzam surrounds the enemy and stuns it in a cage of electricity.

Special Melee

Shield Equip / Unequip


While the shield is active, all ranged/melee attacks will be blocked. Shield will be released when ammo is at zero.


Burst Attack

Hydrogen Missile

308 (S) /292 (F & E)

Sends a hydrogen missile down. will cause explosion upon hit.











Forced down






Forced down











High Damage.



Will hit the opponent up to the air at the end of the 2nd hit.







Able to bounce the opponent. Good melee move to close in.




Stabs the opponent many, many times.


Cancel Routes:




At first glance Gyan looks like an MS that is built only for melee combat, since it’s wielding only a shield and a sword. However, in truth it’s more of an all-rounder unit with a mixed bag of tricks. 

While its shooting attacks are not potent enough to put the enemy under constant pressure, Gyan’s BC shield stance allows it to exploit various openings the enemy might present.  

Gyan as a 2000 cost melee combatant is not particularly impressive. However, both its 8B and 2B can be used as mobility options, making Gyan one of the best MSes for advancing straight towards the enemy. Throw your various ranged armaments into the mix and you have a unit that can be hard to predict. 

Gyan’s BC and other irregular attacks make it suited for one-on-one situations, and it also excels at okizeme. It’s also strong at self defense.

Gyan does not do well in the traditional support role as it lacks the proper weaponry to do so. As such, the recommended playstyle for Gyan is working with your teammate to setup one-on-one situations. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Needle Missiles

Shoots Needle Missiles out of Gyan’s shield. Does not cause vernier. Holding down the A button fires up to 5 missiles.

The missiles are fast and muzzle correction on this is excellent, but the angle of fire is narrow and the missiles have almost zero tracking. This move is very similar to a machine gun.

You can cancel into AB and BC from this, but you won’t be able to cancel into BC if you’re out of ammo. You can cancel into this from AC to freefall.

This is a strong tool for the mid to close-range. In terms of how to hit this move, you can think of it as being a poor man’s version of Wing Zero EW’s Main. All the same angles you would hit enemies with as WZEW apply with this weapon as well. 

This is one of Gyan’s main moves.

Charged Main: Char’s Gelgoog Summon

Char’s Gelgoog fires three shots from its beam rifle at the enemy. If you input left or right on the lever as you summon the Gelgoog, it appears on your left or right respectively.

While it may look extremely plain, this move is considered a lifeline for Gyan. Getting a zunda for a 3-second charge is a pretty sweet deal, and it’s one of your only means for ranged combat. Overall this is a great move for a variety of situations, covering offense as well as defense.

Sub: Hide Bomb

Gyan deploys multiple hide bombs that detonate when touched (by friend, foe, or you). The bombs cause flame stun on hit. You can cancel into this from your Main or AC.

This is one of those moves which is going to end up hitting you and your teammate often if you’re not careful. 

While the startup on this is relatively slow, the mine field is very large. This makes it suitable for self defense situations, and even in offense with the proper spacing. It’s also a great tool for okizeme. Remember that you can guard your own mines and take minimal damage by using your regular guard or BC shield.

Special Shooting: Adzam Summon

Gyan calls on the Adzam to surround the enemy and trap them in a cage of electricity. Stuns on hit.

8AC sends the Adzam far away from you, while 2AC puts it near to you. 2AC is best for self defense situations. 

You can freefall cancel this into A, or cancel it into AB and BC. This move stuns for a long duration making it easy to follow-up, and the trap itself stays on the field for about 5 seconds.

This move can be used primarily as a freefall, and if you hit an enemy with it too that’s a nice bonus. 

Special Melee: Shield Equip / Unequip

Taking the shield stance will face you towards the enemy and equip your shield. The shield glows with a blue light for a visual cue when equipped. Unequipping the shield also faces you towards the enemy, but there is a longer period of rigidity after unequipping compared to equipping.

When equipped, the shield blocks all ranged and melee attacks that come from the front. The shield can take a maximum of 100 damage. After it has taken 100 or more damage, Gyan will enter a broken stance state where it is invulnerable for a short duration, but vulnerable and punishable afterwards. Watch out for gerobis, machine guns and other similar attacks that cause constant damage in multiple hits. You can cancel the stance broken animation into CSA to stay safe.

If Gyan is attacking while the shield is equipped, it will not block hits for you, so be wary of that. 

This is Gyan’s main strength and the key reason anyone uses Gyan. If you sidestep while equipping or unequipping the shield Gyan slides and cuts tracking while facing the enemy, allowing you to stay safe while putting you in a position to fire your Needle Missiles without fear of shooting out of angle. 

The rigidity after equipping or unequipping the shield is short, so you can use it mid-air to cause a freefall. You can also dodge attacks swiftly while grounded by sidestepping and using BC repeatedly. Overall this move is great for avoiding damage as well as blocking it, and it can lead to favorable situations where your opponent is wary of attacking you haphazardly. 

Melee Set

5B: 3-hit combo

Standard 3-hit combo. Forced PoV change on the final hit. This is usually used as a combo part for high damage. 

5B~A or 4/6B~A: Needle Missiles

Derivative. Downs the opponent quickly and does not require ammo to use.

5B~8B: Multi-hit slash

Very little movement, meaning very little cut resistance. Final hit puts the enemy in an untechable down state.

5B~BC or 4/6B~BC: Multi-stab 

Stabs the opponent repeatedly and rapidly. Moves Gyan and the opponent forward so there is a bit of cut resistance.

8B: Stab

Another multi-hit stab. Gyan leaps forward towards the enemy before stabbing, giving you a nice mobility option. This has good vertical tracking so you can use it to hit opponents above or below you, but 2B does a better job of hitting enemies above you. 

This also does a good amount of damage so it’s suitable as a combo part, however do note that the boost consumption is more than average, potentially leaving you in an overheat state.

4/6B: Horizontal Slash

Slightly above average performance in the close-range. You’ll lose out to suits like Red Frame and Exia in rainbow step wars due to a slower startup on the move. 

2B: Jumping Shield Bash

Fast startup on this “pyonkaku”. This move is great for hitting enemies in front of or above you, and can be used for chasing enemies, landing, escaping, or for surprise attacks. Sidestep this just as you land to keep opponents guessing on your landing timing. 

CC8B: Gyan charges at the opponent and does yet another multi-hit stabbing attack. The best part of this move is how far Gyan will chase the opponent, giving you good range on a melee attack.

Burst Attack

Hydrogen Missile

Gyan summons a Hydrogen Missile which falls out of the sky, causing a huge AOE explosion. Overall a good okizeme tool, or something to throw down to control enemy movement. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons









Best damage off Adzam







Boost dash sideways to connect the CC8B



Consumes a lot of boost but does big damage. 8B>8B does 235



Quick combo. Step forward to connect



Either backstep or fuwastep sideways to connect. Fast combo. 



If you want more damage off 4B

CC8B (1-8 hits)>5BB~8BB




  • Facing front is a key skill for any ranged Mobile Suit, but it’s doubly important for Gyan as you need to ensure that your shield is faced towards the enemy for it to be effective. Practice facing front while boost dashing or boosting upwards.
  • The basic game plan for Gyan is: Poke with CSA at long ranges, stay mobile with BC, the AC~A freefall and 2B, and look for openings to hit the enemy with Needle Missiles or your melee. Setup hide bombs if it looks like an enemy wants to get close.
  • Gyan functions well when teamed either with 3000 cost units that have high self defense and enjoy playing at a range like Zabanya and V2, or with suits that are hyper aggressive like Master and Epyon. You can take an evasive front role when teamed with support 3ks, or look for a 1v1 split when teamed with aggressive 3ks.
  • Fighting Burst is the best choice for Gyan, as it further powers up your melee offense and allows you to cancel from your Needle Missiles into your melee attacks. E is always an option if you want more defense.