Model Number:NZ-666

Pilot: Marida Cruz

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X


A Newtype mobile suit under the Sleeves. Using the concept of the original 20-meter tall Queen Mansa, Kshatriya is packed with firepower with various weapons and funnels under it’s 4 wing binders, giving the nickname “Quad-Winged”.

Ability Summary







Beam Gun



Standard BR.

Binder Mega Particle Cannon



Fires when your back is facing the opponent.

Charged Main

Chest Mega Particle Cannon (Shotgun)



Beam shotgun.





Light stun.

Funnel Wall



4/6AB: Deploys 6 funnels to form a long beam wall forward, based on the direction input.

Funnel Wall



2AB: Deploys 2 funnels to form a small beam curtain between Kshatriya and the target.

Special Shooting

Chest Mega Particle Cannon



Wide gerobi, does big damage

Burst Attack

Chest Mega Particle Cannon & Funnel Attack

283(S) / 270 (F & E)

Fires gerobi and funnels in a cone forward with a slight delay. Funnel wall stuns as usual. 




















Flings target into air. 



Fires beam from wing binder 




Stuns, then flies back for another hit

Special Melee 



Grapples with sub-arm, has 2 derivatives



Stabs multiple times



fires gerobi at point blank range. Does not consume AC ammo

Note: During Burst, Kshatriya’s guard becomes a 360-degree guard by closing the 2 wing binders at the back, and will guard attacks from all directions. If Kshatriya enters Burst while in Guarding animation, she will still close the binders. However, if she is actively blocking attacks, the binders won’t close until nothing is hitting her. 

Cancel Routes:

A, backshot A: *AB,  AC, *BC

*AB: A


A unit with funnels and freefall movement, Kshatriya is a top contender for being a back unit amongst other fellow 2000 cost units. She has a great variety of attack patterns with her funnels, and is able to dish out bursts of damage with her AC. Her melee attacks are also decent enough to not be totally ignored. You’ll need to have good spatial awareness (not because this is a psychoframe unit) to put down accurate funnel walls or risk wasting the precious AB ammo and be left defenseless. On the flip side, Kshatriya has a big hurtbox making it easy to get hit by stray shots. Thankfully her AB~A freefall lets her slip away easily while retaliating with funnels and a Beam Rifle shot. When used well, Kshatriya will be able to outrun many others and come out on top in boost conservation. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Gun/Binder Mega Particle Cannon

Average BR. Because Kshatriya’s AB~A is her freefall, you might end up expanding the ammo too quickly. When possible opt to finish your zunda with other attacks.

When your back is facing the opponent, Kshatriya will fire the Binder Mega Particle Cannon. Also called backshot main. This will only occur if Kshatriya’s back is facing the target you’re locked on to. Turnaround main can still happen if you have pressed main and Kshatriya is about to fire, but the target moved out of angle. This attack has little muzzle correction thus it’s not good to be used raw. 

The startup is slower than your BR, but the bullet speed is faster and has high down value (2 x 2.0) .  Knockback. Good against enemies coming to melee you due to the large bullet size width. As backshot main can still cancel into Sub, you can still freefall by doing backshot main ~ AB (any) ~ A.  Do note that if you are in shooting drive and spam A while your first shot is a backshot, Kshatriya will keep doing the backshot and will not freefall. 

Charged Main:  Chest Mega Particle Cannon (Shotgun)

Forced down if 5 beams hit. The projectiles are slightly delayed, and causes heavy stagger on hit. Not a great move as the bullet spread is rather narrow and can be avoided with one sidestep. 

Sub: Funnels/Funnel Wall/Funnel Curtain

Releases a set of funnels with 3 types of input, and also Kshatriya’s freefall attack. Cancel AB ~ A to freefall. Only 5AB~A will let you inherit the momentum of the previous movement. Meanwhile 4/6/8AB will cause Kshatriya to stop all movement and push her slightly backwards; cancelling into A will cause her to drop directly downwards after that.  2/5AB both push Kshatriya downwards, making it a good option when running away.

Each attack does varying damage depending on number of beams eat (each beam is one hitbox) and causes different kind of stun or stagger. The beams are also multi-hit, thus they might be able to deplete your target’s shields like Fin Funnel Barrier or ABC mantle and deal damage. There is also actually a physical limitation on the number of Funnels that Kshatriya can send out. The maximum number is 24, so in you sent out 3 set of 5AB (8 funnels x3 =24) and enter Burst to refill your ammo, you can’t send out anymore until the Funnels physically return. 

As you can cancel from A~AB~A~AB (repeat), this gives Kshatriya a method to retreat while performing sidesteps and attacking altogether. To make it even better, (assuming your first attack is done in red lock) all your attacks will track even if you backstepped into green lock because the A~AB~A (repeat) are a legitimate cancel route (termed as Red lock carry over)

Don’t just blindly spam AB~A to freefall as it will drain your A ammo. If you’re in a relatively safe position, or the incoming attacks can be dodged with a boost dash, opt to boost dash out of your AB

-AB: All-range Funnel attack

Your typical all-range funnel attack. Sends out 8 funnels which forms a circle above your target before firing. Stuns if 3 or more beams hit. These funnels have no limitation of the maximum distance it can travel, thus it will keep chasing until it can reach its intended position. A great way to make use of this is fire them at the start of the match or when you’re really far away. 

This attack is very effective against units who have lots of vernier moves like Gunner Zaku and Virsago. It also works well against units who have reduced movement speed like Full Armor ZZ, Exia Repair, Alex with Chobam Armor; Or against units that uses a vernier moves that has long animation (gerobi moves, melee attacks with low cut resistance etc).

Be aware of how many extra attacks you need to fire off to score a down depending on how many beams hit the target. Each beam deals a down value of 0.4 (Forced down value is 5.0)

-4/6/8AB:Funnel Wall

Deploys 6 funnels to form a long beam wall forward, based on the direction input. Long stun on contact. 4 and 6 create a vertical wall, while 8 will create a horizontal one. 

8AB is useful against units with pyonkaku or lots of vertical movements, or against enemies on a higher elevation (hills, buildings etc). 8AB will also magically hit your target if he’s directly above or below you. 4/6AB creates the wall on the side depending on the input, and can be used an okizeme. Practice putting the wall ahead of your intend target by firing the wall at the other target. 

Similar to 5AB, each beam has its own hitbox and a down value of 0.5. If only 1 beam hit, you’ll need a full zunda to down, so might as well use AC on them; IIf only 1~2 beams hit your target you can perform a full melee combo; If 3~6 hits just finish the combo with 2 BR. 

Remember to use 4/6AB against incoming melee enemies and run into the wall yourself.

-2AB:Funnel Curtain

Deploys 2 funnels to form a small beam curtain between Kshatriya and the target, long stun on contact. This move inherits more backwards and downwards momentum as compared to 5AB, and Kshatriya will start to freefall more quickly (without the AB~A input) as compared to the other 2 inputs. 2AB~A pushes Kshatriya downwards the fastest, thus is the best option when using it after a Boost Dash jump. 2AB also has the fastest start up, but also the smallest hitbox and shortest duration. The curtain itself consists of 4 beams, and the beams will end up to be more dense if the funnels are fired when close to the ground. 

Generally not too much use except for escaping. Also has a knack of hitting your ally due to the placement. 

Special Shooting: Chest Mega Particle Cannon

Wide gerobi that deals high damage with good muzzle correct. Kshatriya’s main damage source. If you spot your ally chasing down an enemy fervently, time this attack well to land a sweet 253 damage. Due to the size of this gerobi, it can also be used as okizeme. 

Melee Set

Kshatriya has decent melee for a 2000 cost ranged unit. Quite reliable when used well. 

5BBB: 3x Diagonal slash 

Your typical 3 hit 5B slash. Has decent priority and attack speed that shouldn’t be totally ignored. Propration values are good enough to follow up with another attack after the final hit knocks the target away 

8B: Stab x2

Stabs with beam stab. Does not travel far, but inflicts the Down status as long as it hits. Still worth it to throw this attack out just to clash with your opponent. 

4/6BB: Sub-arm spin

Slashes twice, then does a spin slash with all 4 sub-arms while moving upwards. The spinning portion of the melee has a huge hitbox, and will also hit anyone else close by. Only the final hit of the spin launches the target into an untechable down, while anything in between inflicts Down. As such, when comboing from 4B, it’s best to cancel after the first 2 slashes and not cancel from the spin. 

This move also can be used to air stall due to the long animation and the upward movement.

2B: Sub-arm grapple> Uppercut

Hooks the target then does an uppercut attack. The first hit has good proration and down value, making it easy to deal lots of damage with this melee as a combo starter. Even though the first hit is a grapple, you cannot use the grapple freefall technique as this attack has the uppercut follow up

2B~A: Binder Gerobi

Press A during the grapple to fire a gerobi from the Binder. Deals damage depending on how many beams hit. Due to the overwhelming number of beams, this attack can easily break through most beam shields and mantles. At the same time, due to how unreliable the damage output this move can deal it might be better to just use BC~A instead.

CC8B: Slash-through

Kshatriya’s go-to melee in terms of reach and priority. Executes two slash-through attacks which launches the target, making it perfect for a backshot main that launches the target even higher. Unlike other slash-through attacks, the first hit does not launch the target but stuns instead making it more susceptible to being interrupted. 

BC: Sub-Arm grapple

Charges forward with sub-arms open. Fast startup, decent reach but low priority. A good choice of combo route when cancelling from your main when your target is close. Similar to 2B, most of the moves will continue their animation on a yellow lock target. Be mindful not to input the attacks by reflex on a target which is in yellow lock. 

BC~No input: Launching kick

A single hit, high damage combo ender move. 

BC~B: Slam 

Slashes twice, then slams the target onto the ground casuing them to Bounce. If the 2nd or 3rd hit causes the target to go into yellow lock, Kshatriya will freefall.  

BC~A: Point blank gerobi

Fires gerobi without consuming AC ammo. Can be Step cancelled. Unlike AC, this attack has a limited number of hits and the bullet spread isn’t dense like 2B~A, thus it might not complete destroy beam shields. 

Burst Attack

Chest Mega Particle Cannon & Funnel Attack

[Fires gerobi, funnels, and funnel wall on each side in a cone forward]

After a short start up, Kshatriya fires from all her armaments. Has superarmor during the start up. The main gerobi has good damage output and muzzle correction. The funnels do not have muzzle correction and will fire at whereever the target was when you input the Burst attack. The funnel wall lasts a little bit longer than the gerobi, and will stun targets on hit. There’s very little method for you to follow up on the funnel wall stunning your target due to the recovery from the Burst attack, so it’s more of a bonus. 

A decent Burst attack which you can use when the situation is right. For example, when no one is looking at you, or your target has absolutely expanded all their boost then you’re free to use this. Pleasantly useful when you’re stuck in a corner due to the shots firing out in a narrow cone shape.


  • If playing in a team setting, it will be ideal to pick Extend Burst. If not, Shooting burst will somewhat increase your damage output but nothing to be extremely proud of.
  • Kshatriya has a bigger hurtbox than usual, so focus on dodging more than trying to land hits.
  • Practice your okizeme using 4/6AB, and predict your opponent’s movement. Aim to create a wall between the two enemies to split them apart- You don’t necessarily have to hit anyone to make an impact.
  • Maintaining your Sub’s ammo is important. Due to it being a reload on empty, use up your last shot as soon as possible instead of hanging onto it for a long time.
  • For self defence against melee suits, release a 4/6AB and run into it.