Tieren Taozi

Model Number: MSJ-06Ⅱ-SP

Pilot: Soma Peries

Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: X


A Tieren customized to be used by a Super Soldier. It has extra thrusters installed in order for it to keep up with a Super Soldier’s reaction speed and superior cognitive ability. It exhibited the ability to keep up with Celestial Being’s Gundams.

Ability Summary







Smoothbore Gun



Physical projectile. Reloads when empty.

Charged Main

Smoothbore Gun (Precision Shot)


Does not cause yellow lock down. 


Tieren Space Type (Grapple)



5AB: Assist, grapple attack 

Tieren Space Type (Slash)


*AB: Sumons 2 Tierens, delayed slash-through attack

Special Shooting 

Tieren Space Type (Carbon Net)



5AC: Summons a Tieren which  fires a Net. Mobility debuff on hit. 

Tieren Space Type (Smoothbore Salvo)


*AC: Summons 2 Tierens each firing their Smoothbore Guns 3 times

Special Melee 

Summon Tieren Space Commander type


Timed Assist.


A: Firing your main will cause the Assist to fire 1 Smoothbore Gun shot at the same target from its current location. 


5BC: Fires 2 Smoothbore Gun shots. Heavy stagger. 


2/8BC: Slash-through, stuns. Travels the furthest. Use this to get Assist to move closer to your target. 


4/6BC: Dashes a short distance forward, grabs, and then does an uppercut. 

Burst Attack

I am a…Super Soldier!

287 (F) / 269 (ES) 

If hit, executes a melee combination attack with Tieren Space Commander Type. After using (regardless of hit or miss), the ammo for BC will be refilled to 100. 









Orthodox 2 hit



Kicks, then slides while firing machine gun




Forward tackle, dust down







Kicks, then slides while firing machine gun




Melee counter. Input B to follow up with Smoothbore shots after a successful counter.




Downs, untechable.


Cancel Routes:

A, CSA: both AB, Both AC

AB: Alternate AB, both AC, BC (Command), 2B

AC: Alternate AC, both AB, BC (Command), 2B

BC (Command): both AB, both AC, alternate BC Commands, 2B


One of the few suits in Maxiboost On with a timed assist, the Tieren Taozi makes use of attacks from the capture the Gundam operation, along with many assist-type attacks to mimic the battle of attrition used against Celestial Being. Having a timed assist allows Taozi to form her own L-shape formation attack to score hits more easily, with a variety of assist attacks that aims to overwhelm the opponent or even perform sneak attacks with the timed assist due to the lack of a yellow alert market from it.  If left unchecked, Taozi can dish out a lot of damage over the course of a battle. The Taozi can also support her partner by stalling an enemy and giving enemies a mobility debuff. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Smoothbore Gun

Physical projectile that has relatively good tracking and speed. Unlike many physical projectiles, this weapon reloads constantly. Use sparingly due to the low ammo count. This is the only attack that Taozi has that does not cause vernier. 

Charged Main: Smoothbore Gun (Precision Shot)

Does not cause a yellow lock down on hit unlike many CSAs. This allows you to follow up with another assist to buy time, or land a 5AC Net if you’re close. Regardless, use this in between your regular main shot to conserve ammo.

Sub: Tieren Space Type Grapple/Slash-through

-5AB: Grapple

Summons 1 Space Tieren directly in front of Taozi which dashes towards the target. On hit, it would simply grab the target and release them after ~4 seconds. This Tieren has good tracking and will grab anything that touches any part of its body. On the downside the travel speed is rather slow. Use this assist when trying to defend yourself. 

-*AB: 2x Slash-through

Summons 2 Space Tieren on Taozi’s sides. The left will dash forward first, then the right, slashing enemy units it touches. There is a delay between the 2, making it a great offensive move. The slashes cause heavy stagger so it’s easy to follow up with a 5AC Net for the movement debuff. 

Special Shooting: Tieren Space Type Carbon Net/Smoothbore Salvo

-5AC: Carbon Net

Summons 1 Space Tieren who fires a slow net projectile. On hit, it applies a movement speed debuff. Taozi’s another go-to as a combo ender. The net projectile has almost no tracking so please use it after another move that causes flinch or stagger. 

-*AB: Smoothbore Salvo

Summons 2 Space Tieren directly in front of Taozi who fires 3 Smoothbore Gun shots. Blocks all projectiles. Has pretty good vertical tracking. Do note that you need 4 hits from the Tierens to down a target, so do a follow up move when you see the shots start missing.

 Taozi’s most important move and lifeline. Use it right before you land for a relatively safe landing (barring explosions and nukes), or just after any other move .. For enemies who have learnt that you got 2 shields and try to melee through, cancel into 2b for your melee counter. 

Special Melee: Summon Tieren Space Commander type

Press BC to summon Smirnov’s Tieren Space Commander Type, a timed assist that will slowly fly forward to the current enemy that you are targeting. The Assist ammo gauge will turn red for a short moment after giving it command to indicate that it is stuck in the recovery. The Assist itself has its own red lock range so even if the target is green lock to Tieren Taozi, the shots from the Assist will track normally if it’s within range. Press A or *BC again for additional attacks. 

Tieren Taozi does a saluting action during the initial summoning animation o7.

This assist has 4 types of input:

-A: Coordinated Fire

Firing your main or CSA will cause the Assist to fire 1 Smoothbore Gun shot at the same target from its current location. Causes heavy stagger, allowing for follow ups with slower moves like 5AB and 5AC.  

-5BC: Smoothbore Gun x2

Fires 2 Smoothbore Gun shots that cause heavy stagger just like the above. This move also has a short recovery time. Use this as if it’s a regular missile or bazooka move to catch enemies who are boost jumping away.  

-2/8BC: Slash-through

Slashthrough, stuns. This move causes Smirnov to travel the furthest. The stun lasts longer enough that you can fire your main even from slightly past your red lock to score a hit.  Use this to get Assist to move closer to your target, or even behind your target. You can even switch targets to make Smirnov dash towards that to get a different positin. 


Smirnov dashes a short distance forward, grabs, and then does an uppercut. This attacks deals quite a lot of damage, and is also the key component in the loop that wastes a lot of time on your target. The assist doesn’t have a hitbox until it starts the charging motion, so you can’t use this when it’s directly touching your enemy. 

Perform the loop by using 4BC>5AB> loop. Both moves have little to no down value, thus it’s quite worthwhile if you manage to do this on another high cost unit. 

Melee Set

5BB:Carbon Blade Slash

Your standard 5B melee attack. 

5B~A: Kick>Machine Gun Strafe

Launches the target into the air with a kick, then strafes left or right while firing machine gun. Forced down on full hit of the machine gun. Input 4A to make Taozi strafe left instead, if not Taozi will strafe right by default. 

8B: Shield Tackle

Shooting Guard melee. The Shooting Guard has a very fast start up, does not have Hit Stop when getting shot at. You can safely use this move against gerobi or machine guns to get a hit in.

4BB: Cleave

2 hit melee, launches on the second hit. Has the same machine gun strafe derivative as 5B~A. The launch lets you combo into other moves to buy time.

2B: Melee Counter

Melee counter with a slow start up. Consumes boost while holding the counter stance.  Taozi will hop to the target, step on it, then fire Smoothbore Gun at point blank range. Tap B during this animation to keep firing, up to about 10 shots. Taozi does not move at all during this animation but it also does not consumes boost. 

CC8B: Kick>Slash-through

Both hit launches the target. Finish the combo with a CSA to launch the target even higher, or combo into a 5AC Net or 4BC Grapple. 

Burst Attack

I am a.. Super Soldier!

If hit, executes a melee combination attack with Tieren Space Commander Type. The final hit of the combo make Taozi stands still so it is quite dangerous. 

A good way to use this is to use it on a downed target or a target in green lock to reload the ammo for BC to 100. Having a free reload will drastically increase your damage output.


  • As a 1500 cost, you don’t have much boost between doing zundas and cancelling out of giving BC commands with Boost Dash. Try to keep your movements to one string of Main, Command, Boost Dash and Assist so you will land with 20~30% boost left to escape if needed.
  • Whenever you command the Assist to shoot, it will stand still to shoot. Use this time to move into a L formation with your Assist.
  • You can spam 8BC to get your Assist to dash behind your target, so it will be in a much better position to attack
  • If you’re in a safe spot and in Burst, just use the Burst Attack to refill your Assist ammo to full. It will refill even if it whiffs. Use it while your target is in green lock or on a red lock downed target.  Tieren will just do a quick slashing motion at her current position and the animation will end there with the BC ammo recovered to 100. 
  • Shooting Burst is the way to go.