Blue Destiny Unit 1

Model Number: RX-78BD-1

Pilot: Yu Kajima

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: O (EXAM system)

Blue Destiny Unit 1

A combination of Blue Destiny Unit 0’s head put together with a standard Gundam Ground Type made to test the EXAM system, which was made to counter newtypes. The sensor glow red when the EXAM system is active.

Normal Mode Ability Summary







100mm machine gun



Up to 10 consecutive shots. Manual reload when empty. 

Charged melee

EXAM system activation

One use per life.


Wire-controlled missiles




Special Shooting

GM assist call



Regular 3 beam shots assist.

Special Melee

Special movement


Cuts tracking, up to 4 consecutive uses.

Requires boost to perform the move.








A basic 3 slash combo




Has landing property




Launches enemy on 2nd hit



Shoots 2 missiles after the 2nd hit




Launches enemy



Shoots 2 missiles after melee hit




Stun enemies on hit

EXAM Mode Ability Summary







100mm machine gun



Up to 10 consecutive shots. Manual reload when empty. 


Wired-control missiles




Special Shooting

GM assist call [throwing]



Throws (YEET) a GM towards the target.

Special Melee

Horizontal special movement


4/6BC: Cuts tracking, up to 6 consecutive uses.

Can be used in overheat.



5BC: Dashes towards the enemy while blocking range attacks. 

Burst attack

EXAM Rampage




Punches the enemy repeatedly, before shooting 2 missiles and throwing (YEET) a GM 











Punches the belly really hard while laughing




Grab and slam the enemy on the ground. Bounces from the ground after being slammed.




Third stage is multi-stage(?)




Shoryuken the enemy and lunches them up




Launches enemy up on the last hit

Cancel Routes:




BC: A, AB (no vernier), AC, assorted melee attacks, Burst Attack

*B: BC

5B: AB


Blue Destiny Unit 1 (BD1) is an all-purpose cost-efficient machine gun MS with a time-limited EXAM system mode activated by either CSB or Burst. It excels at pressuring the enemy with its machine gun, Sub missiles, and sneaky melee attacks.

Its mobility is higher than the average 2000 cost unit, and it has a special landing technique achieved by using the special melee, which can be really annoying to fight against if done correctly. Therefore, it is important to master his landing technique if you want to excel further with the suit.

Although BD1’s melee options are great, I would not recommend using it too often as the EXAM system does not last very long. Generally you would want to provide pressure with the machine gun and sub missiles while being extremely difficult to catch with its landing technique, though the melee options are great for self-defense or catching the enemy when they are not paying attention.

BD1 can work as both a front or back unit, but most 3000 or 2500 cost units still outperform him. 

The negatives of the suit would be it does not have many ‘quick cutting’ options. Machine guns and Sub missiles will take quite some time before reaching the enemy, and often by the time it has reached the enemy, your partner would have already been knocked down or killed. The machine gun also requires 4 pellets to stagger the enemy and with a maximum of 10 shots per burst you will often miss out on the opportunity to score staggers. Of course it is still possible to stagger the enemy if you were to shoot earlier or if you are close to the enemy.

The GM throw(YEET) is really good for catching the enemy due to its fast start up and explosive impact. It is often used when you are really close to the enemy, and is useful for catching landings. 

BD1 can screw up the enemy camera angle as you can fly above them while raining projectiles on them. This can create an opening for your teammate to make a play while you slide down to safety with the landing technique. Result may differ depending on your teammate and enemy performance, the enemy can simply wait for you to land into his loving hands if you are not careful with your positioning.

Overall, i would recommend this suit if you like to change your playstyle to a backline support or a frontliner during a fight. It’s also a great suit if you like to be an annoyance to the enemy with its constant pressure while being hard to catch (or if you like to play as angry boi that punches a lot).

Ranged Weapons

Main: 100mm Machine Gun

A machine gun with strong tracking. Manually reloadable when the magazine is empty.

4 hits will stagger while 13 hits will knock down the enemy. You can fire 3 shots by tapping the button, or fire 10 shots by holding the button. A single shot will deal 15 damage which is the same damage of 2500 cost machine gun suits.

Since the max ammo capacity is only 40, reloading will occur very frequently, so managing your ammo is important. An example will be if you have 15 ammo left, you can split it into 7-8 shots per burst. 

On the flip side,the balance between proration and down value is pretty bad. If this hits, you won’t do much damage if it’s followed up with a combo. Make a sound decision between using this and other attacks. 

It is not recommended that you use this for melee intercepts as 4 hits to stagger is somewhat slow. Going up against your rival Efreet Kai with only your machine gun for defense is suicide.

When shooting the machine gun, it is important that your back is not facing the enemy, otherwise the move will cause vernier and you’ll be perfectly stationary and open to punishment. You can still boost dash cancel out of the airstall if you had accidently shot while having your back faced towards the enemy.

Sub: Wire-controlled missiles 

Fires a missile that will float in mid-air while slowly moving forward for a period of time. You can input AB a second time to cut the wire and send it towards the enemy. Muzzle correction will occur again when the missile is detached.

This is a reliable interception against melee attacks due to the fast start up and ability to detach the missiles even when you are hit.

The tracking of the missiles are good so you can also use them at mid range. However the down value isn’t high, you will want to follow up after landing the missiles.

The downside of the missiles is that the speed of the missiles isn’t very fast, so the chances of missing a long distance target is high.

The missiles seem to have their own red lock distance. When the missiles are shot in green lock, it will still track to some extent. There is no range limit, but the tracking will stop after some time.

Special Shooting: GM Assist Call / GM throw

[Normal Mode] GM spawns to the side and fires 3 beam shots. Can be cancelled into from A or AB. Each assist has only 1hp and is easily destroyed, but each shot they fire instantly staggers the enemy and the reload on this move is fast at only 6 seconds. 

This move can be used against suits with gerobis (that would eat your other physical projectiles), as a follow-up to your Main, to cover your guard, saving your partner from a melee combo, or for covering a whiffed CC8B. 

If you are firing on an enemy with your machine gun in red lock range and the enemy moves into your green lock range, cancelling into this move will track as if you fired it in red lock. Fuwa stepping backwards while firing your machine gun and then cancelling into this move allows you to retreat while attacking from a safe distance, and is one of Blue Destiny’s most important setups.

[EXAM mode] Throws GM at the enemy which causes an explosion on impact. Does 80 damage on direct impact, 40 on the explosion. This tracks well vertically, but terribly horizontally. Still, the hitbox on this is extremely large, making it easy to hit. Just be careful not to cancel out of this move too early as it may still consume ammo. If you choose to use S burst you can use this to freefall with Main.

This can be used to setup your melee offense in the close range, but your Main and Sub are not good tools for that effort so it can still be difficult to force your way into a melee combo. You can use this to catch landings, or hit confirm into this from your Main. This also works well against ground-running enemies like Ez8 or Hildolfr. Overall this is a crucial tool in Blue Destiny’s kit, and victory can often be decided based on how well you can use this move.

Special Melee: Special Movement

BD1 will do a sliding motion in the direction of the input which cuts tracking which can be done 4 consecutive times during normal mode and 6 consecutive times during EXAM mode. You also gain access to a dash option during EXAM mode. During EXAM mode you can use this even in overheat. 

(IMPORTANT) The special land technique of the suit is achieved with this moveset. When you are flying at a specific height, you can input the special movement to slide downwards to the ground. If this is done correctly, BD1 would have recovered all its boost meter immediately without having the typical landing animation.

Note that you can shoot your machine gun while sliding down, this would prolong the sliding animation and allows you to slide down from a very high altitude, so that the sliding animation would not end before you touch the ground. You can also cancel into pretty much any move while sliding outside of your Burst Attack. Of particular note is your Missiles, which can cover your landing from melee attacks.

If you do not shoot during the sliding animation, the animation would end earlier. This is used when BD1 is not at a very high altitude but high enough to do the landing technique.

The landing technique will require lots of practice if you want to be consistent with performing it.

5BC During EXAM: Dash

Shares ammo with 4/6BC during EXAM. Dashes at the enemy with an active shooting guard in the front that will block most ranged attacks. You can cancel into any melee attack while dashing. This move becomes even more useful and potent during your Burst.

CSB: EXAM System Activation

Enters EXAM mode. You can only activate EXAM System with CSB once per life. When activated, you gain access to new melee combos and moves, and improved mobility.

Although the duration of the EXAM system is long, when the EXAM system ends, there will be an animation which can only be cancelled with a boost dash. If you are not paying attention, it can screw up your melee combo or movement. When the EXAM system ends while you are knocked down, the animation will not occur.

[IMPORTANT] If you were to activate CSB and awakening burst at the same time, the EXAM system will end when the awakening burst ends. It is important to split the awakening and CSB usage as you want to be in EXAM mode as long as possible.

Melee Set(Normal)

5BBB: Beam Saber Slash

A standard beam saber combo. Little cut resistance but big damage. To follow-up after the part of the combo that pushes the enemy back, step forward or boost dash forward. Still, you’re better off using this move as a combo part and not a starter.

8B: Jumping Stab

BD1 jumps up before stabbing his beam saber downwards, pyonkaku can be achieved with this move. Since the diving animation will last until it touches the ground, you can use this move as a means to recover your boost from a high altitude. After using 8B and landing on the ground, you can sidestep and then use Sub to refill your boost. 

The tracking on this move is pretty good, but really you’re main use of this is going to be for landing or mobility. You have fewer punishable frames when landing with this compared to landing in overheat, so you may use this if you have no boost and no BC ammo.  

4/6BB: Beam Saber Launch Combo

A beam saber combo that launches the opponent at the end, allowing for a follow up. However the enemy can flip out of the launch so be quick.

Generally this move is pretty poor in all respects, and you’re very likely to lose out in 4/6B vs 4/6B direct melee clashes. However, because it’s such a straightforward move it’s still very easy to use, and it’s still barely useable as a melee combo starter. 

4/6B or 2B~A Derivative: Missiles

Fires two missiles into the enemy. Shots are fired consecutively, so if you cancel out too early you might hit only one missile. Can be followed-up by boost dash cancelling sideways.

2B: Beam Saber Launch 

Swings the beam saber upwards to launch the enemy, allowing for a follow up. You can use this in combos if you’re out of Sub ammo, which typically lead to the big damage combos. 

CC8B: Beam Saber Slash-through

Slashes past the enemy with a single hit that stuns them for a pretty long time, sometimes long enough for you to land, refill boost, and still follow-up on the combo.

For BD1 that has middling performance on all of its other moves this is a godsend. This is great for surprise attacks, just watch out for the long startup time.

Melee Set (EXAM)

5BBB: Punch~Uppercut~Tackle

2 punch combo and ends with a shoulder bash. This has a bigger hitbox than 4/6B, so depending on the situation you can use either for starting off your combo. This move has good performance overall, beating out most melee moves of all-rounder melee units. 

5B~2B: Grab

2B derivative. Poor cut resistance in exchange for huge damage.  

8B: Grab And Slam

Grabs and slams the enemy on the ground, bouncing the enemy for easy follow up. The initial grab has a good hitbox, and if you need to pull out one last melee attack before landing in overheat this is your best bet.

4/6BBB: Punching

2 punch combo and ends with a gut punch. Anytime after the first hit, the combo can be cancelled by inputting 5B and 4/6B again to redo the combo. 

Does not travel very far, but the rush speed and DPS are excellent, making this your main melee move. DPS is very important to BD1 because EXAM is a timed power up, making 4/6B your typical melee combo of choice. This is also your number one choice for chasing down fleeing enemies, which is the standard behavior when faced with a very scary-looking BD1 glowing red.


2 punch combo that launches the enemy up. Not a particularly noteworthy melee move.

CC8B: Punching Combo & Shield Bash

2 punch combo followed up with a kick and shield bash to launch the enemy. Easy to follow up as the enemy cannot flip out of the launch. Travels very far.

Burst Attack

EXAM Rampage

Melee combo with super armor startup. Given its good reach and tracking, this is relatively not a bad option to throw out and hope for the best. Doing it all the time is a terrible idea, but once in a while you can catch people off guard.

Recommended Combos

Normal Mode

Ranged Weapons




A [4-7 hits]~AB


Knock down when 7 or more (A) hits

A [4 hits]~AC



A [5 hits] ≫ CC8B > Sub (CC8B)

179 (169)

Basic combo

A [4 hits]>>NNN>>CC8B


Best damage from A

A [5 hits]>>CC8B>>AC(3 hits)~Sub


Removes mantles from enemy

(etc. x1,x2,full cloth,deathscythe)




Basic combo, however it is long


248 (246)




Fast combo 



Standard combo.



Lower damage but higher cut resistance than the above. 


Ranged Weapons




A (4 hits)~AC>>A



AB>>CC8BBBB>8B (grab only)


Freefalls at the end of the combo







You can start with 4/6B as well



No boost required




8B>>CC8BBBB>8B (grab only)


















CC8BBBB>5BB~2B(3 hits)>5BB~2B(3 hits)>ABC


Burst Only. 



F Burst Only.


  • Despite BD1 being hard to catch, it is still important to keep a safe distance away from the enemy as intercepting enemy melee can prove difficult.
  • While the EXAM system is active you can dish out lots of damage with your melee. However the melee has poor cut-resistance and there is no option to knock the enemy down to yellow lock with 1 hit. Using EXAM system just to enjoy the improved mobility is a perfectly legitimate tactic. In other words, don’t try to force an offense.
  • The weakness of BD1 is that it doesn’t have many tools to knock down the enemy quickly and its bullets can be destroyed by beam attacks. As a 2000 cost you’re still the backline support more of the time, so focus on supporting your teammate and let them set up opportunities for surprise attacks for you.
  • The GM throw during EXAM system is great for attacking targets below you, or as an okizeme. It can be difficult for enemies to dodge and sometimes they spend a lot of boost moving in ways to avoid it. 
  • F Burst powers up your EXAM melee even further, and gives you amazing pressure in the close range. High risk high reward, but the frequent pick for BD1 professionals. Recommended. 
  • E Burst gives extra survivability, but using the half burst damage escape means you will get almost zero EXAM powerup time from your Burst, leaving you only with CSB EXAM time. Not recommended.
  • S Burst allows you to sidestep while firing your Machine Gun, and gives you more uses of your powerful GM throw. Still, BD1 already has plenty of good ranged cancel routes, and you’ll be missing out on the big power up to your melee during EXAM that F Burst brings. Not recommended 
  • BD1 pairs best with 3000 cost units. V2 Is known for being BD1’s best partner, sporting high damage during its AB mode. You can either take turns to be powered up, or activate your powerups simultaneously to mow down any enemies in your path. You can also stall out long enough for V2 to charge its AB multiple times.
  • BD1 also does well with most all-rounder 3000 cost units like Turn X, Xi, and Destiny. It can also team well with Master Gundam, who can draw attention away from BD1 so that BD1 can launch as many missiles as it likes.