Model Number: TMF/A-803 

Pilot: Andrew Waltfeld (and Aisha)

Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: X

The custom unit and namesake of Andrew Waltfeld, the Tiger of the Desert. This quadrupedal Mobile Suit specializes in grounded combat, especially on the desert terrain which traditional Mobile Suits find difficult to maneuver on. The LaGOWE boasts higher firepower and superior mobility to the BuCUE units it commands, hunting in a pack to tear apart all who cross their wake.

Ability Summary







Beam Cannon


70 (35)

Fires two beams but costs one ammo per shot. 


Multi-shot Beam Cannon


Shares ammo with Main, fires 4 consecutive shots.

Special Shooting

BuCUE Summon



Can summon up to 3 BuCUEs repeatedly. BuCUEs attack differently depending on the input direction.









Quick combo.




Hard to hit, but very useful for vertical movement.




Good reach, wraparound, and startup. Your main melee combo starter.




After the slash-through you can cancel into Main or Sub




Startup and hitbox are top class.




Mainly used for mobility.

Burst Attack



Waltfeld Unit Combination Attack


Cancel Routes:

A: AB, 8B

AC: 8B

8B: BC

4/6BB: 8B

2BB: A, AB

BC on hit: 8B


LaGOWE is an all-rounder, ground-running MS with high mobility. It has a high-performing beam rifle for a 1500 cost unit, and a small hitbox that allows it to dodge hits easily. 

While its boost dash speed is only average for an MS, amongst other ground-running types it is considered very speedy. 

LaGOWE’s mobility and weapon loadout are so good that it is even able to go 1-on-1 with 3000 cost units. Given your low cost, doing consistent damage against a higher cost opponent is a sure way to win the damage race and take the match.

LaGOWE’s weakness is that its main weapons are beam types, meaning they can get erased by shooting guards or ABC mantles. However you do have good mobility and melee which allows you to cover that weakness. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Cannon

LaGOWE fires two shots from the beam cannon mounted on its back. Each shot counts as one ammo but fires two separate projectiles which do 35 damage each. Reloads 1 ammo every two seconds.

This has a wide firing angle, meaning you will hardly ever be firing out of angle. Out of all beam rifle type weapons, this one is top class.

However, given that your Sub also uses the same ammo pool and you have no other ranged weapons outside of the BuCUE summon, conserving ammunition is key. LaGOWE without Main ammo is no more than a cute, harmless chihuahua.

While this weapon has excellent swivel firing left and right, it does poorly when fired at a downward angle given the gun’s position. The good news is that LaGOWE is almost always grounded, so that’s not as big a problem as it sounds.

Sub: Beam Cannon Multi-Shot

LaGOWE stands still and fires 4 shots from its beam cannon at the enemy. Shares ammo with your Main.

Each shot does 24*2 damage, and has no cancel proration. This has a fast startup and lets you slide a good amount before firing, making it an excellent tool for self defense. 

However, compared to your Main this has a lower down value and damage proration. Cancelling from Main into Sub for self defense is a key technique

Because this consumes a lot of ammo, it’s crucial for all LaGOWE players to be able to hit confirm this early into a melee combo in the close range. 

Special Shooting: BuCUE Summon

Summon up to 3 BuCUE by pressing AC in succession. Reloads 1 ammo every 4 seconds. You can only have up to 4 BuCUEs on the field at any time. 

Summoned BuCUEs run on the ground when summoned, but they are so slow that using them to catch enemy landings is near impossible. They have rather good tracking, but they are unable to attack airborne enemies. The best way to use this move offensively is to summon them while an enemy is airborne, forcing it to move into an unfavorable position.

Summoning the BuCUE is also a zusakyan, which also allows you to slide a good distance before recovering your boost. There is also very little rigidity after summoning.

While this move isn’t the best on offense, it’s excellent on defense. BuCUEs are great for intercepting enemy melee attacks, especially those with shooting guards that would slip by your Main or Sub.

Melee Set

5BBB: Saber Strike

LaGOWE attacks with the saber in its mouth. This is a good melee move both as an initiator and combo part. You can use this to attack enemies from their blind spots or catching landings.

8B: Dive Assault

Spins while rising upwards, before diving at the enemy. This is mainly used for gaining vertical height, either as an evasive maneuver or to position yourself for okizeme. You can cancel into this from many moves, making it easy to gain height when needed.

4/6B: Saber Strike II

LaGOWE rushes at the enemy in a wide curved arch. This is great for getting around attacks, but has a below average hitbox. You can use this in the close range to try and catch enemies firing beam rifles or bazookas haphazardly. 

2B: Claw Strike

LaGOWE scratches the enemy with its claws. This is no good as a combo starter, but does good damage making it a good combo part.

CC8B: Drill Spin

Psycho Crusher. LawGOWE’s main melee. Excellent hitbox and startup makes this a top class melee attack.  

BC: Spin

LaGOWE spins 360 and hits any enemies it collides with. However the main use of this tool is as a brake cancel (zusakyan). This is one of LaGOWE’s most important moves, and its main lifeline for mobility. You can instantly refill your boost while staying safe by cancelling your boost dash into BC>A. This refills your boost while you fire the beam rifle shot. 

Burst Attack

Waltfeld Unit Combination Attack

LaGOWE charges at the enemy with super armor. On hit, it does a flashy melee combo before calling on the BuCUEs to ravage the enemy. Very cool. 

Enemies can be attacked while being attacked by the BuCUEs, but the damage proration is not good so it’s not recommended to do so.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons







A~AB (3 hits)












Step forward to connect to 2BB






When you have no boost

CC8B (5 hits)>4BB8B


Good cut resistance



  • LaGOWE’s best playstyle is staying at max red lock while following its partner’s lead, firing while evading attacks and looking for openings to refill boost. 
  • It’s critical that LaGOWE players take full advantage of its mobility options, including its brake cancels (zusakyans) in order to hold the boost advantage over opponents, creating opportunities to punish their landings while you are still holding onto a healthy amount of boost.
  • Units with ABC Mantles can pose a challenge for LaGOWE. Work with your teammate to remove the mantles quickly, and try not to succumb to your desire to go for a melee attack instead.
  • F Burst gives you a strong comeback factor. The boost in mobility and new cancel routes allow you to go on the offensive and turn the tides.
  • E Burst adds survivability but is not as recommended as F or S.
  • S Burst allows you to spam your Main and Sub as much as you want, and sidestep cancel your shots. Less risky with less rewards than F Burst, and a perfectly good choice. Pick F or S depending on your playstyle and your partner’s MS.
  • If you’re good enough, LaGOWE can pair with 3000 cost partners, but 2500 or 2000 cost partners are safer picks.