Qubeley Mk-II (Ple Two)

Model Number:AMX-004-02

Pilot: Ple Two  

Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: X

A unit with some minor changes made to the first prototype unit that was piloted by Haman. 3-pronged beam sabers were added to the hands, and a Psycommu Controller was added to allow remote piloting from outside the cockpit.

Ability Summary







Beam Gun



High performance BR for a 1500 cost MS.

Charged Main

Beam Gun (Double Shot)


1-hit down.

Charged Melee

Funnel (Spread)


Sets a horizontal row of funnels that fire beams in a straight line.





Releases a set of 3 funnels.


Special Shooting

Bawoo Summon 



Bawoo blocks ranged attacks for the Qubeley and fires its BR when Qubeley does. 

Special Melee 

Funnel Mode


15 per hit (141)

Quebley does a spin, poses and enter funnel mode. During Funnel Mode, a very small amount of boost is gradually consumed. BDC or press Boost to exit Funnel mode. 9 Funnels are send to follow the current target.

Burst Attack

Super Funnel Mode


Buff type Burst Attack. 









Standard 3 hit melee, last hit bounces




Dust Down












High damage single hit

Cancel Routes:





BC during BC: A


Qubeley MK-II is a shooting unit that utilizes funnels to apply constant pressure to the enemy. For a 1500 cost it has a good beam rifle, plenty of freefall options, and a lot of ways to catch opponents even at a distance. Qubeley falls slowly and has a slightly larger hitbox, but you can cover these weaknesses by using the aforementioned freefalls. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Gun

This does good damage and has a high ammo count for a 1500 cost unit. As you’d expect this is one of your main weapons, not only for hitting the enemy but for setting up freefalls together with your Sub and AC. Still, be careful about running out of ammo.

Charged Main: Beam Gun (Double Shot)

1-hit down. Great for helping to conserve Main ammo. The charge time, startup, and inertia inheritance are all pretty good on this move so you can use it without worry.

Charged Melee: Funnel (Spread)

Qubeley lines up 9 funnels in a horizontal row, and fires them simultaneously. This covers great horizontal ground and has a fast startup. Qubeley lines these funnels up quite far from itself, so you will not be hitting any enemies at point-blank range. Because this is a CSB you won’t be able to use any melee attacks while charging this up, so be very careful when using this move if the enemy is close by.

You can cancel this into your sub to freefall. Overall this is a great move to use especially in the mid-ranged neutral, allowing you to catch horizontal enemy movement.

Sub: Funnel

Fires a set of 3 funnels. Can release up to 9 funnels at once. 

This is one of your main weapons which is considered very potent for a 1500 cost unit. The reload on this move is very fast and you can freely cancel this into and out of Main, so it’s perfectly acceptable to spam this move until you run out of ammo, and then spam it again. AB~A is yet another one of Qubeley’s multiple freefalls, and probably the one you’ll use most often.

This weapon has two versions:

5AB: Deploys funnels beside Quebley and stays there. Deployed funnels automatically fire after 1 second, or when the Main is fired. This is good for self defense.

*AB: Sends funnels out to chase the target. Funnels will attack from the direction input. This is the version you want to use for offense.

Special Shooting: Bawoo Summon

Bawoo follows Qubeley around, blocking ranged shots that come from the front. In terms of HP, active time, and reload speed, this is a top class defensive summon. Bawoo will also fire its BR when you fire your Main, giving you even more beam spam. The reload on this move will only begin once the current Bawoo is destroyed or leaves the field.

Special Melee:  Funnel Mode

Quebley spins and ascends before staying completely stationary in a T-pose, releasing funnels to attack the enemy repeatedly. You can maintain this mode until the countdown timer reaches 0. You can boost dash cancel to exit this mode, or simply tap C to cancel this mode and descend. 

While this costs boost to activate, maintaining this form costs no boost so it’s fine to leave it running as long as you feel safe. After cancelling this mode it will go into a 3 second cooldown, before beginning to reload. Reloading from 0>100 takes 15 seconds.

While in this mode, you can use the lever and B (for example, 8B) to send the funnels to your desired location, and press A to fire funnels that are deployed. You can also summon Bawoo with AC while in this mode to have Bawoo protect you while you’re T-posing.

You can also enter directional inputs along with BC to change your movement prior to entering Funnel Mode. 8BC moves you more forward, 4/6BC moves you more horizontally in your preferred direction, and 2BC makes you spin on the spot and deploy the funnels without ascending. 2BC is probably the safest option when entering funnel mode. 

This is a good move for catching enemies , so if you can find an opening where no one is paying attention to you, this is a great option. 

Melee Set

5B: 3-stage combo

A standard 3-stage combo. Not particularly good. 4/6B is superior in almost every area.

8B: 3-pronged beam saber stab

This has a high down value, so you can use it as a combo ender or for quick damage.

4/6B: Cross slash

This is your best melee attack. This is a great move in every area except chase distance, making it perfect for intercepting incoming melee attacks.  

2B: Rising slash

Qubeley’s only one-hit melee. Because this launches enemies upward you can end a combo with this to leave the enemy in a downed state for a longer period of time. This is especially useful if you hit an opponent during their Burst as you can waste extra precious seconds of their powered up state.

Burst Attack

Super Funnel Mode

Buff type Burst Attack. Activating this has a forced PoV switch and super armor on startup. All your funnels are deployed. While in this mode, the CSB gauge disappears and your Sub funnels go into cooldown, meaning you will not be able to use either of these moves. You enter a similar state as with your BC Funnel Mode, with the exception that you will be able to maneuver Qubeley as per normal instead of being forced to T-pose. This mode has a fixed timer applied which is independent of your Burst, so even if your Burst ends if you still have time left on this mode it will still continue.

Pressing A, AB, or BC will fire the 9 funnels that hover around the enemy. A full hit will do 146 damage and cause a heavy stagger. Just like in your regular mode you can cancel from A~AB to freefall, but you can also do the same with A~BC. You can also do melee to fuwastep to BC to freefall.

This move is pretty great, but using it during your Burst power up is a bit of a waste since you are unable to use your CSB and AB. Instead, pop this near the end of your Burst so you can take full advantage of both power ups.  


  • As BC’s starting ammo is full during spawn, you can use it immediately right as the fight starts, provided your opponent has no gerobi attacks.
  • Much like the 2500 cost Qubeley, take advantage of your A and AB cancel routes to attack while remaining mobile. You can loop A~AB~A~AB while boost dashing, rising, or falling. Insert sidesteps into your sequences to cut tracking as well.
  • Try and stay at the long to mid range. While 4B is a decent melee move and Bawoo takes some of the risk out of going for melee attacks, as a 1500 cost the risk is often higher than the return. Pepper the enemy with funnel attacks from a distance, and if they ignore you go into your BC funnel mode.
  • S burst is by far the best option. E is alright if you’re having trouble surviving, but S allows you to adopt the “the best defense is a good offense” strategy. 
  • As a 1500 cost, your best partners are 2k or 2.5k. Mobile and aggressive 2.5ks like Arche and X1 make good vanguards for Qubeley, and highly mobile suits like Age-2 and Arios can stay mobile the whole game together with Qubeley, focusing on evasion. Blue Destiny and Exia are examples of good 2k partners for Qubeley that can stay offensive and hard to hit.