Infinite Justice

Model Number:ZGMF-X19A Pilot: Athrun Zala
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: O (Fatum-01 Boarding)  Form Change: X

A mobile suit made as a successor to the Justice Gundam. Developed for use by Athrun Zala, it specializes in close range combat and features multiple improvements to the weapons used by the original Justice Gundam.

MS Form Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 75 Average BR.
Charged Main Beam Salvo 124 Fires 3 beams.
Charged Melee SEED mode 100 Recovers boost, improves mobility,  and improves boost efficiency.
Sub Fatum-01 Charge 1 100 1 hit down, Infinite Justice’s Mobility decreases when thebackpack is deployed.
Special Shooting “Shining Edge” Beam Boomerang 1 10 ~ 91 Normal Boomerang.
Special Melee Strike Freedom assist 2 121 Strike Freedom will dash at the opponent and slash 2 times.
Burst Attack METEOR Melee combo 308(F)/289(E & S) 3 hit combo in METEOR.
Melee Input DMG Notes
BC A ~ BC 225 Similar to 5B
AC ~ BC 252 Damage may be inconsistent due to the return of the Boomerang.
5B 5BBB 181 3 stages, slow startup
5B(BB)~AC 129~224 Transitions to transformation
5B(BB)~BCBBB 246~277 Will move upwards while kicking, bounce down
8B 8B 105 Charge with the Lifter
8B~BCBBB 255 To connect the BC, input BC early
8B 90 Will execute this move if you input 8B while the Lifter is deployed
4/6B 4/6BBB 173 Quick combo
4/6B(B)~AC 129~173 Similar to 5B
4/6B(B)~BCBBB 246~255 Similar to 5B
2B 2B 10 Anchor. Shooting Property
2B~BCBBB 243 Similar to 5B
CC8B CC8BB 170 Untechable

MA Form  Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 75 Average BR
Charged Main Beam Salvo 124 Fires 3 beams
Sub Fatum-01 Charge 1 100 Infinite Justice exits MA form 
Melee Input DMG Notes
Rotation slash (While in MA B) 157 Moves while slashing

Cancel Routes:

In MS mode



AB: 8B



5B, 4/6B up to second hit: 8B , 2B

8B: AB

Lifter Off 8B: 2B

2B on hit: All actions except 2B and CC8B

~AC melee derivation: AB(MA), 5B(MA)

~BC(After the first 2 hits) melee derivation: 8B, 2B

In MA mode



5B(even on miss): AB


 Infinite Justice sports high mobility for its class, having fast turning, falling, and dash speed. Infinite Justice is armed with a large array of weapons that makes it a threat in the close range.

However this does not mean that it is limited to just close-range encounters. It has decent shooting weapons like BR and CSA, as well as BC. When used properly, Infinite Justice can engage well even in medium range duels. Unlike its EXVS version, it is NOT a melee suit. Infinite Justice is very limited in the long range battles, having no weapons that are suited for those encounters. Furthermore, this suit does not have very good moves to chase down running opponents.

What Infinite Justice has is very good self defense owed to it having many cancel routes and one-hit down moves. It has one of the highest self defense capabilities in the 2500 cost. This is further reinforced by its outstanding mobility, which you should use to your advantage in battle. Its boomerang is a very strong close range tool which can be used to thwart enemy melee attackers and control the close range battle. While its melee capabilities are not as good as it was in EXVS, Infinite Justice can still dominate in the close range.

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Average BR, use this in conjunction with your other shooting tools to conserve ammo.

Charged Main: Beam Salvo (Charge time: 2s)

Infinite Justice will shoot two shots from its backpack and one shot from its BR. There are some things to take note when using this move. This move does not have any inertia at all, making Infinite Justice stay stationary for the shot which can be highly detrimental. The only way you achieve a 1 hit down is when all three Beams hit, getting hit by only 1 or 2 of the beams will only result in a knockback state. When you use this move with your backpack deployed IJ will simply fire one shot from its Beam Rifle. 

Overall this move has a faster startup than your regular one-shot down CSA, and while it only has average tracking the projectile speed and muzzle correction on this move are both good. 

Charged Melee:  SEED Mode ( Charge time: 2s, Duration 8s)

Activates SEED Mode. IJ recovers some Boost Gauge and has increased mobility and boost efficiency for the duration. In SEED Mode, if you get hit you will take 1.5x more damage and SEED Mode will end. Deciding when to use this move is vital as it can make or break your game. Some examples that could decide when you use SEED would be, closing in on an low HP opponent to end the game or getting out of sticky situations where you would normally lose alot of HP. Using SEED Mode with your Burst is also an option where you get the mobility buff in addition to the benefits with Burst.

Sub:  Lifter Charge

IJ deploys the Fatum-01 backpack to charge at the enemy. This move seems very straight forward, but care must be taken when using this move. While it is a very strong one-hit down, does a decent 100 damage and can be cancelled from Main, it does not have very good tracking nor does it have good travel speed. Furthermore, Infinite Justice will have reduced mobility while the Lifter is deployed, making him very vulnerable during this timeframe. Hence a good way to make use of this move is as an alternative to finish up your Zunda instead of using a BR. These are the factors that will cause the Lifter to return to Infinite Justice, 

1) The Lifter has reached its maximum distance. 

2) Lifter has hit something, either a mobile suit or a collidable obstacle.

3) Infinite Justice is downed, or stunned.   

When the Lifter is deployed, your CSA and 8B performance drops, and you will not be able to enter your MA mode. 

Hence you would want to use this move only when you can confirm the hit with it. Do not use this raw unless you know it is going to hit, although it is a difficult move to hit raw to begin with.

Special Shooting:  Beam Boomerang 

Throws a large boomerang at the opponent. Can be canceled from Main or Sub. Using this move stops Infinite Justice, however the angle of fire is wide and has excellent muzzle correction, making this a very powerful tool in self defense and its main weapon in the close range.

A~AC~AB will down an opponent instantly, and is a great self defense combo. Depending on the distance from the enemy the boomerang does a varying number of hits, up to 10. The boomerang reloads in only 1 second after returning meaning you can use this often.

The boomerang has a hitbox on the way out as well as when it returns, which is good in many situations, but be careful that a returning boomerang does not mess up your melee combo.

Special Melee: Strike Freedom Summon

Summons Strike Freedom to dash at the target and slash it twice. It has moderate tracking and you can cancel it into BR to freefall. It does not have a long reload so you can use this aggressively. Do take note that you will not automatically face your opponent when you input BC— You will need to manually turn to face your target before firing your Main in order to properly freefall. 

Note that Strike Freedom has a set distance it will travel before it will start slashing the enemy, so if you use this from too close a range Strike Freedom will not attack until it has traveled a set distance. Overall this is an important pressure tool for IJ.

Melee Set

5B: Double Beam Saber 

A 3-stage combo. Poorer priority than you would expect from a 2500 cost all-rounder unit. The final hit is also slow, but aside from that the performance of this move is average.

5B~AC Derivative: Transition to Lifter Slash-through

Transforms to MA mode and attacks the enemy. IJ will remain in MA mode after the melee combo if you hold a direction on the lever. Puts the enemy in an untechable down state. 

~BC Derivative : Rapid Kicks

Infinite Justice’s signature kicking combo.  Forced PoV switch. This combo deals very good damage even when canceled from a Beam Rifle or Boomerang. Bounces the enemy on the last hit. 

8B: Fatum-01 charge/Somersault Kick

IJ charges at the enemy with the Fatum-01. If you cancel into AB you can then cancel into BC for the rapid kicks. The startup of this move is only average but once the move is active the priority and hitbox are excellent. This reaches pretty far but its still hard to chase enemies down with this. This can be used as an intercept to melee or as a combo part. 

If you have already deployed your Fatum-01 and input 8B, IJ executes a kick instead. This attack reaches far but the startup is slow and the priority is weak.

4/6B: 3-hit Kick Combo

PoV change on the last hit. The wraparound and reach of this move is weak, making it poor as a challenge to incoming melee attacks. You can use this after hit confirming from a hit boomerang or other ranged attacks.

2B: Grapple Stinger

Shoots out a grappling hook from the shield that on hit, reels in the target to you which leaves him open for a melee combo. It does retain some inertia when you use it, and it has long range albeit slow speed. It has good tracking and muzzle correction. An added bonus if you hit, you can cancel into BR, which results in a free fall. However when you hit the BR you will remove the stun on your opponent and your opponent will not continue to be pulled towards you.

If your boomerang hits the target as you grapple it, your opponent will not be pulled towards you and he will not be stunned. Hitting your opponent 2 times in a row with your grappling hook results in the same stun.

You can rainbow step cancel this move. 

CC8B: Slash-through

Infinite Justice will do a two-stage melee combo that launches the enemy. The reach of this move is good, and the startup and dash-in speed are average. The vertical tracking, especially downward, is poor. You can use this as a sneak attack or after hitting a Main or boomerang. If you hold down the boost button during the combo IJ will ride the Fatum-01 after the combo ends.

MA Mode Ability Details

This MA Mode has bad pivoting speed, and also nothing will happen if you press AC or BC. The weapons in MA Mode are weak but you can still use this to delay your landing by transforming.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Same BR, just with a much wider firing arc at almost 180 degrees. Not exactly a high performance BR, but you can somehow make it work by firing slightly ahead as okizeme. Shared ammo with MS Main

Charged Main: Beam Salvo (Charge time: 2s)

Fires a shot from BR and 2 from Phantom01 directly without vernier. This move has absolutely no muzzle correction and very long recovery. However, it can be used as okizeme by firing in the general direction of where your target is moving as the projectile can curve quite a bit. If you’re in MA Mode for a really long time, you could try using it but generally you can give this move a miss.

If your MA-B hits, press left while releasing this for a full hit.

Sub: Lifter Charge

Somersaults backwards while firing Phantom01 out. Cancels MA Mode. This move has a faster startup as compared to MS-AB, but it has the same weak tracking. Forced Down on hit. The projectile itself has low performance and the recovery after the move is really long. To top if off, you consume boost during the entire somersault animation. Don’t bother using this in most cases. The somersault can dodge your average BR in the worst case scenario.

You can cancel into this after 4/5/6/B~AC or MA-B. After the somersault, you can cancel into Main for a freefall.

Melee Set

B: Rotating Slash

While riding on his backpack, Infinite Justice charges towards the enemy while spinning its dual-sided beam saber. This is quite a strong move. All of the hits of the rotating slash have 0 down value and stagger, but the last hit is a forced down.

This move has a fast startup, and the priority is good. It’s possible to beat out super armor moves with this if you hit the enemy enough times to knock him down before he can touch you. 

Burst Attack

METEOR Beam Sword

Quickly performs a damaging 3-hit melee combo. Has superarmour after Infinite Justice has docked with METEOR. If Infinite Justice is hit before he docks with METEOR, the attack is canceled.  It has a very long reach and a very fast startup, you can incorporate this into your melee combos for huge damage.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 158 Zunda
A>>A~AB 168 Saves ammo, forced down.
A~CSA 157 2nd impact
A~BC~A 180 Freefall
5BBB~BC 266 High damage 
5BBB>A 211
5BBB(1hit)~CSA 215
4/6B~BC 256 High damage
4/6B~BC(6hits)>BC 276 Best combo for damage with 4/6B
CC8BB>A 216 Recommend sidestep backwards
CC8B>N~AC 232 Can annoy your opponent by launching him twice.
CC8B>>Transform B 225 Add on with CSA for 234dmg


  • Infinite Justice should not over-eagerly engage in melee combat as there are many MSes that can overpower him in that department.
  • Stay in medium to close ranges where you can use all of your tools for maximum effect, including BR, CSA, AB, AC, BC.
  • Infinite Justice’s self defense is very good, having high mobility coupled with his toolkit.
  • Even with SEED mode and Burst, it can be sometimes hard to catch opponents who are running away. Work with your partner to subdue such opponents.
  • Exploit your opponent’s weaknesses with your tools. If your opponent is good in melee, your self defense tools and ranged weapons will be able to keep him at bay. Vice versa for handling opponents who specialize in ranged combat.
  • Take note that while Infinite Justice is a jack of all trades, he can easily be overwhelmed by other more specialized units.

Burst considerations

F burst

Generally a good burst that will increase the mobility and melee performance of Infinite justice. You can use this burst to close in and pressure opponents and dish out enormous melee damage. However, you might not be able to fully utilize this burst as normally you will be playing more passively. However this is an option should you need to deal extra damage.

E burst

This is the recommended burst to use as it helps alot in survivability and mobility. It fits Infinite Justice’s playstyle of high defense. This burst gives Infinite Justice a good mix of defense and offensive prowess. Choose this burst if you are unsure of which option to choose.

 S burst

A good burst that helps in its ranged game. You can make up for the lack of boost recovery of S burst by using this with SEED. 

Partner recommendations

Generally since Infinite justice is good in the medium and close ranges, you would want to team up with a partner with good range attributes or a high performance versatile suit. An example would be the Anime pairing, Strike Freedom. Infinite Justice can pair up with lower cost suits but must have good teamwork to know when to go in. Ideally, Infinite Justice wants to follow his partner and protect his partner/himself and complement his partner’s playstyle.