Delta Plus

Model Number:MSN-001A1

Pilot: Riddhe Marcenas

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: O Form Change: X

Delta Plus

A transformable unit based off the Hyaku Shiki’s original Delta Gundam design, with the aim of being mass produced. It is able to transform into the Waverider mode, which can perform atmospheric reentry, and also fly in Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, the flexibility made Delta Plus a superior unit to its original base design from Hyaku Shiki and Zeta Gundam.

MS Mode Ability Summary







Beam Rifle



Manual reload on empty, can be fired twice in a row.

Charged Main

Unicorn Assist

30 (Unicorn hits) 70 (Delta Plus hits)

Spins in a circle together with the Unicorn Gundam. Both units fire their weapons while spinning, hitting and staggering enemies.


Twin-barrel Grenade Launcher



Non-vernier when facing front, shares ammo with MA mode.

Special Shooting

ReZEL Summon


40 ~ 144

Summons two Rezels who fire 3 BR shots each at the target.

Special Melee

Waverider Rush


Transforms into a jet and performs a drilling attack.

Burst Attack

Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) Summon

233(F) / 203(E & S)

Summons Unicorn to ride on Delta Plus in MA mode, which fires its Beam Magnum, Beam rifle, and Grenade Launcher simultaneously.











Add a grenade shot at the end. This derivative is also available with 8B and 4B. 




Kicks target away, spinning down














Melee Counter




Slash through>Drilling attack> Kick


MA Mode Ability Summary







Beam Rifle



Fires beams from the nose of the jet.


Twin-barrel Grenade Launcher



Fast startup missiles.

Special Shooting

Beam Cannon (4 shots)



Shares ammo with Main

Special Melee

Emergency Transformation

Spins upwards and transforms back into its MS mode.







Transforms back into MS mode to perform a somersault kick.

Cancel Routes:




BC: A, AC, AB, 5B, BC

Transform to MA Mode: A, AC, AB, 5B, BC

MA Mode Shooting: BC

Ma Mode AC: AB, BC

All melee except CC8B: BC

MA Mode A: 5B, BC

MA Mode AB: A, 5B, AC, BC

Ma Mode AC: AB, BC


Delta Plus is an all-rounder unit that specializes in ranged combat, thanks to its multi-shot Beam Rifle and two good freefall options. The Delta Plus has very little rigidity in its movements, constantly staying a moving (and shooting) target. This puts it ahead of the curve in self defense. Delta Plus also has good melee moves and no shortage of ammunition, making just as good when going on the offense.

Delta Plus’ Main is obviously one of its strong points, performing on equal ground with most Beam Rifles, plus the added bonus of being able to fire twice consecutively without cancelling. While this is still 1 shot less than what the Zeta Gundam is capable of, Delta Plus’ BR has a faster startup and better muzzle correction. 

Although you might find some success playing Delta Plus only in MS mode taking advantage of the aforementioned Main and its Bazooka and Assist, unlocking 100% of Delta Plus’ potential requires you to also use its MA mode (Waverider). Transforming to and from a jet greatly increases your mobility, and can lead to some acrobatic escapes from melee or ranged pressure. 

While Delta Plus sports some noticeable weaknesses, such as a lack of firepower, a short red lock range for a support unit, no weapons that track well, and most notably the lack of a strong comeback factor from Burst/Awakening, it still holds many tools that many 2000 cost support units would love to have. If your teammate already has firepower covered and you just want to constantly pressure the enemy with an endless barrage, Delta Plus is an outstanding choice.   

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Manual reload on empty, can be fired twice in a row.

Note that this has slightly below average performance when compared to traditional BRs. Your shots track slightly less and the startup and muzzle correction are also slightly poorer. Nevertheless, this is a great Beam Rifle due to its unlimited ammunition and the ability to fire it consecutively. This even performs better than Zeta Gundam’s Beam Rifle in the close range.

This is the most important weapon in Delta Plus’ arsenal, and using it properly is vital to victory. Managing your ammo is very important. 

One other important note for this weapon is that there is a long delay window for firing the second consecutive short. In other words, you don’t have to always fire rhythmically as fast as you can. For example, you can fire one shot while falling, wait a second, and then fire the second shot right before you touch the floor. Mix up your shot timings and increase your odds of hitting the enemy.

Charged Main: Unicorn Summon 

The Unicorn Gundam and the Delta Plus stand back to back, spinning while firing their weapons covering 360 degrees. Unicorn fires its beam machine gun, while the Delta Plus fires its Main. Any single hit on the enemy will cause a stagger.

While this has unlimited range, you are just as likely to hit a teammate as you are to hit an enemy at long range, so typically this move is best used in the close range. It’s a great okizeme or “get off me” tool, and can catch horizontal movement very well.  

Sub: Twin-barrel Grenade Launcher

Fires grenades from Delta Plus’ shield. This is more typically referred to as a bazooka shot. It does 75 damage on impact, and also causes an explosion that does 20 damage. This allows you to penetrate shooting guards.

This weapon does not cause vernier, meaning you will fire it will staying in motion. If you cancel into this from a Main fired out of angle, you will freefall. This is a key technique for Delta Plus. Add a sidestep in prior to the Main shot to cut tracking before freefalling.

Another good point of this move is that it does not have cancel proration, meaning that unlike many other MSes you do the same amount of damage doing A>>AB as you would A~AB.

This is a great tool for both offense and defense. You can even cancel into BC afterwards and perform aerial maneuvers in your MA mode.

Special Shooting: Rezel Summon

Summons two Rezels on either side of the Delta Plus, who fire three BR shots each at the target. Can be cancelled into your Main for a freefall, regardless of whether you are facing towards or away from the enemy.

While the Rezel BR shots are not as accurate or have as good muzzle correction as your Main, the fact that they fire 3 shots each is more than enough to cover those weaknesses. Just note that this is not something that can be relied on in extreme close ranges.

This is very similar to your Sub in that it is simultaneously for offense and defense. You can even freefall when cancelling into your Main reload, so you can get some cover fire while reloading.  

Special Melee: Waverider Rush

Transform into MA Form and perform a drilling attack. Press B again for a Kick. Can be cancelled into the BC Emergency Transformation maneuver.

Melee Set

5B: 2-stage Beam Saber Combo

Can be cancelled into the ~A derivative after the second stage. Overall this is a pretty good melee move in every area.

5BB or 8B or 4/6B ~A Derivative: Grenade Launcher

Fires the grenade launcher at the enemy in close range. This is great for ending a combo quickly. 

8B: Stab

Delta Plus stabs the enemy, then kicks it upwards. This is even better than 5B, but you this is rarely your best option because Delta Plus has many other weapons as its disposal.

4/6B: Shield Tackle

This is your main melee move. This has an amazing hitbox and fast startup, meaning you can often even beat out other melee suits in priority. It also travels a great distance. Use this to keep melee suits off you, or for a surprise attack in the close range. Because 4/6B>4/6BB does not down the opponent in a single combo, make it a habit to use the 4/6B~A grenade launcher to score downs.

2B: Melee Counter

Assumes a counter stance. Enemies that hit you during the stance will get stabbed and stunned. The startup on this move is rather slow and the counter window is rather short, so you will need a strong read to pull this off. Perhaps this is best used to go up against super armor moves that cannot be beaten by 4/6B? Probably not your best option in most cases, but it can be a nasty surprise for the enemy when pulled off right.

CC8B: Slash-through

Slashes the enemy while moving. After that the Delta Plus turns into its Waverider form and crashes into the enemy in the exact same motion as its BC. 

This is a good move when hit confirmed from Main in the close range. This travels a good distance and is second only in hitbox size to your 4/6B. The startup speed is average, and the vertical tracking is rather weak, so don’t think about using this on enemies significantly above or below you.

Even if the enemy cuts tracking on this move, you will still dash the full distance instead of whiffing while standing still, so it’s rather safe in some senses. 

Special Melee: Waverider Crash

Spins will drilling into the enemy while in the Waverider MA form. The charge speed is rather fast for this move. You can cancel into this from various weapons including your Main.

If you input 4 or 6 on the lever while inputting BC, Delta Plus will transform while rolling left or right before charging at the enemy. Using this input you do 6 hits instead of 8 with the regular 5BC. After a sidestep you can use the directional BC to get some good horizontal movement before rising with the MA Mode BC. This is one of Delta Plus’ many maneuvers that make it tricky to catch.

The 5BC waverider charge speed is so fast that you can even outrun a Master chasing you with 4/6B. You can take advantage of this by switching targets and use your BC to dash towards an enemy who is not chasing you, in order to escape one who is. 

This is also a big damage combo part for Delta Plus. Overall this is a welcome addition to Delta Plus’ kit.

Burst Attack

Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) Summon

Unicorn Gundam rides on the Delta Plus, firing a barrage from its multiple weapons. You are forced to move forward during this attack, Delta Plus will transform back into MS form at the end of the sequence.

While this has niche use cases, it can be good for pursuing running enemies. You will need good MA control skills to take advantage of this Burst Attack.

MA Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Unlike your MS mode, this reloads automatically and does not share ammo with your Main. Feel free to use this without worrying about ammo. 

Sub: Twin-barrel Grenade Launcher

This weapon auto reloads to full whenever you exit and re-enter MA mode, so don’t worry about running out of ammo. Much like with the MS mode Sub this does primary damage coupled with a secondary explosion, so you can break shooting guards with this. 

This can be rapid fired 3 times in a row, and has very little startup. While it doesn’t have much in the ways of horizontal tracking, this tracks quite well vertically. Adjust the angle of fire during MA mode and fire it at where you think the enemy is going to be. 

This is a great tool for catching enemies who are running away from you. For the Delta Plus which has no weapons that track well, this is one of your greatly desired means  of catching enemies who are on the evasive.

Special Melee: Emergency Transformation

Delta Plus spins rapidly while rising, turning back into its MS form. Does not cut tracking. 

You rise very quickly when using this move, allowing you to dodge many projectiles. Once you have transformed back into MS mode you can use all of your freefalls or opt to loop the transform>BC sequence. This evasive maneuver is great on Delta Plus. If utilized correctly, you can escape enemies even if they are coming at you hard with S or F Burst.  

Melee Set

Ma Mode 5B: Somersault

Delta Plus transforms back into an MS and performs a 1-hit somersault. This has a good hitbox but poor damage proration. For big damage combos, people often hit the enemy with MS Mode BC, perform the somersault BUT sidestep before it hits the enemy, and then loop back into MS Mode BC. See the full combo in the recommended combos section.

Recommended Combos

Before you look at the combo table, you need to learn about Delta Plus’ unique combo string which is referred to as the “BC Loop”. Basically you hit the enemy in MS mode with your BC drilling attack, input 5B to somersault BUT sidestep before the somersault hits the enemy (meaning you cancel it almost immediately), then go straight into 5BC again. The notation looks like this: 5BC~5B (before it hits)>5BC. You can loop this up to three times depending on your combo starter, and you end the loop by firing the MA Mode AB missiles into the enemy. 

I won’t lie, this is one of the hardest combos to pull off in EXVS. But the damage is well worth it. 

Ranged Weapons




A x3


You can go A~A>>A, A>>A~A, or A>>A>>A. Damage is the same.

A x2~AB






A>>BC (all hits)~5B (before it hits)> BC (6 hits) >MA Mode AB


BC Loop. Very good damage off a Main hit. Can also be done off AB.

MA Mode AB x 3









Great damage off 8B



Quick and safe.



Another quick and safe combo.

4/6B>BC (all hits)~5B (before it hits)> BC~AB



BC (all hits)~5B (before it hits)> BC (all hits)~5B (before it hits)>BC~AB


BC loop of death. Requires a lot of boost to pull off. 



Great damage off CC8B



Good cut resistance



Good cut resistance + freefall


  • Delta Plus excels at support, using its consecutive-firing Main and grenade launcher to provide long range cover fire. 
  • Delta Plus is played as a support, but it has a rather short red-lock range so make sure your opponent is going close enough to the enemy to keep you in the back line.
  • One common loop for Delta Plus is A~A~AB, A~A~AB, and then AC~A to land while reloading the Main. However don’t feel restricted to doing only this- the possibilities are infinite. Keep things mixed up and make sure your shots do not become rhythmic and readable.
  • If an opponent blocks your attack in the close to mid-range, call your assist to fire at his shield, buying you time to get around him and fire on his back.
  • Fully understanding all possible maneuver sequences is key to success with Delta Plus. While you can typically rely on your freefalls and strong 4/6B and BC to keep you safe, enemies in F or S Burst or those who are particularly aggressive like Master and Bael can prove a challenge. Make use of your MA mode together with your melee and freefalls to make your movements even harder to predict.
  • F Burst is best for Delta Plus if you need more aggression, and can help cover for your weakness of having an average damage output. But even with F Burst you don’t gain a significant power up, so it’s not as strong a comeback mechanic as it is for many other Mobile Suits. E is the safe and standard choice. Although you gain very few benefits, it gives you even more survivability, and can make you an even harder target to kill. S gives very little benefit as you already have tonnes of cancel routes and a rapid-fire Main, but if you want to be able to sidestep your shots it’s… still not your best option.
  • Delta Plus does well with almost all 3000 cost MSes. Destiny in particular is a good teammate as it goes very deep into the close range, and covers your low-damage weakness.
  • Teaming with 2500 cost teammates is OK at best, 2000 cost is a bad idea, and 1500 is straight-up terrible. Delta Plus wants to stay in the back line behind a strong front, and does not enjoy facing off against higher cost enemies in long, drawn out battles.