Rozen Zulu

Model Number: YAMS-132 

Pilot: Angelo Sauper

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X

Rozen Zulu

While the Rozen Zulu and Geara Zulu share an almost identical lower half, Rozen Zulu’s arms are equipped with Triple Mega Particle Cannons that can be  deployed at a range via INCOMs. The suit is also equipped with the Psyco Jammer which allows it to disrupt the function and connection of enemy Psycommu-guided weapons.

Ability Summary







Triple Mega Particle Cannon



Rozen Zulu’s arm slightly detaches from the main body to fire this.

Charged Main

Mega Particle Shield (Sweep)

  40 ~ 96

Sweeps horizontally with a short-ranged beam.

Charged Melee

Sinanju Summon







65 ~ 156

Sends out the Rozen Zulu’s arms for an all-range attack.

Special Shooting

Shield Mega Particle Cannon 



Powerful single hit beam that knocks the enemy back. 

Special Melee

Psyco Jammer



Forcibly disengages any enemy Unicorn’s NT-D mode.

Burst Attack

Shield Mega Particle Cannon (Spread)

  257(S)/246(F & E)

Fires multiple beams that spread out wider over time.

Unique Assist

Geara Zulu Elite Squad Summon



Summoned after activating Burst. Two Geara Zulus follow you around and fire together with you. Lasts for 20 seconds.








Can follow up after the last hit



Bounces enemy on hit




When your INCOM arms are detached, all melee inputs perform this move instead







Anchor that stuns on hit




Cancel Routes:



Rozen Zulu specializes at attacking safely from long ranges, providing constant harassment to the enemy. While it has many different ranged attacks, its main tool is actually its AC Shield Mega Particle Cannon, a one-hit high power beam attack very similar to Gunner Zaku’s Main. Every other ranged tool in your possession is just setups for hitting the MPC to score knockdowns and deal damage.

When talking about Rozen Zulu’s viability as a backline support, it’s hard not to compare it to Gunner Zaku, which fulfills a similar role. Rozen Zulu’s advantage over the Gunner is having access to all-range attacks with its INCOMs that allows it to hit guarding opponents and exude pressure regardless of range. Gunner’s advantage is having a faster reloading Main and better melee attacks, although Rozen Zulu isn’t terrible either with melee.

Rozen Zulu can perform well even from the green lock range, staying safe while forcing the enemy to move or get tagged by INCOM attacks. This gives your teammate the license to operate more freely, striking freely with a more aggressive offense. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Triple Mega Particle Cannon

Reloads 1 shot every 3 seconds. Fires from the right arm, and can be cancelled into AC or BC. Rozen Zulu has no other cancel routes.

Rozen Zulu slightly detaches its arm and fires it from the position where you were when you input A. Meaning if you are freefalling when you press A, Rozen Zulu’s arm will be suspended in that position to fire while your main body continues to fall.

This move does not cause vernier, meaning you can fire it while facing away from the enemy while remaining in motion. You can also input 4 or 6 on the lever to make the arm detach slightly to the left or right before firing, although the difference is barely noticeable. However, if you boost dash in one direction and input the opposite direction the lever when firing the Main and then cancel to AC, you can fire two beams in a cross formation.

While there are many setups with this weapon, the actual performance of this weapon is low. The tracking is poor, the startup is slow, and the muzzle correction is near non-existent, to the point where you you can’t even use this to reliably catch landings. 

While the Shield MPC is much more reliable in that regard, it has limited ammo while this has plenty, so you can throw this out during downtime since it’s relatively safe to use. 

Charged Main: Shield Mega Particle Cannon (Sweep)

2-second charge time. Rozen Zulu stands still and sweeps with a short-ranged gerobi from right to left. You can input 4 on the lever to sweep in the opposite direction. This is similar to the Gold Sumo’s I-Field Bunker, albeit much worse. The range, muzzle correction, and general performance of this pale in comparison to the Gold Sumo’s.

Still, if you can see more than two seconds into the future and predict that your enemy is going to come in for a melee attack, you can use charge this preemptively and use it as a self defense tool.

Charged Melee: Sinanju Summon

2.5-second charge time. Sinanju charges at the enemy and performs a melee attack. The tracking on this is weak, so it’s best used as a follow-up to a ranged attack hit, or for hitting enemies stuck in extended periods of rigidity.

You can also use this as a self defense against melee attacks as the muzzle correction is relatively good.

This is kind of an awkward move in Rozen Zulu’s kit. It’s hard to hit raw, but your Main is unreliable and your AC is very difficult to follow up on. 


Reloads 1 ammo every 2.5 seconds. Rozen Zulu detaches its arms and sends them out via wires to fire the Triple Mega Particle Cannons from a distance. Once the arms have been deployed, you may input A or AC up to three times to repeatedly fire the MPCs at the enemy. You may not use your Main when the INCOMS have been deployed. You can input AB when the INCOMS have been deployed to recall them. Each A or AC input fires one beam from each hand, consuming two ammo each time.

The INCOM arms actually continue to chase the enemy in between repeated shots, allowing you to fire at different angles. This is your main tool for attacking from a distance, and forcing enemy movements. You can also use this for catching landings, although the Shield MPC is even better at that. Of important note is that you can still guard while the INCOM arms have been deployed, an important tactic for Rozen Zulu who loses the use of his Main and all melee except 8B when the INCOMS have been deployed.

Special Shooting: Shield Mega Particle Cannon

Fires a large beam from the shield mounted on Rozen Zulu’s left arm. Although the animation appears to be three beams, they act as a single projectile. Reloads only when both ammo have been used, and it takes 8 seconds to reload 2 ammo.

While the tracking and projectile speed of this are average, the muzzle correction, damage, and hitbox size are excellent, making this your main tool for catching enemies, dealing damage, and self defense. This is really important for defending yourself in the close range, so try to predict the enemy’s movement and avoid being caught while this move is reloading.

Special Melee: Psyco Jammer 

Releases 8 funnels located in the back container, which form a Psyco field in a diamond shape that stuns any enemies (allies are immune) that come into contact with it. Basically this sets a trap on the field.

This is the kind of move you wish would be stealthily deployed, but Angelo shouts “PSYCO JAMAAAAAAAA” so loud and for so long that the only way your opponents won’t know it’s coming is if they are playing with their sound off. 

The Psyco Jammer has a Pressure-like attribute— it can be blocked by Nu’s shield, but goes through ABC Mantles. 

The move lasts for about 3 seconds, and just like any other funnel-type weapon it will disappear if Rozen Zulu is stunned or knocked down. Once used it takes 5 seconds to cooldown before taking another 10 seconds to reload. 

Just like in the anime, hitting Unicorn with this move in Destroy Mode (not FAUC) will forcibly cancel the form change, and return it to Unicorn Mode. However, there will be no cooldown time applied to the reload of NT-D, and it will immediately begin charging NT-D again. This is more of a flavor ability and not an actual reliable counter to the Unicorn Gundam. 

During Burst: Geara Zulu Summon

 When you Burst, two Geara Zulus are automatically summoned to follow Rozen Zulu around. When Rozen Zulu fires its Main, the two Geara Zulus fire their beam machineguns. They hang about for a set duration before disappearing. Overall not the most potent or effective assist, but a free assist is a free assist.

Melee Set

5BBB: Claw

3-hit melee attack using the claws. 

5B~2B Derivative: Slam

Causes a bounce on hit, allowing for a follow up.

8B: Kick

A single kick that doesn’t travel very far. While your Sub is deployed you cannot use your 5B, 4/6B, 2B, or CC8B, and inputting any of those moves will instead perform this. 

4/6B: Claw Assault

2-stage combo. Fast startup and good hitbox, but poor reach. Hard to follow up after the second hit, so cancel out early if you want a full combo.

2B: Wire Claw Arm

An anchor-type weapon. Can be rainbow stepped. Stuns on hit. The wire arm itself also has a shooting guard on the front, although it’s not something you can rely on. The overall performance of this move is rather low. However, in self defense situations you can do (2B~backstep~AC) twice which is rather safe.

CC8B: Shield Tackle

Multi-hit in a single tackle. Knocks the enemy away and makes it hard for a follow up. This also doesn’t travel very far, and overall you can avoid using this move.

Burst Attack

Shield Mega Particle Cannon (Spread)

Fires beams from the Shield Mega Particle Cannon that slowly rotate and spread outwards. Very wide spread but still somewhat easy for enemies to escape. You have super armor on startup, which is great because this move has a very lengthy startup. You can occasionally catch enemies off-guard with this, but I wouldn’t count on it. 


  • Attack with the Sub and Psyco Jammer from long range, and use your Main and AC to catch landings and deal damage off hit-confirms. This is the general playstyle of Rozen Zulu.
  • AC is your lifeline, and managing the ammo is of utmost importance.
  • AB is your main offensive tool. Immediately call back the wire claws if it looks like you’re not going to hit anything with that set. 
  • Your AB and BC are especially effective against ground-running MSes. Consider focusing on those targets if you can.
  • Despite its lower-than-average mobility Rozen Zulu is adept at defense. It has plenty of moves that it can fire while in motion, such as its Main which it can fire with its back facing the enemy. It also has two moves that it can use to attack while guarding, which are AB and BC. The 4/6B melee attack also has surprisingly good performance, and while you might not be beating out melee suits you can come out on top over some all-rounders and most shooting specialists.
  • S Burst and E Burst are the best options for Rozen Zulu, depending on your playstyle. Freefalling with BC or AC and being able to sidestep AC are really good, making S your burst of choice for a more offensive playstyle. Still, E offers a great safety net, and all around more defense to last longer on the field.
  • As you’d expect, Rozen Zulu pairs best with 3000 cost units that it can support, especially those that are extremely aggressive like Master or V2. 2500 cost units can be good partners too, with less taxing overcost. Try to avoid pairing with 2000 or 1500 cost partners.