Zaku II Kai

Model Number: MS-06FZ

Pilot: Bernard Wiseman

Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Zaku II Kai is the upgraded mass production model of the Principality of Zeon’s signature Mobile Suit. In particular the performance of its thrusters were greatly improved. However, because this was developed towards the tail end of the One Year War, the actual number of units that were produced is few. 

Ability Summary







Machine Gun





Hand Grenade (Throw)

3 (6)


Does 12 damage per hit. 6 ammo during Burst.

Special Shooting


Hygog Summon





5AC: Summons 2 Hygog, fires 6 beams


*AC: Summon 2 Hygog, fires 1 missile. 

Special Melee

Hand Grenade (Detonate)

Detonates Sub’s Hand Grenades and 2B’s Santas.


Bernie’s Strategy



Santa Claus.

Burst Attack

Mass Hand Grenades 


272(S)/259 (FE)












Shoulder Tackle
















Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B


4/6B~A, 2B: Any melee except CC8B (Burst attack is possible)


The Zaku II Kai (hereafter referred to as Zaku) specializes in bombarding the enemy with its hand grenades, which can be used for self defense, okizeme, and pressuring enemies. Used correctly, your opponents will be left in a confused state, afraid to land and wondering where the hell that last grenade came from. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Machine Gun

3 hits to stagger, 17 to down. Reloads on empty, taking 5 seconds. 

This is great when used together with fuwasteps. As this weapon only reloads when you’ve used all your ammo, remember to empty your clip when you’re almost out of ammo so you can start your reload sooner.

Sub: Hand Grenade (Throw)

Jumps slightly while tossing out a hand grenade. Reloads 3 ammo in 4 seconds after you have expended all your ammo. This explodes on its own after a short duration, but in most cases you want to use your BC detonate to set off the explosion at your ideal timing and location.

The hand grenades do not have a hitbox when rolling, meaning they cannot be destroyed while on the field. 

During Burst you throw 3 grenades instead of one, and have a total of 6 ammo, allowing you to throw 18 grenades in total before reloading.

Depending on your directional input, you can throw the hand grenades in different patterns.

4/6AB: Throws the hand grenade diagonally left or right. Use this together with your reads on which direction the enemy is likely to go towards. This is the main version of the tool you will be using in the mid range.

8AB: Throws the hand grenade in a higher upward arc. The grenade spins faster compared to other versions of the throw. Good for controlling vertical space.

2AB: Throws the hand grenade low. The grenade bounces less when it hits the ground, and doesn’t spin. This is the best version for okizeme, or as a melee intercept defense.  

Special Shooting: Hygog Summon

4 ammo, reloads in 20 seconds. Summons two Hygogs on either side of Zaku to perform one of two actions depending on your directional input.

5AC: The Hygogs fire 3 beams consecutively. 40 damage per hit. This is Zaku’s only beam weapon. This can be used as a follow-up to your machine gun hits, or for self defense. 

*AC: The Hygogs fire missiles at the enemy. You can use this as a follow-up to hit hand grenades in the mid to close range to rack up good damage.

Special Melee: Hand Grenade (Detonate)

Detonate hand grenades or Santas. There is a short delay between pressing BC and the resulting explosions.

2B: Bernie’s Strategy

Bernie sets a Santa Claus that can explode. If this confuses you, watch War In The Pocket. Reloads on empty, takes 10 seconds to reload.

The Santa Claus itself can be detonated manually with BC, or if an opponent comes into contact with it. The Santa also acts as a dummy balloon, forcing all assists that an enemy launched at you to instead target Santa.

Zaku can sidestep after dropping Santa. This is great as a self defense tool against melee attacks, or as an okizeme. 

Melee Set

5BBB: 3-Stage Heat Hawk Combo

An easy-to-use 3-stage combo. Of all your melee moves this has the best tracking on enemies above you. Has a derivative.

5BB~8B: Shoulder Tackle

Ends your combo quickly and does good damage. 

8B: Helmsplitter

A single hit with high damage. Useful in combo extensions.

4/6B: Heat Hawk Horizontal Slash

2-stage combo. Good wraparound makes this your main combo initiator. 

4/6B~A: Sturm Faust. Good DPS.

CC8B: Heat Hawk Swing

Good charge speed and distance. If the opponent flees upwards you can step forward and use 5B to chase them. 

Burst Attack

Mass Hand Grenades

Zaku lobs multiple grenades at once, that explode and cause 5 flame pillars. You can input directional left or right to lob the grenades left or right. This has super armor on startup, and although it can instantly down on hit you often miss out on the full hits, not causing a hard knockdown. Overall a good Burst Attack for Zaku’s kit.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons




A(3 hits)~AC>>A



A(3 hits)>>5BB>>5BB~8B



AB~*AC (2 hits)


Standard BnB for Zaku. Very important you learn to hit this combo.

AB>>4/6B (1 hit)>5AC (2 hits)


Best damage from AB




Standard BnB



More cut resistant than the above

4B (1 hit)>5BB>4/6AC


Good cut resistance



Follow up with your machine gun for 217 damage


  • Control your enemy’s movements with Sub, and pelt them with machine gun shots to catch their landings. Hit confirm into damaging combos off these opening moves.
  • However, relying solely on your Sub might leave you losing the damage race. Work on supporting your teammate, and help create openings for him to do big damage.
  • Zaku actually pressures well with melee, but against melee type units this is ineffective. Zaku does poorly when faced with matchups where it is unable to pressure both opponents.
  • Because the grenades bounced on the ground, Zaku tends to be weak when attacked by enemies on the high ground. Enemies on the high ground might underestimate your power, but be careful nonetheless.
  • F Burst is a high risk, high return Burst for Zaku, giving it a comeback factor and the chance to deal good damage. E is the safest and easiest to use.
  • S gives you many cancel routes that Zaku craves, and allows you to protect yourself well. And of course, having more grenades to play with is always a blessing. 
  • Zaku is best played as a support, and pairs best with 2500 cost units. The O, Impulse, and Age-2 Dark Hound are all 2500 units that can defend themselves well, and paired with Zaku’s own good self defense such teams can prove to be tough nuts to crack.